Not dead…

…just resting.

So I haven’t posted a story in quite a while. In truth I haven’t been writing so much lately. My professional life got quite a bit busier in the summer months as is the norm for it and this really translated into a gap of time where I didn’t have immense volumes of writing to accomplish.

For that I’m sorry.

I realize that it likely has disappointed and alienated some of my regular readers.

In addition to the lack of time to write I’ve given myself a handicap in the form of a broken hand. My dominant hand too. It makes doing any sort of typing extremely tedious. This post for example has been written on my phone and as such subjected to the bizarre autocorrect choices when my thumbs don’t appear to connect the correct letters.

At any rate I really would like to get back to writing again and what I may do is write some smaller quick pieces instead of the long verbose ones I tend to rattle off.

Till then, take care.


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