Currently away from the computer …

…and in Vienna.

After a short stint in Budapest I’m now in Vienna and enjoying it immensely. The Europe I had been writing about without having ever visited is oddly exactly as I imagined it.

Vienna is a beautiful city for sure. Gorgeous old buildings with centuries of history. Who knows how many lives have come and gone through these streets? It boggles the mind. Beautiful people too I must say.

The great thing about having a city with a vibrant active public transit system is that a large number of the inhabitants walk. As a result there are so many pairs of sexy legs to look at I’m driven mad with distraction! Very pretty eyes too!

I’m off to Bratislava for the day tomorrow and I suppose I’ll see what new delightful visuals the day will bring!

This is exactly the type of reinvigoration I needed though. I feel ready, able, and excited to restart my writing. To all those that have been patient while awaiting my next bit of ponderous prose I say “danke”.

Xoxo my lovelies !