the Tutelage of Vinita Forthcutter – Part 6

This is the sixth and final part of this story. I did not expect that it would turn into this 26,000 word beast, but it was just too much fun to write. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you did, and would like to let me know, post a comment. Tell me what you liked most.


If you want to be generous with your praise I invite you to purchase one of my short stories from Amazon. They’re only $1 so it’s not like I’m getting rich off of them, but any purchase is a delectable ego stroke that keeps me motivated to continue to write more of this delicious smut just for you. 😉


And now…the final chapter of this “short story”


the Tutelage of Vinita Forthcutter – Date Night

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“Yes sir.” Vinita replied obediently. She was still blindfolded but could here Janus moving about the room, his voice helping her locate where he was.


She could feel the bed move and a small breath of air slid over her exposed body indicating that Janus had positioned himself directly behind her.


There was a time when Vinita loathed this position. She had thought it dirty and degrading when she was younger and more inexperienced. Being bent over and having your boyfriend or husband or whatever take you from behind had felt to her as if he didn’t want to see her face. She had felt like Janus was pretending like she was some other woman and it made her annoyed anytime he tried to suggest it.


Over time Vinita became more self-assured with her own beauty and had realized that all Janus wanted was a position that he could grip onto her and thrust deeper. After that point Vinita’s personal vendetta against doggy style melted away much like her ego had tonight.


She learned to enjoy her body and push her limits. Tonight she was being pushed beyond any measure and she adored her masterful husband for it. She felt her body twitch and shiver in anticipation of his next move. There was a beep from the timer and immediately Vinita gasped.


Janus well positioned behind his beautiful and shapely wife waited for the timer to beep and then gently bit her perfectly round ass.


Vinita had jumped and gasped but did not try to bolt away.


Janus moved in again and dragged his teeth along the tender flesh of her ass down to the back of her leg. He tenderly bit her once more and again Vinita gasped.


Without warning, there was a loud slap as Janus had secretly brought his hand swiftly down to spank her ass cheek.


Vinita squealed but was slightly surprised that is was more for the shock of the spank than for the pain it has induced. Her ass cheek stung for a brief moment then began to feel the faintest bit warmer than the surrounding flesh.


Janus then switched to run his tongue up her leg and over her ass to stop at the pinkish area that his hand had created. Just as he kissed and licked her there he brought his opposite hand down to spank the other side.


Vinita hissed through her teeth and found herself moaning. Her master husband ran his hand in small soft circles on her ass before releasing her and spanking her once more.


Again Vinita hissed and moaned softly whispering “yesssss,” in agreement with her husband’s desires. Janus slowly drew his tongue across to kiss and lick the second scolded ass cheek better.


Vinita moaned in approval and felt herself tilting her hips to expose her ass even more.


Taking the opportunity in stride Janus swiftly spanked one cheek then the other; once, twice, three times, four times; Vinita’s initial cries of pleasure morphed into cries of pain but just as she was about to object Janus drove his tongue deep into her pussy and she exploded in ecstasy.


She wriggled her ass from side to side and pushed back into his talented tongue. “Oh my sir you’re so amazing.” She hissed through her teeth, clenching them tightly as she knew she hadn’t yet secured permission to cum.


Janus continued unphased by her approval. He drew his tongue up from her pussy and over her tender sensitive asshole.


Janus looked up at his wife’s sexy backside and saw the muscles over her back taught and coiled like an overwound spring. He smirked to himself and plunged his tongue directly into her delicate asshole.


Vinita immediately squealed in delight and terror. It felt incredible but she feared that she would accidentally cum without permission. Janus licked and flicked his tongue like a deadly serpent teasing her incessantly.


“Oh fuck…” Vinita managed to blurt between gasps, “…oh fuck oh fuck.” She writhed and twisted her body as much as she could without moving away from her husband. “I…I don’t know if I can handle this.” She admitted.


“You can and you will.” Came the surly reply from Janus. He had his eye on the timer which rested on the chest of drawers. There were only a few minutes left and he knew he would enjoy the next round. “If you make it to the next round I will let you cum.”


Vinita gasped again, partly because Janus had driven his tongue back into her very wet pussy, and partly because the prospect of being allowed to cum was suddenly very very exciting.


“Yes, sir.” She replied obediently. “I won’t disappoint you.” Immediately after she said that she heard a click followed by the steady hum of a vibrator.


“Oh shit.” She muttered under her breath.


“If you can hold out till the timer beeps you can cum as much as you want until it beeps again,” Janus explained slowly bringing the vibrator closer to Vinita’s body.


It was close enough that her thighs could sense its pulsing rhythmic movements despite the fact it wasn’t yet touching her. “Do you understand?”


“Your fuck toy understands,” Vinita replied robotically gritting her teeth for an onslaught of sensations.


“Good girl” Janus replied as he brought the vibrator into contact with her unprepared pussy.


Vinita jumped and squealed like a mad woman possessed.


“Oh my fucking god!” She wailed “this isn’t fair!” She gasped and bellowed. “Oh, my sir! I can’t hold back!”


Janus ignored her pleas and as he drew small circles with the head of the vibrator he licked and fucked her ass with his tongue. Counting the seconds off in his head as he did he expertly increased the ferocity of his tongue action as he slowly began to focus the target of the vibrator. He dragged it back and forth over Vinita’s clit and she squealed again and again.


“No oh my…fuck..I…you… Oh my …fuck” Vinita babbled and yelled alternatively.


She was on the cusp of a tremendous orgasm and it was inevitable that she was going to reach it with or without her sir’s permission.


Janus counted down in his head, “5….4….3….” He moved his tongue away from her ass and quickly looked up at the timer. It read “3….2….1” and beeped loudly.


As it did the dam that held back Vinita’s orgasm exploded. She burst into tears and wailed as she violently rocked and shuddered.


Janus continued to move the vibrator around her sensitive clit as she came so incredibly hard. As he did so he circled his finger around her tight pulsing asshole before gently pushing it into her. Just as Vinita finished cumming the first time she started spiraling mindlessly into another.


She was crying, laughing, spasming and squealing all at once and she couldn’t stop. Her mouth was opened wide and she panted and gulped air into her lungs.


“Oh my fucking god I love being your fuck toy!” Vinita screamed and shook her hair violently from side to side as she came one more time. As she twitched and rocked back and forth she collapsed into the pillows. It was almost merciful that just at that point the timer beeped again.


Janus immediately stood from the bed, turned off the vibrator and tossed it to the bed. He walked around to stand close to Vinita’s face. She was still catching her breath.


Janus softly ran his hand lovingly down her back, across the back of her neck and into the tangled mess of hair that covered her face and the pillow she rested on.


He ran his fingers through her hair and she twitched and spasmed at this most gentlest of touches. Janus slowly closed his fist and gripped a handful of hair close to the base of her scalp. The tight pulling follicles sent another shiver down Vinita’s spine.


He slowly pulled her upwards and Vinita turned her face to meet her husband’s fully engorged cock. Before she even reached it she could sense its heat and make out the unique musky smell of maleness. Instinctively she opened her mouth and was rewarded as her masters cock slowly slid into her.


After the intensity and severity of what she had just been through all Vinita wanted was to taste her husband’s cum on her tongue. She wanted to feel its hot thick tasty consistency running over her tongue, over her lips, down her face and dripping down to the bed below.


She wanted to feel her master’s hands on her head guiding her wherever he needed her. She wanted to hear him moan and feel him writhe under her tongue.


Vinita moaned as Janus cock slid in and out of her mouth. She could feel his pulsing heartbeat on her tongue and smiled inwardly as she felt his cock expand and contract as his balls tightened to his body.


Janus pulled back from her and paused for a moment. Vinita licked her lips and whispered, “please sir, I need your cum.” Before engulfing his member once more.


Janus tightened his grip on her head and slowly thrust back and forth into her open mouth. She moaned almost excitedly as he did so, excited by the prospect of him cumming already. But Janus had other plans and pulled out once more before leaning down to his bound wife, “Not yet.”


She whimpered and couldn’t help but complain, “but….but sir…I’ve been so good….and I need it so badly…won’t you please cum for me? Fill up my mouth with your sweet delicious sauce…your pet….your….little fuck toy begs you for it.”


Reaching over her bent body Janus swiftly brought his hand down and spanked her unsuspecting ass with surprising severity. “No.” he reaffirmed, “and I will not tolerate anymore begging.” he gripped her ass cheek roughly before releasing it and rubbing it with his warm palm.


“Do you understand?”


Vinita nodded, “Sorry sir. I don’t want to displease you. What may your pet do to make you happy again?” she asked with a sincerity that mimicked the devotion of her wedding vows.


She opened her mouth wide and craned her neck forward, trying to reach out and grab a hold of his cock with her mouth. After moving left to right awkwardly she found it and moaned again as she tasted his salty sweetness on her tongue.


Janus slid back and forth within her mouth and enjoyed the remarkable talents of his pet. She was gobbling him up like a hungry savage, slurping and smacking her lips as she made a slobbery wet mess of the whole thing.


Janus looked down at her and shook his head in amazement. She had come so far already and the sight of her in such an animalistic primal manner was absolutely stunning.


Janus felt his balls twinge with excitement and pull closer to his body once more. He closed his eyes and moaned. As he did so Vinita released his stiff member from her mouth and traced her way down his shaft to his balls.


With unmatched tenderness she drew small circles around each of them in a delicate figure-eight pattern. Vinita felt the heat of his sex resting on her cheek, the musky smell of his body enticing her even further.


She softly suckled one ball into her mouth, rolled it gently around between her lips, before releasing it and attacking the other.


Janus gripped her head roughly and held her still for a moment. He could feel himself losing control and as much as he wanted to cum right now, he had to hold back. It was agonizing.


Seeing Vinita so deliciously depraved and ravenous for him he was living a dream he’d had of her for years. “Fuuuuuuuck.” he moaned under his breath and he looked down once more to see Vinita smiling malevolently.


It was in that moment that the timer beeped once more. Vinita pouted as her husband pulled back from her.


She really did want his cum. She wanted to give him a small taste of the pleasure he had already inflicted upon her. Despite her anxious needs, she remained still and silent, awaiting the next portion of the diabolical evening her master had concocted.


She could hear him moving about the room again arranging items, moving toys, etc. She distinctly heard the ice bucket move as the ice had melted slightly and now sloshed together in a cold slurry. Vinita bit her lip and continued to wait.


Her ears perked up as if she was a deer in the woods catching the scent of a distant hunter. The difference being that in this case, she wanted to be hunted and she wanted to be caught.


Vinita squirmed slightly, adjusting herself on the pillows, her arms still bound behind her back, and her face no longer filled with the thick hard deliciousness of her master’s cock, now rested on the bed.


Almost a minute had passed and Janus looked up to see the timer was close to zero once more. “You’ve been very good, my pet,” he whispered into her ear. “I think you have more control than you did before.”


Vinita nodded slowly in agreement, though she wasn’t entirely sure she believed it.


“So let’s test your resilience.” he continued as he gently ran his hand up her leg, over her ass, and across her back.


“Let’s see if you can outlast me my dirty, delicious little fuck toy.” he punctuated the sentence by gripping her long hair and pulling her head back at an awkward angle. He kissed her roughly just as the timer counted down, “3……2…….1” and beeped.


Janus positioned himself behind Vinita and eased his cock into her. Once more he slowly slid all the way into her before pulling back and staying stationary with only the head of his cock remain in her.


He could hear Vinita’s breath slow and stop for a moment. She was waiting in expectation that he would thrust back into her, but he didn’t. Instead he remained there and flexed the head of his cock a few times smiling as Vinita moaned in response.


Janus then raked his fingers from her ass all the way up her back, pushing into her skin hard enough to make small trails from lower to upper back which quickly became flush and red. He ran his hands through her hair and tugged slightly, Vinita grunted and Janus smirked as he felt his wife’s pussy contract suddenly around the head of his stationary cock. He then hooked his thumbs into the elastic band of the blindfold and flicked it away.


Vinita’s eyes were already adjusted to the dark and she looked up immediately to see her husband in the mirror.


Once more her pussy contracted and she shuddered slightly as she caught his eye and his evil looking smirk. Grasping her head with a strong hand Janus pointed her towards the mirror.


“Look at you.” he instructed, “Look at how beautiful you are.” he smiled viciously as he did so.


Vinita looked at herself in the mirror and bit her lip at the excited shock it gave her. She looked slightly disheveled, her hair was a mess and her makeup had run from the tears she had cried earlier.


She could see her arms bound at an awkward angle and her ass sticking up in the air with her benevolent master kneeling behind her.


“Fuck…that’s hot.” she muttered under her breath and a moment later heard the digital camera shutter click as Janus took another picture.


“Beautiful.” he said again, “Just beautiful.” Leaning over her body he whispered into her ear, “You’re such a delicious little fuck toy aren’t you?”


His rhetorical question went unanswered, but Vinita felt that she was exactly as she needed to be; her master’s plaything. His own personal slut.


Vinita bit her lip and looked at her husband in the mirror once more. “You’ve trained me so well.” she replied cautiously, “I’m so happy to be your pet.”


“Good,” Janus replied. “Good….good. Now let’s see if you can outlast me.”


With that he plunged his cock deep within her and despite her earlier efforts Vinita squealed at the pleasurable shock.


Janus pulled back once more only to plunge deep into her again, feeling the slap of his hips meeting her ass. Vinita groaned and gasped as powerful waves of pleasure pulsed through her body from the center of her core through every limb, every toe, and every finger.


She felt her husband move behind her again and he increased the veracity of his beautiful attack. Janus ran his hands up her back once more and gripped her hair roughly in his strong hands. He pulled back slightly and drove his body into her as if he wanted to push her through the bed and into the suite below them.


Vinita squealed and moaned in approval. Her mouth was open wide and she gasped for air. She opened her eyes for a moment to look at the mirror. It was as if she was looking at some ravenous porn movie that she and Janus were starring in.


She shuddered and grunted again as Janus continued to impale her with his thick, hard, angry cock. She adored him for it. She wanted desperately to outlast him. She wanted to feel his body release into her, onto her, wherever or however he wanted. Vinita just simply wanted to be used up by him till he had his fill.


Her sight was out of focus with the rhythmic punishment she was receiving, but she managed to glimpse the timer on the chest of drawers. “Oh fuck me.” she moaned. She was already pushing the edge of another orgasm and as far as she could tell he still had three more minutes before the timer was going to beep.


“Fuck fuck FUCK!” she squealed, burying her head into the bed and biting on the covers to keep from screaming any louder. She felt her master’s hand running over her body, spanking her ass, and drawing small circles on her asshole.


“Fuck…oh fuck!” she moaned loudly, then squealed once more as Janus pushed his thumb into her tight tender asshole. He hooked it and pulled up as he continued to fuck her maliciously.


Vinita looked up to watch. The look in his eyes was horrific and beautiful simultaneously. He looked the way she might have imagined a killer might. Death and destruction in his face, and yet he was sending her body into magnificent ecstasy with every single thrust.


Vinita gasped again and gulped in what felt like her last breath. Gritting her teeth she moaned and grunted with every thrust, desperately hoping for the timer to beep or her master to cum because she was nearly there.


Suddenly Janus stopped; he groaned and pulled out completely. Vinita instantly looked up and pouted feeling as if his cock had left a void within her that needed to be filled. She stopped pouting, however, once she got a glimpse of her master.


His head was cocked back and his mouth gaped open. Then he slowly returned his gaze to her and sighed, catching his breath with slow easy long gulps of air. Janus smirked as the timer beeped and looked at his prize pet, “You win this round.”


“Did you…”


“Almost…” Janus grinned and winked at her knowing just how close it had been.


Vinita chuckled and smiled to herself, proud of her accomplishment. Her steely-eyed master had nearly lost himself in her. She felt an overwhelming sense of pride and looked back at him beaming.


The timer slowly clicked down the designated rest period, and Janus quickly regained his composure. As it counted down he looked back at his pet, “Are you ready my pet?”


Vinita quickly nodded and smirked, “I’m ready for my sir and his big fat cock.”


Janus smiled, “What a good little fuck toy.” he whispered.


“I’m yours.” Vinita continued, “I’m your fuck toy. I’m yours to use my sir. Use my body sir. Take me however you want. Take me, and cum all over me so I know I’ve been a good slutty toy for my sir.”


Vinita bit her lip and smirked. She felt dirty, slutty, bad, and so incredibly alive. She meant every word she said. She wanted him so badly it actually was making her chest hurt with need.


The timer counted down once more and Janus shrugged his shoulders, shook his head, and readied himself for another onslaught of savage sensuality.


He looked his wife over and saw her back tense and relax, her fingers clench and relax as she as well steadied herself for the new challenge. The two warriors looked at each other in the mirror once more, eye to eye, not blinking. Staring each other down as if they were in the Thunder Dome and only one could leave alive.


The timer beeped again and Janus winked at his pet and positioned himself agonizingly close to Vinita. They could feel each other’s heat, smell their own scents mixed with their partners; it was a sight to behold.


Vinita wiggled her ass from side to side to entice Janus because she really did want him inside of her again. He remained motionless with half an inch of his solid member resting at the silky smooth and deliciously wet entrance to Vinita’s poor tortured pussy.


She groaned in complaint but did not utter a word.


Janus pushed ever so slightly into her, only to pull back the same amount. Vinita found herself holding her breath never sure when or if he was going to drive into her. She shuddered once more as he pushed in a little further, rested there, and pulled back again. Her eyes were closed and her head cocked to one side, resting her cheek on the bed while she tried not to give in to the teasing.


Janus clicked his tongue to get her attention and immediately Vinita looked up in the mirror to see her wondrous torturer holding a lit candle above her back, tilting it ever so slowly.


Vinita hissed through her teeth and clenched her jaw tight. A moment later a small droplet of hot wax fell directly on her spine between her shoulder blades. Vinita squealed but didn’t fight back. The wax quickly cooled and hardened only to be joined by another drop, and another.


Vinita tried to look at the mirror to anticipate when the next drop of stinging liquid would fall, but she couldn’t.


As the next drop fell Janus thrust into her simultaneously then agonizingly slowly he pulled back. Vinita moaned until the next drop fell; then she squealed.


Janus continued this sequence over and over. Drop, squeal, and a slow pull back as Vinita moaned, only to drip another drop again to hear her squeal again.


After a couple of minutes of this her back was dotted in colorful wax like a bizarre Jackson Pollock reproduction. Janus slowly ran his hand over the soft wax and rubbed it into then off of his wife’s skin.


Vinita cooed and moaned with the unfamiliar feeling. She wriggled her body from side to side and pushed instinctually back into Janus.


After the wax was cleared Janus quickly retrieved a piece of ice from the bucket beside him and held it tightly, allowing a droplet to form and drip onto her tender flesh.


Vinita tensed up and giggled with the cool water running over her taught muscles. Another drop fell and she continued to giggle and wriggle as the water ran down her side and onto the pillows below. Then quite unexpectedly Janus picked up another cube and placed it directly on her skin.


At first it was refreshing, cooling her skin nicely. But after a few moments her skin flushed warm and felt as if it was burning. Janus then drew the cube down in a slow winding path on the way to her ass, all the while slowly fucking her wet slobbery cunt.


As he reached her ass he threw the now small cube away and retrieved a new one. He continued his path and much to Vinita’s shock and delight that path was directly between her cheeks and right on her sensitive asshole.


She bit her lip and moaned with the sensation. Having the cool liquid running down her asshole and over her sex stuffed with her master’s cock she shuddered and moaned her approval.


Janus smiled to himself and continued to fuck her faster and faster, all the while running the melting cube in circles over her asshole.


Vinita squealed in delight and Janus felt her pussy clamp down once more on his cock, “Fuck yes that’s amazing my sir!” she moaned. “Fuck fuck FUCK me!” she continued shaking her head from side to side creating a small fan of hair at the end of the bed.


Janus did just that, continuing to push into her with ever increasing ferocity. Plunging into her pussy deeper and deeper. Soon the cube had completely melted, but before Vinita could beg for more she felt the sharp sudden sting of hot wax dripping on her asshole.


Janus trust harder and harder and Vinita continued to moan, on fire with delectable sensations and wishing for it to never end.


“Fuck me sir!” she bellowed, “Fuck me sir anyway you want! Use me up. Use me for your pleasure. Do anything you want to meeeeeee!”


Janus growled and spanked her wax dripped ass before gripping it and thrusting even harder into her.


“Yes please spank me, spank my ass and fuck me sir, I’m such a dirty slut for your cock.” Vinita moaned between gasps. “Fuck your dirty little fuck toy and cum all over me! Make me yours! Claim me!” she demanded louder and louder.


Janus grunted and gripped her hips roughly, slamming his body hard into her beautiful ass feeling Vinita’s pussy squeeze and coax him into cumming.


Janus couldn’t hold back much longer he was desperate and anxious to cum. She was such a beautiful toy, and her pussy felt so good.


As Vinita wriggled back and forth Janus looked at her in the mirror. Her mouth was wide open; her eyes were fixed on him. She was staring straight into him; the scared pleading girl had transformed herself into a demanding succubus before his very eyes.


Even though she was bound and held in place Janus felt himself powerless to fight her attraction. He shuddered and moaned loudly, deciding all at once to abandon the timer.


“Fuck it!” he grunted, “Fuck it fuck it FUCK IT!!” he yelled, gripping her hips and rhythmically pushing his body into and through hers.


Vinita accepted it willingly, feeling the exquisite mix of pleasure and pain. Her body tensed and shook as she stared at her master losing control. She was going to get what she wanted so badly, he was going to cum now, it was inevitable. She smiled maliciously and egged him on.


“Yes, my sir! Fuck my pussy! Fuck your little toy and cum all over me. Show me how good I’ve been. Oh fuck yes! I want to see that beautiful cock splash cum all over me!” she yelled at the top of her lungs.
Janus grunted and growled loudly as if impersonating the lion at the start of an MGM movie. “GGrrraaawwwwwwwaaaaa!!!” he growled, pulling out of his wife only to blast a white hot load of cum across her ass.


He stroked his cock a couple more times and another jet of cum blasted across her back. A few more strokes and a third jettisoned from him and splattered onto Vinita’s leg. She felt victorious, baptized in the liquid love of her master. Janus shuddered and gasped for a moment, shaking his head to right himself.


His cock still buzzing with pleasure, Janus pushed it back into her. The sloppy wetness of his cum mixing with her excitement.

Vinita looked at him in the mirror and gasped. He looked like a man possessed by some devilish spirit. His brow was furrowed in anger and sweat dripped down his nakedness making his skin glisten in the low light of the room.


Vinita moaned as he slide back and forth in her. Her body was on fire. Excited beyond measure. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Janus reach for something.


An evil grin crossed Janus face and he chuckled as he snapped on the vibrator. The device whirred to life and Janus quickly placed it on Vinita’s swollen clit.


She squealed approval, but before she could react any further Janus drove his still hard cock deep inside of her. The sensation was exquisite and Vinita immediately began to lose her mind. She babbled incoherent nonsense and her hips started gyrating and bucking.


This only served to increase the pressure between the vibrator and his cock inside of her. Vinita lost her mind. She spasmed uncontrollably and shouted.


“Fuck yes!!! Oh my fucking god yes!” she bellowed, “I’m such a fucking slut for you sir. Oh sir! Oh sir y-y-y-y-yessssss!!!”


She shook violently as her penultimate orgasm of the night coursed through her body. She was on fire with pleasure dripping from her pussy, and drooling onto the bed as she shuddered and collapsed into the pillows.


Janus smirked to himself as he felt the spastic clenching of his wife’s spasming pussy squeezing his cock. The mix of his cum and her wetness leaking out of her and running down to his balls.


He gripped her hair roughly one last time and made her look into the mirror.


Vinita, barely able to focus, saw the look in her eyes. She looked like an addict on a beautiful high. She grinned, her whole body tired and still shaking gently.


“Oh….my…….sir.” she finally managed to utter. “My sir…you….can…do that… anything you want…any….anytime….every time…you…. want.” she managed to blubber before crumpling into a post-orgasmic stupor.


“Happy date night,” Janus whispered into her ear and kissed her softly on the cheek.


Vinita could only manage a soft moan, followed by a muffled giggle. Without a doubt, she would have trouble walking tomorrow. She chuckled and shook her head. “Happy date night sir.” she finally said before rolling over on the bed and curling into the fetal position, smiling, content, and utterly fulfilled.


– the end? – 

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