the Tutelage of Vinita Forthcutter – Part 5

the Tutelage of Vinita Forthcutter – Date Night

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Vinita plunged her mouth onto her husband’s cock, feeling the mushroom shaped head pass her lips and continue into her mouth. She immediately tasted the salty sweet liquid that had already been oozing from him.

Vinita found her husband’s pre-cum suddenly intoxicating. She wanted more she wanted him to lose control the way he had made her lose control. She lovingly pulled her head back and ran her tongue down the length of his shaft before engulfing his cock once more with her mouth.

She could feel his thickness pulse within her mouth as his shaft twitched in pleasure.

“Fuuuuuck…” Janus moaned, kicking his head back as he enjoyed his wife’s tender touch. Instinctively he began to push and withdraw his phallus from her; fucking her mouth gently and enjoying every sensation.

Vinita pulled her mouth from his shaft and ran her tongue down the underside of his cock till she reached his balls. Gently licking and flicking up at them she felt her pussy quiver as she imagined the look on his face in the moment. She sucked one ball into her mouth then the other, ever so tenderly licking at each in turn.

“Dammmnnn.” Janus moaned and took a quick look down at what his wife was doing before looking over at the clock. He still had three minutes to endure and he already knew it was going to be damn near impossible.

Vinita continued to lick and suck at his balls before moving back all the way up his shaft and engulfing the head of his cock once more.

Janus couldn’t help but reach down and grip her head in his strong hand, holding her in place as he pushed his sex deeper into her loving mouth before withdrawing and plunging it deep again. He felt his balls tighten to his body and his back shudder suddenly. He was losing control already. He looked back at the clock, one minute to go. He closed his eyes and held her head there.

Vinita, instinctively feeling that time was becoming short, increased her tempo. Driving her mouth onto his cock and encircling the head with her tongue while it was within her mouth. She moaned in pleasure as she heard him moan.

She had never been so turned on to pleasure her husband. To feel his hands on her head. To hear his breathless gasps and guttural grunts was delectable to her ears. She pushed her pelvis to the sky wishing she could be receiving his delicious cum right now, in her mouth, in her pussy, anywhere. She just wanted her man to cum so badly. Then the timer beeped loudly in her ear, and Janus withdrew abruptly.

“Nooooooooooooo.” Vinita wailed in pain. Unable to bring her husband to climax with the time allotted she was disappointed.

“You failed my pet,” Janus grunted once he was able to catch his breath. “So your punishment will continue.” he shook his head and smiled at the realization of how incredibly close to success she had been.

“I….I’m so sorry. Please….please let me try again. I….want to make you cum my sir. I want to taste your cum on my lips. Please. Oh please!!” Vinita cried, her hands balling into fists then extending out wishing she could be free to continue to pleasure Janus.

“I know you do my pet, but rules are rules.”

“Yes, sir,” Vinita muttered. She slumped her shoulders back onto the bed and waited for whatever happens to come next. She heard Janus fiddling with the clock next to her head, clicking buttons and receiving tones of acceptance from the device.

Inwardly she smiled, realizing that she had, in fact, turned into a device herself. A little fuck toy as Janus had so eloquently put it earlier. He pushed her buttons and she moaned her tones of acceptance. He was free to do whatever he wished with her.

She had become his little play thing, his toy, his pet. Despite her prior reservations towards this sort of play, she found herself deeply enamored by Janus. More so than ever before. His ability to sense her needs and tease her so exquisitely was beyond impressive. And the control he had; Vinita sighed gently to herself, his control of his own faculties and desires was even more impressive than his control of her.

She admired him for that. She adored him and couldn’t wait to please him further. Vinita relaxed and once more felt as if she was floating despite being restrained to the bed. The deprivation of her sight had heightened her attentiveness. She was alert beyond all measure; her skin felt alive, more than ever before. It was as if every hair was standing on end, reaching out for Janus, wanting to pull him in. Every nerve was on edge. Every sense she could use was turned up to fight or flight sensitivity. She took another deep calming breath in and stilled her body; readying herself for the punishment she enthusiastically awaited.

Janus finished with the timer and moved it now closer to his reach; on the side of the bed about a foot away from the right side of Vinita’s naked body. He gritted his teeth and steeled himself against what was coming. It was vitally important that he resist his own urges more than anything else. He alone knew what was going to happen next, and he both loved it and loathed it simultaneously.

“Listen, my pet,” he started calmly as he arranged what he would need for the next portion of the evening. “When the timer beeps your punishment will begin.”

Vinita nodded without saying a word.

“When it beeps the second time, if you’ve been a good pet, you will be rewarded.” Janus took a big breath in and let it out very slowly. “After that, I will test you.”

“Test me?” Vinita responded. This was a new thing for tonight. Her ears perked up with the new element added to the evening and tried her best to hide her smirk of excitement.

“Yes. I will test your resilience under pressure. You will have to maintain control of your body and not allow yourself to climax unless I say it is allowed.”

Vinita closed her mouth and the smirk disappeared from her face. She bit her lip pensively but responded, “I won’t let you down.”

She attempted to say the words with confidence but she just didn’t feel confident in her ability to hold back anymore. It was as if her entire body was a lightning rod of sexual excitement. Any touch, any tenderness that made even the faintest contact with her body sent shivers of electricity blasting through her core to the far reaches of every finger and every toe.

“If you pass the test, you will be rewarded.” Janus continued, “But you will not know how long the test is.”

“But sir!” Vinita protested.

“No arguments!” Janus bellowed at her and Vinita shut her mouth abruptly clamping her jaw in place and gritting her teeth.

“You know who’s in charge.”

“Yes sir.”

“And who is my little fuck toy?”

“I am.”

“You are what?”

“I’m your fuck toy,” Vinita grumbled like a child caught fighting and forced to apologize.

“I can’t hear you.” Janus bellowed again, finding himself mimicking his drill sergeant from so many years before.

“I’M YOUR LITTLE FUCK TOY!” Vinita yelled back, her neck straining as she yelled and a small tear ran down her cheek.

“Good girl,” Janus replied and clicked the timer on. It beeped as it counted down. “5……4……3…..2…..1” Janus counted with each beep.

Vinita bit her lip and steadied herself for whatever may come. To her surprise, she felt the familiar feeling of her husband’s beautiful cock waiting at the entrance to her pussy.

The puffy lips of her sweet sex parted gently and Janus slid himself into his bound wife. She gasped at the feeling. It was so much different than just having her clit played with, or having his tongue running circles on her.

She felt the comfortable fullness of accepting his flesh into her own body. Vinita moaned involuntarily and opened her mouth wide, taking in a big breath of air as she enjoyed the feeling of his cock inside her. A moment later she felt him pull back, little by little until only an agonizingly small amount of his stiffness was within her.

She whimpered like a hurt puppy and twitched her legs and hips trying to will Janus back inside of her. But he remained stationary, sitting at the entrance to her excited sex.

Janus grabbed an ice cube in both hands and clenched them tightly allowing the ice to melt slowly and collect at the base of his fist. He watched his wife grimace at the feeling of his hard cock agonizingly close but just out of reach.

She strained and pushed, gyrating her pelvis up and around trying desperately to get him deeper. Then the first drop of cold ice water fell onto her unsuspecting nipple and she froze in place. A second drop fell on the other nipple and Vinita shuddered.

The light cool liquid ran down her breasts and off to the side only to be joined by two more drops, then two more. She shuddered again and the involuntary twitching of her body pushed Janus’ cock just a hair deeper into her.

Vinita gasped then bit her lip. The sensations running through her were almost too much to bear already. Janus then took the cube itself and started drawing little circles around each breast and each nipple. Vinita moaned desperately with each movement of the shrinking cube.

Her skin was on fire with anxious need. She wanted to feel him inside of her, feel his heat on top of her. She wanted to feel his body grinding into hers with long, deep, powerful strokes. Vinita was in ethereal pain and pleasure.

Janus ground his teeth together and grabbed another ice cube. As much as his wife clearly wanted to be fucked, he desperately wanted to fuck her as well. He felt the need crawling through his skin like an alien parasite willing itself to the surface.

His back was tense, his fists tight, and he felt very much like a coiled angry spring that was mere moments from bursting forward in savage desire. He wanted to drive himself deeply into Vinita; feeling every wondrous inch of her warm, wet, accepting pussy. He glanced over at the timer and took a deep breath.

With the new ice cube, he ran it up the inside of one of Vinita’s thighs and over to the other. Then ran it up her side, across her ribs, over her neck only to stop at her mouth.

“Hold this,” he instructed softly and placed the cube delicately on her lips. He reached back and grabbed yet another cube and ran it once more over the insides of her thighs, over her side, across both breasts, circling each nipple, in turn, finally stopping at her navel.

“Stay still.” he demanded and placed the shrunken cube softly in the small divot of her belly button.

Janus glanced over at the timer again and grabbed one last cube. Once more he ran it up the insides of Vinita’s thighs and up her side, around each breast and down again. This time he took the cube and rested it softly on the engorged little button of her clit.

Vinita moaned through the cube in her mouth and tried not to move as her body tensed up in an inevitable spasm. Janus maliciously teased her poor sensitive clit with the ice cube and Vinita felt her eyes roll back in their sockets as drips of cool refreshing ice water ran down her tongue and over her chin.

The timer beeped and Vinita let out a sigh of relief, believing that she had passed his test. This wave of confidence quickly washed away.

Janus drove his cock into her and rested there, balls deep in her loving pussy.

Vinita gasped in shock and excitement. Was the test over? Had she passed? Was she allowed to cum yet? She writhed for a moment and took the last little bit of ice into her mouth just as Janus bent over to kiss her.

“We’re not done yet, my pet,” he whispered into her ear, biting at it softly before continuing. “That’s only round one.” he sneered.

As he spoke he slowly withdrew his thickened phallus. “This…” he paused as he slowly pushed back into her, “This is round two.”

Vinita muttered under her breath, “Oh fuck.” realizing the relief she craved was not coming yet.

Janus continued to slowly pull out, and then push back into her. With each agonizingly slow stroke, he could feel his wife getting wetter and wetter.

She clenched her jaw shut and tried desperately to forget the wonderful sensations emanating from the center of her being. To make it even more difficult Janus was licking and biting gently at his wife’s exposed neck sending colliding signals of pleasure bursting through her body.

She moaned and clamped her eyes shut tightly despite the blindfold. Janus propped himself back upright and continued to slide in and out of her with slow deliberate precision. As he did he ran his hands over her body, running them from her legs, over her sides, and across her breasts just as he had done with the ice cubes.

This time, however, he drew small circles on Vinita’s painfully erect nipples before taking each of them gently within his thumb and forefinger, tugging ever so softly as he continued to fuck her.

Vinita moaned her approval and felt her body was melting away. She was becoming weightless, formless. She was slipping into a pool of ecstasy and moment by moment she was becoming lost within it.

“Oh fuck…oh please sir. You… need to stop…or….oh fuck….” she babbled incoherently.

“Take it my pet. Take it and love it, but don’t you dare cum without my permission.” Janus growled and tugged a little harder on her trapped nipples.

Vinita writhed and moaned loudly in response, rotating her hips skyward and becoming desperate for him. She wanted to cum so badly.

She didn’t care about the impending punishment that could ensue. She just wanted the release. The tension in her body was unbearable. The need, the craving to climax was just too much. She craved more, and more and more.

Vinita whimpered, “Please…..please sir….I….I don’t know if I can….hold…..out.” she shuddered violently and bit her lip, hoping the pain would keep her from falling over the edge.

“Not yet,” Janus growled sliding his cock into her once again. “You’re being such a good little fuck toy, don’t ruin it by disappointing me.”

Vinita grimaced and clenched her hands into painfully tight fists, digging her nails into her palm, “Yes sir.” she cried.

Janus looked over at the timer and took another gulp of air. He was nearly as desperate as his wife, but unlike her, he had the benefit of realizing he only had to last a few more seconds. An evil grin crossed his face and he started to pick up the tempo of his thrusts.

“Noooooo!” Vinita wailed, “No I can’t…I can’t take it…please sir! Please let me cum! I need to cum so bad!” she cried, tears once more streaming down her face. Her legs and arms tugging violently against the ropes that restrained her and she gasped and shuddered with each and every thrust.

Janus gritted his teeth as well, digging deep and trying his best to keep to his plan. His cock pulsated within his wife’s slickened slit and he felt his balls twitch with each thrust.

He was just as anxious to release his load upon her. His body tensed up and he released Vinita’s nipples to brace himself against the bed, gripping the sheet tightly in both fists as he pushed back against his own will to cum.

Gratefully the timer beeped and he pulled out.

“Noooooooo….” Vinita cried “Please I’ve been so good. Let me cum, please?” she begged.

“That’s not how this works my little pet,” Janus replied, letting the shivers coursing through his body subside as he stood back from the bed.

He then turned and walked over to the front closet, grabbing the extra pillows that were there and placed them next to Vinita on the bed. He took another pillow from the head of the bed and placed it on the pile.

“You have a few moments to relax my pet, then we begin round three,” he instructed. He ran his hands gently down Vinita’s left leg to stop at her ankle and softly remove the rope. Vinita enjoyed the soothing touch of his hand running down her other leg and also removing the restraint.

In turn, Janus removed the rope from each wrist and now she was free, though still blindfolded.

“Turn over,” he instructed and she did so rolling over obediently.

“On your knees,” he said gruffly and once more Vinita obeyed.

“Turn around.” and she did so.

“Back up a little.” and Vinita shuffled back so that she was now kneeling, facing Janus in the center of the bed.

“Good girl.” He then took the pile of pillows he had collected and shuffled them in front of her.

Vinita felt the soft fabric glance across the skin of her thigh and shivered slightly. She was amazed at how even the simplest touch was now sending her body off into puddles of pleasure. “Get on all fours,” Janus instructed, and Vinita once more obeyed, leaning onto the pile of pillows in front of her.

“Hands behind your back.” and she did without thinking. Janus moved behind her and bound her wrists together. He then repositioned the timer, placing it on the small chest of drawers in front of the bed, just under the large mirror that took up most of that wall. He picked up the bucket of ice and several candles and positioned them on each nightstand so that each element was within reach.

Looking over the room he smiled to himself. It looked just as he imagined it. He walked over to the closet once more, grabbed his phone from his jacket pocket and without silencing the device he took a picture of the scene he had created, a loud digital shutter sound filling the silent room. He took a few more for posterity and then put the phone away. Vinita didn’t utter a single complaint.

“Break time is over.” he growled.

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