the Tutelage of Vinita Forthcutter – Part 4

the Tutelage of Vinita Forthcutter – Date Night

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“We’ll see my pet. We shall see.”

Janus turned around taking the lighter from the black bag as well as several candles. He placed them quietly on the chest of drawers across from the foot of the bed and lit each one in turn. The faint smell of vanilla began to fill the room and Vinita scrunched her brow together trying to figure out what was happening.
Janus then retrieved a small ice cube from the bucket and held it tightly in his hand. The cube immediately began to melt and he could feel the icy cold liquid begin to run down his palm through the gaps in his grip. Quietly he walked around to the side of the bed and placed his hand directly over Vinita’s breasts. A moment later a cool drip of ice cold water fell from his hand to land on the sensitive skin of her breasts. Vinita jumped and gasped, not expecting the cold liquid, but before she could process what was happening Janus had lowered his mouth to her breast and sucked the cool water from her skin. Vinita couldn’t help but moan her approval.


Another drop slid down his hand and dripped onto her other breast. Once more Janus dove after it, licking and sucking the frosty liquid from her skin. A third drop, and then a fourth, came and Janus repeated the same technique. Each time the drips dropped further and further down her body.


Vinita bit her lip in anticipation of the next drop. Secretly she wished for it to fall on her pussy. She wanted to feel the cold water dash across her sensitive slit only to be deliciously licked away by her husband’s talented tongue. She wanted to feel him snake his way around her sex, lick her pussy and make her squirm as he always managed to do.


The next drop fell, and sure enough, it landed on her pussy. But there was no licking to clean it off. Then another drop fell and once more Janus refused to lick it up. A third, and a forth drip, then a fifth, a sixth, Vinita bit her lip and grimaced, aching for his lips to touch her.


She arched her back and pushed her crotch up into the air as another drop fell, then another and another. Finally, Janus took the sliver of ice left and placed it gently on the engorged lips of her pussy. Vinita moaned and twitched her legs involuntarily, and as she did she felt Janus’ teeth surround her aching nipple and bite slightly.


“Fuuuuuck.” she moaned not expecting the severity of the touch.


Vinita opened her mouth and grunted as Janus latched on to her other nipple. She bucked and twitched at the sensation; loving it but simultaneously wishing she could have even more.
As Janus bit and licked her sensitive nipples, Vinita once more felt the feather whisping its way up her legs and over her sensitive aching pussy. She moaned uncontrollably thrusting up to meet the feather.


“Fuck.” she muttered under her breath. Never had she felt so electrified by such a delicate touch. Her fingers and toes were tingling with each touch shooting pulses of pleasure through her exposed loins. “Oh sir it feels so good.” Vinita managed to mutter between gasps and groans.


“Please sir, let me please you too.” she begged. Her mouth was watering for a taste of her torturer. She wanted to feel his manhood sliding into her open mouth as she swirled her tongue around its thick hot stiffness. She wanted to taste the salty sweet pre-cum oozing from him. Vinita licked her lips mouthing, “Please.” once more.
Janus looked down at his wife completely overwhelmed with desire. This wasn’t part of his plan but realistically he couldn’t hold out much longer. He wanted to ravage her. Run his cock through her and pierce her center, sending her into violent spasms of pleasure. Hearing her plea to pleasure him was more than he could have hoped for.


Without allowing her to realize he was doing so, he silently unzipped his fly and fished out his stiffened member with some difficulty. It stuck straight out with impunity, grateful to be released from the confines of his dress pants.


Janus adjusted his position on the bed, straightening up and pushing his cock forward before pulling it up and letting it slap down on Vinita’s unsuspecting breasts. Janus smiled as Vinita twitched with surprise and then begged for him to bring it closer to her mouth.


Janus did so without a word, slowly drawing a path up her chest, over her chin, and onto her waiting lips. Vinita opened her mouth and let the head of her man’s engorged phallus rest on her lips as if he was a sweet cob of corn.


Janus rotated his hips and pushed his cock forward then pulled it back allowing it to slide back and forth on his pet’s lips. She pushed her tongue up and tasted him, moaning in appreciation. As she did Janus looked down to see her body twitching, even more, pushing her hips up trying to get more friction from the torturously light feather.


“Oh my sir you taste so good.” she moaned into his cock, “I want it so badly.” she opened her mouth wider and allowed Janus to enter her as she engulfed his thickness with her mouth, her tongue dancing wildly within.


He grunted his appreciation and cupped her head with his free hand, lovingly directing her towards him. Extracting his cock from her he moved closer and allowed her to run her talented tongue over and around each of his swollen balls.


Janus closed his eyes and stifled a moan. He was losing control. He felt his body shudder and convulse involuntarily as the delectable attention his wife was giving sent him into a wondrous stupor.
“Enough.” he suddenly stated, shocking himself as well.

Vinita whimpered like a puppy before begging, “but…please?”

As much as Janus wished her to continue he couldn’t. That would have been a digression from the plan, and his role for the night. “I said enough.” came his response, more forcefully than before.
Vinita twitched and muttered her complaints, “but….but…” then sighed, “yes sir.” she capitulated. Closing her mouth and feeling the hot heavy feeling of his dick leave her face, much to her chagrin.
“I need to get something from the car.” Janus said coldly. “This is for being such a good pet.” he said softly into Vinita’s ear, then placed a different vibrator softly at the entrance to her sloppily wet slit.


Vinita moaned, but upon realizing he wasn’t going to fuck her with it, started to twitch in terror.


Janus took his time and secured the vibrator in place by attaching it to another length of rope that ran around Vinita’s thighs. It was placed so that about an inch of the phallic device was inside of her. If she moved her legs apart it would slide back only about half an inch, if she moved them together, it would slide in the same amount.


Vinita whimpered again, anticipating what was going to come next.


“I’m going to the car now.” Janus informed his bound wife, “I’m going to turn this toy on for you, but you’re not allowed to cum until I come back. If you cum without my permission, you’ll be punished.”


He smiled evilly as he looked at his open-mouthed squirming wife. “Do you understand?”


“Yes sir.” Vinita replied softly before biting her lip afraid of her impending failure.
Janus turned the dial at the end of the vibrator switching it to its second lowest setting before taking one more stride towards the door. He turned to look at his wife biting her lips and pulling against the rope restraints. She was sensationally beautiful. Janus took the chain off the door, loudly turned the deadbolt, opened the door and shut it behind him. What Vinita didn’t realize, however, is that he had simply turned around and closed it, remaining silently inside.
Vinita whimpered to herself and Janus could faintly make out her pep talk to herself, “come on….you can do this… you can do this.” She took a big breath and held it as if somehow that was going to help matters.


Janus smiled to himself and quietly reached over to grab the interval timer setting it to count down to five minutes.
With her body bound to the bed and her blindfold secured tightly Vinita had no idea how much time was passing. Her dulled sense of vision only served to heighten the tension in her body, straining to hold back as the vibrator angrily pulsed at her sex.


Janus smirked as he saw Vinita buck uncontrollably. Her wall of determination was beginning to break down.


“Noooo she muttered not yet!” She tried to think of something else to pull her mind away from the inescapable sensations. Her squirming only made it worse. Her fight against the pleasure only pushed her further to the edge.


“Oh fuck. Damn it, Janus, where are you?” She moaned. Vinita’s legs twitched and Janus watched his wife clench her jaw tight, balling her hands into fists gripping and releasing the sheet pulling at it in frustration.


She pushed her pelvis skyward trying desperately to get away from the vibrator but Janus had secured it tightly and there was no escape. Her movements only gyrated the device back and forth sending further sensations through her excited sex.


Vinita gasped quickly and clenched her jaw again, holding her breath as if taking a long desperate plunge through deep turbulent waters. “Fuckkkkkk!!” She moaned and the dam broke, a torrent of pleasure shuddered through her body as waves and waves of pleasure coursed through her body.


“Fuck! Fuck! Fuuuuuuck!!!” She swore louder with each utterance, her pussy spasming and dripping with excitement.


Janus let her writhe a little while longer but knew she would soon be painfully sensitive. He stepped quietly towards her and with a quick hand shut the dastardly device off much to Vinita’s relief.
“I tried sir! I really tried! I couldn’t help it!” Vinita cried. Real tears of turmoil slid down her cheeks. She felt genuinely upset at herself for not being able to fulfill her husband’s command. This hurt her more than the realization that some unknown impending punishment was coming her way.
Janus slid the vibrator away and placed it gently on the bed beside his wife. “My poor poor pet. You couldn’t even last five minutes.” Janus clicked his tongue in stern disappointment.
“I know! I know!” Vinita whimpered. “I tried, but I failed you sir.” she paused for a moment and continued, “I….I know…I know you have to punish me for being bad. I….I’m….I’m ready.” she finished gritting her teeth clearly not ready at all.
Janus smiled at his wife, “Good.” he said gently stroking his wife’s long hair, pushing it away from her face and behind her ear. “Admitting wrongdoing is the first step towards reparation. This pleases me.”


Vinita smiled happily upon hearing his approval. “That doesn’t mean you won’t be punished, though.” Janus continued, “After all, what sort of precedent do we want to set here.” Janus slapped her cheek gently with his open palm before gripping her jaw and twisting her head from side to side.
Vinita didn’t fight it. She accepted his stern hand willingly but unintentionally felt her heart race, her stomach turn, and her skin buzz with excitement. “Thank you sir.” she breathlessly responded. “Thank you for making me a good girl for you.”
Janus licked his lips and looked over the implements he had brought for the evening contemplating the best course of action. Having decided he stood from the bed and picked up the interval timer. He played with the controls for a moment. Once he finished he placed the timer next to his wife’s head. “Next to your head is a timer,” Janus explained. “You were supposed to last at least five minutes when I left the room, but you didn’t. So you’re going to be punished for exactly five minutes.”

Vinita whimpered. “Yes sir.”

“If I am pleased with how you handle your punishment I will reward you.” Janus bit his lip and smirked. This was the portion of the evening he had been working up to and the anticipation of all his planning coming to fruition was delectable. “Your reward will continue until the timer beeps again.”
“Yes sir.” Vinita replied, running through the process in her mind with mixed emotions of excitement and trepidation.
“You are not allowed to cum unless I believe you have earned it.” Janus continued, reaching over to the nightstand for the items he would need. “Do you understand my pet?”
“Your pet understands.” Vinita immediately responded, anxious to begin.

“Good,” Janus responded and with that reached above his wife’s head to start the timer.


The digital display came to life and immediately began to count down from five minutes. Standing next to her he held a small candle which he had already previously lit when they came into the room. He tipped the candle over ever so slightly and watched a tiny river of melted paraffin wind its way to the edge of the candle and began to pool.


Janus patiently held the candle at a 30-degree angle off of horizontal. A small droplet formed and stretched out agonizingly from the candle before releasing itself and dropping to Vinita’s unsuspecting skin landing softly at the center of her torso where her ribcage met her abdominals.


Vinita winced and gasped at the shock, but the wax quickly cooled and hardened on her skin. A moment later a second drop fell and landed further from the center of her body and closer to her breast.


Vinita winced for the second time taking another quick intake of air.


Janus smiled and repositioned the candle for the next drop. It landed directly where he wanted it, on the bottom of her breast where it gently begins its curve back towards her body. The drop landed and ran down the slope of her breast but hardened before it could reach her chest.


Another drop fell and once more Vinita winced, but she took the brief pain in stride. Despite her blindfold, she could already sense a pattern. If she could see through Janus’ eyes she would have seen a dotted line making its way from the center of her chest, around the base of her right breast in a slow circling pattern that would undoubtedly end with her nipple.
Vinita squirmed involuntarily as more drops of hot wax fell on her skin.


“Such a good pet.” Janus cooed sympathetically, “such a good brave pet.”


Then he tipped the candle over further and the drops fell at a more rapid pace quickly surrounding her hard distended nipple which, despite Vinita’s feelings to the contrary, was terribly excited by this turn of events.


Janus looked over at the timer and saw two minutes had already elapsed. He reached back to and gripped an ice cube in his other hand. He remembered seeing a movie a long time ago where the protagonist had tortured someone with a popsicle. He had explained that the body has a hard time telling the difference between extreme heat and extreme cold. The tortured bad guy believed he was being branded with a hot poker when it was actually a cherry red popsicle.


Janus tightened his grip on the ice cube and squeezed a drop of the cool liquid onto his wife’s left breast. Simultaneously he dripped wax onto the right. She writhed and winced, gasping for air between the shocks to her body.
“Please sir,” she gasped, “Please….please I …I don’t know if I can take it!”

Janus huffed, “I know you can my pet. Don’t disappoint me again.”

“Yes sir……I…I will.” Vinita shuddered as the cold water trickled down the side of her body sending the nerves along its path into a dizzy spell of excitation.


She clenched her teeth and another drip fell just as the last but this one didn’t run down, it stayed put. Then another drop that ran down her body again. She shivered and squirmed. Now used to the spike of pain her skin tingled with each droplet crashing into her. No longer wincing, she was biting her lip anxiously. No longer steeling herself against the shock of the pain she felt herself awaiting the next droplet.


She wanted a little more. Feeling the liquid running down her body was exquisite and Vinita felt herself once more straining against her rope restraints pulling her legs close together and pushing her pelvis up towards Janus.
Janus for his part was far more excited than Vinita could have realized. Seeing his wife writhe in pain and now pleasure was delicious. Seeing the wax harden on her nipples and create its own pattern was stunning. It was one of the most sensual sights he had ever seen in his life.


Janus glanced over to the timer and breathed a sigh of relief as he saw it was counting down from 20 seconds now. He tightened his grip on a second ice cube and tilted the candle past horizontal. The drops fell faster with this adjustment and Vinita suddenly let out an approving moan.


Five seconds. More drops fell, more drops came faster, tracing a pattern down her body further and further encircling her navel and making Vinita gasp once more sensing the direction they were heading.


Two more seconds and Janus branched out at the cusp of her beautiful pussy. With one hand he dripped wax on the left side of her pussy lips; with the other hand, he dripped ice water.


The timer beeped and reset to five minutes as per Janus’ plan just as the passionate man dove between his wife’s legs and ran his tongue up her slit flicking at her clit at the end.
“What a perfect pet.” he cooed. “Time for your reward.” he chuckled.


“Now remember.” he paused and kissed her lower lips again with loving attention, “not without my permission.”
Vinita moaned loudly, half in frustration and half in excitement. The tenderness and soft touch of her husband’s tongue was perfection. She melted into the bed and gave into his will.


She no longer pulled against the restraints. She no longer winced and gasped wishing for his attention, she now had it.


“Oh my sir.” she managed to breathlessly moan feeling his tongue explore her so expertly. She wished she could grab onto him now. She wished she could pull his head into her, getting his tongue deeper, as she ran her hands through his hair.


Vinita twitched and strained against the restraints and moaned loudly, “Ooooh fuck..” she was so sensitive to every minute touch the moment


Janus caught her clit between his lips and sucked it gently into his mouth she started to twitch and thrash her head from side to side.


“Oh sir please don’t….I…..I don’t know if I can….I can hold back.” she blubbered, her body feeling as if it was floating in the room as pleasurable jolts of electricity shot through her.


“Oh fuck…oh fuck.” she babbled and shook her head from side to side, just as the alarm blared to the right of her head. Janus stopped administering his attentive touch to her tasty slit and stood upright abruptly.
“Good, very good my pet.” he smiled watching Vinita take great gulps of air in as she tried her best to calm down.
“Was I good?”
“Yes you were.” he stroked her head gently and lovingly. “Such a good girl.” he continued. “I think you’ve earned it.”
“Earned……earned….what?” Vinita responded cautiously.
“Earned the right to please me,” Janus said matter of factly as if she should have known already.
Vinita’s heart leaped and she excitedly smacked her lips together in glee. Any other day she would have shrugged and said “ho hum” to the supposed opportunity to pleasure her husband. But tonight, this special night, something had changed and she felt as if she would die if she didn’t please him. She wanted nothing more. She wanted to be his toy, his plaything. His most prized possession.


“Oh thank you sir!” she babbled turning towards him as best she could despite the ropes still holding her in place.
“You have five minutes,” Janus said coldly. “Five minutes. If you please me and make me cum, you will have your reward. If you fail to get me off, your torture will continue.” he grinned through gritted teeth, realizing that this was going to be harder for him than it would be for her.
“I…I understand.” Vinita responded.
Janus slipped the last of his clothes off and through them to the floor forcefully as if they had offended him in some manner.


“5……..4…….3….” he counted down, positioning himself next to her head.


Vinita turned to greet him, mouth open and tongue pushed out ready to receive his manhood. “….2……1” there was a beep and the timer once more counted down from five minutes.

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