the Tutelage of Vinita Forthcutter – Part 2

This story has gotten out of hand, but in a good way…I think. I’ve split it into manageable parts for you to digest one morsel at a time. If you haven’t read part one, you should. If you have already read part one, here’s part two.


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the Tutelage of Vinita Forthcutter – Date Night

(Part 1) Part 2 (Part 3) (Part 4)

“W…w-what?” Vinita said, half way between startled and excited. “You…you can’t own me…” she managed to blurt out before being shut down by her husband.

“No, I do babe. You’re mine. Every inch of you is mine. Your fingers, toes, lips, ass and most certainly your pussy…..all mine.”

“W….what??” she repeated, unsure how to evaluate this new turn of events.

“Tonight you don’t get to touch yourself unless I say it’s ok. You don’t get to touch me unless I say it’s ok. And above all else, unless I approve it, you may not cum….not once…not at all…not even a little…not without my permission.”

“Fuck that’s so hot.” Janus heard a quiet female voice from his right, and he turned to see the couple. The woman was staring at him her lip quivered and she grinned widely. “That’s hot.” she repeated a second time, louder this time so Janus would be certain to hear it. Janus nodded to the woman and the man turned to him and gave an approving nod as well.

“But…but….” Vinita was protesting, her fingers still wet and embedded in her pussy. She whimpered and pulled them out agonizingly slow. “Fuckkkkkkk.” she sighed. “Ok.”

“Ok what?” Janus questioned, already beginning his planned indoctrination of his wife for the evening.

“Ok I won’t touch myself unless you say so.” she sighed again unsure why she was both annoyed and excited simultaneously.

“Because?” Janus probed.

Another sigh…”because….you’re in charge.”


“You… own me.”

“That’s right Vinita. Now go into the my sock drawer and look for the small package labeled, “Friday Night Lights.” Janus instructed.

She scrunched her face and scowled but responded dutifully “Ok.” as she sighed once more.

“Ok what?” Janus probed, seeing if he could push her already.

“Ok….” Vinita paused for a moment, not sure what she should say, “…..ok…..sir?”

“That’s better.” Janus approved, “Now be a good girl and go get the package. Tell me when you’ve got it.” As he waited he pulled another three car lengths ahead, stopped, then pulled forward another four car lengths. The traffic was definitely thinning out and speeding up.

“Ok, I’ve got it now……” Vinita paused and then realized that it was best to just let go and enjoy the evening as Janus had it planned. “….sir.”

“Good…open it.” Janus instructed and he heard some rustling as the small plain brown package was torn open. There was a small gasp and a giggle and Janus instantly knew she liked what she saw. It was a little toy that Janus had found online. A small vibrator that Vinita could place discreetly inside of her and had the added bonus of having a remote. What she didn’t know, however, was that Janus already had the remote. It was in his pocket next to some spare change as he wound his way through the accident scene and onto the open road ahead. “You know what to do now don’t you.” Janus stated dryly.

Vinita nodded to herself and grinned the word easily escaped her lips, “yes sir.” She took the toy over to the ensuite bathroom, gave it a quick rinse and deftly inserted it slowly into her waiting pussy. “Fuck I wish this was your cock instead.” She growled through the phone adjusting the toy so it sat perfectly inside her. The small black tug chord was the only visible indication that anything was different. She checked and made sure in the mirror. Stopping also to admire her trim job form earlier. Worried about the visibility of the chord Vinita decided it would be best to put some panties on. She fished through her drawer and picked out a nice pair, slipping them on slowly while listening to her husband.

“I’ll still be a while my pet. Maybe another 45 minutes. Might as well go read a book. I’ll call you when I’m close.” Janus informed his wife even though it was a complete lie. He had figured out what the range was on the remote and realized that it was possible for him to start the vibrator up while still sitting in the car. He was actually only 20 minutes away. A fact that his wife will not realize until he had engaged the vibrator taking Vinita completely by surprise.

“Yes sir. I anxiously await your arrival.”

“That’s a good girl. See you soon my delightful little fuck toy.” And Janus abruptly disconnected the phone.

Vinita admired herself in the mirror for a moment. She had worked hard to get back into shape after giving birth. It was important to her self esteem. As much as Janus kept telling her she was beautiful while she was pregnant she didn’t honestly feel sexy at all. She felt bloated, awkward, irritable, sleep deprived, and emotional. There was nothing sexy about that at all. The exception was when her breasts filled out and she began to pop out of her regular bras, she certainly loved that extra dosage of cleavage. That is, until her nipples started to feel like someone was twisting them completely off, all day long. At any rate her trim fit look was empowering. She liked the way Janus looked at her and she didn’t mind the extra attention she got when walking the kids in their stroller. One time in particular she was passed by a pair of jogging college aged boys and heard them say as they passed, “now that’s a MILF” Vinita had to look it up when she got home and was pleasantly surprised as to what the acronym meant.

She readjusted her dress, smoothing it out and looking from all angles to be sure it looked as hot as she had it before. Satisfied, she walked over to the nightstand and picked up the latest novel she was into then turned and made her way into the living room. After getting comfortable in the large leather recliner chair she swiftly became engrossed in the story she was reading. It was essentially a detective novel, but had some smoldering sexual tension between the lead investigator and the prime suspect. Vinita adored it. Soon she was flipping through pages nearly speed reading her way through a particularly stimulating chapter. She envisioned herself in the role of the suspect and Janus the detective. Shivers ran through her body as the chapter got steamier and steamier. Suddenly as she turned the page the tension broke and the detective was ravaging the possibly sociopathic beauty. It was intense and exciting. Vinita ran her hand down between her leg and just as she reached her aching pussy she cussed loudly having forgotten her earlier promise. “Fuck fuck fuck.” she muttered. Then “Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkkk” she squirmed and squealed, writhing in the chair as the vibrator hidden within her suddenly went berserk. The vibration abused her hyper sensitive clit and she shuddered spastically. Vinita gasped as she attempted to decide whether to pull the heaven sent device from her body, or allow it to take her on a trip of ecstasy.

Less than a minute later the vibration abruptly stopped as quickly as it began. Vinita pouted to herself and looked down at the small black cord trailing out from her wet anxious pussy. She stared at it angrily in a foolhardy attempt to will it into action with her mind. It was at this point she realized that Janus was standing in the doorway with an evil grin slathered across his face. “Am I interrupting something my pet?” he chided, tilting his head to the side in a disapproving manner.

“No sir. I was just waiting for you.” Vinita coolly responded, still a little uncomfortable with this submissive position she was taking.

“Were you a good girl? Did you abstain from touching yourself?” Janus asked sternly.

“Yes. Yes I was good sir.” she sighed and nodded.

“Good.” then Vinita heard a small click.

A moment later the vibrator resumed it’s pleasurable torture and Vinita, not expecting this fell to her knees moaning. “Oh fuck…..fuck fuck…” she mumbled, her body slumped over on all fours as if she was a dog heaving out it’s previous dinner. Her mouth opened wide and she looked up at her husband with wild eyes. Janus reached out and patted her on the head. Vinita scowled at him but didn’t utter any complaints aloud.

“Oh my,” he said with disdain. “You’re not cumming already are you?”

Vinita shuddered and gasped before managing to reply, “I….I…..I’m going….to…cuuh” But before she could finish her sentence there was a small click and the vibrator stopped it’s tingling dance within her. “Nooooooo” she moaned, “Fuuuuuck.” Vinita glared up at Janus and growled, “Why? Why did you stop it?” her tone was seething and spiked with annoyance.

“Because you were about to cum.” Janus said dryly as if Vinita should have already known the answer.

“But……but why?” she questioned again while regaining her composure and slowly standing upright.

“Because you didn’t ask permission my pet.” he said, nodding and wagging his finger at her as he did.

“What?” Vinita spluttered incredulously.

“You have to ask permission first.” he explained and smirked as she scowled back at him.

“That’s mean!” she blurted.

“I”m not mean. I’m your warden my pet. You may not cum unless I say so, and I’m not going to say so if you don’t ask nicely.”

Vinita pouted and unconsciously squirmed, squeezing her legs together and relaxing them, hoping to somehow have the vibrator under her control. “May I please cum?” she asked slowly. The words stumbling out of her mouth dripping with uncertainty.

“No.” Janus answered abruptly, then held up his hand as Vinita began to protest. “We’re already late for dinner. I’m going to shower and get ready. Then we’ll leave immediately afterwards. I don’t have time to attend to your childish needs right now.” and with that he turned on his heel and sauntered upstairs to do exactly as he had just stated. Vinita opened her mouth but then shut it again instinctively realizing that protesting would do her know good. As she slumped her shoulders forward in disappointment she heard a faint click from upstairs as Janus turned the corner. The vibrator jumped to life again and once more Vinita collapsed to her knees.

She gasped, and summoned the strength to shout out, “Please! Please! I want to cum! May I cum! Sir!?” she begged, crawling towards the stairs as she did. Her poor pussy was aching and coming close to climaxing regardless if she had permission or not. Vinita looked the stairs and listened for a response. All she could hear was the hum of the vibrator within her. She took a deep breath and yelled once more, “PLeeeeeeeeease! Oh my god sir, may I please cum!”

Janus popped his head around the corner and looked down at his wife crawling up the stairs. The look in her eyes one of desperation and excitement. Her mouth was wide open and her body was contorting as she moved upwards step by step. “You want to cum?” he asked innocently smiling as he saw his wife nodding her head vehemently.

“Yes…..yes I want to cum so badly sir. Oh fuck I need to cum!” she grunted and then gasped once more.

Janus could tell she was close. He’d been with her long enough that he could read her facial expressions quite easily. He smiled patiently, took a few steps down the stairs so he could look her in the eyes. Vinita looked up at him and bit her lip, now unable to make any further requests but pleading with her eyes. Janus looked at her and smiled before kissing her on the forehead, “No.” There was a small click and the vibrator abruptly stopped. Vinita groaned and felt as if she was going to cry. “Get ready to go, I won’t be long.” Janus instructed as he headed back up the stairs and into the shower.

Vinita muttered under her breath as Janus slipped out of view, “Yes…..sir.” before awkwardly getting to her feet and walking up the stairs to their bedroom to once more adjust her dress and ensure she looked suitable. With each step she felt her insides buzz and twitch a little. The vibrator was stationary, but the threat of it’s attack kept her nerves on alert. She reached out to grab the banister and the smooth polished wood slid across her hand so silkily that she gasped. Her legs slightly buckled but she was able to remain standing. Vinita looked at her hand in wonder. This teasing was secretly brilliant. She licked her lips as an experiment and immediately the sensation of her soft wet tongue running across the plumped and rouged skin sent a jolt of hot white electricity coursing through her face and shooting directly into her loins. “My god,” Vinita whispered to herself, “this….is going to be the best night ever.” She stifled a giggle and continued onto the bedroom, resolving to go along with whatever Janus was going to do tonight. He was some sort of sexual savant, and he was all hers. She giggled once more, thankful to be “owned” by such a wonderful “master.”

Janus was in and out of the shower in less than three minutes. His former mandatory training in the Swiss military passed along strange artifacts of behavior in his life. While he had dual citizenship and wasn’t required to complete the compulsory years of service, he felt at the time it was the best way to get out and see the world. Or at least that’s what he told his parents. In truth his friends had convinced him that going to Switzerland for army training would definitely assure him of getting some action from hot Swiss women. A few months into basic training, Janus had been cursing his friends names on a regular basis, but after basic training finally was over they were undoubtedly correct. Janus could walk into nearly any bar in Switzerland while wearing his uniform, have a drink bought for him, and leave with a girl swooning over how “Brave” he was. It was the best time of Janus’ life and did well to set him up with the practiced talents his wife now enjoyed. As he thumbed through his closet he came across the zipped up suit protector that surrounded his military uniform. For a moment he considered going to dinner with it on, but as this was Chicago not Bern the rest of the restaurant patrons would not likely be appreciative of him wearing a foreign country’s military garb while on a date with his wife. Instead he singled out his standard “Blues Brothers” type suit. It was a trim fitted suit with black pants, black jacket, and a skinny black tie on a standard oxford white dress shirt. A classic look. Janus smiled at himself in the mirror after he had made sure everything was in order then turned on his heel and sauntered down the stairs to retrieve his wife.

She turned to see him as he strode down the stairs and her heart leapt a little. Vinita smiled at her handsome Sir and he winked back at her, “Shall we my pet?” is all he said before offering her his arm and escorting her out the door and into the waiting car.

“So where are we going?” Vinita asked after Janus pulled away from the curb. As much as she was hungry, the earlier episodes of interrupted pleasure had focused her mind purely on sex. Secretly she wished he would just turn the car around, take her home, and fuck her senseless. Clearly, however, this was not his plan.

“You don’t have to worry my love. I have the entire evening planned out. You just have to sit back, relax, and be my pretty little fuck toy.” he turned to her and smirked before giving her a wink. Vinita frowned. She much preferred to know exactly where she was going. The way Janus was keeping her in the dark was setting her mind on edge and she found it very difficult to relax as she was ordered to do. At that moment Janus reached across the middle consul of the car and patted her leg gently before stroking it softly up and down. Vinita shuddered involuntarily and immediately blushed at her reaction. Janus looked back to the road and smirked to himself. There was a small ‘click’ and once more the vibrator jumped to life.

“Oh shit…” Vinita immediately blurted. She groaned and clenched her legs together tightly. Her body resumed the cascade of uncontrollable twitches that had her writhing on the floor earlier. There was a small beep and the vibrator changed it’s pattern. Instead of a constant buzz it switched to a pulsing hum and Vinita both hated and adored it. She closed her eyes and moaned as she jolted and thrust her hips to the pace of the pulse. With her eyes shut she suddenly became aware of the fresh night air washing over her face and through her long brown hair. Janus had surreptitiously wound down the windows. There was another ‘beep’ and the pulses had became shorter and more intense. Vinita moaned again loudly, then her eyes opened wide as she realized anyone passing by could see her, and hear her. She turned quickly to Janus, “You bastard.” she muttered. He turned back to her and winked before gesturing ahead at the Friday night traffic that was beginning to coalesce in front of them. “Shit…shit shit shiiiiiittttt!” Vinita cursed before there was a click and the vibrator stopped. “Nooooooo.” she moaned and looked back at Janus with the same pleading pout as before. “Please. Let me cum.” she looked back at the traffic that was still about a mile away. “Please! Please let me cum sir, before we get into that traffic. Will you let me cum?”

“Yes.” Janus answered curtly.

Vinita smiled and bit her lip, waiting for the vibrator to click on, but it didn’t. She looked back up at the traffic which was looming even closer, then back at Janus and his evil smile. “Nooooooo…not like this!” she protested.

“You asked me if I would let you cum, and I’m going to allow it my pet.” he sneered at her. There was another small ‘click’ and the vibrator once more jumped to life, this time on it’s highest setting.

Vinita grunted “Uhmmmph” before gasping for air as she clutched her legs together. She shut her eyes tightly and felt the waves of pleasure crashing over her body. The toy pulsated and buzzed in her at an insane pace and her poor hypersensitive clit was exploding. She moaned loudly again, “Oh fuck,” she muttered as she inched ever closer to her climax. To her right a couple of frat boys looked over and saw the look on her face. The elbowed each other and everyone glanced out the window to watch Vinita. There was a small ‘click’ and the vibrator stopped. “Noooooooooo” she wailed, her eyes still shut and completely unaware of her new audience. “Please you said I could cum! Please sir!” she begged.

Janus patted her on the leg and she looked at him desperately. “Tell those boys there that your a slut for my cock.” he smirked as he saw Vinita’s pained expression. Keying the controls on his door he opened the window on the passenger side of the vehicle grinning with evil intentions at his twitching wife.

She wanted to cum so badly, but she feared saying things like that in public. Vinita looked at him, bit her lip in pain then turned to the other car and yelled, “I’m a slut for my husband’s cock!” The boys looked at her with shock for a moment before cheering. As they did the vibrator whirred up to maximum again and Vinita bent over with her head outside the window. “Fuck! Yes! Make me your slave slut!” she squealed and the boys cheered and clapped even more. Tingling sensations shuddered through her body and over every nerve on her skin. She shook and gasped, “May…….may I” she grunted as she twitched her hips from side to side, “may I…may I please….please….cuh….cummmm…sir?” Vinita was now completely gone. She was now under Janus’ control.

He smiled and leaned around her to talk to the boys in the car next to them, “What do you think guys? Do you think I should let her cum?” They stopped their impromptu cheering and clapping for a brief moment to look at eachother then turn to Janus and nod vehemently. “Alright then.” he said softly to Vinita, “Your fans here want to see you lose it. So I’ll allow it.” Vinita’s shoulders slumped forward and she groaned loudly, her legs twitching and wiggling wildly within the confines of the car. The remote in his hand beeped and the vibrator slowed to a snails pace as it pulsed within her “But…” Janus said, “when you cum you have to yell ‘I’m a fuck toy’”

Vinita nodded and muttered, “Yes sir.” before hearing the delicious ‘click’ of the remote as the vibrator whirred up to full speed once more. The boys cheered her on clapping and shouting as she got closer to orgasm. Then, the dam broke. She gasped one gulp of air and started shouting “I’m a fuck toy! I’m a fuck toy!” at the top of her lungs. Her torso jolted violently and her legs kicked up and around inside the vehicle. The boys cheered loudly and excitedly gave high-fives to each other as if it was their success. Vinita doubled over and moaned, the vibrator was still zinging along inside her. She grunted and gasped for air as her body spasmed. For a moment she had peace and slumped down over the dash. But still Janus had not turned the device off. Traffic began to move again and she could feel herself losing control a second time already.

“Fuck she’s gonna do it again!” one of the boys yelled as another hollered at Janus, “This is fucking awesome! Dude you’re the MAN!”

They were right. Vinita was about to burst for the second time in as many minutes. All she could sense of the world was her pulsating clit and spasming pussy. There was no traffic, no cars, no seat, no Janus. All she was aware of was her pleasure and how much she wanted it to continue. She wanted it again. No, she needed it again. If she didn’t cum again it would be agony. She squeezed her legs together and bit her lip. A few tears formed in her eyes and she kicked her head back and screamed, “I’m a fuck toy! I’m a fuck toy! I’m a god damn mother fucking slutty fuck toyyyyyyyy!”

The vibrator clicked, and shut off as Janus reached over to pat her on the head. “That’s a good girl.” he cooed as the people in the cars around the couple tried to figure out where the shouting had originated. Vinita shuddered and gasped as her body slowly came down from the high she was on. She leaned into her husband and began to giggle, all at once realizing what he had made her do. Even though it wasn’t her choice, she adored him for it, resting her head on his lap and gently stroking the inside of his leg.

“Thank you sir.” she whispered.

“Back in your seat now my pet, you haven’t yet earned the right to touch me.” Janus said coldly, secretly wanting her to, but knowing the process had to be committed to, even more so by him.

Vinita whimpered softly but did as she was told, moving back into her own chair and withdrawing her hands from Janus’ leg. “Yes sir.” she sighed.

“We’re here.” he informed her and pulled into a parking spot about a block away from the restaurant. The couple got out of the car and Janus smiled to himself as he watched his wife slightly stagger then grab onto the car to hold herself steady. She regained her balanced, looked up at him and giggled. Janus winked at his wife and offered her his arm once more.

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