the Tutelage of Vinita Forthcutter – Part 1

I’m dedicating this story to a good and incredibly tasty friend. Nicole you were and are delectable in every way possible. This story is for you on your birthday. Hope you enjoy it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it for you.



the Tutelage of Vinita Forthcutter – Date Night

Part 1  (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4)

“So what’s the game?” Vinita asked inquisitively with an air of subtle caution.

“I call it ‘Interval Training’” Janus replied succinctly offering no further details. This was the game within the game. He loved to tease Vinita, and as much as Vinita complained, she adored it.

She looked at her phone and rolled her eyes, “Interval training?” she sighed, “Sounds like a workout program.” her voice saturated with preemptive disappointment.

“In a way it is.” Janus confirmed, smiling as he did. The plan he had dreamt up was perfect for Vinita’s tastes, but overselling it now would ruin the surprise.

“Is it date night worthy?” she asked, slightly worried. She winced like she might have before tearing a bandage from her skin at the thought of an awkward night. The anticipation of failure was almost worse than the disappointment that came with it.

“Definitely.” he replied smirking, shuffling a stack of papers on his desk into an ordered pile before hammering his clenched fist onto the waiting stapler. “Get your mom to take care of the kids for the entire weekend hun. You’ll need some recovery time after this.” he continued cocky as ever.

Vinita giggled like a complete dork. She adored his confidence. “Ok ok, I’ll call her and make sure it’s alright. Can’t wait till see you later.”

“You may change your mind by the end of the weekend.” Janus threatened which only made Vinita giggle again and shake her head.

“Ok lover boy. Get back to work and I’ll see you later gator.”

“Will do sunshine. Remember though….”


“….you’re mine tonight.” he smirked and laughed again before abruptly hanging up the phone.

Vinita shook her head and looked incredulously at her cell phone. A moment later she was dialing up her mom, and asking for an extension. Luckily for the couple, her mom was utterly smitten by the tiny terrors of cuteness and excitedly agreed without a pause for consideration. “Thanks mom,” Vinita said sincerely, “I’ll drop them off around 4pm or so.”

“Sounds great sweetie! See you soon!” Vinita’s mom giggled into the phone even more excitedly than Vinita had with Janus. Vinita shrugged her shoulders and thanked her stars for her mom’s empty nest syndrome as she went about preparing the little ones for immediate departure. Of course, being that they were two and four year’s old, immediate departure took on a completely different meaning. An hour later Vinita was finally in the van with both children strapped tightly into their special seats in the back of the vehicle. She slapped the button for the garage door and tore out and down the street, determined to beat the initial onslaught of Friday evening rush hour.

At the same time Janus had been watching the digital clock on his computer plod through the final stretch of a long boring day. The moment it read 3:30pm he shut everything down, stood up abruptly and made his way towards the exit. He had much to do before getting home to his wife and not a lot of time to do it. The preparation for this weekend was mostly done in advance thanks to the couple’s storage locker. As much as he hated the thing and how it became a repository for useless junk neither of them had the guts to throw out, today it was going to come in handy.

By 3:45pm Janus was already in his car with his ID card out and ready to be handed to the security guard at the exit to the company parking structure. By 4:00pm he was on his way down several side streets carefully winding through them and avoiding the brambles of traffic already coalescing in their predictable spots. Despite his best efforts, however, he didn’t reach the storage locker till nearly an hour later. He called Vinita to tell her he was running a little behind and was thankful to hear her panting response indicating that she too was behind schedule. Janus zipped through the multitude of rows to reach their storage locker 69G. He shook his head and chuckled. 65-75G were available at the time when they had got their locker, but he just couldn’t resist the urge to have number 69. It made him laugh, regardless of how juvenile it was.

After unlocking the gaudy cumbersome lock, Janus swiftly pulled up the door. A neatly piled mountain of large plastic containers filled with old clothes, board games, winter gear, and other odds and ends greeted him. Everything in the locker looked like it belonged in a garage, or at the local Salvation Army. Everything that is, except for a stylish black leather duffle bag resting calmly in the center of the small room. Janus took two steps in to the room and gently picked the bag of from its resting place. The leather creaked slightly in disagreement with being manhandled, but Janus ignored its complaints. He turned to walk out then stopped abruptly, placing the bag down onto a nearby stack of containers labeled “Xmas Things”. He slid the double zippered top back and glanced inside, rummaging through it for a moment as he took mental stock of everything that was there. After a moment he looked up to the ceiling, trying to think if there was anything he may have forgotten. The lonely silence of the room was broken as he swore loudly at himself, “Fuck! Matches….and batteries.” he sighed and shook his head, “Dumbass.” he muttered, berating his forgetfulness. Janus quickly zipped the bag shut, wheeled around, turned off the light and yanked down the door to a thunderous clang. He jostled the thick lock back into place hearing the reassuring ‘click’ as the lock secured itself. Then after a short sigh, Janus threw the shoulder strap on and sauntered down the aisle back out of the facility and into his waiting car.

Vinita, now free of the little ones was able to push the over powered minivan to its limits. Half an hour later she was safe and at home. She spent most of the trip glancing from the road to the clock and calculating what she could get done before Janus got home. She tore through the house like a whirlwind, putting toys away, throwing clothes into closets, setting the laundry on rinse and rearranging the shoes in mud room. With all of that accomplished she tossed her clothes onto the bed and darted into the bathroom for a quick shower. As the steamy hot water rained down refreshingly over her tired muscles her mind wandered to thoughts of previous date nights.

There was a time when Vinita thought Janus was too conservative for her liking. Back when they were dating she initially found him stuffy and at times a little smug. He had the odd habit of correcting her when she mistakenly jumbled two sayings together or mixed up two similar words with dissimilar meanings. He seemed to be such a complete nerd. He appeared to be awkward socially. Careful in choosing his words and often going long stretches without talking at all. Her instincts told her to drop him. That there was no way she and Janus were compatible. But as time went on he had loosened up and she became closer to him than any other man before. The biggest surprise, however, came a few years into marriage. After dating for spell she had figured she knew him quite intimately as one would expect. Vinita had been accepting of Janus’ abilities in the bedroom. He was adequate, effective, compassionate and thorough. Vinita had become accustomed to this level of intensity. She didn’t expect to have her socks blown off or feel the earth move like the women in cheesy romance movies would blather on about. A year into marriage a layer of deception was brashly ripped away.

Janus had received a recent promotion and as a result had gone to a pub with co workers to celebrate. After a little egging by them he broke his rule about never drinking to excess and very shortly after was quite drunk. Now what Vinita found out was that Janus was a lot less tame and conservative than he led her to believe. He came home that night in the backseat of a co worker’s car and was deposited on their front steps. Vinita had pulled her husband in from the cold winter night and despite his inebriation Janus managed to talk her out of her clothes and into bed with him. Of course, she had previously had sex with drunken men. It almost seemed like a requirement she was in college. So she expected clumsy pawing, drooling, a few grunts and eventually a cacophony of snoring. What she got instead was one of the most intensely passionate and deliciously aggressive sexual experiences of her entire life.

With his inhibitions melted away by rum, tequila and vodka; Janus wasn’t held back one bit. His self conscious worries were nonexistent and so he did whatever he felt like. It just so happened that whatever he felt like doing was astoundingly amazing to Vinita. It was the first time she realized she was capable of having multiple orgasms. By the end of the night she was utterly spent and couldn’t barely move the next morning. Janus woke up beside her, now sober, and vaguely realized what he had done. He automatically apologized to Vinita as she was clearly displeased. However it was not because he got drunk then came home and fucked her like an animal possessed.  No it wasn’t that at all. She was pissed off because she had been missing out on this sexy beast for so long. They had a long talk that afternoon about what happened and Vinita made Janus promise to never hold back again. To her delight, he kept his promise.

Vinita smiled to herself and turned off the water to the shower and sighed. She was a lucky woman and she knew it. Janus was the whole package. He was kind, considerate, articulate and a fantastic dad. She felt safe when she was around him and loved to the point of adoration. She glanced down at herself in the steam filled bathroom and winced. Vinita had forgotten to shave her legs. She glanced at her phone to check the time and then quickly went about the awkward process of trying to shave her legs while balancing on the narrow edge of their Victorian era inspired claw foot tub. As she ran the razor up her legs then back down again she glanced at her nether region and decided to be a little more adventurous. Biting her lip in concentration she shaved her pubic region into a nice little landing strip patch, just the way Janus liked it. Vinita smiled to herself admiring her new look before rinsing the tub and setting about getting ready for the intriguing mystery night ahead.

Just about the time that Vinita was drawing a razor carefully across her soft supple skin Janus was hurriedly jostling with traffic trying to pop into a convenience store for batteries and a lighter before getting back on the road. He was desperately hoping that he could make it back onto the main drag back home before everyone else decided to do the same thing.

Unfortunately, he didn’t make it. As he turned on the radio and made his way up onto the on-ramp the colorful traffic guy from QX 101.5 drearily informed him that there was an accident a 5 miles down ahead of him and traffic was at an absolute stand still. “Fuck!” Janus blurted at the radio as he slammed his hand down on the wheel. He had already made it halfway up the on-ramp and the next off-ramp wasn’t until after the accident. He was stuck. Janus could feel the control of this night slipping away out of his grasp. All the planning he put into it dashed by the poorly timed texting college student slamming his car into the back of a bus.

Janus sat in his car waiting for any movement in front of him. Anything to provide a glimpse of hope but there was none. He keyed the car’s electronic windows and opened all of them simultaneously. With traffic at a standstill he enjoyed the soft summer breeze before letting out a long protracted sigh of capitulation. Taking another breath he dialed the restaurant where he had made reservations for the night. It was a slightly above average French restaurant which Janus had heard many good things about. It was fancy enough to distinguish itself from Olive Garden but not so fancy as to destroy a weeks’ pay on a single dish. It has the added benefit of being an establishment that allowed you to bring your own wine.

“Chef Pierre’s, Amanda speaking. How may I help you?” the cheery young woman’s voice answered the phone.

Janus replied back through the speaker phone that was attached to the vehicle’s sound system, “Hi Amanda. I’ve got a problem and I need your help.”

“Oh? What is that?” she asked bubbly and airy.

“I have a reservation for two at 6pm and I’m stuck in a traffic jam right now…”

“I see…”

“So I’m…..”

“Not going to make your reservation. I understand sir. Who’s the reservation under?”

“Janus Forthcutter”

“I see you here.” she paused for a moment while she figured out a solution. After a few seconds she continued, “What I can do for you is move you to a different table. You won’t have the booth you wanted but you will still have a reservation. Is that alright?”

“That sounds good Amanda thank you.”

“So I’ve moved you to 7:30pm. That should be do able then right?”

“Should be. Thanks Amanda”

“See you soon.” She signed off and hung up the phone.

A moment later the car stereo rang with an incoming call. Janus looked down at the console to see the caller ID indicating it was coming from Vinita. “Hey babe.” Janus answered immediately.

“Where are you?” She asked, the cautious sound of concern tainting her voice.



“Yep…stuck. I’m just got on the Wellington Street on ramp and there is a major accident about 5 miles up ahead of me. Sooooooo…”

“You’re stuck.” Vinita couldn’t hide her disappointment. Janus had canceled date nights before on short notice; usually due to work. She sat down on the couch and slumped her shoulders anticipating the bad news.”

“Yes so I called the restaurant I was going to take you to and…”

“…cancelled the reservations. I understand. This sucks though. I hate when date night ends with us just bumming around the house.” Vinita sighed before Janus had a chance to reply.

“No you silly monkey. I just rescheduled for later tonight. I’ve put too much planning into this to abandon it just for a little traffic snarl.” Janus retorted confidently. He meant it too. He had been anticipating this night for almost an entire month. Keeping the details secret from Vinita had been the hardest part. “Just get that cute butt of yours ready so we can head back out as soon as I get there.”

“Oh this cute butt is already ready.” Vinita chuckled. “And it wishes it could be sitting on your lap right now.”

Janus laughed and pulled the car forward another agonizingly small amount of distance. “Tell me hun, what are you wearing tonight?”

Vinita laughed, “Not very much.” she smiled and ran her hand softly down the inside of her now smooth leg reaching her dress. “I’ve got a teeny tiny black halter top dress on.”

“And?” Janus requested immediately licking his lips as the car moved forward another four feet. He nosed his vehicle slightly into the lane and reached his arm out the open window to wave a thank you to the middle aged woman who let him in.

“And what?” Vinita replied smirking evilly to herself on the living room couch. She ran her finger across the edge of her dress and flicked it up and down fanning herself pleasantly.

“What else? Tell me what else you’ve got on.” Janus requested biting his lip and envisioning her in front of him right now as he sat in traffic.

“That’s it.” Vinita chuckled. “You know how you’re always teasing that I should go commando sometime?”

“Yes?” Janus replied his eyes wide awaiting the answer.

“Well I’m commando right now. And this dress…” She paused briefly for dramatic effect “isn’t supposed to be worn with a bra either.” She giggled as she heard a small excited chuckle from the other end of the phone.

Janus was beside himself. He moved forward another half a car length and stopped. “Shit seriously?” He replied with astonishment. She was right. He had teased her about going commando so many times he had lost count but he never expected her to ever go through with it. Now that he knew what she was wearing and what she was missing he felt his balls twitch and instantly he felt an even greater desire to be home right now.

“Seriously babe. Oh and something else…” She baited him mischievously.

“What? What else?” Janus said loudly forgetting his all four windows were down and the sunroof was open. The woman next to him glanced over but looked back at the road as she pulled forward a couple of feet.

“I did a little shaving…the way you like it.” She giggled feeling a mix of naughtiness and control as she toyed with her poor stranded husband.

“Oh fuck.” Janus blurted ” I wish I was there with you right now babe.” He bit his lip and smiled, “I’ve been thinking about driving my tongue into that delicious pussy all day.” He chuckled and pulled his car forward again bringing him even once more with the middle aged woman on his left and the carpooling group on his right. While they may not have caught what Janus said, because of the cell being hooked up through the speakers they didn’t miss Vinita’s reply.

“Babe I wish you were here right now too. I love your tongue. I love how you tease me. How you lick and flick all the way up and back down. I love looking into your eyes as you drive your tongue into my pussy. Fuck Janus I’m getting wet already thinking about it.” Vinita licked her lips and allowed her fingers to move from the edge of her dress upwards to her moistening sex. “I’m thinking about that right now as I run my fingers over my pussy.” she gasped involuntarily as she glanced over her clit.

Janus stared at the consol of the car wishing he could see what’s going on. “Fuck that’s hot babe.” He smiled “do it baby. Reach down and touch that perfect cunt of yours. Let your fingers dance across your body as you wish it were mine instead of yours. My tongue; my lips; my everything.” Janus smiled to himself as he heard his wife moan.

“Damn it Jan I love it when you talk dirty to me.” she managed to croak back, her fingers doing as instructed, lifting the skirt of her dress and lightly whisping over the recently shaven lips of her quickly swelling sex.

“Do you know? You like it when I share all the dirty thoughts that are in my head?” Janus purred into the speakerphone, releasing the brake and moving another half a car length forward.

“Fuck ya!” Vinita shouted back before giggling, “I love it almost as much as that thick, hard, juicy cock of yours…..damn I wish you were here right now baby, I’m so fucking wet for you already. I might have to take this dress off so I don’t stain it.” she chuckled, but then seriously considered whether or not she should.

Janus laughed, “I wish I was there too right now hun. I’d rather be sliding my rock hard dick into your wet horny cunt instead of being stuck in this shitty traffic.” Janus gestured forward with his hand as if his wife could see. Of course she couldn’t, but if she was there she may have noticed the couple on Janus’ right were listening intently and smirking wildly, and the middle aged woman on the left was biting her lip and secretly hoping for a little more dirty talk. “But before that, I’d slide you slowly out of that delicious dress of yours, spin you around, bend you over the couch and drive my tongue into your cute ass the way you love it.”

“Mmmmmmmm.” purred the speakers in Janus’ car, the Alpine equalizer bringing out the nuances of her throaty groan with perfect clarity. She bit her lip and drew her finger across her pussy with a little more pressure than before. The lips of her sex gently parting to allow her access as she felt the warm slick welcome of her glistening cunt. “Fuck I love it when you do that…”

“Oh I know you do babe. And as my tongue runs up and down your slit and flicks at your cute sensitive asshole you feel my hand creeping up your back to your neck, and into your hair.” Janus pulled his vehicle forward a little more and adjusted himself in his seat. His cock was already hardened as his mind was with his wife right now. The cramped, tight, restricted crotch of his dress pants was agonizing. If he wasn’t in traffic right now he would have unzipped his fly and pulled himself to freedom. The woman to his left had turned off her radio now and turned down the fan so she could better hear the exchange going on beside her. It had been far too long since her own husband had shown any interest and this was the sexiest moment she had experienced in the last year. Anxiousness had gotten the better of her and she had slid her own hand under her dress and under her panties, letting a finger wander in and out of her pussy as she glanced over at the handsome Janus and wished he was saying these things to her.

“Mmmmm…do it baby. Lick my cunt. Like my tight ass. Hold onto me and ravage me with your tongue you fucking beast you.” Vinita grunted into the phone. She had eased a second finger into her tight pussy and was working it in and out along with the first. Placing the phone between her shoulder and her ear she freed her other hand and let it run up and down her body, stopping only to tweak and twist at her now very erect nipples. “I’m so fucking horny Janus! When are you coming home! I don’t even want to go out tonight. I just want to stay home with you and fuck and fuck and fuck! I want to fuck you till you beg me to stop! I want the neighbors to call 911 because they’re afraid we’re going to fuck each other to death. God Damn it WHY AREN’T YOU HERE YET!” she wailed into the phone.

Janus smirked to himself and pulled another car length ahead. He could see the traffic thinning and he knew once he was passed the accident he’d be home in about 20 minutes. This phone call had perfectly set up the rest of the evening. “Sorry babe, traffic is the shits. Don’t start without me though. I forbid you to touch yourself until I get there.” There was a short sharp gasp from Janus’ left and he looked for the source. He caught the glimpse of the middle-aged woman, her hands working fervently below the view of the window, but the look on her face gave away what she was doing. She slumped her shoulders forward and smirked as she turned a bright red and mouthed the words, “Thank you.” before pulling ahead. Janus focused back on the complaining coming through his stereo.

“What do you mean you forbid it!” she was pouting.

Janus smiled, and thought to himself. “Perfect.” Then aloud he said, “Tonight is date night. Tonight above all other nights, I own you.”

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