Where in the world is…Julian Lisette?

I’ve been MIA from my blog of late. The only posts I’ve done are my Tumblr feed posts, and really that’s just because they’re so easy to get done. I think I needed a small break from writing. The deadlines I had imposed on myself became hard and harder to meet as work and real life became much busier during the summer.

I apologize for not providing new content for you wonderful people to consume. I hope to change this soon.

I’ve been working on a short story that can’t really be considered short any longer. Last night I broke the 12,000 word barrier and as far as I’m concerned the story has more to tell. My best estimate is that it may end up being a 20,000+ word behemoth by the time I’m done. I really hope you like it when I’m done.

The main drive of this site was to keep me on task with the full length novel I was attempting to finish this year. So far it has, but as a new writer I still feel less inspired without regular feedback; this is something that I’ve been missing out on for the last few months.

Additionally, I’ve had a muse or two that has come into my life only to leave shortly after. This is a frustration for me. When I have a muse I find my mind is focused. I’m able to sit and push out a story easily as I picture not only the scene I’m trying to describe, but also the impact it has on the muse in question. I realize I should try my best to be self motivated, but in all honesty knowing that there are real tangible people out their that get excited by my work, and love the thoughts that ooze out of my brain is the biggest motivator, if not the only one.

I’ve had offers from readers wanting to be my muse, or one of my muses, but the sad reality is that there has to be some sort of attraction for it to work. I’ve tried to make it work with just simple chemistry from the point of view of sexual interests etc, but once again that just doesn’t work. I’m not sure if that makes me shallow, or just honest.

At any rate, I have to decide whether or not I will take the current story I’m writing and break it into parts, or to release it as a single massive work for all of you to digest.

What do you think? Which would you rather? A 20,000+ story in parts, or all at once?

Let me know in the comments below. Words of encouragement are definitely welcome…I need it these days.

till next time my loves,




3 thoughts on “Where in the world is…Julian Lisette?

    1. You’re probably right. I had the feeling this may be the case too. I suppose what I’ll do is finish the story and then release it in logical but smaller pieces. Glad you like my name. I don’t mind it either. Lol

      Random question then for you…which of the stories or chapters that I’ve posted so far has been your favorite?


  1. It drives me crazy when I have to buy on amazon one story broken up in pieces, I would rather pay US2.99 and get it over with and have a neat little package rather than buy three separate installments to clutter my kindle which already has hundreds of titles. However, I am biased since I am already a fan and will gladly devour your stories in one sitting. The last thing I want to do is keep getting interrupted by having to go look for the next chapter. However, I know your work already. For the new reader the best way to gain more readers is to let them sample your work and leave them hanging at an interesting part so they feel compelled to buy and finish the story.


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