the Tutelage of Vinita Forthcutter – Part 2

This story has gotten out of hand, but in a good way…I think. I’ve split it into manageable parts for you to digest one morsel at a time. If you haven’t read part one, you should. If you have already read part one, here’s part two.


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the Tutelage of Vinita Forthcutter – Date Night

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“W…w-what?” Vinita said, half way between startled and excited. “You…you can’t own me…” she managed to blurt out before being shut down by her husband.

“No, I do babe. You’re mine. Every inch of you is mine. Your fingers, toes, lips, ass and most certainly your pussy…..all mine.”

“W….what??” she repeated, unsure how to evaluate this new turn of events.

“Tonight you don’t get to touch yourself unless I say it’s ok. You don’t get to touch me unless I say it’s ok. And above all else, unless I approve it, you may not cum….not once…not at all…not even a little…not without my permission.”

“Fuck that’s so hot.” Janus heard a quiet female voice from his right, and he turned to see the couple. The woman was staring at him her lip quivered and she grinned widely. “That’s hot.” she repeated a second time, louder this time so Janus would be certain to hear it. Janus nodded to the woman and the man turned to him and gave an approving nod as well.

“But…but….” Vinita was protesting, her fingers still wet and embedded in her pussy. She whimpered and pulled them out agonizingly slow. “Fuckkkkkkk.” she sighed. “Ok.”

“Ok what?” Janus questioned, already beginning his planned indoctrination of his wife for the evening.

“Ok I won’t touch myself unless you say so.” she sighed again unsure why she was both annoyed and excited simultaneously.

“Because?” Janus probed.

Another sigh…”because….you’re in charge.”


“You… own me.”

“That’s right Vinita. Now go into the my sock drawer and look for the small package labeled, “Friday Night Lights.” Janus instructed.

She scrunched her face and scowled but responded dutifully “Ok.” as she sighed once more.

“Ok what?” Janus probed, seeing if he could push her already.

“Ok….” Vinita paused for a moment, not sure what she should say, “…..ok…..sir?”

“That’s better.” Janus approved, “Now be a good girl and go get the package. Tell me when you’ve got it.” As he waited he pulled another three car lengths ahead, stopped, then pulled forward another four car lengths. The traffic was definitely thinning out and speeding up.

“Ok, I’ve got it now……” Vinita paused and then realized that it was best to just let go and enjoy the evening as Janus had it planned. “….sir.”

“Good…open it.” Janus instructed and he heard some rustling as the small plain brown package was torn open. There was a small gasp and a giggle and Janus instantly knew she liked what she saw. It was a little toy that Janus had found online. A small vibrator that Vinita could place discreetly inside of her and had the added bonus of having a remote. What she didn’t know, however, was that Janus already had the remote. It was in his pocket next to some spare change as he wound his way through the accident scene and onto the open road ahead. “You know what to do now don’t you.” Janus stated dryly.

Vinita nodded to herself and grinned the word easily escaped her lips, “yes sir.” She took the toy over to the ensuite bathroom, gave it a quick rinse and deftly inserted it slowly into her waiting pussy. “Fuck I wish this was your cock instead.” She growled through the phone adjusting the toy so it sat perfectly inside her. The small black tug chord was the only visible indication that anything was different. She checked and made sure in the mirror. Stopping also to admire her trim job form earlier. Worried about the visibility of the chord Vinita decided it would be best to put some panties on. She fished through her drawer and picked out a nice pair, slipping them on slowly while listening to her husband.

“I’ll still be a while my pet. Maybe another 45 minutes. Might as well go read a book. I’ll call you when I’m close.” Janus informed his wife even though it was a complete lie. He had figured out what the range was on the remote and realized that it was possible for him to start the vibrator up while still sitting in the car. He was actually only 20 minutes away. A fact that his wife will not realize until he had engaged the vibrator taking Vinita completely by surprise.

“Yes sir. I anxiously await your arrival.”

“That’s a good girl. See you soon my delightful little fuck toy.” And Janus abruptly disconnected the phone.

Vinita admired herself in the mirror for a moment. She had worked hard to get back into shape after giving birth. It was important to her self esteem. As much as Janus kept telling her she was beautiful while she was pregnant she didn’t honestly feel sexy at all. She felt bloated, awkward, irritable, sleep deprived, and emotional. There was nothing sexy about that at all. The exception was when her breasts filled out and she began to pop out of her regular bras, she certainly loved that extra dosage of cleavage. That is, until her nipples started to feel like someone was twisting them completely off, all day long. At any rate her trim fit look was empowering. She liked the way Janus looked at her and she didn’t mind the extra attention she got when walking the kids in their stroller. One time in particular she was passed by a pair of jogging college aged boys and heard them say as they passed, “now that’s a MILF” Vinita had to look it up when she got home and was pleasantly surprised as to what the acronym meant.

She readjusted her dress, smoothing it out and looking from all angles to be sure it looked as hot as she had it before. Satisfied, she walked over to the nightstand and picked up the latest novel she was into then turned and made her way into the living room. After getting comfortable in the large leather recliner chair she swiftly became engrossed in the story she was reading. It was essentially a detective novel, but had some smoldering sexual tension between the lead investigator and the prime suspect. Vinita adored it. Soon she was flipping through pages nearly speed reading her way through a particularly stimulating chapter. She envisioned herself in the role of the suspect and Janus the detective. Shivers ran through her body as the chapter got steamier and steamier. Suddenly as she turned the page the tension broke and the detective was ravaging the possibly sociopathic beauty. It was intense and exciting. Vinita ran her hand down between her leg and just as she reached her aching pussy she cussed loudly having forgotten her earlier promise. “Fuck fuck fuck.” she muttered. Then “Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkkk” she squirmed and squealed, writhing in the chair as the vibrator hidden within her suddenly went berserk. The vibration abused her hyper sensitive clit and she shuddered spastically. Vinita gasped as she attempted to decide whether to pull the heaven sent device from her body, or allow it to take her on a trip of ecstasy.

Less than a minute later the vibration abruptly stopped as quickly as it began. Vinita pouted to herself and looked down at the small black cord trailing out from her wet anxious pussy. She stared at it angrily in a foolhardy attempt to will it into action with her mind. It was at this point she realized that Janus was standing in the doorway with an evil grin slathered across his face. “Am I interrupting something my pet?” he chided, tilting his head to the side in a disapproving manner.

“No sir. I was just waiting for you.” Vinita coolly responded, still a little uncomfortable with this submissive position she was taking.

“Were you a good girl? Did you abstain from touching yourself?” Janus asked sternly.

“Yes. Yes I was good sir.” she sighed and nodded.

“Good.” then Vinita heard a small click.

A moment later the vibrator resumed it’s pleasurable torture and Vinita, not expecting this fell to her knees moaning. “Oh fuck…..fuck fuck…” she mumbled, her body slumped over on all fours as if she was a dog heaving out it’s previous dinner. Her mouth opened wide and she looked up at her husband with wild eyes. Janus reached out and patted her on the head. Vinita scowled at him but didn’t utter any complaints aloud.

“Oh my,” he said with disdain. “You’re not cumming already are you?”

Vinita shuddered and gasped before managing to reply, “I….I…..I’m going….to…cuuh” But before she could finish her sentence there was a small click and the vibrator stopped it’s tingling dance within her. “Nooooooo” she moaned, “Fuuuuuck.” Vinita glared up at Janus and growled, “Why? Why did you stop it?” her tone was seething and spiked with annoyance.

“Because you were about to cum.” Janus said dryly as if Vinita should have already known the answer.

“But……but why?” she questioned again while regaining her composure and slowly standing upright.

“Because you didn’t ask permission my pet.” he said, nodding and wagging his finger at her as he did.

“What?” Vinita spluttered incredulously.

“You have to ask permission first.” he explained and smirked as she scowled back at him.

“That’s mean!” she blurted.

“I”m not mean. I’m your warden my pet. You may not cum unless I say so, and I’m not going to say so if you don’t ask nicely.”

Vinita pouted and unconsciously squirmed, squeezing her legs together and relaxing them, hoping to somehow have the vibrator under her control. “May I please cum?” she asked slowly. The words stumbling out of her mouth dripping with uncertainty.

“No.” Janus answered abruptly, then held up his hand as Vinita began to protest. “We’re already late for dinner. I’m going to shower and get ready. Then we’ll leave immediately afterwards. I don’t have time to attend to your childish needs right now.” and with that he turned on his heel and sauntered upstairs to do exactly as he had just stated. Vinita opened her mouth but then shut it again instinctively realizing that protesting would do her know good. As she slumped her shoulders forward in disappointment she heard a faint click from upstairs as Janus turned the corner. The vibrator jumped to life again and once more Vinita collapsed to her knees.

She gasped, and summoned the strength to shout out, “Please! Please! I want to cum! May I cum! Sir!?” she begged, crawling towards the stairs as she did. Her poor pussy was aching and coming close to climaxing regardless if she had permission or not. Vinita looked the stairs and listened for a response. All she could hear was the hum of the vibrator within her. She took a deep breath and yelled once more, “PLeeeeeeeeease! Oh my god sir, may I please cum!”

Janus popped his head around the corner and looked down at his wife crawling up the stairs. The look in her eyes one of desperation and excitement. Her mouth was wide open and her body was contorting as she moved upwards step by step. “You want to cum?” he asked innocently smiling as he saw his wife nodding her head vehemently.

“Yes…..yes I want to cum so badly sir. Oh fuck I need to cum!” she grunted and then gasped once more.

Janus could tell she was close. He’d been with her long enough that he could read her facial expressions quite easily. He smiled patiently, took a few steps down the stairs so he could look her in the eyes. Vinita looked up at him and bit her lip, now unable to make any further requests but pleading with her eyes. Janus looked at her and smiled before kissing her on the forehead, “No.” There was a small click and the vibrator abruptly stopped. Vinita groaned and felt as if she was going to cry. “Get ready to go, I won’t be long.” Janus instructed as he headed back up the stairs and into the shower.

Vinita muttered under her breath as Janus slipped out of view, “Yes…..sir.” before awkwardly getting to her feet and walking up the stairs to their bedroom to once more adjust her dress and ensure she looked suitable. With each step she felt her insides buzz and twitch a little. The vibrator was stationary, but the threat of it’s attack kept her nerves on alert. She reached out to grab the banister and the smooth polished wood slid across her hand so silkily that she gasped. Her legs slightly buckled but she was able to remain standing. Vinita looked at her hand in wonder. This teasing was secretly brilliant. She licked her lips as an experiment and immediately the sensation of her soft wet tongue running across the plumped and rouged skin sent a jolt of hot white electricity coursing through her face and shooting directly into her loins. “My god,” Vinita whispered to herself, “this….is going to be the best night ever.” She stifled a giggle and continued onto the bedroom, resolving to go along with whatever Janus was going to do tonight. He was some sort of sexual savant, and he was all hers. She giggled once more, thankful to be “owned” by such a wonderful “master.”

Janus was in and out of the shower in less than three minutes. His former mandatory training in the Swiss military passed along strange artifacts of behavior in his life. While he had dual citizenship and wasn’t required to complete the compulsory years of service, he felt at the time it was the best way to get out and see the world. Or at least that’s what he told his parents. In truth his friends had convinced him that going to Switzerland for army training would definitely assure him of getting some action from hot Swiss women. A few months into basic training, Janus had been cursing his friends names on a regular basis, but after basic training finally was over they were undoubtedly correct. Janus could walk into nearly any bar in Switzerland while wearing his uniform, have a drink bought for him, and leave with a girl swooning over how “Brave” he was. It was the best time of Janus’ life and did well to set him up with the practiced talents his wife now enjoyed. As he thumbed through his closet he came across the zipped up suit protector that surrounded his military uniform. For a moment he considered going to dinner with it on, but as this was Chicago not Bern the rest of the restaurant patrons would not likely be appreciative of him wearing a foreign country’s military garb while on a date with his wife. Instead he singled out his standard “Blues Brothers” type suit. It was a trim fitted suit with black pants, black jacket, and a skinny black tie on a standard oxford white dress shirt. A classic look. Janus smiled at himself in the mirror after he had made sure everything was in order then turned on his heel and sauntered down the stairs to retrieve his wife.

She turned to see him as he strode down the stairs and her heart leapt a little. Vinita smiled at her handsome Sir and he winked back at her, “Shall we my pet?” is all he said before offering her his arm and escorting her out the door and into the waiting car.

“So where are we going?” Vinita asked after Janus pulled away from the curb. As much as she was hungry, the earlier episodes of interrupted pleasure had focused her mind purely on sex. Secretly she wished he would just turn the car around, take her home, and fuck her senseless. Clearly, however, this was not his plan.

“You don’t have to worry my love. I have the entire evening planned out. You just have to sit back, relax, and be my pretty little fuck toy.” he turned to her and smirked before giving her a wink. Vinita frowned. She much preferred to know exactly where she was going. The way Janus was keeping her in the dark was setting her mind on edge and she found it very difficult to relax as she was ordered to do. At that moment Janus reached across the middle consul of the car and patted her leg gently before stroking it softly up and down. Vinita shuddered involuntarily and immediately blushed at her reaction. Janus looked back to the road and smirked to himself. There was a small ‘click’ and once more the vibrator jumped to life.

“Oh shit…” Vinita immediately blurted. She groaned and clenched her legs together tightly. Her body resumed the cascade of uncontrollable twitches that had her writhing on the floor earlier. There was a small beep and the vibrator changed it’s pattern. Instead of a constant buzz it switched to a pulsing hum and Vinita both hated and adored it. She closed her eyes and moaned as she jolted and thrust her hips to the pace of the pulse. With her eyes shut she suddenly became aware of the fresh night air washing over her face and through her long brown hair. Janus had surreptitiously wound down the windows. There was another ‘beep’ and the pulses had became shorter and more intense. Vinita moaned again loudly, then her eyes opened wide as she realized anyone passing by could see her, and hear her. She turned quickly to Janus, “You bastard.” she muttered. He turned back to her and winked before gesturing ahead at the Friday night traffic that was beginning to coalesce in front of them. “Shit…shit shit shiiiiiittttt!” Vinita cursed before there was a click and the vibrator stopped. “Nooooooo.” she moaned and looked back at Janus with the same pleading pout as before. “Please. Let me cum.” she looked back at the traffic that was still about a mile away. “Please! Please let me cum sir, before we get into that traffic. Will you let me cum?”

“Yes.” Janus answered curtly.

Vinita smiled and bit her lip, waiting for the vibrator to click on, but it didn’t. She looked back up at the traffic which was looming even closer, then back at Janus and his evil smile. “Nooooooo…not like this!” she protested.

“You asked me if I would let you cum, and I’m going to allow it my pet.” he sneered at her. There was another small ‘click’ and the vibrator once more jumped to life, this time on it’s highest setting.

Vinita grunted “Uhmmmph” before gasping for air as she clutched her legs together. She shut her eyes tightly and felt the waves of pleasure crashing over her body. The toy pulsated and buzzed in her at an insane pace and her poor hypersensitive clit was exploding. She moaned loudly again, “Oh fuck,” she muttered as she inched ever closer to her climax. To her right a couple of frat boys looked over and saw the look on her face. The elbowed each other and everyone glanced out the window to watch Vinita. There was a small ‘click’ and the vibrator stopped. “Noooooooooo” she wailed, her eyes still shut and completely unaware of her new audience. “Please you said I could cum! Please sir!” she begged.

Janus patted her on the leg and she looked at him desperately. “Tell those boys there that your a slut for my cock.” he smirked as he saw Vinita’s pained expression. Keying the controls on his door he opened the window on the passenger side of the vehicle grinning with evil intentions at his twitching wife.

She wanted to cum so badly, but she feared saying things like that in public. Vinita looked at him, bit her lip in pain then turned to the other car and yelled, “I’m a slut for my husband’s cock!” The boys looked at her with shock for a moment before cheering. As they did the vibrator whirred up to maximum again and Vinita bent over with her head outside the window. “Fuck! Yes! Make me your slave slut!” she squealed and the boys cheered and clapped even more. Tingling sensations shuddered through her body and over every nerve on her skin. She shook and gasped, “May…….may I” she grunted as she twitched her hips from side to side, “may I…may I please….please….cuh….cummmm…sir?” Vinita was now completely gone. She was now under Janus’ control.

He smiled and leaned around her to talk to the boys in the car next to them, “What do you think guys? Do you think I should let her cum?” They stopped their impromptu cheering and clapping for a brief moment to look at eachother then turn to Janus and nod vehemently. “Alright then.” he said softly to Vinita, “Your fans here want to see you lose it. So I’ll allow it.” Vinita’s shoulders slumped forward and she groaned loudly, her legs twitching and wiggling wildly within the confines of the car. The remote in his hand beeped and the vibrator slowed to a snails pace as it pulsed within her “But…” Janus said, “when you cum you have to yell ‘I’m a fuck toy’”

Vinita nodded and muttered, “Yes sir.” before hearing the delicious ‘click’ of the remote as the vibrator whirred up to full speed once more. The boys cheered her on clapping and shouting as she got closer to orgasm. Then, the dam broke. She gasped one gulp of air and started shouting “I’m a fuck toy! I’m a fuck toy!” at the top of her lungs. Her torso jolted violently and her legs kicked up and around inside the vehicle. The boys cheered loudly and excitedly gave high-fives to each other as if it was their success. Vinita doubled over and moaned, the vibrator was still zinging along inside her. She grunted and gasped for air as her body spasmed. For a moment she had peace and slumped down over the dash. But still Janus had not turned the device off. Traffic began to move again and she could feel herself losing control a second time already.

“Fuck she’s gonna do it again!” one of the boys yelled as another hollered at Janus, “This is fucking awesome! Dude you’re the MAN!”

They were right. Vinita was about to burst for the second time in as many minutes. All she could sense of the world was her pulsating clit and spasming pussy. There was no traffic, no cars, no seat, no Janus. All she was aware of was her pleasure and how much she wanted it to continue. She wanted it again. No, she needed it again. If she didn’t cum again it would be agony. She squeezed her legs together and bit her lip. A few tears formed in her eyes and she kicked her head back and screamed, “I’m a fuck toy! I’m a fuck toy! I’m a god damn mother fucking slutty fuck toyyyyyyyy!”

The vibrator clicked, and shut off as Janus reached over to pat her on the head. “That’s a good girl.” he cooed as the people in the cars around the couple tried to figure out where the shouting had originated. Vinita shuddered and gasped as her body slowly came down from the high she was on. She leaned into her husband and began to giggle, all at once realizing what he had made her do. Even though it wasn’t her choice, she adored him for it, resting her head on his lap and gently stroking the inside of his leg.

“Thank you sir.” she whispered.

“Back in your seat now my pet, you haven’t yet earned the right to touch me.” Janus said coldly, secretly wanting her to, but knowing the process had to be committed to, even more so by him.

Vinita whimpered softly but did as she was told, moving back into her own chair and withdrawing her hands from Janus’ leg. “Yes sir.” she sighed.

“We’re here.” he informed her and pulled into a parking spot about a block away from the restaurant. The couple got out of the car and Janus smiled to himself as he watched his wife slightly stagger then grab onto the car to hold herself steady. She regained her balanced, looked up at him and giggled. Janus winked at his wife and offered her his arm once more.

the Tutelage of Vinita Forthcutter – Part 1

I’m dedicating this story to a good and incredibly tasty friend. Nicole you were and are delectable in every way possible. This story is for you on your birthday. Hope you enjoy it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it for you.



the Tutelage of Vinita Forthcutter – Date Night

Part 1  (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4)

“So what’s the game?” Vinita asked inquisitively with an air of subtle caution.

“I call it ‘Interval Training’” Janus replied succinctly offering no further details. This was the game within the game. He loved to tease Vinita, and as much as Vinita complained, she adored it.

She looked at her phone and rolled her eyes, “Interval training?” she sighed, “Sounds like a workout program.” her voice saturated with preemptive disappointment.

“In a way it is.” Janus confirmed, smiling as he did. The plan he had dreamt up was perfect for Vinita’s tastes, but overselling it now would ruin the surprise.

“Is it date night worthy?” she asked, slightly worried. She winced like she might have before tearing a bandage from her skin at the thought of an awkward night. The anticipation of failure was almost worse than the disappointment that came with it.

“Definitely.” he replied smirking, shuffling a stack of papers on his desk into an ordered pile before hammering his clenched fist onto the waiting stapler. “Get your mom to take care of the kids for the entire weekend hun. You’ll need some recovery time after this.” he continued cocky as ever.

Vinita giggled like a complete dork. She adored his confidence. “Ok ok, I’ll call her and make sure it’s alright. Can’t wait till see you later.”

“You may change your mind by the end of the weekend.” Janus threatened which only made Vinita giggle again and shake her head.

“Ok lover boy. Get back to work and I’ll see you later gator.”

“Will do sunshine. Remember though….”


“….you’re mine tonight.” he smirked and laughed again before abruptly hanging up the phone.

Vinita shook her head and looked incredulously at her cell phone. A moment later she was dialing up her mom, and asking for an extension. Luckily for the couple, her mom was utterly smitten by the tiny terrors of cuteness and excitedly agreed without a pause for consideration. “Thanks mom,” Vinita said sincerely, “I’ll drop them off around 4pm or so.”

“Sounds great sweetie! See you soon!” Vinita’s mom giggled into the phone even more excitedly than Vinita had with Janus. Vinita shrugged her shoulders and thanked her stars for her mom’s empty nest syndrome as she went about preparing the little ones for immediate departure. Of course, being that they were two and four year’s old, immediate departure took on a completely different meaning. An hour later Vinita was finally in the van with both children strapped tightly into their special seats in the back of the vehicle. She slapped the button for the garage door and tore out and down the street, determined to beat the initial onslaught of Friday evening rush hour.

At the same time Janus had been watching the digital clock on his computer plod through the final stretch of a long boring day. The moment it read 3:30pm he shut everything down, stood up abruptly and made his way towards the exit. He had much to do before getting home to his wife and not a lot of time to do it. The preparation for this weekend was mostly done in advance thanks to the couple’s storage locker. As much as he hated the thing and how it became a repository for useless junk neither of them had the guts to throw out, today it was going to come in handy.

By 3:45pm Janus was already in his car with his ID card out and ready to be handed to the security guard at the exit to the company parking structure. By 4:00pm he was on his way down several side streets carefully winding through them and avoiding the brambles of traffic already coalescing in their predictable spots. Despite his best efforts, however, he didn’t reach the storage locker till nearly an hour later. He called Vinita to tell her he was running a little behind and was thankful to hear her panting response indicating that she too was behind schedule. Janus zipped through the multitude of rows to reach their storage locker 69G. He shook his head and chuckled. 65-75G were available at the time when they had got their locker, but he just couldn’t resist the urge to have number 69. It made him laugh, regardless of how juvenile it was.

After unlocking the gaudy cumbersome lock, Janus swiftly pulled up the door. A neatly piled mountain of large plastic containers filled with old clothes, board games, winter gear, and other odds and ends greeted him. Everything in the locker looked like it belonged in a garage, or at the local Salvation Army. Everything that is, except for a stylish black leather duffle bag resting calmly in the center of the small room. Janus took two steps in to the room and gently picked the bag of from its resting place. The leather creaked slightly in disagreement with being manhandled, but Janus ignored its complaints. He turned to walk out then stopped abruptly, placing the bag down onto a nearby stack of containers labeled “Xmas Things”. He slid the double zippered top back and glanced inside, rummaging through it for a moment as he took mental stock of everything that was there. After a moment he looked up to the ceiling, trying to think if there was anything he may have forgotten. The lonely silence of the room was broken as he swore loudly at himself, “Fuck! Matches….and batteries.” he sighed and shook his head, “Dumbass.” he muttered, berating his forgetfulness. Janus quickly zipped the bag shut, wheeled around, turned off the light and yanked down the door to a thunderous clang. He jostled the thick lock back into place hearing the reassuring ‘click’ as the lock secured itself. Then after a short sigh, Janus threw the shoulder strap on and sauntered down the aisle back out of the facility and into his waiting car.

Vinita, now free of the little ones was able to push the over powered minivan to its limits. Half an hour later she was safe and at home. She spent most of the trip glancing from the road to the clock and calculating what she could get done before Janus got home. She tore through the house like a whirlwind, putting toys away, throwing clothes into closets, setting the laundry on rinse and rearranging the shoes in mud room. With all of that accomplished she tossed her clothes onto the bed and darted into the bathroom for a quick shower. As the steamy hot water rained down refreshingly over her tired muscles her mind wandered to thoughts of previous date nights.

There was a time when Vinita thought Janus was too conservative for her liking. Back when they were dating she initially found him stuffy and at times a little smug. He had the odd habit of correcting her when she mistakenly jumbled two sayings together or mixed up two similar words with dissimilar meanings. He seemed to be such a complete nerd. He appeared to be awkward socially. Careful in choosing his words and often going long stretches without talking at all. Her instincts told her to drop him. That there was no way she and Janus were compatible. But as time went on he had loosened up and she became closer to him than any other man before. The biggest surprise, however, came a few years into marriage. After dating for spell she had figured she knew him quite intimately as one would expect. Vinita had been accepting of Janus’ abilities in the bedroom. He was adequate, effective, compassionate and thorough. Vinita had become accustomed to this level of intensity. She didn’t expect to have her socks blown off or feel the earth move like the women in cheesy romance movies would blather on about. A year into marriage a layer of deception was brashly ripped away.

Janus had received a recent promotion and as a result had gone to a pub with co workers to celebrate. After a little egging by them he broke his rule about never drinking to excess and very shortly after was quite drunk. Now what Vinita found out was that Janus was a lot less tame and conservative than he led her to believe. He came home that night in the backseat of a co worker’s car and was deposited on their front steps. Vinita had pulled her husband in from the cold winter night and despite his inebriation Janus managed to talk her out of her clothes and into bed with him. Of course, she had previously had sex with drunken men. It almost seemed like a requirement she was in college. So she expected clumsy pawing, drooling, a few grunts and eventually a cacophony of snoring. What she got instead was one of the most intensely passionate and deliciously aggressive sexual experiences of her entire life.

With his inhibitions melted away by rum, tequila and vodka; Janus wasn’t held back one bit. His self conscious worries were nonexistent and so he did whatever he felt like. It just so happened that whatever he felt like doing was astoundingly amazing to Vinita. It was the first time she realized she was capable of having multiple orgasms. By the end of the night she was utterly spent and couldn’t barely move the next morning. Janus woke up beside her, now sober, and vaguely realized what he had done. He automatically apologized to Vinita as she was clearly displeased. However it was not because he got drunk then came home and fucked her like an animal possessed.  No it wasn’t that at all. She was pissed off because she had been missing out on this sexy beast for so long. They had a long talk that afternoon about what happened and Vinita made Janus promise to never hold back again. To her delight, he kept his promise.

Vinita smiled to herself and turned off the water to the shower and sighed. She was a lucky woman and she knew it. Janus was the whole package. He was kind, considerate, articulate and a fantastic dad. She felt safe when she was around him and loved to the point of adoration. She glanced down at herself in the steam filled bathroom and winced. Vinita had forgotten to shave her legs. She glanced at her phone to check the time and then quickly went about the awkward process of trying to shave her legs while balancing on the narrow edge of their Victorian era inspired claw foot tub. As she ran the razor up her legs then back down again she glanced at her nether region and decided to be a little more adventurous. Biting her lip in concentration she shaved her pubic region into a nice little landing strip patch, just the way Janus liked it. Vinita smiled to herself admiring her new look before rinsing the tub and setting about getting ready for the intriguing mystery night ahead.

Just about the time that Vinita was drawing a razor carefully across her soft supple skin Janus was hurriedly jostling with traffic trying to pop into a convenience store for batteries and a lighter before getting back on the road. He was desperately hoping that he could make it back onto the main drag back home before everyone else decided to do the same thing.

Unfortunately, he didn’t make it. As he turned on the radio and made his way up onto the on-ramp the colorful traffic guy from QX 101.5 drearily informed him that there was an accident a 5 miles down ahead of him and traffic was at an absolute stand still. “Fuck!” Janus blurted at the radio as he slammed his hand down on the wheel. He had already made it halfway up the on-ramp and the next off-ramp wasn’t until after the accident. He was stuck. Janus could feel the control of this night slipping away out of his grasp. All the planning he put into it dashed by the poorly timed texting college student slamming his car into the back of a bus.

Janus sat in his car waiting for any movement in front of him. Anything to provide a glimpse of hope but there was none. He keyed the car’s electronic windows and opened all of them simultaneously. With traffic at a standstill he enjoyed the soft summer breeze before letting out a long protracted sigh of capitulation. Taking another breath he dialed the restaurant where he had made reservations for the night. It was a slightly above average French restaurant which Janus had heard many good things about. It was fancy enough to distinguish itself from Olive Garden but not so fancy as to destroy a weeks’ pay on a single dish. It has the added benefit of being an establishment that allowed you to bring your own wine.

“Chef Pierre’s, Amanda speaking. How may I help you?” the cheery young woman’s voice answered the phone.

Janus replied back through the speaker phone that was attached to the vehicle’s sound system, “Hi Amanda. I’ve got a problem and I need your help.”

“Oh? What is that?” she asked bubbly and airy.

“I have a reservation for two at 6pm and I’m stuck in a traffic jam right now…”

“I see…”

“So I’m…..”

“Not going to make your reservation. I understand sir. Who’s the reservation under?”

“Janus Forthcutter”

“I see you here.” she paused for a moment while she figured out a solution. After a few seconds she continued, “What I can do for you is move you to a different table. You won’t have the booth you wanted but you will still have a reservation. Is that alright?”

“That sounds good Amanda thank you.”

“So I’ve moved you to 7:30pm. That should be do able then right?”

“Should be. Thanks Amanda”

“See you soon.” She signed off and hung up the phone.

A moment later the car stereo rang with an incoming call. Janus looked down at the console to see the caller ID indicating it was coming from Vinita. “Hey babe.” Janus answered immediately.

“Where are you?” She asked, the cautious sound of concern tainting her voice.



“Yep…stuck. I’m just got on the Wellington Street on ramp and there is a major accident about 5 miles up ahead of me. Sooooooo…”

“You’re stuck.” Vinita couldn’t hide her disappointment. Janus had canceled date nights before on short notice; usually due to work. She sat down on the couch and slumped her shoulders anticipating the bad news.”

“Yes so I called the restaurant I was going to take you to and…”

“…cancelled the reservations. I understand. This sucks though. I hate when date night ends with us just bumming around the house.” Vinita sighed before Janus had a chance to reply.

“No you silly monkey. I just rescheduled for later tonight. I’ve put too much planning into this to abandon it just for a little traffic snarl.” Janus retorted confidently. He meant it too. He had been anticipating this night for almost an entire month. Keeping the details secret from Vinita had been the hardest part. “Just get that cute butt of yours ready so we can head back out as soon as I get there.”

“Oh this cute butt is already ready.” Vinita chuckled. “And it wishes it could be sitting on your lap right now.”

Janus laughed and pulled the car forward another agonizingly small amount of distance. “Tell me hun, what are you wearing tonight?”

Vinita laughed, “Not very much.” she smiled and ran her hand softly down the inside of her now smooth leg reaching her dress. “I’ve got a teeny tiny black halter top dress on.”

“And?” Janus requested immediately licking his lips as the car moved forward another four feet. He nosed his vehicle slightly into the lane and reached his arm out the open window to wave a thank you to the middle aged woman who let him in.

“And what?” Vinita replied smirking evilly to herself on the living room couch. She ran her finger across the edge of her dress and flicked it up and down fanning herself pleasantly.

“What else? Tell me what else you’ve got on.” Janus requested biting his lip and envisioning her in front of him right now as he sat in traffic.

“That’s it.” Vinita chuckled. “You know how you’re always teasing that I should go commando sometime?”

“Yes?” Janus replied his eyes wide awaiting the answer.

“Well I’m commando right now. And this dress…” She paused briefly for dramatic effect “isn’t supposed to be worn with a bra either.” She giggled as she heard a small excited chuckle from the other end of the phone.

Janus was beside himself. He moved forward another half a car length and stopped. “Shit seriously?” He replied with astonishment. She was right. He had teased her about going commando so many times he had lost count but he never expected her to ever go through with it. Now that he knew what she was wearing and what she was missing he felt his balls twitch and instantly he felt an even greater desire to be home right now.

“Seriously babe. Oh and something else…” She baited him mischievously.

“What? What else?” Janus said loudly forgetting his all four windows were down and the sunroof was open. The woman next to him glanced over but looked back at the road as she pulled forward a couple of feet.

“I did a little shaving…the way you like it.” She giggled feeling a mix of naughtiness and control as she toyed with her poor stranded husband.

“Oh fuck.” Janus blurted ” I wish I was there with you right now babe.” He bit his lip and smiled, “I’ve been thinking about driving my tongue into that delicious pussy all day.” He chuckled and pulled his car forward again bringing him even once more with the middle aged woman on his left and the carpooling group on his right. While they may not have caught what Janus said, because of the cell being hooked up through the speakers they didn’t miss Vinita’s reply.

“Babe I wish you were here right now too. I love your tongue. I love how you tease me. How you lick and flick all the way up and back down. I love looking into your eyes as you drive your tongue into my pussy. Fuck Janus I’m getting wet already thinking about it.” Vinita licked her lips and allowed her fingers to move from the edge of her dress upwards to her moistening sex. “I’m thinking about that right now as I run my fingers over my pussy.” she gasped involuntarily as she glanced over her clit.

Janus stared at the consol of the car wishing he could see what’s going on. “Fuck that’s hot babe.” He smiled “do it baby. Reach down and touch that perfect cunt of yours. Let your fingers dance across your body as you wish it were mine instead of yours. My tongue; my lips; my everything.” Janus smiled to himself as he heard his wife moan.

“Damn it Jan I love it when you talk dirty to me.” she managed to croak back, her fingers doing as instructed, lifting the skirt of her dress and lightly whisping over the recently shaven lips of her quickly swelling sex.

“Do you know? You like it when I share all the dirty thoughts that are in my head?” Janus purred into the speakerphone, releasing the brake and moving another half a car length forward.

“Fuck ya!” Vinita shouted back before giggling, “I love it almost as much as that thick, hard, juicy cock of yours…..damn I wish you were here right now baby, I’m so fucking wet for you already. I might have to take this dress off so I don’t stain it.” she chuckled, but then seriously considered whether or not she should.

Janus laughed, “I wish I was there too right now hun. I’d rather be sliding my rock hard dick into your wet horny cunt instead of being stuck in this shitty traffic.” Janus gestured forward with his hand as if his wife could see. Of course she couldn’t, but if she was there she may have noticed the couple on Janus’ right were listening intently and smirking wildly, and the middle aged woman on the left was biting her lip and secretly hoping for a little more dirty talk. “But before that, I’d slide you slowly out of that delicious dress of yours, spin you around, bend you over the couch and drive my tongue into your cute ass the way you love it.”

“Mmmmmmmm.” purred the speakers in Janus’ car, the Alpine equalizer bringing out the nuances of her throaty groan with perfect clarity. She bit her lip and drew her finger across her pussy with a little more pressure than before. The lips of her sex gently parting to allow her access as she felt the warm slick welcome of her glistening cunt. “Fuck I love it when you do that…”

“Oh I know you do babe. And as my tongue runs up and down your slit and flicks at your cute sensitive asshole you feel my hand creeping up your back to your neck, and into your hair.” Janus pulled his vehicle forward a little more and adjusted himself in his seat. His cock was already hardened as his mind was with his wife right now. The cramped, tight, restricted crotch of his dress pants was agonizing. If he wasn’t in traffic right now he would have unzipped his fly and pulled himself to freedom. The woman to his left had turned off her radio now and turned down the fan so she could better hear the exchange going on beside her. It had been far too long since her own husband had shown any interest and this was the sexiest moment she had experienced in the last year. Anxiousness had gotten the better of her and she had slid her own hand under her dress and under her panties, letting a finger wander in and out of her pussy as she glanced over at the handsome Janus and wished he was saying these things to her.

“Mmmmm…do it baby. Lick my cunt. Like my tight ass. Hold onto me and ravage me with your tongue you fucking beast you.” Vinita grunted into the phone. She had eased a second finger into her tight pussy and was working it in and out along with the first. Placing the phone between her shoulder and her ear she freed her other hand and let it run up and down her body, stopping only to tweak and twist at her now very erect nipples. “I’m so fucking horny Janus! When are you coming home! I don’t even want to go out tonight. I just want to stay home with you and fuck and fuck and fuck! I want to fuck you till you beg me to stop! I want the neighbors to call 911 because they’re afraid we’re going to fuck each other to death. God Damn it WHY AREN’T YOU HERE YET!” she wailed into the phone.

Janus smirked to himself and pulled another car length ahead. He could see the traffic thinning and he knew once he was passed the accident he’d be home in about 20 minutes. This phone call had perfectly set up the rest of the evening. “Sorry babe, traffic is the shits. Don’t start without me though. I forbid you to touch yourself until I get there.” There was a short sharp gasp from Janus’ left and he looked for the source. He caught the glimpse of the middle-aged woman, her hands working fervently below the view of the window, but the look on her face gave away what she was doing. She slumped her shoulders forward and smirked as she turned a bright red and mouthed the words, “Thank you.” before pulling ahead. Janus focused back on the complaining coming through his stereo.

“What do you mean you forbid it!” she was pouting.

Janus smiled, and thought to himself. “Perfect.” Then aloud he said, “Tonight is date night. Tonight above all other nights, I own you.”

Where in the world is…Julian Lisette?

I’ve been MIA from my blog of late. The only posts I’ve done are my Tumblr feed posts, and really that’s just because they’re so easy to get done. I think I needed a small break from writing. The deadlines I had imposed on myself became hard and harder to meet as work and real life became much busier during the summer.

I apologize for not providing new content for you wonderful people to consume. I hope to change this soon.

I’ve been working on a short story that can’t really be considered short any longer. Last night I broke the 12,000 word barrier and as far as I’m concerned the story has more to tell. My best estimate is that it may end up being a 20,000+ word behemoth by the time I’m done. I really hope you like it when I’m done.

The main drive of this site was to keep me on task with the full length novel I was attempting to finish this year. So far it has, but as a new writer I still feel less inspired without regular feedback; this is something that I’ve been missing out on for the last few months.

Additionally, I’ve had a muse or two that has come into my life only to leave shortly after. This is a frustration for me. When I have a muse I find my mind is focused. I’m able to sit and push out a story easily as I picture not only the scene I’m trying to describe, but also the impact it has on the muse in question. I realize I should try my best to be self motivated, but in all honesty knowing that there are real tangible people out their that get excited by my work, and love the thoughts that ooze out of my brain is the biggest motivator, if not the only one.

I’ve had offers from readers wanting to be my muse, or one of my muses, but the sad reality is that there has to be some sort of attraction for it to work. I’ve tried to make it work with just simple chemistry from the point of view of sexual interests etc, but once again that just doesn’t work. I’m not sure if that makes me shallow, or just honest.

At any rate, I have to decide whether or not I will take the current story I’m writing and break it into parts, or to release it as a single massive work for all of you to digest.

What do you think? Which would you rather? A 20,000+ story in parts, or all at once?

Let me know in the comments below. Words of encouragement are definitely welcome…I need it these days.

till next time my loves,



Chapter 30 – Uncertainty

Chapter 30 – Uncertainty

It was a whirlwind. You had never before felt so rushed to move on. Most of your life had been relatively planned out, but now here you were on a plane once more headed back to France. You could have been tossed about in the hold of a rudderless ship for how you felt at the moment. The house, the farm, the horses, they were holding you there. They were the anchor holding you in place, not allowing you to reach out and explore the life you’ve been given.

But now as you flew above the turbulent seas of the North Atlantic you felt more fearful than ever before. “What were you going to do? What was the plan Alcina?” you kept thinking to yourself. Of course the hope was you could just show up on Leon’s doorstep and you’d be taken in no questions asked, but how could you expect that? It’s one thing to have a guest over for a few weeks, but it’s another thing altogether to suddenly have a new roommate. One that doesn’t have a job. One that doesn’t have a plan. “Oh God what have I done?!” you thought to yourself and the butterflies of panic expanded in your stomach making you feel nauseated. You hadn’t looked before you leaped and now you were falling. Turning away from the window you gently placed your head back on the head rest and closed your eyes tightly, trying to push away the dread with sleep that just wouldn’t come.

“I’m scared daddy!”

“Don’t be pumpkin…..I’ll catch you.” your father’s reassuring words. You had climbed up a tree on one corner of the property during a game of hide and seek and had become too fearful to get down. Your father stood at the base of the tree with arms outstretched waiting for you to drop. It looked like it was a ten story fall to your 5 year old eyes. You were terrified. “Don’t worry pumpkin,” he cooed “I’m here for you. Just let go, and daddy will catch you.”

You remember hugging the branch so tight. Feeling it sway slightly in the cool spring breeze. The bark was smooth and leathery as young branches often are. You clamped your eyes shut, to afraid to see the reality of your situation. But your father kept you calm, he reassured you with softly spoken words of encouragement. “It’s alright honey. You can let go. It’ll be fine. Just…..let go…”

You wiped a tear from your face and looked out of the plane into the clouds below barely visible but for the moonlight.

The plane was full of sleeping passengers. With the lights dimmed down and the soft drone of the jet engines bathing the cabin in a calming wash of white noise, most fell asleep less than an hour after take off. Flight attendants walked up and down the isles quietly whispering to the few passengers that were awake, handing them small drinks or little snacks. You had already nibbled through your packet of pretzels and were now sipping slowly on a cup of ginger ale. Sleep was avoiding you.

In an ideal world you would arrive in Paris, be greeted by your friends and whisked away on another adventure in their arms. But we don’t exist in an ideal world and you certainly couldn’t live on dreams and fairy tales. Sure you could likely get a job as a waitress again, but to what end? Then what? Do you want to be a waitress forever? The questions kept coming like an unrelenting tide. You didn’t finish university, how were you going to find a good job without a diploma of any sorts. What job did you even want to do? How do you plan for the rest of your life when you don’t even know what awaits your next step? What if Leon and Celine don’t have room for you at the studio? Where are you going to live? How are you going to afford it? “Fuck” you muttered to yourself, “Fuck fuck fuuuuuuuuck.”

The passenger next to you slowly opened his eyes and turned to you with a look of utter exhaustion. “You… ok?” he mumbled, alternating between blinking and opening his eyes widely attempting to focus on your face.

“Yes….well…no…but….yes…I guess.” you spluttered. You looked at the man, his collar was twisted and his posture a chiropractor’s nightmare. “It’s just……have you ever made a rash decision that could possibly doom the rest of your life?”

He smirked, “Yep.” and pointed to his ring finger which was adorned with a thick gold ring that squeezed the flesh of his stubby digit tightly. “So I married her and didn’t look back” he chuckled. The woman next to him opened her eyes and frowned as it was now apparent she was the rash decision in this story. You smiled and nodded but in truth you weren’t in the mood to hear some couple recount their tale of romance. The man saw through your mask, however, and straightened up, “Look….you’re on your way to Paris. How could any decision that lands you in Paris be bad?”

You tilted your head at him and scowled. He was on a trip with his wife, likely a vacation. Two weeks in a foreign country to return with forgettable anecdotes and useless trinkets. How could he understand. “I sold my parent’s house, gave away my horses, packed all my belongings worth keeping and now I’m moving to Paris. I have no job waiting. I have no place to stay. I know two people in the city, and that is all. I’m on my own….and….I’m fucking scared. Ok?”

The couple looked at each other for a moment then looked back at you wordlessly. After a moment of silence the man opened his mouth, closed it, then opened it once more to mutter, “…..sorry?” he shrugged.

You sighed and dropped your head, “No I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have blown up on you like that. I’m just sort of freaking out right now.” you admitted.

His wife leaned over and patted your hand. “Look hun, it’ll be fine. You’re young. You’ve got your whole life ahead of you and you’re going to be in Paris soon. Sure it’ll be hard, and maybe you won’t get everything you dreamed but…” She looked at her husband then back to you in that smug I know better look, “…it’s Paris! I mean…come on!” She laughed but you didn’t laugh a bit. Actually you would have rather punched her in her smug pudgy face.

How could she possibly understand what you were going through? The contents of your life were reduced to two large suitcases and a carry on. This suburban housewife probably had just as much luggage for her two week vacation. You had walked away from everything you’d ever known and stepped onto this plane with the hope that tomorrow will have more answers than today. How could she fathom what fears you had or trials you had looming in front of you. “I need a hug.” you thought to yourself and clutched your arms tight to your body leaning over to the window again, disengaging yourself from the conversation. You’d be on the ground in 4 hours, lost and alone. With your eyes shut you took in a deep breath and prayed that sleep would come.


After Sam’s party I made my way back home to my empty condo. It felt like home, but so cold and quiet. Perhaps above all else it was empty. There were no knick-knacks displayed prominently. No pictures or trophies. The condo was clean and well kept but felt nearly sterile. After my divorce I had spent evenings and weekends clearing unneeded junk. Possessions I didn’t use. Pictures I didn’t care for. I had read a quote one day at work and it became my mantra for the next 7 months. Epictetus said, “Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants.” I decided that the things in my life were holding me down. Your possessions end up possessing you. In reality it was more about avoiding the pain then it was clearing the clutter.

I had a storage space that I shared with my ex. We’d place items there that were considered communal that we didn’t want. I guess we had decided that would be easier than dealing with each other face to face. Every time I thought I had cleared out the last of it more would show up. More stuff. More reminders of the perfect but false life I had before. What the hell happened to us anyways? We were in love. I thought we were at least. Where did it go wrong? How did we manage to obliterate the relationship so completely?

Maybe we spent so much time pretending to be the people we thought the other wanted that we lost each other in the process. I held back desires and needs for fear of upsetting her. She held back objections and concerns for fear of upsetting me. In the end we were just two very unhappy people with false masks of happiness adorning our depressed lives. Then one day it’s just too much. It’s too tiring to put the mask on. It slips and falls and we see each other as the strangers we truly are.

Why do we pretend to be more than we are, better than we are, smarter than we are. We dress in clothes to make us look better. We put on makeup to make us prettier. Cologne to make us smell better. We lie from the moment we meet.

I laid in bed and stared up at the blank cold ceiling as my mind wandered to thoughts of where you might be tonight. I couldn’t put my finger on what was so enthralling about you. Was it just the circumstances in which we met, or was there something else? I sighed to myself and decided for the first of numerous times to let the memory of you slip away. I drifted off to a dreamless sleep.

What felt like only moments later I was rudely awakened by the gaudy sound of a poorly chosen ringtone. The gravel of sleep still freshly crumbling in my throat I croaked out a response as best as I could, “Hell…..hello?” I mumbled into the device blinking my eyes widely and looking across the room to the clock on my nightstand. Blurred vision momentarily crystallized and I could see it was already half past 11am.

“Zale.” came the recognizably stern female voice I was accustomed to. “You up yet?”

“Uh…” I grunted and stifled a yawn before responding, “Ya….sure…why?”

“Are you alone?” she asked an air of hope dressing up the question lightly. Hope for which answer I wasn’t too sure.

“Uh…” I looked around the room for some reason and found that indeed I was alone as I was the night before, “Ya….yep…just me….why?”

A protracted sigh filled my ears as Sam exhaled in exasperation. “Why?”

I blinked again and rolled my shoulders before caulking my head to each side pushing the sleep out of my body. Standing I answered with more confidence as my brain had completed its boot up check and the operating system running my body verified all systems were running as expected. “I just…wasn’t feeling it last night.”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” Sam retorted. I could almost see her rolling her eyes through the tone in her voice.

“I don’t know, I just….I didn’t feel like going through the whole song and dance.” I shook my head and started off to the balcony. Nothing woke me up faster than the early spring air whisking over my naked skin. As I reached the door I scowled as I recalled the most memorable event of the night. “What the hell was going on with you last night by the way?”

Sam laughed, “Oh….that was my birthday present.”

“Which? The blonde dude or the black haired dude?” I chuckled, finding myself surprisingly comfortable with the situation and willing to hear more details.

“The blonde…..the black haired guy with the ridiculous cock is my regular fun friend.” she giggled, clearly enjoying the chance to share this side of herself with a surprised co-worker.

“Ah….wait…what?” I bumbled, “Regular fun friend?” I stood on the balcony of my condo in shock. “Really?”

Sam laughed, “Yes, really.”

“And your husband is ok with that?”

“He actually is the one that first suggested it.”

“Seriously?” I laughed, mostly out of surprise. The arrangement was so foreign to my understanding of what marriage was about. “How exactly did that happen?”

“I’ll tell you some other time.” she said abruptly. “We’re heading to brunch now.” There was a small pause and then she said quickly, “Don’t tell anyone about last night ok? I obviously can’t have that be public knowledge at work.”

I nodded and replied, “Of course.”

“Kay, talk to you later Zale. Maybe we’ll hang out later tonight if you’re interested.”

“Sure give me a shout later. Have a great brunch Sam, and tell Greg thanks for the jersey, the party was awesome.”

She laughed, “Ya, Greg knows how to throw a good party. Ok gotta run bye!” and there was an abrupt click as she hung up the phone.

I looked at my phone and made sure it was off before placing it down beside me on my patio table. I looked out over the city and took a big breath of the cool air deep into my lungs. I held it there for a bit before relaxing and releasing it into the atmosphere watching the cloud of vapor sublimate into a cloud in front of my face. As it quickly dissipated my view of the building across from mine became clear once more. Almost directly level with my view I saw a woman with long black hair standing on her balcony looking back at me. She was wearing a large dress shirt and holding on to a white coffee cup. As she brought it up to her lips she made eye contact with me and released the cup with one hand to allow the other the wave at me. I waved back and smiled realizing all at once that I was still very much naked. What a way to start the day.

Chapter 29 – Life moves pretty fast…

Chapter 29 – Life moves pretty fast…

The next day at work I definitely regretted the long drive. My head was fuzzy and my eyes were dry, still blurred with miles and miles of staring straight ahead. Watching the yellow dashed line disappear into the horizon is hypnotic. At times it felt as if I had driven for hours without actually realizing I had done so. Like a brainless zombie, open mouthed and drooling. Sure my hands were at ten and two, but god help me if I could remember anything that happened. I could have hit a cow, ran over a child, and impregnated a farmer’s daughter and never realized it. That’s just how the road is, blink and you miss it. Zone out and you forget it.

Work was like a boring melodrama that had been put on pause while I was away. The moment I walked through the front doors some malevolent force hit ‘play’ and it resumed in due course. I nodded to the security guard and he smiled widely and gave me a salute. Why? I never knew. I had yet to see him salute anyone else. But he was a cheery gent so I always smiled back regardless of how I really felt each morning. The elevator ride was its usual awkward silence. Two office workers that were from a different floor whispering their conversation as the elevator dinged at each floor. The whispering was quite unnecessary. They were the only ones talking and by the time they slipped out the door at the eleventh floor the remaining occupants were all wondering what happened next in their tale of weekend woe.

My firm was comfortably nestled in the top three floors of the building. Such are the perks of owning the building you work out of. We had constructed it 10 years prior when the market was exploding, but now there were actually several floors that were completely unoccupied. Everyone was certain that we would be around to see the market bounce back, but as the last few months passed the number of people that made it up to our floor had become less and less.

The truth was I almost wanted to be one of the people let go. This life I was leading seemed constructed on the basis of a fiction. Great career plus great wife equals amazing life. While that may be true in concept I had sabotaged myself and had only pretended to have both. I had been under this childish notion that if I tried hard enough and worked hard enough the mediocrity of my marriage and the stagnancy of my work could be overcome.

Having arrived at my floor and walked into my office all I could think about was leaving again. But where would I go? Back home? I had been made acutely aware of how alone I was now. I spent the morning recounting my harrowing journey to a few interested parties leaving out the paltry details and tumultuous final night together.

“Oh she sounds lovely.” One of the secretaries commented in a motherly tone beyond her years. “So are you going to visit her again sometime?”

I didn’t want to say I had already tried and failed. I didn’t want to tell her how I left without exchanging contact info for fear of appearing too needy so quickly. “I’m not sure.” I responded as convincingly as I could.

“Oh Zale don’t be an idiot.”

“Jesus Sam. No really tell me how you actually feel.” I chuckled but she didn’t seem amused.

“Look Zale you’re a great guy and you deserve a great gal…”


“Shut up. Woman then? So you deserve a great woman. But this self doubt and wallowing around like some morose Hamlet wannabe is just depressing.”

“Hamlet? What a bizarre reference.” I laughed again but the scornful look she gave me silenced my gleeful demeanor.

“Greg and I saw Shakespeare in the park on the weekend.” Sam said with an air of pompous delight at the look of surprise on my face. “The entire first part of the movie..”

“…play” I corrected receiving a scowl for good measure.

“..yes the entire first part of the play Hamlet is wandering around like you. All mopey and depressing. Mad at the world for moving in when he hasn’t. I said to Greg at the time that it reminded me of you.”

I stopped my shenanigans for a moment and my silence encouraged her to explain further

“When Hamlet’s father, the King, dies he acts just like you have been.”

“My father has been dead for a lot longer.”

“Oh I know that. But the death you’re dealing with is the death of your marriage and what it represented to you.” Sam pointed at me emphatically. “But you need to be like Hamlet. You need to move on and take action in your life.”

“Hamlet kills his girlfriend’s father and dies at the end…”

“I know that!” She sighed exasperated with my apparent lack of understanding. “It’s a fucking metaphor. ” she hissed. I smiled in response to let her know I was kidding but she was not amused. “The point is you need to take action..”

“I did though.” I retort.

“No you didn’t.” Sam replied. I opened my mouth to contradict her but before I could she continued, “You took accidental action,” shaking her head as she said so. “You were in an accident, you ended up in a farmer’s house and that farmer just happened to be a young attractive woman who you connected with.”

I opened my mouth to retort with some pithy comeback but said nothing. My mouth closed as I remained mute. She was right as much as I didn’t want to admit it.

“Look Zale, you need to take some risk. Put yourself out there. You can’t pretend to be this emotionless rock. Dare to be hurt. Dare to be in pain. Maybe this girl is the one for you or maybe she’s not, but if you never try you’ll never know.”

“I liked it better when you talked less and just got me coffee and stationary.”

“Oh shut up you turd.” She laughed and punched me on the shoulder “you need a strong opinionated woman to set you straight sometimes. That’s all.”

“Right well, could you still get me some coffee anyways?” I winked and she smiled back turning on her heel, hopefully to return later with a cup of jet back Colombian gold.

Sam was the unofficial big sister that I never had and didn’t really want. When I had been dragging my heels and fretting about the divorce she was the only one that noticed anything was wrong. Up until that time she was merely a secretary to me. Now, she was a trusted confidant.

The rest of my coworkers didn’t fare so well with interactions with me. My normal charming and understanding personality had been surreptitiously replaced with sarcastic asinine one. I caught myself making biting angry comments at anyone that I felt needed it. By the end of the day I had alienated nearly everyone. Sam had been doing her best behind the scenes to let people know about the funeral and how hard it had hit me though I wasn’t sure if that was truly the reason for my childish outbursts.

“You’re a doll.” I said to Sam at the end of the day. “What would I do without you?”

“Likely get your dumbass fired. Now get your head together Zale. I’m not going to be mopping up your messes all week.” She smiled as she said it but meant every word.

By the end of the week I had pissed off, irritated, and alienated nearly everyone in the office. Sam, true to her word had stopped smoothing over the feathers I was continuously ruffling. When Friday had arrived I was called into an impromptu meeting with my supervisor who in his normal manner told me that I needed to go on an unscheduled vacation. “Umm…..yaaaah.” he said drawing out the words annoyingly, “we’re going to have to talk about your time off…..we’ve been thinking….you’re due….and with the current constraints on budgets…..yaaahhhhhh….how about we see you again in a couple of weeks….m’kay?”

I looked at him through murderous eyes and answered as politely as possible, “Sure, maybe that’s for the best.” he nodded and then motioned his hand to the door indicating he was done with me. I stood, turned on my heel and walked out the door unsure if I was supposed to be happy or angry. When I saw Sam she looked at me and the concern was dripping from her face.

“What did he say?”

“Two weeks’ vacation.” I replied.

She rolled her head and sighed, “Oh thank god.” She chuckled, “The rumor was it was going to be something worse.” I looked at her inquisitively and she shrugged, “Secretaries know things Zale….lots of secret things.”

I smirked and shook my head, “I guess I’ll see you in a couple of weeks then Sam.” grabbing for my coat as turned off my computer.

“Oh no, you’re not getting away that easy.” she said, the older sister routine returning. “You’re coming over on Saturday.”


“Cause it’s my fucking birthday jackass….Jesus Zale.”

“Right….that….I’m not sure if I’m up for….”

Sam put up her hand and I stopped my protest mid sentence. “You’re coming, if I have to come over to that cold palace of a condo you call home, and drag you out by your pinky toes.”

“Fine……fine.” I sighed. Sam always won arguments like this so there wasn’t really any point of protesting. “When and where?”

“Our place, 8pm, Saturday. Don’t bring a date, there will be plenty of tail there for you.” she winked and I shook my head laughing. There wasn’t a single event that Greg and Sam had hosted since my divorce where Sam hadn’t tried to get me hooked up with someone she knew. How many big sisters would do that I wonder?

When Saturday night arrived I found myself dreading the occasion. I wasn’t antisocial by any stretch of the imagination but there were times where I felt as if people did far too much talking. Still I had promised Sam I would attend so despite my reservations I made my way down to the parking garage and drove off to Sam and Greg’s place.

There house was immense. Greg was a bit of a financial whiz and so money was never a problem. If she wanted to Sam really didn’t have to work at all. But as she put it, she couldn’t see herself as the type of girl that bags a rich guy just to spend all of his money. She was proud if her job and happy with her independence. It was always apparent that Greg appreciated it as well. He was very attentive and always taking the time to ensure his wife was happy. This night was no exception. It was a themed birthday party. While I had attended a few themed parties in the past, this one was sensational. The theme was Sam’s favorite movie of all time, “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”.

The sound system that was networked throughout the entire house was playing the soundtrack and most of the crowd was decked out in their favorite 80’s teen outfits. But beyond all of this was the entrance that Greg and Sam made. After almost all of the guests had arrived and had mingled, unsure of where the hosts were located there was a rumor that fluttered around that Greg and Sam were only arriving now. This perfectly timed “rumor” was started by Sam’s uncle who was dressed up as the principal, Ed Rooney. As the crowd of well wishers made their way to the front entrance and out the door to the front steps the loud sexy rumble of an over powered Ferrari convertible washed over the giddy crowd. It seems Greg had gone out and got in touch with a friend of a friend and borrowed a replica 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder just like the one in the movie. With Greg at the wheel Sam waved to the onlookers dressed up as Sloane Peterson with her iconic big shouldered grey and white tasseled leather jacket. After parking the car Greg hustled around the vehicle to present his hand to “Sloane” and walk her up the front steps to a cheering crowd. Just as they got to the door Greg turned to me and smiled, “This is for you.” tossing me a Detroit Red Wings jersey with the number 9 and in large block letters “HOWE”.

“Fuck.” I thought to myself, “I’m Cameron.” then chuckled and slipped the jersey over my head. Following the couple in the designated third wheel position of honor.

The party was a riot. Raucous, loud, at times obnoxious, and often lude. By the end of the night I was thoroughly inebriated as was nearly every other individual left at the house. Sam was chasing every glass of wine with a red bull and as such was both drunk and incredibly caffeinated. “This….this is why I don’t drink fucking coffee!!” she shouted over the din of conversation and Duran Duran blasting over the sound system.

“Huh?” I responded blinking and squinting as if that was somehow going to make my ability to comprehend her better.

“This is why I don’t drink coffee!” she shouted again, raising her Redbull and shaking it side to side.

“Why?” I shouted back, now understanding the words but completely baffled as to what she meant.

“Because…caffeine makes me randy as fuck!” she laughed sticking her tongue out and wagging it at me. For a woman in her late forties, Sam was quite a looker. The alcohol in my system was doing the same thing as the caffeine in hers. She smiled at me and winked nodding her head in the direction of my crotch. “Keep that shit under control mister.” she chuckled laughing at the sudden teenaged erection pushing on my pants and causing the Red Wings Jersey to hang strangely. I laughed and shook my head at myself.

“This is why I don’t drink alcohol!” I shouted and Sam laughed at me.

“Come on, let’s find you one of my friends.” she hooked her arm around mine and we paraded around the party for a while as she pointed out different women at the party and explained why they needed to get laid tonight. “That’s Hannah.” she yelled into my ear, “She looks like an uptight bitch but that’s just because she hasn’t been properly screwed since Greg laid into her last year.” I looked at Sam with an expression of bewilderment but she ignored me and pointed out another woman. “Oh that’s Reign.” she pointed to a dark haired quiet woman in the corner who was sipping gently on what looked to be a cup of tea. “She recently divorced her husband who after 10 years together came out as a big time gaylord.” Sam looked at me and laughed, “Big time….like…boa’s….eyeliner….flailing hands and limp wrists….the whole cliché…” she shook her head, “How Reign couldn’t see that coming I don’t know…but she’s turned into a proper slut since then….probably a self esteem thing…we’re not too close….but she’s got nice legs and I know how you love that…”

I nodded and couldn’t help but stare lecherously at Reign’s smooth well shaped legs. My eyes trailed up her body finally reaching her beautifully crafted face and stunningly piercing green eyes. She raised her cup of tea a slight bit and winked at me. I felt my stomach turn over in giddy delight and nearly fell over myself as I continued to follow Sam around the room.

“That’s Francine. Don’t let her age fool you. She’s buried two husbands already and apparently has an addiction to rough sex, as long as she’s the one that’s being rough.” Sam raised her eyebrow and then continued down the hall. “This is Cathy, she used to work with us but got let go a few weeks ago.” Sam pointed to a short blonde woman with a mousey face and surprisingly large bust for her height. “I’ve heard she gives amazing head.” Sam whispered into my ear, “Literally….I heard her… Tyler couldn’t keep his mouth shut while she went to town on him a few months back. I thought his office door was going to shake right off its hinges.” Cathy just smiled looking dimwitted, completely unaware of what was being said about her.

We continued down the hall, passing through conversations and interrupting flirtations as we went. She led me up the stairs and onto the second floor. There were fewer people in the hallway, but the decreased volume of the music allowed me to hear the distinct noises of loud fucking coming from one of the many bedrooms. Sam looked at me and winked, “My my someone is having fun…shall we go see?” she giggled and skipped down the hallway and I followed her dutifully. We reached the master bedroom and there on Sam and Greg’s bed was one of the secretaries from work getting tantalized by two men I didn’t recognize. Off in the corner Greg was seated in a large black chair. He had a camera on his lap and looked like he had just finished sprinting a mile. He looked up at Sam and bolted upright. “My dear!” he bellowed, and then bowed ridiculously; the towel that was resting on his lap fell unceremoniously to the floor and as he stood up straight the surprising truth was revealed.

“Is… that a chastity belt?” I asked pointing at Greg and squinting through drunken eyes.

Sam turned to me and giggled, “Yep!” then pulling on a chain around her neck, “and here’s the key!” she smirked.

“You birthday gift awaits my lady.” Greg bowed again turning his hand and gesturing to the two men on the bed who were no longer showing interest in the younger secretary, much to her chagrin.

“Goody!” Sam clapped her hands together. “Everyone that’s not fucking me, get out.” she commanded. The young woman collected her belongings and scurried out the door. I smiled as she left but stood in the doorway, still dumbfounded. “Zale, unless you’re going to whip that dick out and started fucking me like a mad man….it’s time for you to go.”

I grinned sheepishly and took a step back out of the doorway.

“Close the door when you leave.” Sam commanded and as I closed it I could hear her say, “Now who wants their cock sucked…”

I made my way back down the hallway, and down to the main floor again; not entirely sure what to think of what I just saw.