Truth #26

Did you ever have a crush on your best friend’s girlfriend(s)?

Oh most definitely yes. In fact I’ve probably had a crush on every girlfriend (and wife) that my best friends have ever had. I think that’s normal though…isn’t it? I mean my friends are friends because they share interests. Have similar beliefs. Like similar things. Enjoy similar activities. It’s only logical that I would like the type of woman they date? Isn’t it?


I noticed it most when I was in high school. I found that the only girls I was able to comfortably chat with were the ones that were already going out with people I knew. It’s obvious why. There was no risk! I didn’t have to worry about looking stupid or saying something inappropriate because they were already dating my friend. I didn’t have to care so much. As soon as I let loose the inhibitions that normally held me back I became a flirtation monster.

Shocking to me how much of it was reciprocated, but I suppose it was a similar situation for them. They knew nothing was to come of it so it was easy to flirt with no consequences. But the result of this flirtation I became more enamored with them one by one. You know how it is when you’re younger…..a pretty girl flashes a smile at you and that’s all the excuse you need to crush on them like they’re a teen idol.


The worst was a friend of mine who wanted to convince his girlfriend that getting a motorcycle would be a good idea. I had one at the time you see and he thought the best way for her to find out how fun it was would be to ride on the back of mine for a short jaunt. My friend had told me that she didn’t like motorcycles, that she was scared of them. She didn’t like to speed and she didn’t like the feeling of being so exposed. After a BBQ and some boardgames (yes we were those types of people) I was heading out. My friend quickly suggested that I give his girlfriend a ride around the block. He did it in a joking manner expecting her to say no, but she didn’t. She grabbed my helmet from me and put it on, then jumped on the back of my motorcycle. I was a bit shocked, as was my friend, but he seemed happy so I tried to act cool about it.

We drove down the first block and rounded the corner at which point she said, “Go faster!”. So I yanked on the throttle and sped up. “FASTER!” she shouted and I shifted and yanked it again, then shifted up and yanked once more. By the end of the block we were absolutely flying. She was holding me so tightly I could feel her small but perky breasts pushing into my back. I loved it. Absolutely loved it. After that night for the next few weeks and months all I could think about was obliterating my friends girlfriend in wild night of hedonistic pleasure seeking.


….it’s good I didn’t though


They ended up getting married and having three kids. My friend is nearly bald now, and she is not the cute little petite woman she used to be. She got psycho religious and anti pretty much everything…except seconds….she’d never say no to a second helping. =P




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