Burnt out


I have to be honest, I’m wiped. With work being so busy I’ve had little time to think about let alone write anything. Now ordinarily I could push through that, but lately I just feel so uninspired. Yet again I’ve lost another muse and it just doesn’t feel the same when I’m trying to push the creative process. I don’t feel like I’m writing for anyone in particular so there’s no one to push my limits for. No individual I can focus my mind on to imagine their actions and reactions to what they’re reading.


So now I’m in search of another muse.

Hope I find her soon.  

2 thoughts on “Burnt out

  1. I know how you feel. Sometimes I just have to lie in the dark on my bed and listen to Pink Floyd’s The Wall in its entirety. “Is there anybody out there” . . . . ?

    Hope you find your new muse soon. More often than not, however, I’ve discovered that they find YOU especially when you least expect it. In the mean time just know that there is somebody out here reading what you write.


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