Truth #25

Ok so I’ve been delinquent in my posts of late. It seems I’m offering more apologies than substance. Once more it’s time for a truth about me and once more I forgot to put up a new poll.

So as a result I’ve selected a question that I’m sure a lot of people would have selected if I had given them the chance.

What is the wildest thing you have ever done (that you’ll admit to)?

Alright this question is going to be the death of me I’m sure. It’s one of the most often asked questions I get privately. No matter what I say I can’t seem to escape it.

There are several ways to interpreting this question because the context of “wildest” is not established. It could be the wildest thing I’ve done in a car, while riding a bike, on vacation, for a girl, for a friend, for family; pretty much anything. I’m going to make the assumption, however, that the context of “wildest” in this case; based both on my loyal readers and the subject matter I write, would be the wildest thing I’ve done sexually.

I’m open to a lot of things. I’m not scared to try new stuff. It doesn’t really phase me. But because of that, what may be considered to be the wildest things I’ve done aren’t always the most pleasurable. It’s all a matter of experimentation and pushing boundaries.

Painting by Édouard-Henri Avril: three women a...

I’ve had sex with a married woman knowing full well she was married. I’ve pleasured someone while at work while she sat at her desk. I’ve had sex with a girl and didn’t know her name until afterwards. I’ve been involved in both threesomes and foursomes. Any of these could be considered “wildest” and any of these could be considered less than wild; it’s all dependent on the reader’s interpretation.

“Sex Life of Robots” | Michael Sullivan

So I guess then it’s left to you…..what’s the wildest thing that I’ve done…in your opinion?

edit: I changed the question and added “that you’ll admit to” since there may or may not be more options for the ‘wildest’ thing I’ve done…but I don’t think it needs to be available for public consumption.


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