In a fit of spontaneity I took the same route back. I made my way over the rough and bumpy country roads that never seemed to be clear of snow till midway through spring. I spent the time alone enjoying the serenity of the quiet landscape rolling past me as I thundered down the highway to you. It was hard not to smile at the world.

The funeral was everything I expected it to be. I felt as a stranger among strange people I used to know. They were like half recalled memories soft and eroded by the sands of too much time. None of them knew my name, only the name I used to use. I felt no desire to correct them. Funerals lock you into nostalgia. You remember what was and paint it over with a glossy cover wiping away any and all imperfections, as it was with the eulogy. I stood and spoke of a man I hated with the words of love that was expected. They were lies and falsehoods to save the present from the pain of the past.

“The lawyers will be in contact with you once his will has passed probate.” my uncle said with a cold dispassionate tone. “You were named in the will but they will tell you all about that when it’s all official.” he nodded as he spoke and patted me on the shoulder as if I was a boy of 12 years again.

“Thanks Uncle James.” I replied, thinking to myself that I was likely to be left my grandfather’s belt collection just for the sake of putrid irony.

Once I was in the car and on my way back your direction I felt the weight of my discomfort lessening minute by minute, mile by mile. It was an end of a chapter for me. The first act of my life was over. The pain of my childhood behind me. The pain of my disappointing marriage behind me. All that was in front of me now was possibilities and I felt no anchors holding me back.

By the time I had reached your house it was nearing sundown. The quickened pace of the winter sun had shadows lengthening and temperatures dipping. I turned off the main road and headed down the long driveway carefully. Despite being lined on both sides by tall bur oak, and squat choke cherry trees, the driveway was drifted over with fingers of snow reaching in to swallow it from the each side. As my tires collided with the finger drifts the car was enveloped with a wash of fine dust-like snow completely obliterating my vision of the road. It was only as I finally came to as stop a few yards from the house that I realized I was in the only vehicle in sight. The lights of the house, which would have been expected to be on by this hour, were still out. “Strange.” I muttered to myself. I looked around for signs of you but found none. Leaning up against the steering wheel I tried to peer through the windows, and still saw nothing. So I turned off the car, dawned my jacket, mitts, and toque and stepped out into the cold.

The air bit into my skin rapidly and sent shivers down my body as I pulled my jacket tighter pushing the discomfort out of my mind. From what I could tell from where I was standing, you definitely were not in the house. With that I set off in the direction of the barn. The path between the two prominent buildings was nearly nonexistent. I reasoned away the mounting evidence of your disappearance as being simply a relatively recent wind storm. I trudged through the snow following the route as best as I could recall, smiling to myself as memories of you were still quite fresh in my mind. Upon reaching the barn, I saw the main door hadn’t opened lately. I pulled it back with considerable effort and squeaked through the small gap I created. Once inside the expected snorts and stomps of two horse greetings never occurred. There was no Thunder, and no Lightning. My heart dropped in my stomach and after squeezing back out of the barn I stumbled my way back up the path to your house. Despite knowing that nothing was going to come of it, I rang the bell waited, and rang it a few more times. Of course there was no answer. You were gone and I was here, very much alone.

I trudged back over my own footprints and got back into the car. “Fuck.” I muttered, starting the engine, turning the vehicle, and driving back out the way I just came.

The rest of the trip home was as morose as would be expected. I went from the high of thinking a new chapter had started in my life and instead I found was that it just continued on its slow depressing unalterable course. I suppose that we should never rely on others for our own happiness and it was self centered of me to assume that you would be waiting for me. After all you had your own life to live, your own trials to pass through, and your own obstacles to overcome.

As soon as I arrived back home it felt as empty as I had left it. The colors of the entryway were inviting and invigorating, despite rarely seeing new faces. Pictures and knick knacks adorned the walls of my condo in a carefully constructed theme that would ease the OCD of any interior designer. Frames matched, styles from the living room complimented the style of the kitchen. Tiles in the bathroom pulled color from the accent wall in the bedroom. The closet was large and overly organized, as any closet would be if it was expecting the contents from two but only retained the clothes of one. I returned my empty suitcase to its designated spot and dropped into the soft comfort of my bed.

My condo was on the 15th floor of the complex. The agent that showed me the place told me that it was sufficiently far enough from the lobby to provide an air of prosperity, without the large price tag that would come from being on the 20th or penthouse floors. She had stated that it was a great pad for “entertaining” though she hadn’t specified the type of entertaining that she meant. She was well aware of my relatively recent divorce. It was the main subject of some of her research into my needs, at least in the real estate sense. “You’re better for it.” she had said after gaining some comfort with talking about such things. “It’s her loss, but you deserve better.”

Of course everyone says that, even if it’s not really true.

After calling her back a few weeks later and successfully closing the purchase she had subtly suggested celebrating by allowing her to throw me a private house warming party. “What do you think?” she said, batting her eyes furiously, biting her lip, and flicking her hair over her shoulder the way girls do when they’re looking for male attention. She was talking about her dress. It was short, tight, and hugged her form to the point of being nearly pornographic.

“I think your husband is a lucky man.” I stated as coldly as I could manage without being too rude.

“Husband?” Sharon retorted in surprise, “I’m not married.” she giggle loudly and took a large sip of the wine she brought. It was her third glass at this point.

I pointed to her hand holding the wine glass. There was a large white gold band with a very prominent diamond sparkling in the dim light of the condo. “What’s that for then?”

She looked at her hand in confusion then doubled over laughing. “Oh my god I forgot!” she spluttered and laughed some more, looking up at my confused face only to laugh again. “No…no…I didn’t forget that I’m married…I’m not.. seriously I’m not. It’s fake!” she wheezed trying to breath between uncontrollable giggles. “It’s totally fake!” she took the ring off and slapped it into my hand. “This is to keep the creeps away.” Sharon explained. “Being a woman in real estate can be hazardous.” she swept up her wine glass and finished the last swig of red liquid before continuing, “guys act like it’s a dating service instead of a….uh…real estate…service.”

I shook my head and laughed with her, handing the ostentatious, but cheap ring back to her. “Well then I don’t feel so bad.” I winked and raised my glass taking a sip myself.

“Awwwwww, you mean that’s why you were playing so hard to get?” she laughed again, looking around for the wine bottle again. Finding it nearly empty she took a final sip directly from the bottle instead of the wine glass in her other hand. All sensibility and professionalism was slipping from her with each minute and each taste of wine. Her head was going to hurt tomorrow, but tonight she was already flying high. “Hey!” she blubbered, pointing at me, laughing, then acting sultry again, “Did….did I ever show you the view from the balcony?”

I shook my head. As much as I enjoyed the view, balconies are the least important part of buying a condo. It was an accidental bonus that the condo had one.

“Right well let me show you!” she declared, kicking off her heels and walking over to the large glass sliding door. Shannon turned to look at me once more, tossing her hair over her shoulder and winking as she slid the door open. The fresh night air pushed into the room and refreshed my body instantly. “Come on! Don’t be scared!” she teased, dragging out the last word.

I placed my now empty wine glass on the large kitchen island and turned to join her. Shannon was justified in her use of the ring. She was very attractive and quite young. The real estate business didn’t really require a lot of schooling. If you were good with people and had a natural understanding of style you could easily charm your way into the business at a rather young age. Shannon, though dressed to appear much older, was likely no older than twenty two. With each glass of wine her young vibrancy showed through more and more. Now that she stood on the balcony, her long black hair flying in the wind, it became impossible to hold back my attraction for her. She was looking out at the view from the balcony, her back to me and her shapely petite body well defined in the soft dim light. I placed my hand on her shoulder as I walked up letting her know I was approaching. She responded by looking back at me and smirking innocently, “So tell me Zale,” Shannon said with a smoldering smirk, “do you like Asian women?”

I laughed and shook my head, not as an answer but at the audacity of the question. “Do you really have to ask?” I replied with my own smirk.

She leaned over and ran her hand down my tie, gripping it, then flipping it back at me playfully, “I wasn’t sure.” she said with a dash of honesty, “I was practically throwing myself at you.” she laughed at herself, thinking back to her actions.

“Well that was when I thought you were a married woman.” I retorted, cocking my head to the side in an unintentionally condescending manner.

“So what if I was.” Shannon retorted, “If I was a married woman, and I was throwing myself at you…’re saying you’d turn me down?”

“I’d like to think so yes.”


“Because….well…….you’re married.” I reply, suddenly unsure of the validity of my argument.

Shannon smiled and cocked her head to the side just as I did, “If I did, it would be my decision, not yours.” She batted her eyes again and smiled, “You’re a good looking guy, but you don’t control me.” she laughed.

“Yet.” I quickly retorted, and smiled as her eyebrows rose in interest.

“Oh, look who just arrived at the party.” she laughed and slapped my chest. She left her hand there briefly before letting it run back down my body stopping at my hip.

“Come here,” I commanded in a burst of sudden aggressiveness, “let’s see if you’re as good at kissing as you are at selling condos.” punctuating the command with a wink.

She leaned her delicate frame into my larger body, accepting my challenge. Tilting her head up to me she closed her eyes and waited for my lips to arrive. I briefly looked her over. She was sensuous and sultry. Her small but perfectly shaped lips were accented by bright red lipstick and her feminine features were amplified by her petite stature. I leant down to meet her and placed a gentle kiss onto her waiting mouth. Hers was the first lips I had kissed since my wife. The shock of the newness was mesmerizing. I felt electricity blasting through my body and any subtle reins of control I pretended to hold were swiftly ripped from my hands. Shannon opened her mouth and snaked her tongue out to meet mine, her hands wrapping around my waist as she unconsciously moaned. The taste of the wine on her tongue danced within my mouth and I moved my hands to her neck, cupping her head gently and passionately. Shannon was becoming the surrogate for all the untapped angst of the many years prior. All the need and craving I held back came flooding forward and poured into her.

We broke from the kiss briefly and she bit her lip as she looked me over, “Damn,” she muttered under her breath, “I thought you might be a good kisser.” Shannon leant in and kissed me again, breaking from me once more to mutter again, “very……good…..kisser.” With her intake of wine being higher than mine she was quickly becoming very frisky. As we kissed some more the small tender hands that were at my waist began to wander up my chest, and then back down. She was doing her own sexually motivated pat down. “Now,” she broke the kiss again, “what….do we have…here.” she smirked, having run her hand up the inside of my leg and coming to rest on my now semi-erect manhood. She gripped it roughly though my pants, “Mmmmm….feels good.” she moaned squeezing, stroking, and releasing it only to grab it again. “I….I want to see it.” Shannon mumbled into my ear, “I want to taste it.” she continued as she nibbled at my earlobe.

With my hands still cupping her head, I stopped holding her up and instead reversed the pressure of my hands down onto her shoulders, gently telling her with my actions that she needed to be on her knees. Shannon complied with a smile as she looked up at me, unzipping my pants with her delicate hands. Moments later she reached in and fished out my now fully erect cock. “Mmmmmm….” she moaned again, licking her lips, then looking up at me, “this….this is a nice dick.” she chuckled, grabbing it and shaking it as she spoke as if to emphasize which penis she was talking about. Without further delay she opened her mouth and slid it over my pulsating phallus, moaning once more as each inch slid further inside her loving wet mouth. I slumped my head back and let out an approving groan, instinctively lowering my hands to her head and gently guiding her where I needed her attention. This only encouraged her more as she sloppily mouthed my heated sex. Shannon looked up at me with her pretty brown eyes and winked before grabbing my hips and attempting to push my cock even further into her mouth. I groaned in encouragement and stopped watching her for a moment to look out into the darkened city beyond. The metal railing with clear glass infill made the balcony seem even more perilous, but more than that it gave a sense of complete exposure. I hadn’t ever experienced such a thing, Shannon on the other hand, seemed not the least bit phased. She withdrew her mouth from my cock once more and gripped it tightly in her small soft hand. “Fuck I love this cock.” she squealed shaking it again as if it wasn’t even attached to me.

“I’m glad you approve.” I chuckled in response. I had no idea how to conduct myself. She was the younger one in this situation, but seemingly far more experienced than I was. I suppose that’s what married life can do to you. It protects you in this little time bubble where you don’t have to expand your horizons. You maintain your role and settle down for a comfortable monotone existence.

“Fuck ya I approve!” her excited response came, “This things gonna destroy me!” she giggled, then bit her lip and kissed the head of my cock as if it was some beloved pet. “I’m getting all wet just thinking about it.”

I couldn’t think of anything else to do but laugh.

Shannon looked up at me again from her knees and bit her lip once more, clearly conceiving of some devious plan. “I….I want you to do me right here…..right fuckin’ here on this fuckin’ balcony.” she giggled again, covering her mouth in shock at her wine induced candor.

“What a fantastic idea.” I concurred in a slight growl. I unintentionally stroked her head and patted her, as if now she was my pet. Shannon simply looked up and grinned widely before snaking her tongue out and flicking the end of my cock with it. “How adorable.” I thought to myself. This young delicious woman was going to be the fortunate, or unfortunate recipient of years of pent of sexual tension. All the angst, all the anger, depression, lust and passion that I couldn’t express was bubbling just below the surface of my psyche. I felt my mind leave my body for a moment and the animal that I hid within me became suddenly unchanged. With unbridled fury I reached down and swept Shannon up from her feet, gripping her wrist roughly and dragging her over to the railing. She kept staring at me with big doe eyes filled with lust and longing. I told her to grip the railing and spread her legs. She did so without a complaint, her body slightly shaking with the cool night air that cascaded over us.

I slipped behind her petite frame and ran my hands down from her shoulders, across her back, over her firm round ass, down her thin but shapely legs. She moaned in approval and wiggled her ass back at me, encouraging me to keep going. This time I drop to my knees and pull her dress up to expose the most minimal of thong panties. Pushing her ass back towards me she bent over further and exposed her sweet sex. Just as she had said, she was already quite wet, but I felt the need to get her even wetter. I ran my tongue up the side of her ass gently nibbling and biting it as I went. Slowly I made my way to the sensual separation between her two ass cheeks. Gripping both roughly and spreading them I ran my tongue from her already throbbing clit, up her soaking sex, and over her tight tender asshole. She squealed and wriggled back to meet my exploring tongue, “Fuck yes! Oh my god!” Sharon shouted clearly hoping that her words would carry themselves down to the streets below, or to the adjacent balconies.

I continued my attentive exploration, teasing her asshole, flicking at her clit and as she moaned once more, spanking her cute little ass as a reward. “Yes!” she squealed again, “Yes spank me! Spank me for being so bad!” she giggled and rotated her hips in anticipation of the next strike. I gripped her harder this time, and then released her cheek drawing a small circle with the palm of my hand before slapping it down again. “F-f-f-f-fuuuuck!” she moaned, wriggling and writhing again. “Oh my god, I love it…I FUCKING LOVE IT!!” Sharon bellowed into the night air. Before she could compose herself I stabbed my tongue back into her asshole before flattening it out and licking it again. She moaned and I smiled to myself as I felt her legs shudder. “This is so bad…we’re so bad….getting nasty on the balcony? Oh my god, what….what if people see!?” she giggled, ruining any pretense of civility. She wanted people to see. She wanted to get caught. It was clear as day and I was intoxicated by her lack of inhibition.

“If they see, they’ll learn a thing or two.” I growled, now standing behind her, my rigid cock resting in the small valley between her ass cheeks. Sharon groaned and began to grind her hips back into me, enjoying the feeling of my cock sliding back and forth trying desperately to get more friction where she wanted it, without having to verbalize her desire. “You want it don’t you Shannon.” She nodded. “You want this hard, hot, meat inside of you.” She nodded again, increasing the ferocity of her grinding. “You want everyone to see, don’t you?” She paused and nodded again giggling to herself at her admission. “You want to be fucked, right here, right now. Let me treat you as my own personal fuck toy, don’t you.” Sharon nodded, and I spanked her. “I didn’t hear you.”

She nodded again but this time mumbled, “Yes.”

I spanked her again, being sure to strike the same place and leave my hand there feeling the warmth of her soft skin glowing as it began to take on a reddish hue.

“F-u-u-u-uck.” she squealed before shouting “YES!”

“Yes what?”

“YES….YES I want to be your fuck toy!!” she capitulated, doing her best to hide the glee in her heart. Shannon later related that because of her petite size most men took it easy on her. They were too gentle and too careful. They never made her feel like she was having sex with a manly man. She wanted that more than anything. To be tossed around. To be controlled. To be told what to do, and how to do it. She wanted to feel the joy of submitting completely to the strong will of an ultimate alpha male. “I…I…I’m your fuck toy!” she shouted again.

“That’s better.” I growled as I pushed the head of my hard cock against her increasingly wet slit. Shannon moaned loudly, arched her back, and pushed back into me. The tip of my phallus slowly entering her at an agonizing pace. She whimpered her displeasure but didn’t utter a complaint. “You want it don’t you?” I asked with utter malevolence. She nodded. “Didn’t hear you.” I said before bringing my hand down and spanking her little round ass in the exact same spot.

Shannon squealed and shook her head from side to side “yes I want it!” She shouted. Then even louder, “Fuck me with that beautiful cock!” Then looking over her shoulder at me “I want you to fuck me till I can’t see straight. Till I can’t talk or walk properly. Use me like you personal slave!” She bellowed.

It took every morsel of control I had not to immediately take her up on her offer, but I had other intentions. I gripped her hips roughly in my large hands and slowly pulled her body back into mine. Her slick but very tight pussy gripped me and fought me for every fraction of an inch. Shannon twitched and moaned, letting out a protracted hiss of approval. As slowly as I entered her I withdrew from her body, and she moaned again. I could feel her body clench and release my slickened member as I slid it out to the very tip. I left it there for a moment, letting her grasp onto the balcony railing and wait for it. Gently I dipped the head of my cock into her, then withdrawing it again, slowly at first, the quickening my pace, only to slow down once more. I watched her thin legs shake as she whimpered for more than what she was getting. Her sweet sex even wetter, her mouth agape and almost whining. She fought the urge to beg aloud. She wriggled and writhed under me as I teased her delectable entrance, but she did not get anything more than what I was willing to provide. The torture of my teasing was tormenting the poor young girl and though she was loath to admit it, she loved it dearly. I could see her back twisting in anxious need, trying so hard not to yell her demands, knowing instinctively that if she did I would punish her for such a thing. Her knuckles became white as she tightened her grip on the balcony railing, twisting her hands back and forth, clenching and releasing and wishing for more. I could hear the faintest moan of a whisper coming from her open mouth “F-u-u-u-u-u-uck.” she muttered barely audible, but in the stillness of the quiet night I heard it quite easily. Immediately I withdrew completely from her and she turned and whimpered, her eyes nearly tearing up, “Noooooooooo.” she mumbled, instantly regretting it.

“Oh you think you’re in charge now?” I asked maliciously.

She violently shook her head from side to side, “No …no…I…..nooooo…you’re in charge …I just…” She babbled barely coherently. The words spilling out of her mouth without conscious thought to arrange them.

“Who’s in charge then?” I asked again.

“You are.” she whispered, her ass once more wiggling back and forth, the wetness of her poor barely touched pussy glistening in the dim light.

“Can’t hear you.”

“You are…..sir!” she added the sir hopefully and I smiled to myself, rather enjoying the improvisational touch.

“That’s right.” I growled, spanking her hard in the very same spot as before. She whimpered, but did not squirm. “Good girl.” I approved and she looked back at me with a beaming smile as a small tear trailed down her cheek. Before she could take another breath, I aimed my cock and drove into her waiting, but unsuspecting pussy. She squealed and all of the muscles of her back tensed up at once. She arched her back and pushed back into me moaning, her tight sex fluttering around my thickened member. I withdrew again slowly and she whimpered once more, likely suspecting more teasing, but instead once I had reached the very tip I gripped her hips roughly and drove all the way into her again.

She shuddered and moaned loudly, her back arched and her head dropping between her outstretched arms her closed eyes opened to look down at the unsuspecting people below. As she did I drove into her again, and then again, at an ever quicker pace trying to stab my phallus through the center of her existence. The feeling was exquisite. I was both in control and out of control simultaneously. Her body was under my direction, accepting my wrath and my love while I tittered on the cliff of losing myself in the moment. I heard my own grunts and growls as if they were someone else’s. My hands clawing down her back as I fucked the petite Shannon deep and hard. She shuddered and gasped, babbling unrecognizable words as she spasmed at the end of my angry cock. Reaching up I entwined my hand in her long black hair and pulled her back towards me. Her head cocked up at an obscene angle but she didn’t utter a single complaint. Instead she gurgled out, “Yes….oh….fuck…yesssss….” I continued to pull her back into me as I drove forward the rhythmic slaps of my hips on her little ass filling the space with a special percussionary music that only sex can reproduce. “Don’t….oh fuck…don’t…..don’t stop…” she mumbled and I thought for a moment that I would, just to spite her demands. Instead, however, my need to drive her into ecstasy overpowered my enjoyment of teasing her and I did as she requested. I didn’t stop. I continued to hammer into her little body, shaking her, pulling her back, driving her up and nearly off the ground with each deep anxious thrust. She moaned louder, and louder. The moans became shouts, and the shouts became squeals. I drove deep into her spasming sex and left my cock there for a moment. She writhed back and forth clearly needing more.

Bending over her I whispered into her ear, “You’re mine now.” and she nodded as best as she could against the tension on her hair. “I own you now.” she nodded again, wiggling her ass back and forth. “I tell you when you’re allowed to cum.” she whimpered and nodded for the third time, once more a tear streaked down her cheek and she opened her mouth to speak, but closed it as she thought better of it. “Now cum for me bitch.” I whispered in a juxtapositional loving tone punctuating the sentence by biting her ear lobe. She whimpered once more, but this time in relief. The tension that was crisscrossing her body released and she allowed herself to be taken over. She didn’t fight back; she didn’t writhe or wriggle trying to get more. She trusted me to take care of her. She was broken in the best way possible. I withdrew my cock till once more I was barely in her before driving back into her. Again, and again I drove into her, each time deeper and harder than the last. I savagely pawed at her, pulling her into me, gripping her roughly and slamming my body into her. She didn’t say a word. She had given over complete control to me. “Now cum for me Shannon. Cum all over this cock, right fucking now!” she shuddered and her legs began to twitch. I gripped her hair in one hand and spanked her ass with the other, “Good girl.” I cooed, and with the sudden change from malevolence to caring she lost complete control.

Her body spasmed wildly as she twitched on my cock. Her hips bucked and rotated pushing into me as her tender sensitive pussy clenched my hardness inside of her. A gurgling growl began to emanate in her throat which slowly formed into words. “Ohhhhhh my……fucccccking….god!!” she screamed. Unconcerned for anyone or anything. She was wrapped up in the moment, and as far as she was concerned the world did not exist beyond the nerve endings in her body, which at this point were completely electrified in utter pleasure. “Yess…fuck YESSSS!!!!!” she screamed at the top of her lungs, her voice becoming strained with the tension collapsing within her body. A moment later she dropped to the balcony floor, completely drained of energy and giggling with delirious excitement. She turned to look up at me, my thick hard angry cock still dripping with her juices demanding her attention. She bit her lip and looked at it, then at my face, then back to my cock again, “I…..I want…I want your cum…sir.” she said so sweet and demure despite the screaming that just took place. “I want to taste you.” she continued, reaching up to grasp my shaft. I was already quite taken by her display and I knew it would not take much to deliver what she was asking. I nodded my approval and she dove onto my cock as if it was the first meal after a trek across the Sahara. The warm loving wetness of her mouth so much different than that of her spasming sex, I immediately cocked my head back and let out a moan. She withdrew her mouth from my cock and smiled, then stroked it a few times before engulfing the tip with her mouth. Sucking me into her and stroking me simultaneously I was losing any semblance of control. She knew it, and I knew it, but she didn’t stop. She continued to stroke and suck in a wondrous rhythm. I felt my balls tighten to my body and my own legs began to shake. She released the head of my cock from her mouth and stroked me up and down from tip to shaft slowly and softly. “Please sir,” she said, her face pouting, “I want to taste you.” she continued, still stroking me. It was all I could take and I reached down to her head holding it in place and grunting.

With a couple more strokes I felt my hips buck and I thrusted my cock in the air jettisoning a large volley of white, warm, thick cum onto her waiting tongue. Another stroke and another volley landed next to the first. She continued to stroke my spasming sex, taking my cock into her mouth as I lost control of myself. Now it was my turn to shout incomprehensible words into the night sky. My abdominals tightened and my hips continued to spasm as my legs shook. All the while Shannon latched onto my cock like some beautiful parasite sucking up my essence with wild abandon. When it was clear I had nothing left to give she released me and looked up into my eyes, licking her lips as she did. We both chuckled and I picked her up from the balcony floor.

“Now if only my boyfriend fucked me like that….” she muttered under her breath, laughing at my shocked expression.

Despite the revelation, Shannon and I had a mutual understanding; I didn’t judge her about her infidelity, and she didn’t judge me for continuing to savagely fuck her, even though I knew she had a boyfriend. Perhaps the strangest part of all of it was the complete lack of guilt she and I felt. A few months passed and she told me she had found the energy to break it off with him. A month later she was now engaged instead.

Still as I lay down on my bed finally allowing my eyes to droop, the memory of Shannon faded and the newness of thoughts of you replaced her. I sighed to myself and drifted off into a deep but restless sleep.

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