Truth #24

Do you have any fetishes and if so what are they?


You know it’s funny. The moment I included this question in the poll the other questions didn’t stand a chance.

So do I have any fetishes?

I hate to surprise you all but I’m afraid the answer may be “No.”

May be? Why “May be”?


Well to be honest I’m not sure when a turn-on turns into a fetish. For example, there isn’t a single thing that I’ve written that I haven’t or wouldn’t try. While there are some elements of a number of my stories that introduce a certain fetish quality to them I don’t feel like they really are. I suppose it depends on perspective.


So with that now about as clear as mud you’re probably trying to think back to individual stories and wonder which I’ve done and which I’ve still to try. Well you’ll have to keep guessing. Lol


I think as it is I’m not the fetish type. There isn’t one particular thing that I’m completely focused on and can’t reach a climax without. For example I don’t have to have violent rough sex to cum but I certainly don’t mind it.


Is that answer adequate enough?


How the rest of you? Do you have fetishes? What quirky things do you like or abhor during a sexual encounter?



ps. I’m having trouble creating the poll for next week. As I’m going through the list of questions I have to choose from in this post, the remaining questions seem inane or boring. I need help creating more. If you’re interested, pop some questions in the comments of either this current post or the previously noted post, and I’ll pick three to include in this weeks poll.





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