Out of commission

I’m writing this post in a comfy red plush chair in a nook like corner of a downtown Starbucks. In a few hours I’m going into surgery. I’m getting what the doctors like to call a “tune up”. About one year ago I had laser eye surgery you see. It was one of the best investments I’ve ever made. Prior to surgery I had been suffering through increasingly severe migraines. The type of migraines that stop you dead in your tracts. No amount of Advil aspirin or Tylenol would ever make them go away.

Once I had surgery though that all changed.

Anyways the tune up thing…

After you get your eyes lased what happens is some of the cells on the lens will grow back. Not as much as it was before. But enough that the correction that was made is off. It’s expected and I was anticipating having to do this. I was told that I had a 60% chance of regression. So now I sit in this Starbucks and wait for my appointment.

Ill be out of commission for a while though. Reading, writing, driving etc are all frowned upon after surgery. Anything that would cause my eyes to be open and drying out is to be avoided. So as a result I’m likely to miss the next two deadlines. Today I don’t have a story for you and next Wednesday it’s unlikely that a new chapter will be posted.

To my regular readers I apologize for this. I know how much you crave new word porn from me. 😉

Ugh as I write this I just watched to balding beat cops walk up to the line cut it, reach over the counter and grab two coffees without paying. This irritates me. I realize being a police officer is a difficult job and its supposedly dangerous, but so is working on an oil rig and you don’t see those guys expecting free coffee in Starbucks just because of their job choices. Realistically these two douches are getting paid just as much or more than me regardless of the fact they have less education. Where I live you can apply to be a cop without any post secondary education and often they’ll higher applicants that are just that. Two months of training and you’re in a squad car with a gun on your hip….cutting lines and gulping free coffee at 50k per year. What a joke.

Sorry for that digression.

The best part of sitting in the corner of a coffee shop…the view. My my there are some cuties that work downtown. I should get my corneas blasted with high intensity laser light everyday.

Till next time my lovers.



3 thoughts on “Out of commission

  1. be well and heal quickly..i had my yes “tased” over 12 yrs ago..and they over corrected them so i had bionic vision…my eyes did NOT regress and so i had that insane sight for 10 yrs.. i went back when my vision changed and when it was checked..they had regressed with AGE to 20/20 vision…hmmmm THIS is normal vision? sucks after being bionic (..but still awesome none the less). i highly recommend getting the procedure done to anyone who may be curious about it. its no different than getting braces for your teeth or treating acne with some lotions…its painless, fast and it improves your life for the better almost instantly…


    1. I totally agree. Just to be free of the migraines was worth it. But being able to read street signs, noticing smaller details , seeing further distance, and being able to enjoy the stars without seeing them doubled up and blurred…also good benefits.

      Plus…my hand eye coordination when playing hockey even improved. Lol (Sorry I’m Canadian it’s a big deal to be able to play better lol)


      1. so am i! and therefore believe your eye laser surgery should be covered under under the health care system as it its most certainly!! medically necessary considering it improved your hockey game..lol..i would protest for it as long as it was done in an appropriately respectful manner…


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