Strangers on a Train

ka-click ka-clack, ka-click ka-clack

The regular precision of the train wheels on its rails was hypnotic and soothing. Eric gazed out of the window to the passing landscape beyond. He loved trains. He didn’t realize he did until just now, but he definitely loved trains. The beastly power of them. The quiet calm of their speed. They were a mix of old world nostalgia and modern comfort. Being a Midwesterner from boring county encapsulated within a boring state, trains were not something that one chooses to ride. Not unless one was a steer or a pig and if that was the case you were definitely not riding for your pleasure. Trains in Eric’s area were not the kind that you read about in romance novels. They don’t have exotic names. They don’t have interesting routes. The terrain is flat and monotone, like a black and white picture of spilt milk. So when he was told by his travel agent that after landing in Antwerp he would be traveling by train for the remainder of his European business trip, Eric was less than pleased. His opinion, however, had drastically changed since then.

ka-click ka-clack, ka-click ka-clack

“Pardon me, is it alright if I take this seat?”

Eric looked up to see the pleasant face of a cheerful British woman staring back at him. “Yes ma’am you certainly may.” He replied with a smile and a slight head bob. If he could have he would have tipped his cowboy hat to the pretty woman, but of course that was left back home with every pair of jeans he owned.

“Well thank you.” she smiled and gently sat herself down in the empty spot, crossing her legs elegantly and placing her briefcase next to her on the adjoining seat. “You’re American aren’t you.” she said with a smirk, knowing full well he was.

“Yes, that I am.” Eric smirked, “I suppose we’re easy to spot now aren’t we.”

“You could say that,” she replied before sticking her hand out in the direction of his chest. He grabbed her hand and they exchanged a small moment before he shook her hand in kind. “Anwen Parsons” she said.

“Eric Godfrey” he replied, shaking her hand one more time before releasing it. Her hand was delicate and soft which was a nice change. In the normal course of a business trip Eric would shake more than his fair share of hands, less than 1% of which were women. As is the case in a number of countries, large, industrial sized, highly capable farm equipment just didn’t pull on the heart strings of your average business woman. Being a sales representative of a manufacturer of these big beasts didn’t lend itself to meeting a lot of the fairer sex. Except for the occasional “He’ll see you in a moment.” from a helpful but less than talkative secretary, Eric would often find his day filled with nothing but male voices.

The truth, as sad as it was for him, was that he had trouble striking up conversations with women. He came from a small farm community, went to school, then university with pretty much the same group of 20 friends. Each of them paired off in high school and eventually either getting their girlfriend pregnant before prom, or married midway through university. Eric never did. He liked to say to his buds that he was, “Keeping my options open.” but this was a lie. Eric just didn’t have the confidence to do more than simply be polite.

Recently, however, that had begun to change. Taking advice from a salesman friend he had taken to writing out possible conversations with potential women he might meet. His friend had never suggested this as a course of action to counter Eric’s shyness. It was a simple sales technique that he had utilized to try to be one step ahead of a potential customer. Eric, however, had reasoned that in the case of meeting a woman, he was the product that he needed to sell. In that way he had begun to write out conversations between himself and fictional women.

At first they started out as simple question and answers. What questions a woman might ask, and what answers he should give. After a while the conversations became more in depth, the fictional women began to have back stories. He switched from a simple conversation to a narrative. He began to write about himself in the third person, as if he was looking down upon the meet and greet, listening in on it. He smiled to himself as he thought for a moment how he should write something about two strangers meeting on a train.

“So what brings you across the pond?” came the light bubbly query from Anwen.

“Tractors.” came Eric’s response, nearly yawning in the midst of his sentence.


“Tractors.” he repeated, shaking his head as he did so. “I work for a company that manufactures a multitude of different solutions for industrial sized farming practices.” he shuddered to himself as he felt his word choice slipping into sales-speak.

“Ah I see.” she responded, about as interested in what he was selling as a fly would be in wholesale bundles of premium hand crafted fly swatters. “A lot of business in Europe for that?” she continued, as politely as she could.

“Not at the moment, but if I do my job correctly, that may change.” Anwen smiled and the conversation came to an abrupt halt. She looked out the window and smiled as the awkward silence meandered into ugliness. “Uh..oh, and what brings you …well not across the pond…but…I guess across the channel?” Eric stumbled, but eventually managed to eject the words clumsily from his mumbling mouth.

Anwen smirked at his awkwardness and tilted her head to the side. She took a breath and tried not to say, “Oh you poor thing.” which was all that she could think of right now. Instead she said, “Oh, right. Well I’ve got a small meeting to go to in Berlin, and then I’m off to Budapest to meet friends on holiday.”

“Oh? I’m heading to Berlin also.” Eric smiled at Anwen. “So I suppose we can keep each other company for the trip.”

“That sounds grand.” Anwen remarked politely.

“So what is it that you’re meeting about in Berlin?”

“Pharmaceuticals.” Anwen replied with a smile. “I’m also in sales of the pill kind.” She bowed her head slightly as if to say “I know your pain.” Being a saleswoman is tough. Most of the people in the positions to make decisions on large scale pharmaceutical purchases were men. Egotistical, self-centered, self-indulgent men. As a result most of the sales were done by women. Anwen had received her fair share of “Sweetie’s, Hun’s, and doll’s” to the point that if a man attempted to flirt with her while she was in business attire she would visibly cringe. She was almost grateful that Eric was a bit of a bumbler, except he was cute enough that flirting with him would have been quite fun. “The meeting is just a formality. The head of the board of a large hospital in Berlin has insisted that he has someone from our company there while he signs the papers.”

“Ah….and you were told you had to go.” Eric nods in understanding.

“No, quite the opposite really. I volunteered.” Anwen corrected. After seeing Eric’s reaction she smirked and saw the immediate need to explain. “He’s going to sign it pretty much as soon as I get there you see. It shant take any time at all. So I get to enjoy this lovely train ride on the company dime, before continuing on to Budapest.”

“Oooooohhhh.” Eric said with sheepish grin. “I get it now.”

Anwen smiled and nodded her head as if to say, “Thank you. I know I’m clever.”

The train had begun to pick up speed having left the confines of Antwerp and swooped into the lowlands that surrounded the city. Eric gazed out the window remarking to himself how everything looked the same as back home, but slightly different. As if Europe was some sort of alternate universe to the one he was normally living in. He must have been staring off into the distance for a while because by the time he had turned back to resume his conversation Anwen had pulled out a small device and was reading whatever was on the screen. He looked her over as she was now occupied and couldn’t help but enjoy the view. She was much prettier than he initially thought. With her prim and proper business outfit Eric couldn’t help but think how fun it would be to get her out of it. He continued to watch her read and smiled as she smirked and softly bit her lip. “Whatever she’s reading it looks like fun.”

Of course what Eric didn’t know is that Anwen had downloaded a number of free e-books before leaving on her trip. A couple of her friends that she was meeting in Budapest had suggested some light reading to set the mood right on her trip. The stories, much to Anwen’s surprised delight were of the erotic variety. While ordinarily she would have never gone out of her way to read such things, she was highly invigorated by the story she was reading now. “Confessions of a Travelling Salesman” by an unknown author named Gavin Goodhand. It spun a tale of a salesman who, in the midst of travelling for work, pimped himself out as a gigolo. It was, perhaps a poorly conceived plot, but one doesn’t read erotic literature for the plot. The sex scenes that Goodhand described were insatiable. His eye for the subtle nuances made Anwen quiver with excitement. She could quite easily picture every detail about what was going on and she enjoyed every moment of it. Compound that with the naughty feeling of reading sex stories while out in public was just too delicious. She looked up from her e-reader to catch Eric staring at her legs. “Boys” she muttered to herself, “Always gawking.” With a brashness that wasn’t her ordinarily buttoned down style, Anwen looked at Eric and calmly said, “Fancy what you see?” before chuckling at the startled look on his face.

“Oh uh…sorry….sorry about that…..I didn’…so what are you reading there?” Eric fumbled through his words.

“Nothing much, just a free book my friend recommended I read.” she replied honestly.

“Oh?” Eric’s interest perked up, “What’s it called?” smiling with renewed excitement having found something more they could talk about.

“You probably haven’t heard about it.” she responded, “The author is pretty much an unknown. I don’t rightly know if he’s ever published anything major.”

“Who’s the author.”

“Gavin Goodhand.”

Eric froze. His body locked up and his mind went blank for a moment. He knew that name. He knew that author. His lack of response or perhaps the oddness of his lack of anything confused Anwen, “What, do you know him.” she asked politely as if talking to a child. Eric slowly nodded before freezing once more. “Well how about that.” she laughed, “What are the chances?”

Eric shook his head from side to side and looked at the woman across from him with a zombie-like stare. “Astronomical.” he responded finally.

“Oh I don’t know about astronomical.” she said with a furrowed brow, “My mates all read his stuff. They’re quite the fans. He’s apparently quite popular in some circles.”

Eric shook his head slowly and opened and closed his mouth, unsure what to say. He knew exactly what sort of stories Gavin Goodhand wrote. He’d seen all of them in fact. He’d read all of them. In truth, and he knew this would come as a shock to his new train companion, “I’m Gavin.” he mumbled.

“What?!” Anwen replied loudly. She dropped the e-reader to her lap, “You’re pulling my leg.” Eric shook his head and looked right at her. “You’re Gavin Goodhand?” she asked, seeing the man she was told was Eric nod slowly. “You wrote this?” she turned the e-reader to him and he saw the title, and then nodded again. “Naw, that just can’t be. Are you serious? You can’t be serious. You just can’t be.” she laughed.

“Gavin Goodhand is my pen name.” Eric started to explain. “You’re reading my first ever full length e-book.”

“No.” Anwen replied, unable to combine the man she had in front of her with the man who wrote this steamy and deliciously sexy fiction. “No….no I’m sorry but I can’t believe you.”

“I promise you, I’m him.”

“Promise? No, I don’t accept that. I’m sorry but you’ll have to prove it.”

“I can tell you what happens in the story.”

“As well as I can, this is my second time reading it.”

Eric perked up; “Really?” he was shocked. From time to time he had received feedback about his hobby, but never from someone live and in person.

“Quite.” she replied, “So telling me how the story goes won’t prove a thing. How do I know you aren’t reading it too?” She looked at Eric and waited for his next move.

“I can prove it to you.” he said quietly.

“Oh? How so?”

Eric reached into his bag and pulled out his laptop. As the screen came to life on the display were rows and rows of characters. After a moment of deciphering it was apparently another story. He turned to the woman / investigator and said, “This is what I’m working on right now. I haven’t yet published it.”

“That proves nothing.” she retorted, but becoming slowly convinced of Eric’s authenticity.

“One sec…..” after a few clicks he turned the laptop back to Anwen.

“What’s this?”

“This is the original. This is my first draft for the story that you’re reading right now.”

Anwen scanned the screen quickly, reaching over and scrolling up a little, then a little more. She continued to read as she shook her head, her mouth slowly opening in dumbfounded surprise. “You’re really him.” She finally said. “You’re really Gavin Goodhand.” Eric nodded and closed the laptop, placing it neatly in the briefcase he had retrieved it from. “I….well…I’m not entirely sure what to say now.” she giggled to herself at her sudden awkwardness. It was if this man had suddenly walked in on her while she was in the midst of changing, and she couldn’t quite decide if she was happy or upset. “Pleasure to meet you I suppose?” she stuck out her hand just as before but the confidence she originally had was gone.

Eric laughed and shook her hand again, “Pleased to meet you too. It’s nice to meet a…” he managed to say. He felt a wave of pride cascade over his mind. His posture changed, his demeanor improved and he couldn’t wipe the mischievous grin off his face.

“I must say though, I’m a little surprised.” Anwen blurted quickly. “You didn’t strike me as the writer type, and certainly not the type to write this sort of delicious filth.”

“Filth?” Eric scowled.

“Oh Gavin, sorry, Eric, it’s meant as a compliment. It’s gloriously delicious filth. If I didn’t like it I wouldn’t have started reading this story for the second time.” She smiled at him and reached over to pat his knee. Her hand lingering a little longer than it should have. The feeling of his body under her hand, even for that brief moment made her mind swim with possibilities.

“Well I’m glad you like my work.” he said with smirk. The change in Anwen’s attitude towards him was quite evident. Her polite smiles were replaced with an almost predatory-like inspection of him. He could see her eyes darting across his body, from his eyes, to his shoulders, then to his lips, and quickly to his crotch before looking absentmindedly out the window. “Do you have a favorite part?” Eric asked innocently.

She turned from the window and looked at him with incredulity, “What do you think Eric.” she rolled her eyes and laughed. Picking up the e-reader she shook it at him, “All the sex parts.”


“All. Every……last……one.” Anwen replied cocking her head from side to side with each word. She straightened up and then raised her eyebrow for a moment. “Are you him?”

“Gavin, yes. I thought….”

“No,” she picked up the e-reader and held it up slightly, “are you, Him” she repeated tilting her head and opening her eyes wide.

“Ohhhh….you mean am I the character in the story?”

“Yes.” Anwen confirmed, still waiting for the answer. Her eyes clawed at him waiting for his response, aching to hear what she hoped to hear.

“I suppose I am, yes.” Eric finally concluded. He always put a little of himself in every story. Certain mannerisms or ways of acting. In truth, however, the move from creating long conversations with fictional women to creating longer fantasies with even more fictional women wasn’t really that much of a stretch. In both cases Eric was really just trying to figure out what he would do in the situation that he created for himself. It was a method of testing his own actions and anticipating the reactions. While his exploration of a theoretical conversation was one that involved words, gestures, and responses his exploration into a theoretical sexual encounter was much the same. It also had words, gestures, and responses. What Eric had found, unintentionally, was that he could play out the scenario in his mind and was surprisingly good at anticipating women’s reactions. It had done a great deal to boost his self confidence around women. But like anything, taking theory and putting it into practice is always a difficult switch.

His mind raced ahead of the conversation, this particular one already played out many times in his mind. What if I run into someone that figures out what I write? What happens next? Well from the responses he was seeing in Anwen, there could be an interesting conclusion to this strange encounter. “She wants to know if I’m the character in the book. Why? Because she likes that character, no she lusts after that character. Why? Because he’s able to do things to the women in that story that she wishes she could have done to her. Really? Yes that makes sense. She’s a saleswoman, like you. You know the job. It’s hard. Lots of thankless hours. Lots of no’s, and not interested. Lots of doors slamming shut in your face, both figurative and literal. She escapes into the story. She wants to know if He is me so she can transfer all of those impossible fantasies and needs onto someone tangible. Someone real. My god…..” Eric’s brain came to a jarring halt as he came to an inescapable conclusion.

“You want me to prove it don’t you.” he said. His voice suddenly filled with cocky confidence. His posture once more erect and dominant. Anwen grinned mischievously at him biting her lip slightly and nodding as she looked him over. “You want to see if the character I wrote is actually not fiction at all, but me, here, in the flesh.”

Anwen smile broadly now and raised her eyebrows while nodding, “Yes love. I want to see if you are as good as your writing suggests.”

Eric smiled broadly as well. Earlier on, before Anwen had sat down an attendant on the train had asked if Eric wanted to upgrade his seat to a sleeping berth as there were several that were still available. With no reason to lay down on the 11 hour train ride he had, at least at the time, declined the offer. The man had told him that if he wished he may do so later if Eric changed his mind and that he could be found in the dining car. “Let’s go to the dining car for a small drink then.” Eric replied, trying to be as cool and confident as his alter ego had been presented.

The two sales people stood in turn and made their way up to the dining car. Anwen had stood first and so was walking ahead of Eric through the surprisingly spacious isle. Eric couldn’t help but look the British woman over, her cute ass perfectly shaped and encapsulated within a suspiciously tight skirt. He allowed his eyes to travel further and gaze at her legs, then the heels she was wearing. He wasn’t a foot fetish guy, but he did notice she had very cute feet. Anwen turned and caught him staring once more, but this time she did nothing but smirk.

From reading Gavin Goodhand aka Eric Godfrey’s stories she could tell that despite his outward appearance he was a disturbingly creative person. To a fault Eric had somehow conjured the ability to pull his readers from wherever they were and into the world that he had created within his mind. That world became their world. His thoughts became their thoughts. His needs, his cravings reflected in their own desires. It was a transformative mind fuck. Her mind was swimming with the possibilities that could ensue on what was supposed to be a boring train ride to Germany.

When they reached the dining car they found it essentially empty. Most of the patrons of the train had settled into their seats as the sun set on the rails behind them. Eric wandered up to the bar and requested two glasses and a bottle of red. After receiving the items he asked for an attendant to come and talk to him about upgrading his seat to a sleeping berth. The bartender looked at Anwen and smiled at Eric giving him an approving nod. Eric returned the approval with a sheepish grin before turning to the table that Anwen had selected. He meandered his way between tables to reach her before placing the glasses down and pouring a small taste of wine into each. He set the bottle down on the table and sat across from her.

“So how long have you be a writer masquerading as a salesman of tractors.” Anwen said playfully as she picked up her glass and held it aloft.

Eric clinked glasses with her without a second thought and responded “How long are you going to sit there and pretend you don’t want me as much as you do.” Eric blinked a few times after delivering his line attempting to hold his face in a deadpan demeanor. To his relief Anwen broke first.

“Really Eric? Was it that obvious?” She sniggered before taking another gulp of classy red courage.

Eric smirked at her the way a character in his stories might and leaned over to say “Obvious enough for me.” In that moment the attendant arrived answering the barman’s call. The attendant was directed to their table and turned to address Eric.

“Mr. Godfrey I understand that you have changed your mind and wish to upgrade your ticket to a sleeper class?”

Eric smirked at Anwen and answered the question without breaking his gaze with the beautiful Brit. “You are correct. My friend and I are tried and would rather rest in one of your sleeping berths than in the chairs provided.”

“Excellent sir. If you both could follow me I will show you to your berth.” The attendant straightened up and took one pace towards the door waiting for Eric and Anwen to follow. They gathered their briefcases and the bottle of wine and followed the snappy dressed attendant through the restaurant car and onwards to the back end of the train.

This time Eric walked in front of Anwen. She smiled to herself as she looked him over. He seemed taller than before, his back straighter, his shoulders broader. He walked in long confident strides behind the attendant which made it impossible to notice his nicely shaped rear end. What would her friends say if they saw her now? Her, of all people. Anwen the prude. Anwen the cold. How wrong they were. She was going to devour this man. She was going to punish him for making her want sex so bad. She was going to tease him like Gavin Goodhand teased her…..and he was going to love every minute of it. She took the last sip of her wine while following the two men. Eric looked over his shoulder at her and winked at her noting the new devilish look in her eyes.

“Here we are,” the attendant said dutifully, “breakfast comes complimentary and is served at 8am. You can either have it here or in the dining car. The berth is currently in seating mode but can be converted to sleeping by pulling here, and here.” He pulled a latch and another release and the comfortable looking bench seat converted into a decently sized bed. “The window is non-operable but may be released in case of an emergency by pulling on the red handle. If there is anything you require there is a call button located here. An attendant will be around to see you once the call button has been activated, but please be patient as the train is longer and we may not be in the immediate vicinity. Do you have any questions for me?”

Eric and Anwen looked at each other as if in thought for a moment before Eric answered, “No I think we’re all set here.” He thanked the attendant and tipped him and they both watched him walk down the hall and through the sliding door between cars. “If you’re tired I understand.” Eric said to Anwen as he slid the door closed and locked it behind them. “It’s a long trip to Berlin after all.”

“Yes it is,” she replied with a smirk. “So let’s not waste it with pretense.” Anwen reached behind her and Eric raised his eyebrows as he heard the slow plastic click of a zipper being undone. With a shimmy from side to side the tight skirt slowly made its way down her legs to a crumpled pile on the floor. Eric was beside himself. His pulse was twice that it should be. If he was on the treadmill a red light would be flashing telling him he was exceeding recommended pulmonary limits.

“Shit.” he managed to mutter, but Anwen didn’t stop there. She slowly unbuttoned her blouse as she stared at him. She was eating him up with her gaze. Her look predatory and intoxicating. Eric felt himself transfixed as he stood in the small room. There wasn’t anywhere else he could look, and as much as he thought he should, he could not bring himself to avert his gaze. As the last button released Anwen rolled her shoulders and the thin white fabric fluttered to the floor to join her skirt. She was stunning. The normal, standard business dress had hidden the softness of her skin, the deliciousness of her curves. She was wearing a matching set of underwear that would have been suitable for a Victoria’s Secret runway model. Her eyes were still fixed on his and Eric watched as a subtle grin began to appear on her face. She undoubtedly knew she had the upper hand here. The amateur writer wilted under her pressure. He was under her command. Hers to do with as she pleased. “Wow.” is all he managed to splutter.

Anwen’s own heart was racing. She had never in her life done such a thing. This man, this American from thousands of miles away was standing mere feet from her. She was down to only two small pieces of fabric and yet somehow she felt more in control than she had ever been. Is this what they felt? Is this what Eric’s characters lived like? To be so free. To be so energized, so sexually available. It was nerve racking and exciting. She could see the unbridled desire in Eric’s eyes. She could feel the intensity of his attraction coursing from his body to hers through the small space between them. He did not look at her with contempt. He did not deride her for being a slut. His gaze was one of attraction, affection, and submission. With one bold move Anwen had taken control for the first time in her life and she wasn’t about to loosen her grip. She walked over to the catatonic Eric and whispered to him with all the stealthiness of a coiled snake, “Sit.” and Eric did as he was told, dropping immediately to the bed behind him. Anwen caught her reflection in the large square window. She looked as she imagined his characters would. Bold, stunning, and brash. The darkened landscape sped by beyond the glass as the train raced towards Berlin, but for this moment, Anwen was slowing time down with her smoldering movements. Eric was hers for the taking.

She took two steps towards him and ran her hand up the inside of his suited leg. The look in his eyes was captivating for her. He was stuck between worlds. Wishing to take charge but not wanting to give up this tender touch. Anwen continued to move her hand up and brushed only slightly over Eric’s quickly bulging manhood. He took in a quick short breath as her hand glanced his trapped erection and Anwen smiled evilly at him. “You’re not the only one that knows how to tease.” she whispered into his ear, feeling his body twitch and shiver as her lips grazed his ear and neck. Snaring his ear between her lips and then nibbling on it gently Eric shuddered yet again, but before he could regain some semblance of control he felt Anwen’s nimble fingers drawing slow deliberate circles over his crotch. She stopped only at the line of his zipper, and then followed that line up to the clasp before dragging it downwards tooth by tooth. The zipper giving way agonizingly slowly as Eric’s erection pushed up against the fabric aching to be free of the confines of his clothes. “You’ve been in my mind for weeks now Gavin.” she said in a hushed whisper, using his pen name instead of his given name. “You’ve worked me up and ravaged me with your words.” She bit his ear and moved over to the other one, drawing her tongue up and around it. “You’ve been in my mind and you’ve tortured me over and over again.” she continued. Eric shivered again as her tongue tickled under his ear and her fingers danced over his heated sex. “Now it’s my turn. Now you’re going to be under my spell.”

She reached her hand inside his pants through the small access point his open fly provided, running her hand down his shaft and cupping his balls delighting in the heat that was pouring from him despite the final layer of clothing between her hand and his manhood. Eric groaned and let his head drop back and mouth open wide. Having her tender touch sent pulsating waves of pent up need coursing through his body. He wanted to pull her off of him and throw her to the bed. He wanted to tear off what remained of her clothing and devour her. Holding all of this back was like sticking his finger in the dike. It kept the floods away, but the pressure just mounted and mounted. She ran her hand back up then down once more cupping his balls again and squeezing gently. Eric heard himself mutter “Fuck…” as Anwen amused herself. After a few slow slinky movements she had fished through his underwear and there was a sudden brush of cool air wisping over his now exposed cock. He heard the distinct smacking of her tongue on her lips as she gazed at it. Anwen gripped it lightly with her hand and twisted slightly the pressure and sudden touch induced a full body shiver in Eric and he heard himself once more utter, “Fu-u-u-.” but before he could finish the small highly versatile word Anwen had engulfed the head with her warm, wet, loving mouth.

Anwen had closed her eyes and dove into the moment. She was moving like a woman possessed. She didn’t so much care as to what Eric’s opinion of her was, nor did she care about his opinion of her technique. She wanted this. Surprising to her was the degree she did. It had been a while for her, but she had held out for longer stretches in the past. Something about the train, the foreigner, the smells, the sounds, the not knowing who he was, but wanting him all the same. It was primal. Instinctual. Animalistic. Anwen loved it. She gripped his cock tightly in one hand and twirled her tongue around the head of his manhood before dropping down and sucking it back into her mouth again. She smiled inwardly as she could feel his body spasming and twitching. “How does it feel.” she thought to herself, “you’re always writing about being in control….about how these women submit to their partner….how does it feel to be the one that’s controlled?” Of course she didn’t say this aloud. She kept her devilish intentions to herself. Her hand stroked up and back down before she engulfed his cock once more. Anwen felt Eric’s hands reach out and lightly rest on her head. She could tell how much he wanted to take her. Move her where he needed. His slow building desperation was palatable. She released him from her mouth and ran her tongue all the way from the base of his shaft to the very tip, enjoying the taste of a dab of pre-cum that strung itself from his cock to her lips. Eric raised his head to look at her and she met his gaze, raised her eyebrows as if to say, “Not bad huh?” then lightly slapped the head of his cock with her open palm with a giggle.

“F-u-u-u-c-k” Eric moaned, “What….what the hell are you doing to me?” he spluttered as she slowly stroked his phallus up and down again with just the right rhythm and pressure to make him groan. She only winked, shrugged her shoulders, and slapped his cock once more. “D-d-d-dammn.” he writhed, squirming in his spot. It wasn’t that it hurt, because for some strange reason it didn’t, but it was because it was such a sudden foreign unexpected assault on his senses. He raised his head up for a second time and looked into Anwen’s eyes. He saw the mischief in them as he was sure his partners had seen in him. She bit her lip and lowered her mouth to his cock again, taking it as far as she could into her, almost to the point of gagging before bringing it slowly out once more and again slapping it with a smirk on her face.

“The pants, the shirt, everything…..lose it.” she ordered, standing up straight and taking one step back from him. She watched with amusement as he hurriedly stripped down. It was as if each article of clothing was on fire and he had to remove it to save his life. Mere seconds later the small berth was littered with his clothes and he sat, naked, erect, and breathing a little heavier on the bed. “Better.” she confirmed. Anwen took the step back to meet him and once more dropped to her knees. With one hand she gripped the shaft of his cock and gently stroked it. The other hand reached underneath and lovingly caressed his balls. She felt Eric twitch and could sense the fear in him. She kissed the head of his sex, stroked it, and once more brought her hand away as if to slap him. She swung her hand down and slapped the inside of his thigh this time before raking her nails over his increasingly sensitive skin. As she did that she lowered her mouth to his balls, tickling one and then the other with a gentle probing tongue. With expert care she gently sucked one of them into her mouth and wiggled her tongue over it before releasing him back into the open air.

“Hot damn woman…..” was Eric’s only coherent response. The rest of the noises he made were grunts and gasps. “….I….ughhhhh…’re……f-ff-u-ck…ruining…me….”

Anwen smirked, stood, and pushed him violently to the thin but surprisingly comfortable fold down bed. Eric cocked his head to the side wondering what was happening next. His legs were bent over the edge of the bed; his arms splayed out as if back home making snow angels with his niece and nephews. She said nothing though, simply staring at him like a piece of meat she was destined to mangle. Gently, slowly, she placed one knee on the bed next to his, then the other. His thick erect cock grazed her panty covered pussy and she tried to ignore the craving she had to drive herself down on him. For now, she was in control of him, and herself. Surprisingly to Eric she shuffled her knees up one by one till she was straddling his torso. She reached back to run her hands over his balls and his still pulsating cock gripping it and twisting it gently before releasing it. Eric looked at her and his eyes pleaded for some sort of relief. He was not accustomed to taking this role. Not in his real life, and not in his writing life. He felt his nerves buzzing and his skin was on fire with sensitivity. Every part of his animal brain screamed at him to turn the tables and savagely fuck her, but he resisted. With every fiber of his being he resisted the urge. He looked up at her, and then let his eyes wander over her body. Her breasts still covered by her stylistic bra. He moved his hands from the bed and ran them up her body. Running up her legs, over her well shaped ass, up her back and through her long black hair. He ran them around her shoulders and around her neck. Eric watched as she bit her lip and closed her eyes, allowing her to touch her body. His fingers lightly danced down her torso, over her breasts and to her waist.

The moment he reached her waist she moved her knees quickly up and pinned his arms with her legs. He struggled for a brief second before realizing what he was looking up at. She had placed her delicious pussy mere inches from his face. It was so close to him he could feel her heat. He could smell her sweetness and was enthralled by it. He wanted her. He wanted to taste her, to lick her perfect sex and have her squirm on his tongue. Clearly Anwen had every intention of making this a reality as she reached down, pulled the thin fabric of her panties to the side and slid up a little further to place her damp sex directly over Eric’s waiting mouth. With a gently probing tongue he licked her sweetness from bottom to top, ending the stroke with a quick flick of his tongue across her engorged clit. “Mmmmmm” he heard Anwen moan and Eric continued his attentive licks, being sure to tenderly flick and lick at her clit and a slowly increasing pace. From above him Anwen moaned louder still. She was watching her reflection in the large square window that occupied three quarters of the outside wall. Seeing herself straddling Eric made the situation all the more enticing. She could see his head trapped between her legs, his strong arms pinned by her yet he wasn’t struggling. It was an elegant and erotic scene. One fit to file away in her memory for a long long time to come. She rotated her hips and moved the pressure from one spot to the next as Eric continued to lick her pussy like a good boy. Twisting at the hips she reached back to stroke his still hard cock. Clearly this excited him as much as it excited her. She could see his balls pulling up to his body and relaxing away as his cock head expanded and a small drop of pre-cum dribbled onto his stomach. Anwen bit her lip and smirked trailing her finger through the clear liquid and running circles around his hot heavy sex before bringing it to her lips and tasting his own special sauce. She licked her lips and smiled, “Not bad.” she thought to herself silently planning out how the end of the night would go.

In the window she could see Eric clenching and flexing his hands before gripping the covers on the bed and pulling at them. She changed her gaze to look right down at him and saw his eyes closed as he engrossed himself in pleasuring her. “What a good boy.” she thought with a quiet chuckle. She rotated her hips again and ground her swiftly slickening sex into his loving mouth. She definitely loved this being in control thing, but the craving inside her was brewing and bubbling to the surface. Like a nagging reminder itching at the back of her mind she felt herself anxiously wanting to fuck this sweet tasting stranger. As she did before, but now in reverse, Anwen moved her knees down his body till her very wet pussy was gently rubbing on Eric’s pre-cum slickened cock. She bent over and kissed him deeply, tasting on his lips her own special taste. “Not bad.” she said to herself with a smirk. Before Eric had a chance to react she lowered her pussy onto his thickness and moaned loudly as it slid slowly into her.

He could feel her sex tighten around him as she slowly rotated her hips grinding her body into his. The soft warm wet embrace of her pussy gripping onto him as his member slid slowly in and around. Anwen closed her eyes and moaned, opening her mouth and gasping slightly raising her hips briefly before allowing herself to drop back onto Eric. She shivered with excitement and a slow burning glow began to emanate from the center of her body. Bracing herself against his chest she continued to rise, drop, grind, and rise again, slowly increasing the tempo each time. She could hear Eric moan but she didn’t care. This moment was about her and both of them knew it. He ran his hands up her body again, caressing her soft supple skin. His rough hands gentle but lightly scratching at her. Anwen quickly snared both of his wrists with each of her own hands, twisted slightly and then forced his arms back down to the bed. Her eyes flew open and Eric saw within them an aggressive change in demeanor. With his arms pinned by her weight Anwen began to thrust herself onto him, driving her pussy down with increasing ferocity. She was chasing it now. Her climax so close. She wanted it. She needed it. Anwen bit her lip and whimpered as she felt her skin begin to flush with heat. Her sopping sex wet with excitement, her nipples hard and aching as they pushed back against the restrictive fabric of her bra. “Oh fuck…oh fuck yes…” she muttered. Then louder, “Fuck me…yes….oh fuck fuck fuck FUCK” she squealed.

Her body tensed up and Eric felt the powerful squeeze of her pussy clamping down on his cock. Anwen’s legs twitched and her body jerked violently as a series of incoherent babbling and swearing blubbered out of the poor British woman. His arms still pinned above his head Eric smiled at her. Anwen’s face was flush and she was gasping big gulps of air as if she just raced the 100m dash at Olympic speed. She opened her eyes again, looked at Eric, bit her lip, and began to giggle. “Well fuck me I needed that.” she chuckled, still slowly grinding herself into the trapped man as she enjoyed the steamy afterglow of her surprisingly loud orgasm. “Do you…..uh….do you need me to do something for you now?” she asked, the confidence she gained completely evaporated.

“Oh you think we’re done?” Eric said through his own evil grin.

“Well…..I just thought….”

“Are you telling me you don’t want more?” he persisted, grinning at her as he slowly rotated his hips and pushed up into her still very wet pussy.

“Oh…um….if….if you’d like….sure.” Anwen bumbled through her response. She wasn’t expecting that. Her previous boyfriend would have already came, rolled over, and would be snoring like a bear in the woods by now. “I mean…I’m….I’m game if you are…” she giggled nervously again.

“Good.” he laughed before expertly sweeping her around so that she was now laying flat on her back with his large frame pinned on top of her. Anwen looked at him with a momentary glimpse of shock, but it was quickly wiped off her face with the thought of what could be to come.

Without warning Eric pulled back and out of her. She instantly missed the feeling of fullness his cock provided. Before she could react and object, however, he had gripped her ankles in his strong hands and pushed her legs up and back so that her still glistening sex was very much exposed. He lowered his mouth to her deliciousness and with a long agonizingly slow lick, ran his tongue from bottom to top and top to bottom. Anwen moaned and relaxed her legs, allowing the stranger to continue his affection unabated. She felt the strength in his body only tempered with his predilection for slow teasing. Once more he ran his tongue up and down and once more she moaned, this time he snared her engorged sensitive clit between his lips and gently pulled it into him with a soft suck. Anwen grunted and then gasped as another unexpected wave of pleasure poured through her body. She instinctively placed her hands on his head and ran her fingers through his hair. The sensation of his soft hair on her fingers was tantalizing. As she did that Eric continued to lick, before stopping and moving his head to the side, gently biting at the inside of Anwen’s thigh. The sudden mix of both pleasure and pain made her jump, moaning uncontrollably.

Eric grasped one leg with his arm and shoulder, kissing his way up the inside of Anwen’s leg causing her to giggle and gasp as he alternated between licking, kissing, and nibbling at her skin. He raked his teeth over her calf and gripped her foot tightly in one hand. As he continued to lick and bite her leg he massaged the arch of Anwen’s foot. As well with Eric’s other hand he ran it down her leg slowly coming to a final rest at her sensitive slit. She moaned once more with the gentle pressure of his hand on her clit and couldn’t help but push up against him trying to get a little more attention. Eric smiled and obliged her briefly before slapping her suddenly on the inside of her thigh. Her eyes flew open with the shock and she looked him with a scowl. It didn’t last long, however, because a moment later he had quickly dropped back down and licked her once more. “F-u-u-u-ck.” she mumbled, dropping her head back and gasping for air as she did.

Eric looked up at her from his feast down below and smiled. He sucked her clit into his mouth once more before running his fingernails down the backside of her leg. She jumped and twitched and gripped harder on his head as he did so. He could hear her muttering something and moaning as her fingers tightened further. Gently he stroked the outside of her delicious sex before easing his finger into her. She moaned her approval and pushed her hips up at him as if to hint what she wanted. Of course Eric could tell exactly what she wanted but unfortunately for Anwen, he was going to insist that she beg for it. He fluttered his finger in and up, curling it towards his very active tongue. The new sensation blasted through Anwen’s pussy and she couldn’t help but push Eric’s face deeper into her. For the moment he allowed it, but as he continued to tantalize her with his expert use of his tongue and fingers he made note of her arousal. Her legs were tightening and relaxing around his head. He looked up and could see her breathing heavily, then stopping all together when inserted a second finger. She gasped again and moaned. Her eyes still closed, mouth alternating between wide open and closed biting her lip. “You want it again don’t you?” Eric whispered to her. “You want to cum again don’t you?” he asked. Anwen took sporadic quick breaths and then nodded. “Let me hear you say it.” he continued, slowing his fingers and tongue as Anwen scowled and moaned.

She opened her eyes and looked at him for a moment before dropping her head back and whispering, “I want it.”

“You want what?” he asked, insisting on specifics.

“I….” Anwen paused, not accustomed to verbalizing demands, “I…I want to cum again.” she managed to say almost wincing as she heard herself.

“You do, do you?” Eric replied the movements of his tongue and fingers had slowed to an excruciating pace. Anwen was tipping on the edge and aching for the release she just asked for.

“Yes…..” she gasped, “Yes I want to cum again.”

“Hmmmm.” he responded, lightly dragging his tongue over her clit. She twitched and moaned and gripped his hair roughly in her hands.

“Fuck you!” she blubbered. Exasperated as her body screamed at her to give her the release she needed. “I want to cum damn it!” her voice becoming more stern, more demanding, more sure of herself.

“I’m sure you do.” Eric retorted, the evil intent dripping off his tongue like a serpent’s venom.

“Oh fuck…” Anwen mumbled, having now realized the predicament she was in.

“It’s my turn…” he stated coldly, giving her clit one last flick of his tongue before pulling away.

“Noooooo….” she mouthed breathlessly. Her pussy ached for him. Her legs squirmed from side to side and she tugged at his hair trying to pull him back to her, but it was too late, he had escaped her clutches.

Grabbing her ankles roughly he dragged her to the edge of the bed till her ass hung over it uncomfortably. She was suddenly aware of how strong Eric was. “The bastard was playing me all along,” she thought to herself. With all the tenderness he would show a large sack of potatoes Eric gripped her by the waist and tossed her onto her front. In this new position Anwen looked up and saw his reflection in the window with hers. She looked disheveled. Her hair tossed about and the look on her face was one of fear, excitement, and anticipation. She bit her lip and waited for whatever came next. With a swift slap Eric brought his hand down on her naked ass and then gripped it roughly. She watched his head disappear from view and let out a long protracted moan as he had positioned himself behind her and ran his tongue up her pussy and over her as yet untouched asshole. The tickling pleasure of his tongue was exquisite and unconsciously she arched her back inviting him to continue. He licked at her as he squeezed both cheeks of her ass then let his hands run down the back of her legs and up again as he continued. She moaned and wriggled her ass from side as he teased her with his tongue. Suddenly she saw him pop into view once more in the reflection. “SMACK” and another spank came with shocking violence. The pain was short and intense but before she could react Eric had dived back down and licked her once more. Her brain became muddled with all the sensations. His tongue so tender, soft, attentive, his hands rough and mean, but yet it all felt so incredible. She felt his fingers sliding up her back and he gripped her long hair in his fist. “Oh fuck” she muttered to herself. He pulled her back gently using her hair, the nerves of her scalp tickled and buzzed with yet another unaccustomed sensation. As he pulled, he spanked her one more time and continued to lick her ass, leaving her clit and pussy alone. She moaned and pushed herself into the bed, supplementing the lack of his attention with the pressure of the bed on her pelvic bone.

“You want to cum now don’t you?” he asked viciously with an air of spite and anger.

“Y-y-y-es…” Anwen managed to reply, worried what the repercussions of her response.

“Ask for it then.” he said, running his tongue up her asshole again, flattening it out, then bringing it to a point and tickling her tender sensitive spot.

“P-please…” she mumbled, her voice muffled by the bed which she was burying her head into.

“Please what?” he demanded, stopping the motions of his tongue and replacing it with a gentle finger running in little circles over her spit slickened asshole.

“Ohhh fuck…” she moaned with his new torture, “Please….please I want to cum.”

“Are you sure?” he demanded, increasing and decreasing the pressure of his finger on her asshole and pulling back a little more on her hair.

“Fuck…yes…I’m fucking sure.” she yelled, not caring about what the rest of the occupants of the train thought. She wanted it so badly. Her body was aching for release. Her mind raced as her pulse pounded loudly in her ears. “I want to fucking cum right fucking now!” she bellowed, even louder.

“That’s more like it.” Eric sneered, licking her asshole one last time then gently pushing his thumb into her. She shuddered and moaned wiggling her ass back towards him, accepting his digit with an unexpected willingness. As he twisted and flexed his thumb, Eric ran his fingers under her and rubbed her sensitive clit back and forth sending waves of pleasure pulsing through Anwen’s body. She arched her back and moaned. His touch was delicious. She loved it. Every morsel of what she could take from this man she wanted. She wanted him to devour her. She wanted him to take her wherever he wanted, in any way he wanted. The waves of excitement buzzed and crashed over her body and she could feel herself losing control. Closing her eyes she moaned loudly, losing herself in the sensations. Her body was on fire with desire, her nerves tantalized and hypersensitive to every touch. Eric was expertly pushing her higher and higher without letting her drop off the edge. She whimpered and moaned, desperate now. Anxious to cum; needing it with every fiber of her being.

“P-p-p-please…” she stammered, almost crying with the desperation she was feeling, “p-p-p-lease…I…I want to cummm.”

“No.” Eric stated coldly, and abruptly stopped everything. Letting go of her hair, retracting his fingers, his thumb and his tongue. “Not yet.”

“Fuck you!!” she yelled at him, turning on her stomach to look back at him directly instead of his reflection. She wanted him to see the anger in her eyes. He was being too cruel, too mean, too evil, and yet, Anwen wanted more. What was he doing to her? Why was she so easily manipulated? “Fuck you….you…you mother fucker!” she hissed. Eric smirked at her, ordinarily this would be quite fun, hearing her making demands aching for more of his touch, but with her accent he loved it even more. There was something about the juxtaposition of the proper stuck up sounding British accent with the angry venomous swearing. He enjoyed it enormously. What Anwen couldn’t see from her view, was how much he was enjoying this. His cock was hard and pulsating. As much as he was torturing her with these teasing, it was just as hard on him. He wanted to fuck her badly. He wanted to cum just as much as she did. He wanted to feel that release and eject is pleasure all over her, coating her with his own special sauce. Making her his.

He brought his hand down and spanked her again, “You’re not in charge here you pompous British tart.” he hissed back. “I’m in charge.” he paused for a moment and decided to test how much she wanted it. “Say it.” he demanded. “Tell me who’s in charge here.”

“F-f-f-uck” she muttered again, as Eric waited for her response he ran his hand over her reddened ass, caressing it, gripping it, and patting it lightly and lovingly.

He bent over and lightly bit her ass then brought his hand down again, spanking her on the same cheek in the very same spot. “Who’s in charge!” he bellowed with an air of anger.

Anwen whimpered and squirmed but knew what she had to say, “You….y-y-ou are…you bastard.” she mumbled.

“Sorry couldn’t quite hear you there.” Eric replied.

“You’re in fucking charge!” she yelled back, scowling with distaste at having to admit it.

“Good girl.” he retorted, dropping down once more to lick at her. She moaned in approval, but time he had given her had allowed her body to recover and once more she was inching up to a climax. It was as if she was walking towards a finish line that kept on moving. As soon as she was close he would stop and move the line again. She was in agony, but couldn’t help but love it as well as hate it. His tongue was nearly magical, his fingers, his thumb, his hand gripping her hair. She detested it but loved it so much. She arched her back and pushed her ass back to meet his tongue, pushing back again when it was replaced by his finger. Then his thumb was back in her ass and she accepted it lovingly. Inch by inch she crawled towards an impending crescendo. She tried to hide it from him. Trying to hide her excitement, her anxious need building and building. She wanted to cum so bad. She could think of nothing else. She wanted nothing else.

Eric was all too aware of her state. Unbeknownst to Anwen, her pussy was absolutely drenched. The lips of her sex puffy with excitement. She wouldn’t be able to take much more of his teasing, and if he was honest with himself, he couldn’t take much more either. He slowed his pace, lessening the pressure of his touch, his tongue even lighter and gentler than before. He could hear Anwen whimper and moan, but she was desperately muffling any demands she wanted to make. She had buried her head in the bed and was gripping the covers in tightly balled fists. Eric knew how badly she wanted to cum, how anxious she was. Her body was twitching with each touch, writhing with every new sensation. He moved from behind her ass to right behind her ear, “You ready?” he whispered into her ear before biting it and licking it gently. She shuddered but didn’t respond, afraid to say the wrong thing. “Don’t you want to cum Anwen?” she whimpered in response and nodded her head “Yes” into the bed. Eric pulled her head up so she was once more looking at their reflection in the window. “Look at you.” he said with a sneer, “I think you look like you need it.” Despite her best efforts tears developed in her eyes, she was desperate. “I think you look like you need it badly.” he continued, and Anwen nodded in agreement as tears dripped off her cheek. Eric leant over and kiss her tear salted cheek, “Good then,” he whispered.

She looked at him with desperation in her eyes, pleading silently for release. She was so focused on letting her needs be communicated she hadn’t noticed what was happening behind her. He kissed her one last time then plunged his cock into her unsuspecting pussy. The sudden fullness and tension shattered her. She screamed, “FUCKKKKK!!” and started twitching uncontrollably. Eric gripped her hips roughly and pulled himself into her. With each vicious thrust there was a loud smack as his hips met her now red ass. “Oh fuck…oh fuck oh fuck!” she babbled, Anwen’s mouth open wide and gasping between swears. She looked into the window and saw Eric’s animal like eyes staring back into hers. She looked at his strong shoulders, his bulging arms, she whimpered again and pushed back to meet him. She wanted it. She wanted more, harder, more, “just please give me more!” she thought to herself, unable to verbalize it because of the pleasure blasting through her.

Eric grunted and moaned himself. Her pussy was tightening and relaxing on his thickened rod. The sensation was exquisite. Her ass bounced against his hips and he took in the sight before him. She was sensationally beautiful, even more so now. There was nothing as enticing to him as the look of a woman unable to control her body from the excitement that was coursing through her. She was babbling incoherently, shaking her head from side to side and then burying her head back into the bed to muffle her squeals. She clenched the bed spread tightly and shook. With one hand Eric twisted her hair into his fist and pulled lightly back, enjoying the look on her face in the reflection as she gasped. With his other hand he reached over and grabbed one of her arms. She released her grip on the bed and allowed him to pull it back to him. Now with both hands occupied he pulled her back onto his cock, and thrust up and into her. He matched his thrusts with the rhythm of the train on its rails.

ka-click ka-clack, ka-click ka-clack

Each thrust hard, deep, and precisely where Anwen desperately needed it. Eric could feel he was losing control himself, but was determined to maintain his control. He continued to slam into the beautiful Brit and she moaned her approval. Hardly able to move Anwen shuddered and spasmed with his attentive fucking. His cock felt so good in her. She loved every inch of it. She loved its heat, its thickness, the way the head felt, the feeling of his balls slapping against her clit with each thrust. His strength was intoxicating, his attention to her body, his animalistic groans and gravely demands. She was losing control of every part of her body. He was in control and she loved it. The berth melted away. The train melted away. The world didn’t exist for her. There was only her body and his. Every nerve was on fire, every hair on end, her legs were shuddering and she could barely breathe. Then with one final deep driving thrust she fell off the edge and descended into the madness of a soul shattering orgasm. Her body tensed up as every muscle fired simultaneously. She tightened up. She couldn’t breathe. Wave after wave of pleasure cascade over her and she could feel her eyes nearly rolling back in her skull. “F-f-f-f-f-f-fu-u-u-u-u-uck” she shouted. “Oh FUCCCCKKKKK!” she continued, “I’m…I’m…I’m cummmmming!!” Eric continued to drive into her as her spasming pussy pulsed around his cock. He was losing control of his own body but held on as Anwen slowly came down from her climax.

She turned to look at him with utter bliss in her eyes. She looked completely spent, exhausted, and blissful. She could feel her pussy still twitching around him, but more importantly she could feel him pulsing within her. “This madman was finally losing control.” She mused. Anwen pushed him back and pulled away. He stood transfixed, bracing himself against the movements of the train by holding onto a nearby wall. Anwen dropped to her knees in front of him and immediately engulfed his beautiful cock with her mouth. She wanted him to cum. She wanted to taste his desire. She wanted to make him lose his mind like he made her lose hers. Running her hand back up his leg and stroking his balls she played with the head of his cock with her tongue, and then took him back into her mouth. She felt his free hand drop to her head and grip her hair. “Oh fuck.” he moaned and she pulled his cock out of her mouth.

“You want it don’t you?” she said, mimicking him. “You want to cum don’t you?” she sneered.

Eric looked down at her and nodded, his eyes blinking slowly as if he was drunk or stoned. “Fuck ya.” is all he managed to say.

“Then do it.” she said, “I think I’ve earned your cum.” she giggled. She stroked his cock and licked the head before moving to suck on one of his balls again. He moaned and shuddered. Anwen smiled to herself and continued to stroke him, he moaned louder and she could see his balls tighten to his body. He was going to cum, it was inevitable now. She engulfed his thickness with her mouth one last time and felt his hands grip her head roughly. Her tongue was immediately rewarded with a first hot jet of thick white cum. Pulling back from his sex she opened her mouth and let the next explosion fly onto her waiting tongue. “Mmmmm” she moaned in response and as she moaned another splurt of cum jettisoned itself onto her lips. She licked them and gratefully kissed his twitching member. Eric’s legs shuddered and his hips spasmed. He looked down at her with complete content. She smiled back up at him, pleased with herself as she licked up the last remnants of his cum and taking them into her mouth. “Tasty.” she giggled.

Eric looked at her with eyes glazed in a post orgasmic trance, “I think….I think I’m going to have to lay down for a bit.” he mumbled, taking a spot on the bed.

Anwen lied next to him and snuggled up beside him. She looked at Eric’s watch and noted the time. “Ten more hours till Berlin.” she said with a smile, and then looked down at Eric’s cock, “Whatever will we do to pass the time?” she laughed.

“Oh fuck.” is all Eric said in response, unintentionally answering the question.


5 thoughts on “Strangers on a Train

  1. It seems like every time I read your work I find myself relating to it. This is a very good thing. For example, when you said about Americans “I suppose we’re easy to spot now aren’t we.” I was reminded of a time I was on a train in Barcelona waiting to leave when I saw and HEARD three fellow American college blokes leaning out of a window several cars away hooting and waving around their baseball caps like idiots as though they were at a sporting event. I just closed my eyes and sunk down into my seat. I was mordified. (Minor detail: It only takes around 8 hours to travel from Brussels to Berlin. The distances between major cities in Europe are so much shorter. I guess it would be a little like going from Toronto to Montreal.)

    Anywho. . . You do a good job of “showing and not just telling.” One thing you might do in the future is assign physical characteristics early on so the reader can visualize them easily. For example, we gather very quickly that Anwen has nice legs and a nice butt. (Of course, since they are what you personally notice 🙂 ) You don’t, however, mention until half way through that she has long black hair and that he is tall. You could say that since she is typically prudish that her hair is in a chignon style) (For the guys: No buzz cut haircuts, please. There is nothing to hold on to.” Also, I really like that you are writing more in 3rd person since I can better understand what the characters are thinking. (You mention several times what Anwen is thinking when they are going at it.) The mention of the sound of the ka-click ka-clack, ka-click ka-clack is great. Keep adding more sounds for your readers. A song that fits the mood could be playing in the elevator, for example. (Guys are too damn quiet when they have orgasms in my opinion, btw). I did get a bit of whiplash from the characters switching roles so quickly.

    Another very minor thing: When the voyage began they were looking out the window at the passing scenery since it is so difficult to see outside when it’s dark. I just assumed that this was during daylight hours or at least at dusk. Then when they were in the sleeping car it was dark and they could see themselves in the window. If this is the case then transition by mentioning the beautiful sunset or such.

    The pacing is good and I like that you started with the ka-click ka-clack and ended with it too, like bookends.

    You are so prolific with your stories. I can’t believe that you churn out as much as you do. I am almost having a difficult time keeping up.:). I’d like to see you expound on the material you already have. You also might try an anthology where the developed characters are loosly tied together. Read “Broken” by Megan Heart (one of my favorite books) and “Dirty”, “Switch”, “Naked”, “Stranger”,”Tempted”. The characters from each of these make cameos and are loosly tied together by geography. In other words, they run in to eachother or are related. Just an idea.


    1. Good lord this comment is nearly as long as the story! 😉 lol

      Actually the train ride duration I checked. I tried booking a ticket for a trip from Antwerp to Berlin and it was 14hrs.

      I appreciate your feedback though. It’s better than a simple “it was nice”. Lol


      1. I hope my comments are at least helpful and not just annoying. I do have a tendency to get long-winded. (Like now : [ ) WordPress on its “Daily Post” (tips for blogging) actually suggests that if you have a lot to say, then you should repost and then make a comment on your own blog. I should try that instead.

        I can’t believe that it takes 14 hours! I stand corrected. I haven’t gone from west to north east only north to south east (Hamburg to Prague). They both seem to be around the same distance. The routes seemed similar. Never assume, right? :[ Maybe it has something to do with the fact that your route travels through the highest population density in Europe?? More stops perhaps?


        1. I believe there were at least 2 major stops, but I didn’t look into it heavily. At first I had written it as a 4hr travel time and thought perhaps I should check it. I was also surprised at the length of time, but as you said…likely a lot of stops.

          One last thing you need to keep in mind; just because a character asks a question doesn’t mean that I, Julian the writer, don’t know the answer. 😉 The other chapter I posted about towns in the middle of nowhere….I knew the answer to that….but I wanted the people reading it to also ask the question..and maybe search out the answer themselves. Also it’s more in keeping to the character’s understanding of his world….even though I write it as “You” and “I”…it’s not actually….me… to speak.


    2. Oh, I forgot to respond also to the suggestion of linking stories together.

      I have already thought of this, and likely will do that in the future. The plan is to keep writing new and different stories at least for the first 6-8 months of this year. After that what I may do is hold a poll as to which story everyone wants to see more of. In other words, which characters, setting etc. Who do they want to know more about…who do they want to see interact with another person/couple/character etc.

      Sort of an audience participation thing.

      I do like that sort of linked mini story / movie. One of the things I loved about the Seinfeld show was how seemingly unrelated randomness of all the characters would often culminate in some ridiculous situation that was utterly hilarious. Or in the less comical version of this, movies like, “Traffic” or “Crash”. (there are many others but I can’t recall their names currently)


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