It’s coming…it’s coming…..

For the regular readers of my blog, you may be wondering where’s the next short story? Where is it? Why isn’t it here! I WANT IT!!!


….well…it’s coming…I swear!


This story got away from me, but in a good way. Instead of being a 2000-4000 word “quickie” it ballooned into a 8000+ word extravaganza. A few months ago I may have worried about that. I would have concerned myself that the length would make it difficult for rapid consumption, digestion, and feedback. However with the repeatedly positive feedback I seem to be getting I’ve grown perhaps a little more comfortable in my abilities to mind fuck the shit out of all of you. 😉


So in that vein of thought I’ve let my normal unstated restrictions go. I’ve let this small story develop and I’m trusting myself to produce something worthy of your praise.


So if you’re sitting, waiting, wishing for a new story for you to consume while you toil away though your day, you’ll have to wait a little longer. How much longer? Maybe a few hours. I am, after all, at work right now…..and I have to get some of that done first.


If this little hobby become more than just an amusing side venture, perhaps I could dedicate myself further to writing and tantalizing your poor brains with my words, dreams, and fantasies.


….oh…and btw…this was just published 😉


Dreams_&_Desires_1-01…you’re the one that decided it was to be next…and so…here it is. =)

I appreciate any and all support you give me. Whether it’s supportive comments, or for those beautiful few that have actually gone out and purchased my stories. I’m grateful for it all.

Keep tuned in though….you’ll be rewarded in a few short hours 😉

Till then my lovers,



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