Truth #19

Do I keep secrets outside this blog?

Very much so. While I am as truthful and upfront as I can be, there are a number of secrets I hold close. These are both my own and those of others I know.

For whatever reason I seem to attract people who need to confide something in another. As a result I tend to be the chest of secrets not all of which are mine. I’ve been privy to friends that haven’t yet come out of the closet. Married women who were cheating on their spouse. Married men who were cheating on there wife with another man. People who lied about their education etc etc. For whatever reason people feel comfortable with me holding onto these secrets.

I suppose it’s because I don’t approach the situation with any preconceived judgments. I guess if I was to be judged by my own secrets I would not like it and can’t abide myself to doing that to another.

None of us is perfect. We all male mistakes. We all lie, tell miss truths, stretch the truth to our benefit, lose the facts when it suits us. None of us is worthy to throw those stones in a glass house so why would I judge someone for their errors.

So I do keep secrets outside this blog. Perhaps that’s obvious. There are things of myself, of my present and of my past that I have no interest in sharing with you. When faced with this reality I suppose you have to make the choice, do I still like him even though I don’t know everything about him? Or is the less than 100% honesty too much for you to handle?

Secrets don’t ever make the man, they only shape him. I am who I seem to you, my secrets are just the whispers in my past that deserve their own quiet space.


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