Congratulations, you’ve successfully published…..

….I have to say, even though it’s my second time getting a short story into Amazon’s vast library it’s just as sweet as the first time. Perhaps a little less stressful, but definitely just as sweet.


Since I asked which story I should publish next there was a four way tie as to which would be the victor. I suppose I should be delighted at this. A four way tie means that no one story is far better than the rest. Each little tid-bit is just as tasty to you, my fans, as the next little tid-bit. This makes me happy.


I feel sincerely grateful to your continued support. It’s you, the readers, that push me to continue this process. I strive to write more because I want to please you. I strive to be better so I can tantalize you even more.


You, my fans, are why I do this and I can’t express my gratitude for your continued support.


So here is the second of many to be published:



I don’t expect to be showered in riches from this story, but it’s exciting nonetheless. =)



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