With your body finally relaxed enough I run my hand down it, feeling your breasts, your stomach, your legs. You’re beautiful in the dim light and I want you desperately. I feel your hand exploring my own body and quickly it finds and grasps onto my still hard cock. In the dark I see you smile and your eyes open in gleeful anticipation. You enjoyed teasing it with your tongue, having my cock slide in and out of your loving mouth, but really what you wanted right now is to feel it’s hard thickness sliding into your waiting sex. Your pussy was still twichy and fluttering with every touch but you wanted it. You wanted that feeling of fullness. Feeling my heat inside of you, my body in yours. You craved it like a deep pulsing need.

Rolling on top of me you kissed me deeply, unintentionally tasting your own special taste on my lips. Definitely not unpleasant you mused, no wonder he enjoys that so much. You chuckle to yourself thinking how you’ve already came twice this evening under the careful administration of my tongue’s touch. “I want your cock now.” you hear yourself say, strangely feeling as if it was someone else saying the words. “I want it inside me.” you continue, “I want to feel you fuck me. I want to feel every inch of that beautiful dick in me.”

I smile and kiss you back. “I like the sound of that.” I respond, not sure of what else to say.

“Good.” you reply, then orientate yourself over my erect phallus. Your knees on either side of me you lower your still wet sex onto my cock. Gripping it with one hand to guide it in, you bite your lip and look at me intensely. This moment, this very moment, when two bodies become one, is the most special of them all. I gasp despite myself as the head of my cock reaches your slickened entrance. The puffy lips of your pussy slowly part and grip me as I slide into you. The warmth and wetness is overwhelmingly delicious and I drop my head back onto the pillow, mouth wide as I enjoy the moment. Your eyes are scrunched tightly together as you enjoy the feeling of my sex easing deeper and deeper into you. Before long your resting on me. You relax your legs and take a moment to adjust yourself as you get used to the feeling of being filled with a cock.

Gently you rise and we both moan in sync as your pussy grips onto my sex. The friction is intoxicating. There is nothing else that can compare. As gently as your rise you lower yourself again, easing my body back into yours. You rotate your hips a little once you come to a stop and enjoy the feeling of my cock teasing different clusters of nerves within your body. I look up at you and see your eyes are closed, you’re biting your lip and your head is slightly cocked to the side. Once more you move up, then down again, this time slightly faster than the first few times. You place your hands on my strong shoulders to steady yourself and then gyrate your hips once more before raising yourself and plunging down again.

Your hips slam into mine with a steady progression as if your are the rhythm section in a Russian folk dance. Faster you move. Harder you drop. But there are limits to this as you are only able to utilize gravity in your decent. I, on the other hand, with my strong legs and powerful rear end, am built for thrusting. Millions of years of revolution to help design a better upright walking ape has created a better thrusting machine. I buck up and grab your arm. Pulling it across your body you begin to tumble to one side. I follow you in the turn and in less than a second our roles have been reversed.

Now I am on top. I am the aggressor. I am in charge and you don’t mind a bit. Your legs wrap around my waist tightly and you stare intensely into my eyes. This is different than your time with Leon. He was slow and gentle. Taking his time and allowing you to accept his movements. I was not. I was a caged beast unleashed upon you. A savage from another time. I had dragged you to this modern cave and set my club down beside us. You enjoyed my every move. My dominance over you. My power over you. The anticipation of pleasure mixed with pain so intense that you couldn’t help but moan before I had even thrusted once. Edging ever closer to you I slide my cock up and over your wet anxious pussy. The tease is aggravating but you still shudder as my sex slides gently over your still very sensitive clit. I wiggle my engorged member back and forth and tease you further. It’s agony for me as well, but the look on your face is just too intoxicating to keep from torturing you. I see you bite your lip, your eyes shut tight, scrunched together in a desperate plea for relief. I rotate my hips slowly and my cock drags over your sweet sex softly. You don’t want soft anymore though. You crave more. You ache for more. You want me inside. You can’t think of anything else. Your mind races and you rake your nails over my back trying to get me closer, pleading with your eyes for me to enter you.

“You want it don’t you.” I say with a gravelly growl. Your eyes look me over and I smile as you moan in reply. “Let me hear you say it.” I continue, “Tell me what you want.” I say with an evil mischievous look on my face my cock still stroking slow circles over your pulsating clit.

“I…..I want…it.” you mutter, unsure of yourself. You’re not used to making verbal demands for the clearly obvious.

“What do you want?” I ask, feigning ignorance. “You should be specific.” I tease.

You scowl and groan, “I….I want you…I want your….your…” you pause…once more unsure of yourself.

“My what…say it.” I command. You squint and scowl but you’re not getting your way. My cock hard, heavy, and thick rests on your pussy so very close to what you want but you feel so strange to ask for it. “Tell me what you want or you won’t get it. I’ll get up and leave right now.” I throw down the ultimatum with a practiced poker face.

“I ….want YOU.” you shout, aggravated, but still anxiously turned on. You’ve never experienced this feeling. The feeling of being completely out of control, but wanting more. Your brain and body are in flux, arguing with one another. You should tell me to get lost if I’m going to be such mean ass, but your body screams at you to continue. Which will win out?

“You want me to what?”

“…FUCK ME!” you finally shout, surprised at your volume. “I want you to take that beautiful cock and fuck me with it!” you continue, the words spilling out of your mouth as if written by someone else. “I want that thick beast cock inside me, RIGHT…FUCKING….NOW!” You clench your teeth as you growl the last few words. How delicious.

“As you wish.” I state dryly, quickly orienting my erection at your waiting entrance before sliding it slowly inch by inch until I’m completely engulfed by your wet spasming pussy. You drop your head back to the bed and moan, finally able to relax knowing you’re going to get what you need from me. I slide back, and then drive forward. Slamming into you and driving you into the bed. The sudden force shoots trickles of buzzing electricity through your body. Before you can recover I’ve retracted myself and driven back into you.

“Oooooh.” you moan, unable to contain yourself. Your legs unclasp themselves from behind my back. No longer are you trying to keep me close to you. Instead you spread your legs wide, anxiously awaiting the next deep driving thrust. As it comes you hold your breath and gasp as once more the sudden jolt of pleasure shoots through your limbs, “Fuck yes.” you mutter. Your hands running down my strong back, you hold me tightly. My body thick and muscled, so different from yours. You feel the power contained within me. In a different time I’d be a warrior, and you would be my captive bride. Won from another tribe. The spoils of war. Tossed into my tent and ravaged. Slowly you lower your hands from my back to my thrusting ass. Feeling the muscles contract and tense up as each ever increasing thrust drives my body into yours. You shudder and your legs twitch, “Oh fuck.” you moan, realizing that you’re coming ever closer to yet another orgasm. Leon was good, but this was a different level of intensity. You gasped and moaned once more as yet another thrust slammed our bodies together.

I lean closer to you and nibble on your ear as I continue to thrust. “You’re mine now. You know that right.” You nod in agreement. You would have agreed to anything, as long as I just kept fucking you. “Your pussy, it’s mine. Your ass, it’s mine.” I whisper. You bite your lip and keep nodding as you try to stifle additional moans. “Actually,” I continue raising up and speaking in a more conversational voice, “I’d like to see that delicious ass I saw squeezed into those tight jeans.” I smile. You look at me in confusion.

Your lack of experience suddenly apparent. You felt nervous. Exposing your ass to me, you’d be even more vulnerable than you already are. But you couldn’t help but comply. Under my spell, you just nod despite your secret reservations.

I pull my cock back out of you and before you realize it, I’ve tossed you onto your front, your beautiful ass exposed and ready for whatever was to come next. With a gentle tongue I lick from one cheek to the other. You shiver and wiggle in response and I see you push your hips back, exposing your sex to me. Gripping your hips in my strong hands I run my tongue up your wet slit to your twitching asshole. You squeal as my tongue flattens and tickles your sensitive ass. Before you can recover though I have my cock ready and waiting. You stop giggling for a brief moment and then feel my cock slide deep into you, my balls now tickling your clit as I slam into you. I smile to myself as I hear you moan in approval. Gripping your hips harder I thrust again and again with a steady aggressive tempo.

The slapping sound of your ass meeting my hips can’t help but excite you further. My sex pulsing within you causes you to moan for more. You can’t help it. You feel so amazing. So sexy. So full. Your earlier worries and natural mistrust has evaporated. I’m in control of your body, and you don’t mind a bit. You feel my fingers dragging down your back sending shivers pulsating through your body as your pussy clenches and relaxes involuntarily. You’re quickly slipping into another full body orgasm and you ached for it. Running my hands back up I grip your shoulders now, and thrust deeply and aggressively. The beast within me is now within you. I hear you moan and gasp. Reaching back with one hand you try to feel for my body. You want to touch me and express how much you want me to continue. Instead, however, I just grasp your outstretched arm and pull myself harder into you. I’m rewarded by seeing your hair flail side to side. After a few more passionate thrusts I hear you moan, “I….I’m gonna…..I’m going to cum again!” you hardly can believe it yourself. Even with your own self exploration you’d only manage to cum twice, and neither time was even a third as intense as this was.

Immediately as you reveal your state I slow my pace.

“Noooooooo” you moan, “Don’t! Don’t stop! Oh god I’m so close!” you gasp, wriggling your hips and pushing your body back into mine.

“You don’t get to cum yet.” I respond, once more dry and commanding.

“What?!?” you exclaim not sure what horrid torture is this.

“You don’t get to cum until I give you permission to.” I continue, one more the evil smile returning to my face.

“Oh fuck that’s not fair!” you moan, whimpering as you continue to push your body back into me, chasing my cock as you do.

“Well all you have to do is ask nicely.” I sneer, bending over your body and biting at your shoulder as to punctuate the sentence.

“Shit serious!” you growl. “You’re fucking mean!” you continue. “That’s not fair!”

“Oh it’s fair, all you have to do is ask for permission.” I reply

“Fuck it.” you mutter under your breath, then quickly as if a child would after his mom told him to apologize to his sister, “May I please cum….you fucking bastard.”

I chuckle, and retort, “That wasn’t asking nicely.” as I slide my cock slowly in and then out again and reaching round your body to lightly twist a hard anxious nipple.

“Fuuuuuuck.” you moan at the unexpected painful pleasure. You feel your body getting twitchy. You need it now, more than ever. It’s as if you now crave it like a drug. If you don’t get to cum, your body may just burst into flames in desperation. “Fucking let me cum!” you demand loudly.

I slowly gyrate my hips and allow you to feel my fullness. You love the feeling but it’s not quite enough to get you off. “Ask nicely.” I repeat, “Ask nicely and you’ll get what you want.”

“May I please cum now!” you shout, aggravated and utterly losing your mind with anxious need for a final creschendo.

“That’s a little better….try again.” I reply dryly. My own state is just as bad but you are to wrapped up in your own desperation to notice. Running my hand down from your breast I reach around and lightly drag my finger over your clit. The sudden attention triggers your brain to capitulate to your body’s needs.

“Please…” you moan, rotating your hips against me, attempting to increase the pressure and intensity of my fingers on your clit. “Please…Please I want to cum.” you gasp. My touch is so light it’s excruciating. Your sex is so sensitive. You can almost feel the beat of my heart through the pulse in my cock. You feel every ridge within you. Every hair is on end. Every nerve is alert and desperate for any touch it could tell your brain about. “Oh god damn…” you moan, “Pllleeeeeease…” you’re almost in tears with the desperation.

“As you wish.” I finally say, increasing the speed of my thrusts slightly as I increase the pressure of my finger on your clit. You moan and you can feel yourself shuddering. Your body is on it’s way and there’s nothing you can do to stop it now. My cock pulses within you as I do my best to hold back a little longer. Thrusting harder my hand continues to tease you as my thickness drives deep sending waves of pleasure coursing through you. With one last act I run my tongue up your back and the shock of the new sensation is the last drop to tip the bucket. With that your pussy grips me hard and I hear you moan loudly as your body shakes and shudders.

“F-f-f-f-ffuuuuuuuuuck” you moan. “Fuck fuck fuck FUCKKKKK” you moan louder and louder until you’re yelling. “Oh my FUCKING GOD!” you squeal and I smirk as I feel your pussy gush and twitch around my sensitive sex. You gasp in sporadic quick short bursts unable to quite catch your breath. As you start to regain control over your body you quickly pull away from me and dive for my cock.

My own sensitivity is too much for me to handle. The slow torture I enacted on you was just as bad for me. With your mouth on my cock I gasp and moan uncontrollably. “Fuck, I’m going to cum.” I moan trying to warn you. You’ll have none of it though. You’re too involved, too excited, too turned on. You’re still in the warm grasp of a delicious after glow. Your body alert and alive and all you want is to see me cum. You want to see my body jerk and twitch. You want to see my balls clench towards my body and with one final thrust the evil caveman that I channeled melts away. My hands ball into fists and I grunt and gasp as I can no longer hold back. You continue to suck and lick at my sex and are suddenly rewarded. Thick, white, ropey jets, of warm cum eject from the head of my cock and land softly in your waiting mouth. You savour it’s sweet salty flavour as another pulse bursts through my body and you catch another volley, then a third, and a forth. By the last shudder only a dribble is released but you enjoy it all the same. You look up at me with a sense of victory in your eyes. While I was the aggressive one, in the end, you were the one that coaxed this cum out of me. You felt so excited, so sexy. You were my spoils of war, but the warrior was nothing but a trembling leaf now as you ran your tongue over my hyper sensitive cock head.

You lick your lips and smile up at me, “Next time you better ask for permission.” you giggle and I laugh, collapsing onto the bed beside you.

Tomorrow I would have to leave. I would have to continue my journey on to an unpleasant moment. Speaking at a funeral I had no interest in attending. Extolling the virtues of a man who was less than virtuous to me. But tonight, I was with you. Tonight I spent the night in the bed of a beautiful woman who intoxicated me with her very existence. Tonight was a moment in time to be cherished. So I pushed thoughts of tomorrow away. We slept together, naked, entwined, pretending the world outside was ours for the taking. Maybe it was naive, but it was my choice.

“God you smell good.” I whispered to you as we slowly drifted off to sleep.

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