A friend of mine, a new friend, has gone dark from the ‘net.

I knew her only through the tenuous tendrils of the internet, though I wish I knew her better. She was a positive influence on my day. Thoughts of her made me smile. The sound of her laugh brightened my existence.

For whatever reason she’s gone dark. Email addresses gone, social media accounts removed. All of the little connections and methods of carrying on casual comical conversations have been cut.

It…makes me sad. I feel like the rug I was standing on has been pulled from me. The tenderness and thoughtfulness of this woman was a delight. Having to trudge through the day without that extra brightness she brought into my life seems dreadful.

I miss her already….the little turd.

And if by chance she’s reading this….

I almost hate the fact that I care about you! =P (almost)

Where ever you are and for whatever reason you’ve cut all communication I hope you’re alright.

I’ll be here if you ever need me. 



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