Truth #18

I forgot to update the survey last week, as such this “fact” is not one that was voted on but one I chose from the previous weeks survey. Sorry for breaking format. I’ll fix it up this week =)

Do you believe that there is only one love for everyone?

In a word, no. But here’s why.

As humans we have this incessant need to belong and yet be distinct. We value our uniqueness and extoll it to the highest degree at any chance we get. However what I’ve found is that we are more alike than we wish to believe.

Saying there is only one love for everyone implies that in this grand ocean of 6.9 billion human lives you only have one person that you truly match with. This is not comforting in the least! 1:6,900,000,000 are HORRIBLE ODDS!! Vegas doesn’t even have odds that tilted. Powerball Lotteries have better odds. There are greater odds of you being hit by lightning WHILE winning the Powerball lottery. Why would anyone find comfort in the belief that there is only one love for everyone?

Good god…that’s an awful thought.

I wholeheartedly disagree. Love is what you make it. Loving another is more of a choice than most people want to believe. Initial attraction is out of our hands, but after that, it’s all choice. You choose to give of yourself. You choose to put yourself into a position where your heart can be hurt. That choice, that giving up of control is where it’s at. Trusting another human with your heart, with your love, it’s scary.

Perhaps that’s why people want to believe there is only one person for everyone. This way they can take false comfort in the fact that their initial choices went badly. It’s all trial and error though. You’re not perfect, no one is. So why would a union of non-perfect people become suddenly “perfect”? It’s illogical. Expect there will be bumps and expect that you’ll have trouble. That’s far better than expecting that the first sign of difficulty means this person isn’t “the ONE”.

Bah, I’m becoming preachy.

Believe what you wish, but I believe that there is far more love out in the universe that we can all tap into. There are more people we can love, and receive love from. We are not unique snowflakes, we are the water that they’re built from and we all end up in the same deep ocean.

Best to enjoy the swim.





4 thoughts on “Truth #18

  1. Very well said post above. Regarding next weeks question to be answered: You already answer the “Fate vs. actions” question. And the answer to if you keep secrets outside of the blog seems obvious (of course you do). Being such an amorous guy I can just guess your first crush was in kindergarten if not preschool. Or heck you were probably flirting with women over your mother’s shoulder when she carried you as an infant. I’m not voting this week! Give us more options.


  2. I am a hopeless romantic so I don’t see how only one person in the world is so horrible… I love the idea that there is one person out there that is perfect for you but I also know that doesn’t really mean that everything is going to be rainbows and butterflies. Although I do agree with you about us being able to love more than one person. In my life I have loved 2 people and although I still love them both my true love is my husband. Somehow life happened and fate, God, or whatever you want to call it, brought my husband and I together. As you can see I also believe in fate lol but that is just my opinion…


    1. It’s not that the thinking is horrible, it’s that I believe it’s short sighted and naive. However that’s my opinion on the matter. If you choose to believe that there is only one perfect person in the world for you, that’s up to you. I just don’t subscribe to that belief.


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