“Right then, that’s enough of that.” I say with a chuckle. You look up at me from your seat on the couch, my cock still on your lips and your hand tightly gripping the shaft. You give it one more lick and I shudder once more. “I said that’s enough.” with a gruff growl that expects conformity. You just wink and do it again, testing my resolve, slowly engulfing my thickness with your mouth once more. I shake my head, “You just don’t listen do you?” I ask, not really expecting an answer, but laugh once more as I see you shaking your head from side to side, my phallus still deep within the confines of your talented mouth.

I really have had enough though. Granted, oral sex is fantastic. Especially having a beautiful woman as yourself administering such a delightful combination of sensuous teasing, sucking, and licking. It is not something I’d really ever want to turn down. However the craving to go further with you is just too much to handle. Gently I rest my hands on your shoulders, reminding you that I’ve said “Enough.” but you still haven’t budged. My balls are twitching and aching for more. I’m enjoying the feeling of your tongue running up and down my shaft, your hands on my hips, pulling me closer as if you want to devour my very essence. Still; I pull you to your feet so that you’re face to face with me again. You smile at me like a devious child who’s gotten away with her first practical joke on her parents. “You enjoyed that didn’t you.” I say as you smile, slowly nodding and licking your lips, your hand reaching down to hold onto my cock. Before you can though I bend down and pull you towards me, casually throwing you over my shoulder. After the initial shock you begin to laugh heartily, enjoying the spontaneity and caveman like action.

“Oh no!” you blurt in mock hysteria, “whatever are you going to do with me.” you laugh.

“Hush up.” is my only response as I reach back with my free hand and slap your ass, getting rewarded for my spank with a high pitched giggle escaping your open mouth. I walk nonchalantly down the hallway. Passing the bathroom you first dragged me into. Passing the laundry room where I first saw you naked. All the way down the hall to the master bedroom.

The bed was monstrously oversized for someone of your stature, but it was the perfect landing zone for a casually tossed naked woman. With all the dignity of a potato sack I pulled you off my shoulder and through you into the fluffy pillowy duvet with a soft puffy thud. Your eyes open wide after landing and you look at me intensely. You again address me in the same mock hysteria, “How could you!” you squeal, before bursting into laughter.

“How could I not?” I laugh in response. You’re stunning. Lying on your bed, your body in disarray, limbs pointing every direction. You are completely exposed and yet are comfortable in your position. I swiftly grab your foot with a quick mongoose like grab. You look at me with curious eyes but allow me to trap your foot within my hands. Softly I begin to knead the sensitive skin of the arch of your foot. Working my fingers in, then stretching and pulling them down and away from your foot. I had, of course, correctly assumed that you had never had a foot massage. I smile at you as you wriggle. The combination of ticklishness and soothing is an odd mix but you don’t fight it. “You know, you did save my life” I say, as a small smirk crosses my face, “I do feel like I owe at least a little for that.”

You laugh but abruptly stop as my fingers have reached a nerve cluster and caused you to gasp. “Woah, that was nice.” you manage to breath out before biting your lip and closing your eyes at the next application of pressure. “You’re right though….ahhhh.” another nerve cluster, “…I do think you owe ohhhhhhhhh…” your eyes close and then shoot open. You stare at me as I work my magic, stunned at how amazing the simple application of pressure on your sensitive feet could be.

“And how would you like to be paid back for such charity?” I say with a smile, enjoying making you writhe on the bed.

“Make me remember you.” comes your reply. Your eyes intensely staring at me, through me, deep into my soul it seems.

“That seems a little unfair.” I retort, still kneading my hands into your feet and chuckling. “Whether or not you remember me is not up to me, that’s up to you. All I can promise is that I will be who I am and nothing more. If that is good enough to be memorable, so be it. If it isn’t, that’s a shame, but at least we shared this moment.”

You cock your head to the side contemplating what I’ve just said then slowly nod. “You’re right.” you admit with a smile. Your flippant request took an unexpected philosophical turn, but the result was quite revealing. To date you hadn’t really had a lot of experience with men, or women for that matter. So at this point in your life, every experience was a memorable one. You had your first man and your first woman in Paris of all places. Both situations were rife with sensuality as well as emotional turmoil. You looked at me as I continued to massage your feet and you realized that requesting a “memorable” experience was naive. What you really wanted, but couldn’t put into words, was a moment in time that you could relive whenever you chose to. In the months and year since you were intimate with Leon you could at a whim recall everything about your brief time together. You remembered his cologne, the raspy roughness of his chin. You remembered the look in his eyes, and how his hands felt on your inexperienced body. The memory of it always brought a smile to your face even during the darkest of days.

“Then just be yourself,” you finally reply before letting your head slump back into the pillow.

I simply give you a wink and continue working on your foot. “I’ll get right on that.” I say with a smile.

Gently I kiss the sole of your foot causing you to giggle, but you do not pull away. I run my lips down the inside of your leg, stopping to open my mouth wide as if to bite your flesh, only to drag my teeth across your soft sensitive skin. You shiver with the sensation. There is an intoxicating mix of fear and excitement running through your body. I am in that foggy area between being a stranger, a friend, and a lover. You bite your lip and urge me on, wiggling your legs back and forth slightly as if to call me closer. I lower my lips to your thigh, and run my tongue along the inside of your leg and enjoy the quick gasps of enjoyment coming from you. Your eyes are closed and your head is tilted back, enjoying each touch of a new lover.

As my mouth meanders it’s way closer and closer to your waiting sex I can feel you tense up. While you want to feel my tongue on you, in you, teasing you, it’s a scary moment. You have to relinquish control and allow me access. Only a stranger in the dark mere days ago. Now I’m in your bed. With delicate deft control I run my tongue up the length of your waiting slit. You moan in approval and finally relax. You can tell I know what I’m doing and the fear of being accidentally hurt drips away and is replaced with a deepening desire for more.

Slowly your hands wander down your body, across your stomach and gingerly run over my head and through my hair. You let them rest there, unsure of what you’re allowed to do. You want to pull me closer, move my head over to the right, and then the left. You want to grip my hair and take control of my movement, but at the same time the mystery of what touch will come next is intoxicating. I can feel your hands gripping my head then relaxing then gripping tightly again. Inwardly I smile and continue my delicate attentiveness to your sensitive and tasty sex. I look up at you from my position and enjoy the view. I can see your chest heaving in big gulping breaths, your breasts smaller in proportion but beautiful all the same adorned with hard aching nipples, the outline of which so easily discernible even in the silhouette filled darkness of your room. I see your mouth wide gasping quietly, your jaw opening and closing slightly as I lick your pulsating clit.

You look down at me and smirk guiltily, not expecting to see me staring back at you. Suddenly you feel self conscious. Worrying about all manner of nonsense. “Does he like me?” you think, “Do I taste funny?”, “Are my breasts to small?”, “Am I making too much noise?” the questions flood your brain and I can see you bothered by them. Your face scrunches in a scowl as you try to eject the unnecessary questions from your brain. I step up my attention and as quickly as the concerns came, they are banished away as you can’t help but moan out loud. Gently I’ve sucked your clit into my mouth and as I lightly tug on it with my lips, you can feel a slickened finger easing into your waiting wetness. The foreign feeling of me in you causes you to jump but it’s no unpleasant in the least. You moan again in appreciation and I feel your hand once more tighten it’s grip on my hair.

As I lick and suck on your sensitive clit, I ease my finger deeper into your pussy, allowing you to get used to it before I let it explore within you. I can’t help but smile to myself as I feel the muscles within you tighten and relax with each movement of my tongue. With the soft touch that experience brings I curl my finger up and back and stroke your delicious pussy from the inside as I continue to tease your clit on the outside. The combination of firing nerves gives arise to a warm glow washing across your body. You feel yourself melting into the bed, feeling almost as if it’s an out of body experience. You lose track of your limbs, your fingers, your toes, everything becomes an antenna buzzing with excitement. “F-u-u-u-u-ck” you manage to moan, your hand entwined in my hair and tugging slightly. I continue to ease my finger in and out, curling it as I go, as I also continue to lick at your clit. You gasp once more and before you have a chance to react I ease a second finger into you to work with the first. “Fuuuuuuuuuuck” you repeat and I feel your hips twist as you try to get them deeper, further, more, all you want is more.

As you’re slowly moving to an inescapable crescendo I reduce my movements. Your head bolts up from the bed and you look at me angrily, “Noononooo….don’t stop!” you grunt. The scowl morphing into a look of pleading. “It feels good what you’re doing…..don’t stop!” you repeat.

“What’s the magic word?” I ask evilly.

You pause for a moment. Your brain completely fixed on your sopping sex you have to concentrate to recall the simple answer, “Please?” you ask, unsure if that is correct.

“So you want to cum?” I ask with a mock sneer.


“Yes what?”

“Yes please?”

“Yes please what?” I’m enjoying this. Teasing you is such a sweet delight. You’re grunting each reply back as your hips buck and twist trying to get my fingers deeper and my tongue back into contact.

“Yes, please I want to cum!” you squeal shaking your head and slapping the bed with your hands.

“..and then?” I ask.

“Then you FUCK ME!!” you scream. Shocked with your own voice.

“Sounds good.” I chuckly and lower my head to your pussy again as I slide my fingers back into you. I hear an approving moan and your legs relax once more, allowing me full access. As I slide my fingers in and out of you I flick relentlessly at your clit. You gasp again then suddenly feel another finger. This one, however, is drawing tickling circles on your asshole. You buck at the sensation and grunt again. You’re completely overwhelmed. So many sensations. So many nerves bursting with pleasure. You can feel that you’re losing yourself again. Your body washes with heat and a slow pulsing sensitivity cascades across your skin.

“Oh shit…” you gasp, and I know already what’s happening. I can feel your muscles clamp down on my fingers but I continue to move them in and out of you, my pinky fingure still tickling your ass and my mouth enveloping your clit in a tender loving grasp. You jerk and flail as a powerful orgasm rocks your body. You squeal and moan as your legs tighten around me. Your hand pulls at my hair painfully and abruptly your breathing halts for a moment. I look up at you and see you arching your back, your mouth agape and no sound or air coming out of it. If you didn’t know any better it would look like you were in the midst of some barbaric electroshock therapy. After a few moments of silence you finally collapse to the bed, swearing and muttering under your breath for a moment before breaking into laughter. “Well now…” you start, attempting to catch your breath, “….that…..was….fun.” you chuckle and look down at me.

I wipe your wetness from my lips and give you a wink. “That was only the introduction.” I remind you, and then laugh as well before lying next to you on the bed, our naked bodies perfectly entwining, my hard cock resting on your thigh, anxiously awaiting it’s turn.

“Oh….Fuck me.” you mutter under your breath with a laugh.

“I intend to..” I retort, laughing in turn.

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