Truth #17

What qualities attract you most in a girl / partner?

Anytime I’ve ever answered this question I start out with no knowing how to do so. What I mean is that I don’t have a specific mental checklist of appropriate qualities that must be checked off before I will allow myself to be attracted to a woman. I’m like a lot of people, sometimes two completely different women attract me for completely different reasons.



In many ways it’s more than a set of characteristics but instead it’s an intangible feeling of sorts. Now I’m not going to sit here and lie, pretending that physical beauty plays no part because it does. For me, athletic women are more attractive and interesting to me. As to why I’m not sure. I suppose my mom was/is an athletic woman….they do say that’s where some concepts of beauty are formed for young boys. *shrug*


The truth is I’m athletic and active guy. If I’m going to spend the time in a relationship I’d like to share that part of myself with another. If walking/running/biking isn’t your thing you’re probably not for me.


Physically I’ve always been a leg and ass guy. I suppose that’s due to the athletic woman attraction. I’ll often notice that first before many other characteristics. In truth if I’m ever dragged to Hooters by co-workers, I’m more likely to be looking at the waitress legs as she scampers away then to look at her plumped up, overly emphasized breasts.

As for the more intangible characteristics; independence  intelligence, adventurous, willing to push beyond comfort zones, considerate, kind, worldly. No one person needs to have vast quantities of all of these to be attractive, but it is a bit of an overall average thing.


Right well; this post may be inadequate. I had a long tiring weekend and I’m too exhausted to type any more. =P



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