What should I publish next?

For my 100th post, I have a question to ask you all.

While my first short story hasn’t exactly been flying off the shelves with any great regularity I’m still going to push forward and continue to publish them. At this point I’m still trying to figure out how to publish the short stories and make them available for free. Since I published on Amazon, they don’t actually give the option to set your book as a free offering. Another author advised me that he sets his stories to $0.00 on iTunes or on Kobo and then has Amazon setup for “price matching” but as a Canadian, iTunes is a pain in the mother fucking ass.

iTunes required Tax info, which means going through the US government website, filling out obtuse forms and waiting for official documents before sending them off to iTunes, only to make the stories free….ie….not making money…ie…no tax. *insert eye roll here*

All this being said, I’m still going to push forward with this and chalk any frustrations I have as a learning experience. The long term plan is to make available between 6-10 short stories freely available on Google, iTunes, and Amazon. After which time I should have completed the more substantial full length novel “From A to Z”. Due to it’s size and the effort involved I feel that it’s ok to at least charge a reasonable amount for that story. The thought being that the short stories would introduce new readers to my style of writing. Assuming they like it, I hope they transfer their patronage over to the real book and perhaps I may even make more than $5 for a years worth of writing. =P

So now to the title of this posting; What should I publish next?

Out of the short stories that I’ve posted so far, I’d like for you, the true fans of my writing, to choose your favorite. Whichever story turns out to be the top pick will be the next story I choose to publish.

So, without any further delays, please vote:

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