the Beast Within

There is a beast inside of me that aches to be free.

It craves you like the sail does wind.

 Episode 4 - Light as a Feather, Hard as an Anvil

I’m caged behind this wall of civility

A hungry predator pacing

Kept from the prowl


Chained is that fiend within me.

The ravager,

The savage,

The devourer of the innocents.

May08 O_face

My own inner demon that races through my mind

Beats the drum of my heart.

 May15 Sensual 006

It’s just so exhausting,

Holding it back.

Pretending it’s not there.

07 05 2012 002

I am the calm and civil gentleman.

I hold open the door.

I smile politely

count the hands ;)

But all I want to be is

Primal. Carnal. Hedonistic.


There is a beast inside me.

It aches to be free.

 08 09 2012 009





One thought on “the Beast Within

  1. “I want to see you moaning….gasping…and aching for it.”
    “I am, release me!”

    – Your writing gives me the most amazing release, so don’t even think about stopping 🙂


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