Powers of Persuasion

I’ve never understood the thrill conniving manipulative people got from their devious maniacal ways…..until…I became one of them.


There is a thrill, a sense of enjoyment that comes from persuading another human to bend to your will. To feel that sense of empowerment is slightly addictive. I never thought I was the type to enjoy manipulating others, but when I reflect on this site, what I write, and my interactions with you, the readers, I am a conniving manipulative deviant.


When I write I do so with the expressed interest in arousing you. I want you to be on edge. I want you to close your eyes and picture the scenes I’m painting with my words. I want you to feel what I’m expressing. You read the words on the screen and slowly become the people in the stories. No longer are you buttoned down and reserved. Maybe you’re sitting at the bus stop waiting for your ride to arrive. But as you wait you’re perusing the interior of my mind at an increasingly rapid pace. As the tempo of temptation and titillation increases, you scroll faster, read faster, and want more.


You’re putty in my virtual hands as it were. I have persuaded and coaxed you out of your shell and into mine.


This is my power over you…..and I adore it.


So with this in mind I have decided to add another regular feature to my blog. “Tumblr Feed Tuesdays” the first official TFT will be on the 30th and you can look forward to 10 or more tempting erotic photos from my personal collection each and every week.

Like I’ve said before, there’s nothing better than a shared addiction for the enticing and erotic. After all…..isn’t that why we’re here? 😉






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