It’s getting…..complicated..

From A to Z – A complicated past


As each episode progresses and I move on to the next, I’m slowly becoming aware that each character’s back story is getting more difficult to track. In addition, because of my habit of writing first drafts with no rewrites, I sometimes forget what I’ve already written! 0_o

Of course this was what I wanted though. I wanted complication. I wanted back stories and histories. I don’t want the characters to be flat cardboard cut outs. I want them to be real, calloused, corruptible, prone to heart ache, loneliness, weakness, as well as strengths. I don’t want their histories to completely shackle them, but I want their histories to, at least partially, define them. (as it is in reality)


So while it’s getting a little complicated for me to follow my own stories, I’m glad for it. If it was easier, then it would be boring and I just can’t have that.


At some point I’ll really need to buckle down and draw out flowcharts and lists of the main and secondary characters in order to keep track of everyone.



…..if anyone would like to help with that…I’d certainly be grateful 😉


Anyways, I hope everyone is enjoying the story so far and continue to enjoy it as each weekly episode appears.




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