“If a man likes you, he will always do this.”

You heard Leon speak the words, but your mind was somewhere else. Two nights ago you had your first experience with a woman. It was your first experience with anyone really. Celine was everything you could have hoped. She was caring and considerate. She took her time, was patient. She didn’t force you to do anything or ask you for anything. It was like a long protracted exploratory session that was absolutely riveting and rocked you to your core. Several times. Now, two nights later you found yourself in a very similar situation with Leon and though his technique was subtly different, he certainly knew what he was doing.

You simply allowed Leon to take care of you. His tongue dancing across your skin and causing fiery pulses of excitement to jolt through your still inexperienced body. Your mind was racing the entire time. “You giggled too much.” you’d think to yourself. “You’re laughing at each touch. He’s going to think you’re an idiot.” But you couldn’t help it. Everything new and exciting, your brain didn’t know how to react to the sensations rocketing through your body. So even though your inhibitions and fears would likely never be higher than in this moment, Leon still managed to coax you into a whimpering submission.

The difference between him and Celine was night and day. Celine was petite, delicate, tender and demure. Leon was strong, thick, solid, weighty, and even though he was just as tender as Celine, the apprehension that came from his strength mixed the sensuality with a dash of fear. It was clear that Leon was aware of this and as such seemed to do quite a lot of talking. Although it’s possible he was always this chatty with all of his conquests, you had the distinct feeling that he was one part lover and two parts professor. “Now this, this I know you will like,” he said in his thick Parisian accent which struck you as being thicker at the moment, “if you are with a man and he does this, he’s treating you right.” His tongue and fingers moved across your pussy in some manner that Leon deemed as being the “proper” way. “If he doesn’t do this,” he continued between the smacking of his lips, “then you have to train him to.” he licked away and you felt yourself shudder again. “But then once you’re ready you’ll see this,” he mumbled, his face still buried between your legs.

Unsure of what he was talking about you looked down at Leon in time to see him pull back and stand. Even in the dim darkness of his room you could see the outline of his body. All the lines of his form you expected to see, but with a small turn his profile became visible and you saw the foreign outline of a man sized cock. Hard, twitching, and anxious to be used. You couldn’t help but giggle. It wasn’t as if you hadn’t seen a man with an erection before. The girls in your high school used to torture Mr. Hubbard, the math teacher while in class. Wearing short skirts, low cut blouses, and dropping pens to pick them up slowly in an overtly obvious tactic to attempt to garner interest from Mr. Hubbard. Though the poor man never once did anything with a student, he had a hard time telling the rest of his body to be disinterested. The result, of course, was that more than a few classes had to be taught with Hubbard locked behind the desk, lest he accidentally show how hard he was. The girls were relentless, but somehow, even though you were able to catch glimpse of Hubbard’s raging cloth covered hardon, it never made you giggle. Not once. But the moment you saw the outline of Leon, and the tent his member had made in his loose fitting pants, you giggled like a giddy baby.

Leon simply smiled at you in the dark and slowly went about the business of disrobing. He pulled his pants off slowly, perhaps to keep you calm, or perhaps to entice you further. What happened though was as he pulled his pants and underwear down, the head of his sex caught on the waistband and kept his erection pointed downward till it finally released. At that point it swung up and into his stomach with a loud spank-like slap. You giggled more, but your eyes were transfixed on his pulsating sex. Despite your lack of experience you knew immediately what you wanted to do. You ached for his cock and instinctively reached out to touch it.

The skin of his phallus felt different than the rest of him. It was smoother, hotter, and seemingly heavier. You felt it with your hand, releasing it then pulling it down and releasing it again. Leon stood as a statue, allowing you to inspect him as your curiosity got the better of you. Gripping it in one hand you swung it down into the palm of your other hand, giggling yet again at the “thwap thwap” sound it made as it made contact. Leon squirmed a little bit with a slight nervousness of how the inspection was going. Still gripping the shaft you slid your hand up and back down it from base to tip and back, noticing the audible gasp as your fingers ran over the rim of it’s head. “I’ll have to remember that for later. “ you thought to yourself. With your other hand you reached underneath to cup Leon’s balls. Such an odd feeling. Wrinkly yet soft and smooth. They had a certain strength that exuded from them, but simultaneously so incredibly vulnerable. What a strange placement for a part of the anatomy that was so sensitive. Evolution certainly comes up with some unique choices.

The initial inspection of your first naked male member now over, the initial sexual urges returned. Gripping the shaft a little rougher than before you looked at Leon and smirked at his nervous grimace. Keeping your eyes on him, you lowered your head to his pulsating shaft. The head of his strong thickness flexing and twitching under your grasp. With a boldness that surprised you, your tongue snuck out of it’s home, out between your lips and extended to Leon’s waiting sex. Ever so gently, just as he had done with you. Slowly you closed the gap and your tongue made contact. The unusual texture, natural musk, and intriguing taste made you pause for a moment. You looked back up at Leon and saw him smile broadly. Clearly you were doing something correctly and that was all the encouragement you needed. You circled the head of his cock with your tongue, flicking and licking as you went, exploring every facet of this, your first ever penis.

His gasps and quick jerks only further your interest. You look back up into his eyes which were momentarily closed open widely and look back at you. Leon smiles again, “You’re a natural I think.” he says quietly while smiling broadly again. “What do you want to do next my love?” he asks as polite and considerate as ever.

You smile back, bit your lip for a moment, and after looking at the head of his cock once more, you state dryly, “This.” before opening your mouth wide and taking him into your mouth. The response you received from Leon made you squirm a little. You felt in power, in control, and so utterly sexy. Here it was, your first time, and you were able to make a man as experienced as Leon twist and contort in pleasure. You would have smiled again if not for the thick cock occupying your mouth. As everything else so far, it felt very different than you were expecting. Somehow it felt bigger within your mouth than it looked outside of it. It was difficult to concentrate with all of Leon’s gyrations and subtle moaning. A few times as you allowed his cock to slide back and forth, you had to remind yourself to not chomp down. Chuckling in your head as you thought how quickly this whole evening would end if you did so. A few moments later you felt Leon’s large hands gently caressing your head.

He wasn’t so much guiding your head as he was encouraging you to keep going. Not that you needed further encouragement. There was a sense of power to this arrangement which you didn’t realize until now. In every movie you had seen where a woman had been on her knees taking care of her man it always appeared to be a subservient role but that really wasn’t the case. You were in complete control of him. You could make him bend, twitch, moan and shudder with just a flick of the tongue and a movement of your mouth. You could cup his balls and squeeze gently and he would freeze whatever he was doing. You could graze your teeth over his shaft and give him that light subtle fear of possible pain. No, this wasn’t a subservient position at all. This was a place of power, and you thoroughly enjoyed it. “Merd!” you heard Leon grunt, his hands gripping your head tighter but allowing you to move freely. “Je ne peux pas croire à quel point vous êtes bon à ça!” he moaned. His usually smooth free flowing french becoming guttural, and spasmodic. “C’est comme si vous êtes un savant!” he muttered again. His hands tangled in your long hair and his moaning becoming louder and unbridled as he started to lose control. You could feel the head of his cock expand and pulse inside your mouth and soon after you could taste something sweet but salty.

Unsure of what just happened you pulled back and inspected his cock, squeezing it and seeing a drop of clear liquid oozing out of the head. You looked back up to Leon for an explanation, and your “professor” after taking a few breaths smiled and said, “Pré-foutre,” then after a pause, realizing that it was very unlikely that french sexual slang was covered in your study of the language, “Pre-cum”. You looked back at the drip of clear liquid and gently licked it up with your tongue, smacking your lips together as you investigated it’s taste and texture once more. You, of course, had heard all about “cum” while in high school. It seemed that was all most of the girls could talk about. Probably the boys too, but you steered clear of most of them. But now as you were face to face with Leon’s equipment you smiled in the knowledge that the taste wasn’t at all unpleasant. In fact, it was a bit of a thrill to see him dripping like a faucet. If anything it reassured you that your lack of practical experience was not the least bit noticeable.

Like most adolescents growing up, you had imagined what intimate relations would be like. You practice kissing in the mirror, or against your forearm. You imagined what it would feel like to have someone else’s lips on your skin, exploring you as you explored them. Before you even had your first kiss you knew which way you wanted to move your head. You knew if you wanted to keep your eyes open or closed. You knew if you liked strong passionate kisses like romantic movies of the 50’s, or the softer gentler sweet kisses of romantic comedies of the 90’s. There, of course, was a distinct difference between the two. The earlier portrayals of kisses were more about mashing faces together as tightly as possible, as if you didn’t really feel the emotion unless you pressed your lips to your lover with anything less than 100psi. Later movies seemed to be a little softer, allowing the audience to experience the tenderness and love of the moment. You often wondered if it was just the movies that had changed or if kissing back then was like it was on the screen. When your parents first kissed was it as was in “Gone with the Wind” minus the slap of course.

But kisses are different. You can imagine them easily. You have lips, you have a tongue, you can see what it would look like in a mirror. You can feel how it feels on your skin. Kissing, licking, and touching a man’s intimate parts could never really be imagined in any great detail. The few girlfriends you had said they practiced on bananas, which at the time sounded ridiculous. You recall hearing boys chuckle anytime a girl was eating a hotdog, as if in someway how much of the dog they devoured in a single gulp was an indication of how much of a slut they were, instead of how hungry they may have been. All of it was theory and conjecture. Everything you had assumed about what it would be like was completely wrong. Now that you were here, in the moment, your lips on his sex, his hands on your head, and you could feel the subtle movement of his hips, you realized that this wasn’t a chore at all. It wasn’t something that you had to force yourself to do. You enjoyed the pleasure of sensing Leon’s pleasure. You enjoyed the power and control over his stronger, bigger body.

Leon suddenly grabbed your head and held you still. Your mind raced trying to figure out what you had done wrong. “Stop. Stop. Stop. J’ai besoin d’une pause!” Leon spluttered. You looked up at him in disappointment, thinking you had hurt him or done something to displease him. Your heart sank, so much for being a natural you thought to yourself. “If you continued I would have finished in your mouth already.” Leon chuckled, “I don’t think you want that.” You smiled broadly realizing it wasn’t your lack of talent that caused him to pull away, but your abundance of it. Finish in your mouth? You suddenly felt curious as to what that would be like. You looked at his cock again as it twitched and flexed, another drop of pre-cum oozing out of the tip. Gripping the shaft once more without Leon’s permission you squeezed hard and pushed more pre-cum out, then rubbed into the head gently. Leon’s legs shook violently and his hips bucked before he instinctively took you by the shoulders and tossed you to the bed. “Fuck!” he yelled, “Not yet!” then broke into a hearty laugh seeing you lying on the bed, naked. Your smouldering sultry eyes driving deep into him. Looking him over like a piece of delicious meat. You could feel your own sex moistening and becoming heated. You wanted him. You wanted it now, more than you had ever thought possible. Your mind was transfixed. Locked into this course of action. Leon would be your first man. He would be the first to ever enter you. Your life would change from this point on. Soon the child would be no more, and the woman, strong, resilient, powerful, would rise in her place. Like the metamorphosis of a butterfly, the time had come to spread your wings and rise. Renewed and beautiful. A woman.

“I told you.” Celine would later say after hearing you babbler on about your first experience, her arms around the recently arrived Michelle. “I told you Leon would be a perfect choice for your first time.” Michelle smiled and hugged Celine back. While her first time with a man was nothing but torture she was quite evidently happy for you.

Michelle, of course, had received the letter you had sent on Celine’s behalf. On the pretext of going to visit a friend to spend New Years with, she had escaped the confines of her contentious home. Her mom was almost happy to see her go. In the weeks and months since she had got Michelle back she couldn’t help but notice the strained dynamic between Florian and her daughter. The motherly instincts that had been dulled earlier by the selfish desire for companionship were slowly reconstructing themselves. Though she didn’t want to believe it, Michelle’s mom was starting to suspect that what her daughter had claimed had happened, wasn’t just the fanciful stories of a attention seeking teenager. She couldn’t admit that to herself, however, let alone admit it aloud. So even though she was fairly certain that the story of Michelle’s New Years friend was a fabrication and that her daughter was off to see the conniving Celine, she allowed it anyways almost happy to be free of Michelle’s presence. Florian was mysteriously silent on the whole situation. He was very vocal about the need to track down, find, and retrieve Michelle when she had run away, but since then he and Michelle were avoiding each other. This was suspicious to Michelle’s mom, but she tried to reason it away as just being Michelle acting like a snobbish teenager again.

When Michelle had arrived Celine was shocked and overjoyed. It’s not everyday that your greatest love, the one you thought you lost forever, comes traipsing through the door unannounced. It was the night after you and Celine had spent together, and while you felt guilty for that, Celine seemed to be quite at peace. Perhaps because of her previous experience Celine’s intimate time with you had meant less to her than it had to you. It was difficult to tell. You wanted to talk to her about it, but now that Michelle had arrived it was impossible to separate the two.

Celine and Michelle reasonably wanted to spend time together, which left you with Leon. Additionally since Michelle no doubt had intentions of staying in Celine’s room you had to move to Leon’s. You were strangely comfortable with the shift. Leon was always such a perfect gentleman, but after Celine’s revelation of his interest in you, the desire to flirt with him became even stronger. By the second night you spent in his room, you had made it quite clear that you were interested in Leon as more than simply a platonic friend. “I can’t take this anymore.” he had said, looking at you lying on his bed in nothing but your underwear. His excitement visible, and the stress on his face as he tried to maintain some semblance of gentlemanly dignity. “It’s alright,” you finally said, “I want you too.” You recall vividly the look on his face. How the stress slid away and was replaced with visible desire. “I want you to be my first Leon.” you had said. It was enough to get the Frenchman on edge. “I want to make a memory.” you continued, using his own words against him, causing him to smile broadly before he crawled towards you on the bed and started your journey together into more uncharted territory.


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