Hello my Lovers….

I’m Running Behind


My apologies to everyone that’s anxiously awaiting another titillating story from the  maniacal mind of yours truly. It’s been a very busy last few weeks and I’ve had trouble keeping pace with both my real life regular job, the side jobs I’ve taken on, and my writing. Since currently two out of those three allow me to pay my bills, the third, my writing, has been delayed.


That isn’t to say I haven’t done any writing, it’s just that I haven’t completed any story in time for posting this morning.


Somehow I managed to start three separate short stories that ran with different characters, concepts, and situations. Setting up the scene in each of these stories took some time, and for some odd reason I did it not once, but thrice, failing to complete a single one.

Do not fret though, I have picked which one I will be posting and it will be coming later today….just…not….right now.

Fans waiting for the next Julian Lisette short story.
Fans waiting for the next Julian Lisette short story.


So what am I supposed to do now?

(you ask with frustration)

Well, in the meantime I’d recommend you read through some of my earlier postings. Perhaps the first few chapters in my “From A to Z” novel in progress.

Or perhaps you can draw your own inspiration from my Tumblr blog posts.

Tumblr - goes well with anything
Tumblr – goes well with anything


But if you really want me to adore you…


…..you could take a trip over to Amazon and support me by purchasing my first ever published short story “A Lunchtime Affair”. It’s cheaper than a coffee and every purchase goes directly to supporting my ego, which is always in need of constant support. 😉

-show me your love
-show me your love





Alright, that’s it for now. I’ll see you in a few hours with a new deliciously dirty story filled with sinfully succulent and utterly scintillating passion filled sex.






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