“Alcina…” I whisper but as the last syllable of your name slips past my anxious lips I feel your tender softness pressing against me in a gentle exploratory kiss. I can feel my stomach rise in excitement as the intensity increases. No longer were you the trepidatious young woman uncertain of your desires. Your thoughts were clear. Your needs were clear. You wanted this night to be memorable and you knew I would be easy to convince.

Even though a year had passed since my divorce, the demise of that relationship had held me down like a cartoon anvil. As the months dripped by with slow plodding progression of chilled molasses, I had anticipated that it would get easier. I had assumed that I would feel better. But instead it was fraught with frustration and anxiety. Each old acquaintance I ran into required me to explain where the “old ball and chain” was. Every co-worker knew of my failure and teased me relentlessly. The secretaries and assistants were far more supportive. Some going as far as to suggest themselves as a emergency rebound. Restaurants we used to eat at were off limits, lest some overly cheery waitress ask me where my lovely wife was this evening. Couples we used to hang out with felt the need to choose sides. She seemed to acquire the majority of them. It was the most solitary, angst filled, depressing time of my life and made my awkward teenage years look like a walk in the park.

Of course I had attempted to date during that time but had clearly forgotten how. It seemed that while all my friends believed their single female friend was “the perfect match” for me, I found each setup to be nuttier than the last. It was then that I stopped looking. Resigned to the fact that it may be sometime before I came across a woman that was truly capable of being my partner in life.

“Alcina….” I repeated, finally able to catch my breath as you pulled back from our kiss. “….I’m not sure about this.”

Immediately you sit up and look at me with a curious expression, “Why? What is it that you need to be sure about.”

“It’s just…..” I stop mid sentence trying to maintain my train of thought and not be distracted by the desperate pressure pulsing in my body aching to devour you, “It’s just I have to leave tomorrow.”

“I know.”

“…and…I don’t know when I’ll be back.”

“I know” you’re listening to me, but with each reply you undo a button on my shirt.

“It’s just….” I close my eyes and let my head fall back on the couch. Your thin delicate fingers separating my shirt and easing themselves under the fabric. Your touch tingles every point of contact and I can feel the animal inside of me raging to be free. “It’s just I don’t know if I’m the right guy for you..” I manage to blurt, desperately trying to concentrate, but notably haven’t done a thing to slow you down.

“How do you know?” you retort.

“Huh?” I hadn’t even considered it. To be honest I had just made the assumption that I was bad for you.

“How do you know you’re not the right guy.” you whisper now, tenderly licking at my earlobe before nipping it. I take a quick breath at the sensation. “How can you be so sure.”

“I……” I gasp again unwittingly as you move from my ear to my neck, gently biting and licking as you move. “Fuck.” I moan and I can see you grin at my consternation. “I guess I can’t.” I admit the beast within me roaring in victory and anxiously waiting for the gate to finally be released.

“Let it go.” you whisper, cupping the back of my head and running your fingers through my tousled hair. “Just……..let…….go.” you continue, kissing me on the cheek, then the forehead, then the lips with each singular word.

Immediately I feel my body collapse. The tension of holding back finally gone. The muscles in my back loosen, my shoulders no longer feel taut and achy. I take a breath and slowly let it out while you continue to pepper my face and neck with sweet loving kisses. Eventually you stop and pull back to look me in the eyes. You see it now. You can see the animal in me rising to the surface. My eyes are more piercing than ever. Fierce and aggressive. I feel my posture change as I morph from the passive conservative man I pretend to be into the assured passionate brute I truly am.

You shift your gaze from eye to eye a mischievous grin crossing your face as you do, “There he is,” you whisper, “I thought I saw him deep inside you.” You raise your eyebrows gleefully as if to say, “Time to play.”

It is all the encouragement I need as I grasp you in my arms and kiss you deeply. Your body so tender and fragile in my embrace. I feel you wilt into me and allow me to have my way with you. I continue my kiss as I dance my tongue across yours before pulling back and gently biting your lower lip. My hands move to your hips, then up across your back finally to rest at the base of your neck. Cupping your head there as I kiss you, allowing you to feel my strength pour through my hands. As I hold you I can feel your deft fingertips searching for the remaining fastened buttons on my shirt then slowly pull and release each one. You then ease your hands into my shirt, feeling the taut muscles of my torso you glimpsed the night I collapsed on your doorstep.

Looking at you with animalistic fervor I grin masochistically before spinning you around to face the opposite direction. You roll your shoulders back at me in approval as I run my hand up your back with surprising tenderness. My light touch causes you to shiver and let out a small giggle but before you can relax I continue to run my hand across your shoulder to your exposed neck. Once more I play with your instincts to be fearful. I am still but a stranger to you and now I’m standing behind you with my hand caressing your throat. At any moment this delightfully delicious scene could turn nasty. You feel your heart race and your fingers twitch slightly as you resist the urge to squirm. As I hold your throat with my hand I push your long hair over with my lips exposing the back of your neck. You feel my lips on your neck and shiver once more. The feeling is electric and every erogenous zone on your body pulses and begins to ache with anticipation. With my other hand I run it down your back and over your well shaped ass, cupping it gently before squeezing it releasing, and squeezing once more. I smile to myself as I hear you take a quick breath trying not to be so obvious.

You’re losing control of this situation and you know it. No longer the lioness on the prowl the hunter has become the hunted. Your pulse now racing you feel alert and buzzing with excitement. As I squeeze your ass one last time I feel you wiggle it briefly. It’s all the encouragement I need and I bring my hand back to spank your jean covered ass. You turn to look at me biting your lip as you stand still with your back to me but you make no motion to leave and no indication of disapproval. I spank you one more time before running my hand around your hip gently allowing my fingers to dance over you still clothed crotch. ‘Well this just won’t do.” I whisper into your ear before biting it, hearing another gasp of approval.

“Hmmm?” is all you manage to reply as you try to concentrate on not squirming. This is of course the game afoot. You are aroused. You are interested. You want me badly and you know I want you. But the devil is in the details in this seductive process and beyond all else the chase is what makes it all worthwhile.

“You’re wearing far too much Alcina.” I whisper, running my hand up from your jeans to your blouse. As I unbutton each button I kiss your cheek and whisper once more, “Last time, it was you undressing me.” I smile to myself thinking of the night I arrived and your fortuitously adventurous side that was willing to take me in. “I think I need to repay you for that.” I continue, kissing you on the neck as I unbutton the last two buttons allowing your shirt to open freely. Standing taller than you I can see over your shoulder the outline of your bra encapsulating your perfectly proportioned bosom.

You turn to me, looking over your shoulder in order to make eye contact. “How do you plan on doing that then Zale?” you ask so softly the words melt as they reach my ears. Turning within my embrace you look me in the eyes, “After all, I did save your life.” you smile and wink at me.

This is such a strange feeling for me. To feel so incredibly comfortable with someone I’ve only known for a few days. I feel like I could trust you with the inner workings of my soul. I could hand my life over to you and would be comfortable that you would look after it. What was this strange connection we had? Was it just lust? Some sort of bizarre attraction that went beyond the purely physical? How could I feel so assured in your presence. More surprisingly perhaps, how could you be so confident in mine? You were standing proud in front of me. Unconcerned of how I may judge your appearance. Unwavered by the possibility of rejection. You were borderline cocky in your steadfast strength. It was utterly intoxicating. “You did indeed,” I finally reply, delayed by the distraction that is your open shirt. With those delicate hands you run your fingers over my chest, under my shirt and up to my shoulders. With a small flick my shirt rolls off my shoulders and slowly slides down my arms to end up on the floor in a heap.

I mimic your movements and run my hands up from your hips to the underside of your bra, then draw my hands in, up, and over your breasts to rest on your shoulders. With my on flick your shirt rolls off your shoulders and equally as slow, slides down your thinner but taut arms to land behind you in a heap as well. The look in your eyes is one of mischievous intention and piqued anticipation. I see you looking me over as I can’t help but do the same. You’re drinking in my body with your eyes. Each surface, every inch, you look over as an explorer planning a route of passage. I do the same, but not unexpectedly, I am first to make landfall on this new glorious body.

My hands still on your hips slide down, and then around to reach the front of your jeans. After quickly undoing the top button I slowly inch your front zipper while staring deep into your eyes. You smile and wink at me as I continue my ministrations. My hand gently grazes the front of your now exposed panties and I’m rewarded with the distinct indication that you are getting damper by the minute. Slipping my thumbs into the waistline of your jeans I make the slow deliberate motion to inch your jeans down. I relish these moments of discovery. The excitement and thrill of exploring a new and incredibly beautiful body. As the waistline of your jeans reaches the fullest part of your ass I pause for a moment. Leaning over, my thumbs still hooked inside the taut fabric, I kiss you again soft and deliberate. Then I kiss your chin, your neck, and trail my way down your body. As I pass your still imprisoned breasts I am sure to run my lips softly across your silk skin, feeling the subtle change in topology as I move gently from side to side. Trailing my tongue down the rest of the way I encircle your naval only to lightly flick at it with my serpentine appendage causing your stomach to tense up as you stifle a quick giggle. Your twitching only becomes more difficult to restrain as I have finally reached my intended destination. My thumbs push down for the final release and with an expected flop, your jeans drop to the floor to immediately be reacquainted with your blouse.

I lower myself to my knees in front of you, coming face to face with the soft cotton panties that, while purely utilitarian, have a quaint girl next door air to them. I smile at the darker coloration where your damp sex has subtly slickened them with your wetness. Looking up at your face I smile and gently kiss the thin elastic waistline that holds the soft fabric in place. You don’t look down at me though. Instead I see your hand slowly draw across your forehead pushing your hair from your brow. You drag your fingers through your hair and enjoy the savory tingles it induces softly biting your lip and taking in a slow deliberate breath. This is, of course, what you’ve been aching for. Perhaps not from me. Perhaps from no one in particular. But the feeling of having another touch you intimately. Taking care to send tingles and shivers throughout your body. No amount of self exploration can ever replace the subtly of another’s lips touching your most tender of spots on your body. You squint and scowl but you’re not disproving of any sensation you’re feeling. You’re enjoying every nuance every motion as each nerve lights up with my attentive touch.

“Zale…” you manage to moan, and I feel your hands lower onto my head, your fingers tangling themselves in my hair. You bite your lip again, harder, inducing a little pain to keep you in the present as you begin to lose yourself to me. I have, of course, gently lowered your panties to meet the rest of the clothes now on the floor. Your sweetly scented sex is intoxicating. I am suddenly overwhelmed with the urge to taste you.

I miss it. I miss the feeling of someone’s hands in my hair. Hearing the quick breathes and subtle gasps. The moans. The pleading for a little more. I miss the writhing and wriggling that I induce with my tongue; my lips; my fingers. Beyond all else I miss the utter capitulation to a sensational crescendo cajoled from a willing partner by the administration of just my touch.

With that at the forefront of my mind I snake my tongue from my mouth and draw it across your hot deliciously scented sex. I’m rewarded with your hands tensing on my hair and a small wiggle of your hips. I gently kiss the outer lips of your pussy and tortuously graze my tongue ever so softly across your pulsing clit. I can sense it’s heat, and I once more feel your hands tighten on my hair. Gently at first you can’t help but pull me closer to you. Hoping and wishing that I’ll get the idea and give you what you’re anxious for. But I’m completely comfortable with being the jerk at this moment. The tugging on my hair does not bother me at all, and I continue to kiss and lick your swiftly slickening pussy. As I flick my tongue at your tender clit I can hear you moan. Your grasp becomes tighter, your hips gyrate further and in a matter of moments your legs are shaking slightly as you attempt to maintain some semblance of control.

Control is an illusion though. You have no control in this moment. Your pleasure is a foregone conclusion. Your gasping and moaning as predictable as the sunrise. So while you still attempt to hold back in a vain attempt to convince yourself that you’re in charge, you are sliding into my grasp. I run my hands up the back of your legs stopping to cup the gentle curve of your now naked ass. Then without warning I swiftly snake out my tongue and run it the length of your quivering sex stopping at your buzzing clit. Flicking it lightly I feel your hands once more tighten and release on my hair as another gasp escapes your lips. “Oh shit” you mutter, “Zale.” you trail off as I continue to tease you. I can feel your legs begin to shake, subtly at first but they start to shudder with every fervent touch of my tongue. “Z-a-a….Z-a-a….Z-a-ale” whisper, gripping my head roughly. “Oh…..oh my…..Zale!” you squeal and your legs buckle under you as I gently suck your clit into my mouth. The pressure change shoots jolts of electricity through your core and you feel your body melting in place. Your hands, now completely entwined in my hair begin to feel disembodied. Your limbs feel like they’re floating, your mouth agape, your eye roll back, in the distance you hear someone scream and shout complete nonsense only to slowly realize that it is yourself.

Now laying on the couch you blink rapidly as you try to regain an awareness of where you are. You look down between your legs to see my smiling and slightly damp face. I wink at you and gently blow on your engorged clit. The sudden cool sensation makes you gasp and you smack my head in defense laughing as you do. “Holy fuck Zale!” you squeal in delight. “That…..well…that is an unexpected treat.” you laugh, still looking at me awkwardly lying face first between your legs.

I’m pleased as punch of course. I’ve always had confidence in my oral abilities, but hearing the squeals and wales of a woman in the throes of a body rocking orgasm is completely life affirming. It was the cherry on top of an already tremendously sweet treat. “Oh is that so?” I reply chuckling, “You didn’t think I was capable?”

“No.” you answer honestly, “I am very impressed.” you laugh, and then pat me on the head as if to say “Good boy”. The look on your face subtly changes though from blissful happiness to maniacal mischievousness.

I stand up and look down on you as you’re splayed out on the couch. Looking up at me you continue to grin and your look is both off putting and enticing simultaneously. “What?” I ask automatically, unsure of what your intentions are.

Then you reach your hand out and run it up the inside of my leg all the way up to my crotch then back down the other side, smirking as you go and raising your eyebrows in approval as you grazed your hand over my stiffening member. Then with a wink you reach back up to my fly and slowly pull the zipper down, “My turn” you whisper.

Who am I to argue?

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