Thank you all =)

Thanks to you, my fervent fans, I’ve made my first ever sales for my first published short story.


I have to say that honestly, it puts a bright smile on my face to see that. Despite the fact that the sales numbers right now are less than what it costs for a McDonald’s Happy Meal, I’m pleased as punch. For quite a while I’ve been told that I should publish what I write. That what I spew out from the recesses of my brain is on par or even better than what you, my fans, have read from more established authors. Granted some of this praise could be just sweet nothings whispered into my ear I have taken the chance and taken the next step into selling my work to the public.

I don’t have grandiose expectations of JK Rowling type fame and fortune. I don’t think my craft is anywhere close to that level at this point. BUT…it’s a START….and you can’t get up any mountain or finish any marathon without first….starting.


So thanks….truly…from the bottom of my heart. I appreciate your continued support and I will to my very best to continue to keep bringing you these sultry and sleazy stories to tease and titillate you to your core. =)





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