Truth #14

Do you write based on reality or fantasy?

This is actually one of the questions I’m most often asked. More often in a more private setting than this. It seems that people really want to know if my writing based on reality. They desperately need to know if I do all the things I write about?

So to answer the question I must respond “Yes…to a degree.”

“Wait what?” You’re asking now. “How could that be?”

There is a certain percentage of situations that I’ve experienced personally and then there are some that have been extrapolated from other experiences. So while I have not done everything I’ve written about, I have done enough to answer the question in this aforementioned manner.

I also get asked if I make love like I do in my stories. This is a bit of a personal question and is subjective to my on interpretation of my sexual prowess or lack thereof. The thing is, when I write I write as a stream of consciousness. I don’t plan out the scene I write it just comes to me and flows through me. I feel it’s more authentic that way. When you’re in the midst of a raucous rendezvous there are no rewrites. No do overs. It happens as a steam of moments good or bad or anything in between.

To this end when I’m asked if I make love like I do in my stories the answer invariably is yes. These at are my thoughts as they occur to me. Sex is the same.

I suppose that this may come of as over the top or self indulgent. I’m not sure. But it’s the truth and the answer to the question you voted on.



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7 thoughts on “Truth #14

  1. I found out the answer: The little boy’s name is David. I knew I had seen him before. I just couldn’t remember where. The video on You Tube is called “David after the dentist. Poor little kid is tripping from Novocain and says, “Why is this happening to me?!”


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