All Mine

You are beautiful to me. My prize. My trophy. I enjoy the looks other men give to you as you parade around on my arm. Their desire despicably obvious and utterly ostentatious. They crave for you like a hungry wolf craves freshly killed prey. But your eyes never stray from me.

June04 031

You’re mine. Your heart, your mind, your passion, your soul. It is all mine. From the first glimpse of light to the death of the setting sun there is nothing else on your mind but me. As the moon rises and the stars dance in the heavens, your body belongs to me. Every inch of you. Every pore, nerve, and hair that stands on end is mine to toy with. You ache for nothing else but me. You want for nothing else but my touch. My tongue on your skin. My lips on your cheek. My teeth on your nipples. My hands holding you down, pulling you close, dragging you to my feet, gripping you, spanking you, teasing you, caressing you.

June04 026

Place your hands on my chest. Feel my beating heart. Feel my strength. My power. You want me now as you always do. I am your wonder drug. I am your secret addiction. You crave nothing else. I can see the desire in your eyes. The way your hands flutter over my skin. You bite your lip and ache for my attention. Do you feel it now? The shivers down your back as I kiss your neck. Do you feel it now? The trembling of your body under the gentle touch of my talented tongue.

Run your hands through my hair. Hold my strong shoulders as I tease your tender sex. Quiver and gasp as I kiss your sweet tasty pussy. Bite your lip and moan for more. You are under my control. You are mine to toy with.
June04 004

Feel my hands on your body, cupping your breasts, teasing and tweaking your sensitive nipples as I suck on your clit. Feel your legs shudder and shake as the waves of pleasure course through your body. Feel the electric pulse with each touch. You ache for me don’t you? You want me now don’t you? My strong hard thick cock. You can think of nothing else. Your poor spasming sex becoming wetter with each passing second. You want to be filled up. You want my slickened rod to slide slowly into you. You want to feel every inch of my manhood. Feel it stretch your lips and push deep into your delicious cunt. You want it so badly. You ache for it so much. I want to hear you beg for it. Tell me how much you want it. How badly you want to be fucked. How every fibre of your being wants every atom of mine.

June04 074

Your nails scrape my back. Your squeals and moans deafen me. Your legs pull me deeper. You want it so much. You want to cum so much. You want to spasm and gush over my thick pulsing cock. You feel the head of my manhood expand and thrust deeper. My balls close to your body. The heat of my body on yours makes you shudder. I bite your tender neck, nibble on your lips, kiss you deeply and whisper sweetly into your ear “Cum for me baby.”

June04 034

Your breathing becomes erratic. You mumble and moan words that appear in no known language. Your legs straighten and then close around my thrusting body. Your hands ball into fists and hammer down on the mattress. I slide in and out of you with agonizing precision. You shake your head from side to side and squeal. I slow my pace and hear you whimper. Bucking your hips you beg me to allow you to cum. I slow my pace even further, teasing your spasmning body. You scream and swear and demand that you be allowed to cum. I retort by slowing further. You whimper again. Eyes open wide, mouth open wide, your fists bashing the mattress in agony. “I want to cum” you squeal in anger to which I reply with slamming my cock deep into you. Rewarded with a moan I pull back and slam forward again and again and again. You’ve lost control. You can’t hold back. Your legs spread wide and you gasp before your body begins to shake and shudder. “Oh f-f-f-f-uck” you shout, “I….I’m….I’m cc-c–c-c-umming” you squeal and I feel the strong muscles of your pussy clamp down on my stiffness. “Y-y-y-y-essssss” you hiss in utter contentment and just in time to catch a thick rope of my own cum jetting out of my body and across yours. Another pulse and a second helping splashes across your breasts. Another gasp and thrust and one last shot glances off of your chin.

May15 Sensual 016

You look serenely content. My white, warm, thick semen slowly dripping down your body. You are mine. Every inch. Every pore. And I am yours, forever more.


4 thoughts on “All Mine

  1. Reblogged this on Penny Fisk and commented:
    Oh My God! I absolutely love cum all over my chest and chin. There is something so primitive about being marked. This post made me consciously aware for the first time of this fact. Even though I offered to share my husband with another woman (and he declined :0 ) I don’t think he would share me in a million years.


  2. You are . I just want You, My whole body quivers for you and comes inside the deepest receeses. i will do everything for you.I want your glutonny, your pride in excess, I will pound you and pistol you, I want you to share in this bliss. I will fuck you till you don’t know if your ripe or shred.


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