Taking the leap

Today I spent some time on Amazon.com


Because I have just selected and uploaded one of my short stories to be sold on Amazon for the Kindle. I’m a little scared about what will happen. Will it be well received? Will it flop? Will anyone even notice?

The story I selected to publish was “A Lunchtime Affair”. It seemed about the right length and had decent pacing to be a first foray into the world of self publishing.

The story is priced at $0.99 which I suppose is fair. I just hope that if sales do not occur, that I maintain a level head and continue to plug away. There is a review process that will occur between now and tomorrow after which, assuming all goes well, it will be available for purchase to the worldwide masses.

Oh, and in the process of doing all this I did decide on a pen name….man that took forever to decide upon….but I think I’m happy with my choice.


Anyways, wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “Taking the leap

  1. I JUST finished reading and replying to your last post. I am proud of you! What is your pen name? (and what does Aussy Dog signify, btw)?

    So if I understand correctly “An Afternoon Affair” won’t be available for a day or two because I was just there and didn’t find it. I’ll make sure you make at least one sale even though I’ve read it already. Make it “lendable” so I can pass it around to some of my fellow discussion group groupies.


    1. “Aussydog” was just a quick name I came up with based solely on the fact I was looking at my Australian cattle dog at the time. I’m going to wait till the story is available Amazon before I reveal my pen name.

      I only just submitted it and they said it can take up to 12hrs to review. So you’re correct, it’s not available as of yet. I appreciate your support though, that’s extremely sweet of you to buy it even though you’ve already read it =)


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