Self Publishing?

Over the past few months I have been delighted to receive quite unexpectedly positive reviews of my writing. The pipe dream when I started this excursion was to eventually be published. To be the author of my own book paper or electronic.

But is it really a pipe dream?

A friend of mine, one of the few that know the real me as well as this online reality has confided in me that she enjoys my writing more than another much more prominent writer. She told me how this author only writes short stories and sells them online.

Could I do that? If my work is good enough to warrant such positive feedback could I jump the queue and publish some shorts before I complete my first novel?

I really need to think about this. I don’t know the first thing about self publishing or self promotion. All of you that have visited my blog have come here of your own accord and stayed because of your own reasons. If I published online, is my work worth paying for?

So I guess that’s the optimum question if I’m going to dash down this rabbit hole. If what I write is worth paying for, what would you pay for it??

I really need honest feedback on this and I would appreciate your thoughts greatly.


One thought on “Self Publishing?

  1. Check out for info on e-publishing and
    It seems like the trend is 99 cents for a short story/novella, $4.99 for an e-novel on Amazon. The trend that I have noticed is that stories tend to come in trilogies (total of about 1000 pages). Frequently unknown authors will give away the first installment but make up the difference in the price of the second and third books. An author (one of my favorite at the moment) named Aleatha Romig who wrote “Consequences” has done a superb job of promoting herself using technology. She tweets, does giveaways, and most impressively interacts with her fans on I doubt if she paid anything for advertising. Her book became popular via word of mouth. I just bet you could contact her and she would be happy to answer some of your how-to-become-a-writer questions. She just seems like that type of person. Hope that helps.


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