#Like whores

I’m new to writing so I’m definitely needy and require constant encouragement to help motivate me to write more. To that end, likes and comments are a welcomed ego boost.


Except for the “Like Whores”.


These are the people that seem to peruse the recently posted articles and auto like them regardless of their interest. Invariably their blog is focused on some get rich quick scheme that usually is so utterly laughable it makes me weep. 


I can’t abide by Like Whores. They ruin my day. I see an article has been liked and I immediately smile. “Someone adores my machinations”, I say to myself in giddy glee. Someone actually enjoys my daily dribbles and diatribes. They love my lecherous and utterly lusty stories. They like me….they really really like me!”



….but then the realization comes that the random like, the random faceless gold star of acceptance is a ruse. It is a ploy to get me to return to their blog. To auto-like their drivel. To comment on their cash grab scheme. They are nothing but attention seeking like whores and currently on the short list of people I’d like to slap in the cornea with a cricket bat. 


That is all. Image

9 thoughts on “#Like whores

  1. Your headline and photos are attention grabbing. Your words are well stated and interesting and your point is well made. Thanks for posting. While i don’t have a ‘get rich scheme blog (lol) feel free not to visit or follow back. This one is a freebie. I did enjoy my time here.


  2. I didn’t want to ckick like either but I did because I love this. I have the same reaction…that “high” of recognition only to feel the fall of let down. Well said post. 🙂


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