When it rains…it pours…and then…there’s a landslide

My god what the hell?

For the past five months I’ve been languishing in a lull at work. It’s been slow. Very slow. I’ve done my very best to keep busy. Improving the workplace, studying up on new techniques, programs, skills, etc. But with all of that filler I’ve had the opportunity to write whenever I felt the need. When I felt the pressure in my brain to be creative and release my inner sexual demons there was no issue. I’d simply type away for an hour and setup another short story to post on schedule.

But these days….it’s busy. Really busy. So busy in fact that only last night did I get more than two hours of sleep. The first time I’ve done so since I got back from vacation.

I’ve got my regular 8-4 M-F job that’s ramping up, but I’ve got side jobs coming at me with an increasing progression that is one part exciting and two parts crazy.

I’ve currently got three separate side jobs on the go, but have two more on the back burner. I’ve also got someone’s website to completely redesign, and my boss just approached me yesterday about a much larger side venture that could net me a five figure income for two months of work.

So…what about those lofty goals you set out for yourself?

I’m still going to do my darndest to maintain my self imposed schedule, but I’ve had to do some trimming on the personal side of my life. Currently I play on two different hockey teams and sub for a third. I had planned on continuing to play on two different teams through the spring and summer season, but it doesn’t look like I’ll have the time.

I still aim to run in a marathon, but I’m really far behind in training. My gym is open 6am-9pm but I’m usually working all of those hours. Luckily though the snow is finally melting which means I’ll be able to run outside at any time I choose. That’s definitely going to be a positive for me. I’m sure there are those out there that may read this blog and laugh at my unwillingness to run in the winter, but if you were to experience a central Canadian winter you would understand. There is the cold that you have to deal with, which I probably could, but then there is the snow and ice. It’s pretty hard to go for a 5k run in winter boots.

The triathlons will be hard to train for, but in the end biking and swimming are easier for me. As a former competitive swimmer I don’t have any problems with swimming longer distances, and biking is just biking. Remember I’m not attempting to WIN, I’m just trying to FINISH. Big difference.

So will you finally get back to writing some hot short stories? that’s really the only reason I subscribed to this silly blog….

I will certainly try.

One of the issues I have is that I’m doing my best to avoid the trite over used cliched situations that most romantic / erotic stories revolve around. I want to write something different. Something original. Something unique that you’ll find interesting. That will make you smile, make you squirm, and come back for more.

The other reason that the shorts have been difficult to write as of late is due to an extended period of absence from a muse. Being busy, and having her also being busy has drained me of a vast majority of my inspiration. I tried having an online muse, but it’s just not the same. Having someone real, someone tangible, touchable, is so much more invigorating than the cold touchless disjointed feeling of an e-muse. I’m still on the hunt for another muse, but the search is going poorly. I’m still hopeful though.



I’ve received more side jobs and a large side venture that will net me a good chunk of change. The drawback is personal time is limited even further and writing is definitely suffering. I will continue to try to maintain my goals and maintain my self imposed writing schedule.



5 thoughts on “When it rains…it pours…and then…there’s a landslide

  1. living gets in the way of life sometimes…so remember to take a moment each day, to center your mind and soul and re-charge yourself…


      1. You are the one giving permission yes? I think that entitles you to make up the rules. If you say someone, then it shall be! Now the question is…who? ๐Ÿ˜‰

        (After reading about your muse, I think I know the who!)


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