Truth #16

Does your boss like you or does he take you for granted?

When I first started my current job things were looking up. The company had a large number of projects on the go and a fair number on the horizon. This was a period of excitement for me. I was finally getting to do what I had wanted to do. The years of school were finally paying off. Or so it seemed…..


Then the economic crash of 2008 happened and the future that was rosy and bright didn’t seem so much anymore.

I was the last one hired to a position that had three others. The other two had more years of experience and more time in with the company. My job seemed for the most part, surely doomed.

It was then that my current boss joined the company. He was brought in to tighten up the reigns, cut staff, and make the company a leaner but still functional group. It was desperation times. People were getting fired or laid off on a weekly basis. The office I was in started with 15 people in it. Then it was 12, then 10, and so forth. But six months into the cull, I was still here. One of the three from my department was axed and I felt assured that I was next to go.

Realizing that the only hope of obtaining another job was to garner a glowing reference from my current boss, I worked my ass off. I didn’t consider it sucking up, not at the time at least, because in my mind it was simply a matter of time before I was let go. Then the strangest thing happened.

Late on a Friday I had to go to a site visit. I arrived back around 5pm or so to find the office empty, despite the number of cars in the parking lot. I wandered around for a bit to figure out what was going on. In my search I found out that the boardroom was being occupied. There is a certain area in the office that you can hear brief muffled words coming from the boardroom. Not enough to discern what is being said exactly, but enough that you can tell who’s talking. My co-worker and immediate supervisor was in the boardroom with my current boss, another supervisor, and the owner of the company.

I can’t recall the words I heard, but I distinctly recall thinking. “Well, I guess this is it.” I collected most of my personal junk into my gym bag, and deleted anything off my computer that I thought may be viewed as questionable. (ye’old clear history, and cookies lol)  Then, I walked out the door and headed home, expecting a phone call to tell me the news in a few minutes or so.

The phone call came. I took a deep breath. Summoned the courage, and answered the phone. It was the other site supervisor. He was calling me to let me know that my co-worker was no longer to be working with us. I was slightly shocked and I don’t recall what I said, but it garnered the response, “No…..we’ll see you on Monday……have a good weekend.”  I had made it. Despite the odds I had pulled through.

Now why this long drawn out story? How does it relate to the question at hand?

My current boss was told when he came on that he could fire and hire whomever he chose. The owner of the company had actually suggested that my entire department be immediately sacked. My boss, however, decided upon a softer handed approach and chose to evaluate us over time. The first firing was done on that basis, as was the last. I remained because he saw within me the opportunity for something greater than what my job description indicated. He saw that I never said I couldn’t do anything, unlike my co-workers who liked to stay in their little boxes. If I didn’t have the ability to accomplish the task requested I said the same thing nearly every time, “I don’t know how to do that yet, give me a couple of hours and I’ll figure it out though….”  and most of the time that was the case.

My boss, my current boss, appreciates this to no end. On a regular basis I’m utilizing programs I’ve never trained on, doing work I never studied, and doing it to the level of someone that has graduated from a program specifically for those things. I have single handedly saved the company double or triple my salary on a yearly basis.

The road has still been rough, as I’m sure everyone can attest to. This economic situation is tenuous and still quite stressful. Recently I found out that the owner had suggested getting rid of me three more times since I beat the initial cull. My boss has stood up for me and kept me on each and every time.

So does my boss appreciate me? Hell yes.

But far beyond that, I truly appreciate him.



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Powers of Persuasion

I’ve never understood the thrill conniving manipulative people got from their devious maniacal ways…..until…I became one of them.


There is a thrill, a sense of enjoyment that comes from persuading another human to bend to your will. To feel that sense of empowerment is slightly addictive. I never thought I was the type to enjoy manipulating others, but when I reflect on this site, what I write, and my interactions with you, the readers, I am a conniving manipulative deviant.


When I write I do so with the expressed interest in arousing you. I want you to be on edge. I want you to close your eyes and picture the scenes I’m painting with my words. I want you to feel what I’m expressing. You read the words on the screen and slowly become the people in the stories. No longer are you buttoned down and reserved. Maybe you’re sitting at the bus stop waiting for your ride to arrive. But as you wait you’re perusing the interior of my mind at an increasingly rapid pace. As the tempo of temptation and titillation increases, you scroll faster, read faster, and want more.


You’re putty in my virtual hands as it were. I have persuaded and coaxed you out of your shell and into mine.


This is my power over you…..and I adore it.


So with this in mind I have decided to add another regular feature to my blog. “Tumblr Feed Tuesdays” the first official TFT will be on the 30th and you can look forward to 10 or more tempting erotic photos from my personal collection each and every week.

Like I’ve said before, there’s nothing better than a shared addiction for the enticing and erotic. After all…..isn’t that why we’re here? 😉





the Beast Within

There is a beast inside of me that aches to be free.

It craves you like the sail does wind.

 Episode 4 - Light as a Feather, Hard as an Anvil

I’m caged behind this wall of civility

A hungry predator pacing

Kept from the prowl


Chained is that fiend within me.

The ravager,

The savage,

The devourer of the innocents.

May08 O_face

My own inner demon that races through my mind

Beats the drum of my heart.

 May15 Sensual 006

It’s just so exhausting,

Holding it back.

Pretending it’s not there.

07 05 2012 002

I am the calm and civil gentleman.

I hold open the door.

I smile politely

count the hands ;)

But all I want to be is

Primal. Carnal. Hedonistic.


There is a beast inside me.

It aches to be free.

 08 09 2012 009




It’s getting…..complicated..

From A to Z – A complicated past


As each episode progresses and I move on to the next, I’m slowly becoming aware that each character’s back story is getting more difficult to track. In addition, because of my habit of writing first drafts with no rewrites, I sometimes forget what I’ve already written! 0_o

Of course this was what I wanted though. I wanted complication. I wanted back stories and histories. I don’t want the characters to be flat cardboard cut outs. I want them to be real, calloused, corruptible, prone to heart ache, loneliness, weakness, as well as strengths. I don’t want their histories to completely shackle them, but I want their histories to, at least partially, define them. (as it is in reality)


So while it’s getting a little complicated for me to follow my own stories, I’m glad for it. If it was easier, then it would be boring and I just can’t have that.


At some point I’ll really need to buckle down and draw out flowcharts and lists of the main and secondary characters in order to keep track of everyone.



…..if anyone would like to help with that…I’d certainly be grateful 😉


Anyways, I hope everyone is enjoying the story so far and continue to enjoy it as each weekly episode appears.



Chapter 19 – I Want You Too

Chapter 19 – I Want You Too

“If a man likes you, he will always do this.”

You heard Leon speak the words, but your mind was somewhere else. Two nights ago you had your first experience with a woman. It was your first experience with anyone really. Celine was everything you could have hoped. She was caring and considerate. She took her time, was patient. She didn’t force you to do anything or ask you for anything. It was like a long protracted exploratory session that was absolutely riveting and rocked you to your core. Several times. Now, two nights later you found yourself in a very similar situation with Leon and though his technique was subtly different, he certainly knew what he was doing.

You simply allowed Leon to take care of you. His tongue dancing across your skin and causing fiery pulses of excitement to jolt through your still inexperienced body. Your mind was racing the entire time. “You giggled too much.” you’d think to yourself. “You’re laughing at each touch. He’s going to think you’re an idiot.” But you couldn’t help it. Everything new and exciting, your brain didn’t know how to react to the sensations rocketing through your body. So even though your inhibitions and fears would likely never be higher than in this moment, Leon still managed to coax you into a whimpering submission.

The difference between him and Celine was night and day. Celine was petite, delicate, tender and demure. Leon was strong, thick, solid, weighty, and even though he was just as tender as Celine, the apprehension that came from his strength mixed the sensuality with a dash of fear. It was clear that Leon was aware of this and as such seemed to do quite a lot of talking. Although it’s possible he was always this chatty with all of his conquests, you had the distinct feeling that he was one part lover and two parts professor. “Now this, this I know you will like,” he said in his thick Parisian accent which struck you as being thicker at the moment, “if you are with a man and he does this, he’s treating you right.” His tongue and fingers moved across your pussy in some manner that Leon deemed as being the “proper” way. “If he doesn’t do this,” he continued between the smacking of his lips, “then you have to train him to.” he licked away and you felt yourself shudder again. “But then once you’re ready you’ll see this,” he mumbled, his face still buried between your legs.

Unsure of what he was talking about you looked down at Leon in time to see him pull back and stand. Even in the dim darkness of his room you could see the outline of his body. All the lines of his form you expected to see, but with a small turn his profile became visible and you saw the foreign outline of a man sized cock. Hard, twitching, and anxious to be used. You couldn’t help but giggle. It wasn’t as if you hadn’t seen a man with an erection before. The girls in your high school used to torture Mr. Hubbard, the math teacher while in class. Wearing short skirts, low cut blouses, and dropping pens to pick them up slowly in an overtly obvious tactic to attempt to garner interest from Mr. Hubbard. Though the poor man never once did anything with a student, he had a hard time telling the rest of his body to be disinterested. The result, of course, was that more than a few classes had to be taught with Hubbard locked behind the desk, lest he accidentally show how hard he was. The girls were relentless, but somehow, even though you were able to catch glimpse of Hubbard’s raging cloth covered hardon, it never made you giggle. Not once. But the moment you saw the outline of Leon, and the tent his member had made in his loose fitting pants, you giggled like a giddy baby.

Leon simply smiled at you in the dark and slowly went about the business of disrobing. He pulled his pants off slowly, perhaps to keep you calm, or perhaps to entice you further. What happened though was as he pulled his pants and underwear down, the head of his sex caught on the waistband and kept his erection pointed downward till it finally released. At that point it swung up and into his stomach with a loud spank-like slap. You giggled more, but your eyes were transfixed on his pulsating sex. Despite your lack of experience you knew immediately what you wanted to do. You ached for his cock and instinctively reached out to touch it.

The skin of his phallus felt different than the rest of him. It was smoother, hotter, and seemingly heavier. You felt it with your hand, releasing it then pulling it down and releasing it again. Leon stood as a statue, allowing you to inspect him as your curiosity got the better of you. Gripping it in one hand you swung it down into the palm of your other hand, giggling yet again at the “thwap thwap” sound it made as it made contact. Leon squirmed a little bit with a slight nervousness of how the inspection was going. Still gripping the shaft you slid your hand up and back down it from base to tip and back, noticing the audible gasp as your fingers ran over the rim of it’s head. “I’ll have to remember that for later. “ you thought to yourself. With your other hand you reached underneath to cup Leon’s balls. Such an odd feeling. Wrinkly yet soft and smooth. They had a certain strength that exuded from them, but simultaneously so incredibly vulnerable. What a strange placement for a part of the anatomy that was so sensitive. Evolution certainly comes up with some unique choices.

The initial inspection of your first naked male member now over, the initial sexual urges returned. Gripping the shaft a little rougher than before you looked at Leon and smirked at his nervous grimace. Keeping your eyes on him, you lowered your head to his pulsating shaft. The head of his strong thickness flexing and twitching under your grasp. With a boldness that surprised you, your tongue snuck out of it’s home, out between your lips and extended to Leon’s waiting sex. Ever so gently, just as he had done with you. Slowly you closed the gap and your tongue made contact. The unusual texture, natural musk, and intriguing taste made you pause for a moment. You looked back up at Leon and saw him smile broadly. Clearly you were doing something correctly and that was all the encouragement you needed. You circled the head of his cock with your tongue, flicking and licking as you went, exploring every facet of this, your first ever penis.

His gasps and quick jerks only further your interest. You look back up into his eyes which were momentarily closed open widely and look back at you. Leon smiles again, “You’re a natural I think.” he says quietly while smiling broadly again. “What do you want to do next my love?” he asks as polite and considerate as ever.

You smile back, bit your lip for a moment, and after looking at the head of his cock once more, you state dryly, “This.” before opening your mouth wide and taking him into your mouth. The response you received from Leon made you squirm a little. You felt in power, in control, and so utterly sexy. Here it was, your first time, and you were able to make a man as experienced as Leon twist and contort in pleasure. You would have smiled again if not for the thick cock occupying your mouth. As everything else so far, it felt very different than you were expecting. Somehow it felt bigger within your mouth than it looked outside of it. It was difficult to concentrate with all of Leon’s gyrations and subtle moaning. A few times as you allowed his cock to slide back and forth, you had to remind yourself to not chomp down. Chuckling in your head as you thought how quickly this whole evening would end if you did so. A few moments later you felt Leon’s large hands gently caressing your head.

He wasn’t so much guiding your head as he was encouraging you to keep going. Not that you needed further encouragement. There was a sense of power to this arrangement which you didn’t realize until now. In every movie you had seen where a woman had been on her knees taking care of her man it always appeared to be a subservient role but that really wasn’t the case. You were in complete control of him. You could make him bend, twitch, moan and shudder with just a flick of the tongue and a movement of your mouth. You could cup his balls and squeeze gently and he would freeze whatever he was doing. You could graze your teeth over his shaft and give him that light subtle fear of possible pain. No, this wasn’t a subservient position at all. This was a place of power, and you thoroughly enjoyed it. “Merd!” you heard Leon grunt, his hands gripping your head tighter but allowing you to move freely. “Je ne peux pas croire à quel point vous êtes bon à ça!” he moaned. His usually smooth free flowing french becoming guttural, and spasmodic. “C’est comme si vous êtes un savant!” he muttered again. His hands tangled in your long hair and his moaning becoming louder and unbridled as he started to lose control. You could feel the head of his cock expand and pulse inside your mouth and soon after you could taste something sweet but salty.

Unsure of what just happened you pulled back and inspected his cock, squeezing it and seeing a drop of clear liquid oozing out of the head. You looked back up to Leon for an explanation, and your “professor” after taking a few breaths smiled and said, “Pré-foutre,” then after a pause, realizing that it was very unlikely that french sexual slang was covered in your study of the language, “Pre-cum”. You looked back at the drip of clear liquid and gently licked it up with your tongue, smacking your lips together as you investigated it’s taste and texture once more. You, of course, had heard all about “cum” while in high school. It seemed that was all most of the girls could talk about. Probably the boys too, but you steered clear of most of them. But now as you were face to face with Leon’s equipment you smiled in the knowledge that the taste wasn’t at all unpleasant. In fact, it was a bit of a thrill to see him dripping like a faucet. If anything it reassured you that your lack of practical experience was not the least bit noticeable.

Like most adolescents growing up, you had imagined what intimate relations would be like. You practice kissing in the mirror, or against your forearm. You imagined what it would feel like to have someone else’s lips on your skin, exploring you as you explored them. Before you even had your first kiss you knew which way you wanted to move your head. You knew if you wanted to keep your eyes open or closed. You knew if you liked strong passionate kisses like romantic movies of the 50’s, or the softer gentler sweet kisses of romantic comedies of the 90’s. There, of course, was a distinct difference between the two. The earlier portrayals of kisses were more about mashing faces together as tightly as possible, as if you didn’t really feel the emotion unless you pressed your lips to your lover with anything less than 100psi. Later movies seemed to be a little softer, allowing the audience to experience the tenderness and love of the moment. You often wondered if it was just the movies that had changed or if kissing back then was like it was on the screen. When your parents first kissed was it as was in “Gone with the Wind” minus the slap of course.

But kisses are different. You can imagine them easily. You have lips, you have a tongue, you can see what it would look like in a mirror. You can feel how it feels on your skin. Kissing, licking, and touching a man’s intimate parts could never really be imagined in any great detail. The few girlfriends you had said they practiced on bananas, which at the time sounded ridiculous. You recall hearing boys chuckle anytime a girl was eating a hotdog, as if in someway how much of the dog they devoured in a single gulp was an indication of how much of a slut they were, instead of how hungry they may have been. All of it was theory and conjecture. Everything you had assumed about what it would be like was completely wrong. Now that you were here, in the moment, your lips on his sex, his hands on your head, and you could feel the subtle movement of his hips, you realized that this wasn’t a chore at all. It wasn’t something that you had to force yourself to do. You enjoyed the pleasure of sensing Leon’s pleasure. You enjoyed the power and control over his stronger, bigger body.

Leon suddenly grabbed your head and held you still. Your mind raced trying to figure out what you had done wrong. “Stop. Stop. Stop. J’ai besoin d’une pause!” Leon spluttered. You looked up at him in disappointment, thinking you had hurt him or done something to displease him. Your heart sank, so much for being a natural you thought to yourself. “If you continued I would have finished in your mouth already.” Leon chuckled, “I don’t think you want that.” You smiled broadly realizing it wasn’t your lack of talent that caused him to pull away, but your abundance of it. Finish in your mouth? You suddenly felt curious as to what that would be like. You looked at his cock again as it twitched and flexed, another drop of pre-cum oozing out of the tip. Gripping the shaft once more without Leon’s permission you squeezed hard and pushed more pre-cum out, then rubbed into the head gently. Leon’s legs shook violently and his hips bucked before he instinctively took you by the shoulders and tossed you to the bed. “Fuck!” he yelled, “Not yet!” then broke into a hearty laugh seeing you lying on the bed, naked. Your smouldering sultry eyes driving deep into him. Looking him over like a piece of delicious meat. You could feel your own sex moistening and becoming heated. You wanted him. You wanted it now, more than you had ever thought possible. Your mind was transfixed. Locked into this course of action. Leon would be your first man. He would be the first to ever enter you. Your life would change from this point on. Soon the child would be no more, and the woman, strong, resilient, powerful, would rise in her place. Like the metamorphosis of a butterfly, the time had come to spread your wings and rise. Renewed and beautiful. A woman.

“I told you.” Celine would later say after hearing you babbler on about your first experience, her arms around the recently arrived Michelle. “I told you Leon would be a perfect choice for your first time.” Michelle smiled and hugged Celine back. While her first time with a man was nothing but torture she was quite evidently happy for you.

Michelle, of course, had received the letter you had sent on Celine’s behalf. On the pretext of going to visit a friend to spend New Years with, she had escaped the confines of her contentious home. Her mom was almost happy to see her go. In the weeks and months since she had got Michelle back she couldn’t help but notice the strained dynamic between Florian and her daughter. The motherly instincts that had been dulled earlier by the selfish desire for companionship were slowly reconstructing themselves. Though she didn’t want to believe it, Michelle’s mom was starting to suspect that what her daughter had claimed had happened, wasn’t just the fanciful stories of a attention seeking teenager. She couldn’t admit that to herself, however, let alone admit it aloud. So even though she was fairly certain that the story of Michelle’s New Years friend was a fabrication and that her daughter was off to see the conniving Celine, she allowed it anyways almost happy to be free of Michelle’s presence. Florian was mysteriously silent on the whole situation. He was very vocal about the need to track down, find, and retrieve Michelle when she had run away, but since then he and Michelle were avoiding each other. This was suspicious to Michelle’s mom, but she tried to reason it away as just being Michelle acting like a snobbish teenager again.

When Michelle had arrived Celine was shocked and overjoyed. It’s not everyday that your greatest love, the one you thought you lost forever, comes traipsing through the door unannounced. It was the night after you and Celine had spent together, and while you felt guilty for that, Celine seemed to be quite at peace. Perhaps because of her previous experience Celine’s intimate time with you had meant less to her than it had to you. It was difficult to tell. You wanted to talk to her about it, but now that Michelle had arrived it was impossible to separate the two.

Celine and Michelle reasonably wanted to spend time together, which left you with Leon. Additionally since Michelle no doubt had intentions of staying in Celine’s room you had to move to Leon’s. You were strangely comfortable with the shift. Leon was always such a perfect gentleman, but after Celine’s revelation of his interest in you, the desire to flirt with him became even stronger. By the second night you spent in his room, you had made it quite clear that you were interested in Leon as more than simply a platonic friend. “I can’t take this anymore.” he had said, looking at you lying on his bed in nothing but your underwear. His excitement visible, and the stress on his face as he tried to maintain some semblance of gentlemanly dignity. “It’s alright,” you finally said, “I want you too.” You recall vividly the look on his face. How the stress slid away and was replaced with visible desire. “I want you to be my first Leon.” you had said. It was enough to get the Frenchman on edge. “I want to make a memory.” you continued, using his own words against him, causing him to smile broadly before he crawled towards you on the bed and started your journey together into more uncharted territory.

Truth #15


If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

If this was 10 years ago I think it would have been an easier question to answer. That isn’t to say that I think I’m perfect now. Far from it. But I think that over the last little while I’ve become more comfortable with who I am and less anxious to change aspects of who that is.


Now of course you’re saying;

“But hey….you keep this writing a secret. You don’t tell us who you are or where you live or anything…how can you say you’re comfortable with who you are if you’re clearly keeping secrets?”

Well….person in my head….that’s certainly a valid question. I guess I would answer that by saying that I’m comfortable, but cautious. Being comfortable with who you are doesn’t automatically mean that everyone else is going to be. If I was to tell my mom what I write, and send her a sample, I think she would be outwardly supportive, but inwardly mortified. So while I may be ok with it, others aren’t. It’s for the sake of those others that I’m not so willy nilly about my actual reality.



Now I started by saying that I’m not perfect, and it’s true, very very true. Comfort with oneself doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement. So perhaps the question should be slightly reformed to say, “If you could refine one thing about yourself, what would it be?”

These are my top three:

  1. I’m not as fit as I should be. I really need to work out more.

  2. I eat too many sweets. Sugar is my downfall. It knocks me down every time. I need to improve my diet over the long term.

  3. I set lofty goals and will sometimes abandon them as achieving them gets more difficult than I have the patience for.

I must remember this when I get frustrated.



I hope that answers your question. Please be sure to vote on your choice for next weeks revelation.


Runaway Bride

I was having trouble for a few days because I was lacking inspiration to complete a story. A recently acquired friend of mine just happened to spark something within me. Though I’m sure she never intended it, she set me off writing this story like a madman. So to her I’d like to say thank you.

Thank you Jenny. You’re a real star and I hope you enjoy the story that you accidentally helped to create. 😉


Stranger Danger




“Stranger danger” you thought to yourself with a smile. Maybe at one time that was the case, but you were a grown woman now, and this man sleeping next to you was not offering you candy nor was he trying to get you into his van. “Shit….what’s his name?” the question came to you and you lied there in silence looking about the room as if the answer was going to come from somewhere else. Was it Matt?……Mike?…..Was it even an “M” name at all? You sat up slowly in the bed clutching the sheet to your naked breasts the way they do in every movie. Realizing the silliness of it, and that you didn’t need to maintain a PG rating, you dropped the sheet and smirked. “Was his name even important?” you asked yourself, unable to come up with a decent rebuttal.


Looking around the bedroom you could see the remnants of the previous night. The blinds were askew where he had pressed you up against the window. There was one of your shoes in the corner of the room, the other wasn’t visible within your sight line but most likely was near the edge of the bed. Beside you the stranger stirred, mumbling something unintelligible before taking a big breath and letting it out slowly. “Still asleep,” you concluded finding yourself content in that knowledge. “Nicholas!” your brain suddenly squealed. That’s what his name was. You looked to the ceiling and pantomimed a celebration that involved an inordinate amount of fist pumps and middle fingers being raised to the sky. You remembered because his name made you laugh. You wanted desperately to call him St. Nick, but it was hard to make jokes once his pants were off, and funny enough, you didn’t know his name until they were down around his ankles.


“This is so crazy!” you remembered saying, “I don’t…..I don’t even know your name?!” you managed to say, between kissing him and rapidly disrobing. “Me? My name is Nicholas.” he stated matter of factly moments before he slid his pants around his ankles and started to step out of them.


“Did you even tell him your name?” you ask yourself, trying to recall if you had or not. The sly feeling trickling through your mind is that you hadn’t. “How the hell did I even get here?” you asked yourself, laughing as you looked over the handsome….naked? You check quickly lifting the covers and seeing the outline of his muscled legs and delightfully round rump drop the covers, naked…definitely naked man.





:20hrs ago:



“I’m going to be sick.”


“For reals?”


“Oh god….I really shouldn’t be here….I shouldn’t be doing this….”


“Oh whatever sis….he loves you…you love him….this is what yer supposed to do right? Isn’t that what people like….do when they love each other and whatever?”


Your sister, though astonishingly pretty and grown up looking in the bridesmaid dress you hand picked, had the maturity of a toddler and the vocabulary of a valley girl that had been dropped once too many times as a child. “I know, I know….but…it doesn’t feel right.” you try to explain but the words have no impact.


“What if you wear some like….I dunno….like…different shoes?” she offered.


“Huh?” is all you manage to reply, baffled by her supposed solution.


“You know. Like…change your shoes. Sometimes when I think…you know….like…I’m not having a good day and stuff….I like…change my shoes and then…it’s better. You know?”


“Good god,” you thought to yourself, “no one has a clue what you’re saying.” is what you wanted to say, but instead you just stood staring into the mirror looking at yourself and your sister in the mirror. The wedding dress really did look amazing. You probably would never look better than in this moment and in this dress, but all the while as you stared into the mirror it was as if you were looking at someone else and that stranger in the mirror was wearing your dress, not you. “I don’t know what you mean sis.” you managed to reply softly.


“Like sometimes when you change your shoes the ground is like….softer….and like….you know? Like when you walk and you feel better…lighter….happier. Maybe you need to change your shoes. That’s all. You’re just wearing the wrong ones.”


Then there was a singular moment of clarity and the issue became clear in front of you. You were getting married to the wrong pair of shoes! The comfy ones. The ones that you don’t worry about damaging because you can replace them at Walmart for less than $10. They were safe, boring, and above all, they didn’t fit. “I’m wearing the wrong shoes.” you said allowed, much to your sisters delight, happy that her advice was worth while for the first time ever. She began taking her shoes off and started to hand them to you when you hopped off the stand and walked right by her. You picked up the dress and sauntered right out of the Hall, out the lobby, past some of the guests that had arrived late, and out onto the street. Moments later you had hailed a cab and were heading away from the comfort of $10 laceless boat shoes.



:12hrs ago:


“What’s your name?”



“Huh?” it was hard to hear the question as the music raged in the background.


“What is your name?” came the question again, this time with overly expressive lip and mouth movement so that even the most stunted of lip readers could understand what was going on.






“AN….DRE……A” you repeated loudly. Emphasizing each syllable. He nodded nonchalantly while sipping his drink. “What’s yours?”


“Ni…a…..” the response came, completely unintelligible as the song that was playing had kicked into high gear.


“Huh?” you repeated, scowly and wincing as you tried to hear his response.


“Ni…….s” he repeated, louder than before but still just as impossible to decypher. You just nodded and smiled pretending to understand what he said.


“Want to…..t……ere?” he asked, the sentence dissolving into the increasingly fervent music. You ascertained that he must have either asked if you wanted to get out of here, or asked if you wanted to get a beer. Since you already had a drink in your hand and it was the furthest thing from a bromidic barroom beer, you concluded he must have asked if you wanted to leave with him.


A quick nod and a half hearted smile is all that you needed to give him in order to convey your feelings on the matter. He paced his unfinished drink on the side, took yours and placed it next to his, then stood with his hand out. You took it instinctively and stood up next to him. Without any further discussion he presented his arm to you and you took it walking out with him as if it was always your intention to do so.



:10 Hours Ago:



Since leaving the bar it was much easier to have a conversation with the man, but conversation didn’t seem to be on either of your minds. He, of course, was a handsome man. He had the features you always read about in spy novels or romance chick lit. How did they like to put it? Tall, dark and handsome. Chiseled jaw, elegantly dressed. His hair in place, his breath odorless, his musk delicious to inhale. In so many ways this man was the exact opposite of the one you had left at the altar mere hours before. He was a pair of Louis Vuitton pumps. Exquisite, expensive, beautiful to look at, and hard on the feet. The laceless boat shoes were quickly becoming a tired memory.


After the bar he had taken you to a park nearby the building the bar was in. It was a quiet, beautiful, tranquil space filled with expertly trimmed bushes and well manicured grasses. Perfect for a long walk and an intimate talk, neither of which you had any interest in. Despite the pangs of societal guilt knocking at the door in the back of your mind, you had already decided that this man was going to be yours tonight. Perhaps it was the alcohol, or maybe it was the rush of emotion from running away from the future that had been so certain, but you felt dizzy and excited in this strangers presence. His solid frame was imposing, his beautiful eyes made you feel butterflies when he looked at you and smiled. He was talking now, but you didn’t care to listen. You were instead just watching his lips move and wondering how they would taste. Would he be as attentive and alluring as you hope he would be? Would he know where to put his hands? Would he know how to hold you tight and aggressively but loose enough so you didn’t feel trapped? He’s stopped talking now, what did he say? Does it matter? You simply smile and nod, “Uh huh.” you mumble, faking your way through a conversation you have no part in.


The rouse must have worked because he began to talk again. That jawline was so delicious. His eyebrows, were they manicured? They’re just too perfect. You look to his eyes, to his lips, to the thick strength of his neck, a telling sign of what lies underneath the clothes you wish were already gone. You let your gaze trail down, imagining the line of his body beneath the fabric. His chest, would it be hairy or smooth? His legs are well muscled and strong, and you quickly glance over his crotch wondering what mystery hid behind the zipper of his fly. “What do you think?” he ended his sentence. You had no clue what he was talking about. It could have been sports, politics, or a lengthy excerpt of the Bible for all you cared. You just wanted him. You wanted him to take you back to his apartment and ravage you. To tear off all of your clothes and send you into an oblivious state of ecstasy. “Well?” he asked again, and you realized a response would be required.


“Beautiful.” is all you managed to mumble not caring about his completely confused expression.


“I don’t understand.” he admitted, slightly amused by your answer to the question of, “Do you want to grab a coffee?”

“I don’t care.” you replied shaking your head and laughing. “I don’t really care about whatever you were talking about. I don’t care about your question. I don’t care about anything right now.”




“I just…..don’t….care.” you repeated, moving closer to him, “All I want is for you to take me back to your place….and be….care…less…..with….me.” each of the last words were punctuated with little kisses you planted on his perfect pouty lips.


“Alright then……shall we get a cab.” he laughed and turned you around to walk back out of the park.



:9 Hours Ago:



That was another first you could check off the list. Making out with a stranger in the back of a cab. “Check”. Your hopes were reassured, and your fears dissuaded. He was indeed a terrific kisser. He took his time, and balanced exploratory kissing with aggressive passionate kissing. It was intoxicating. You wanted him so badly. You could feel yourself shivering in anticipation, melting into him, allowing him to move you where he wanted. His strong hands on your head, his perfect lips kissing, sucking, biting yours. You felt the draw of his body. The anxiousness pulsated through you and your hands danced across his torso with a flighty touch trying desperately to hold on to some semblance of dignity. Several times you caught the taxi driver watching you in the mirror. Ordinarily you’d be upset. How dare he stare at you while you’re kissing your lover. But tonight, was different. You wanted to be seen. You wanted everyone to know how bad you were being. You even went so far as to wink at the poor man as you enjoyed your new nameless lovers tongue running down your neck sending shivers cascading through your body and standing every hair on end.


“We’re almost there.” he mutters into your ear before biting it. You feel yourself swoon and droop into his strong solid body. “Thank god.” you think to yourself. Your hands have danced over every inch of him and you could hardly wait to see the nakedness hidden underneath. With a dangerously bold injection of fearlessness you ran your hand between his legs, from his knee up his thigh to rest on what was now very distinctly a thick pulsating erection. You gripped it in your hand through his pants, feeling it’s length, it’s with. Trying to discern any and all features through multiple layers of fabric. Responding to your touch you felt his teeth graze your neck and nibble at your exposed skin. Without thinking you gripped his cock roughly through the fabric and gently twisted. The tension and pressure enough to make the strength wilt from him as his mouth opened wider and he moaned. Once more you caught the eye of the driver in the mirror. He looked at you with hungry eyes and you blew him a kiss as you released your grip on your nameless lover allowing him to concentrate enough to return his lips to your ear whispering what he plans to do when you reach his apartment.


The taxi slows and finally comes to a halt in front of a large apartment tower and both you and the stranger make adjustments to ready yourselves for public view. After closing the door behind you he slips the driver a large bill through the window and tells him to keep the change, but the driver instead has his eyes on you. Drinking in every inch of your sensuality for later use when he’s home with his wife. You blow him one last kiss, and give him one more wink before standing up straight and waltzing away arm in arm with your prize stallion.


“G’night John” he says to the doorman.


“G’night Mr……Sta….k..n” the name disappearing in your mind the moment the doorman utters it. You don’t care about names. You don’t care about tomorrows. The time is now, and you were going to enjoy it.


:8 Hours Ago:


The elevator took far too long to reach his floor, but you did your best to cope by enveloping yourself in his body. He wrapped his strong arms around you and kissed you deeply as if you were lovers from former lives. You allowed him to kiss you, and drifted away into a formless existence, as if watching yourself from outside your body. You felt his hands on you, his arms around you, his lips on yours. The heat of his skin, the intensity of his eyes. Good god you wanted him! When would this elevator get to it’s destination. You could no longer wait. While he held you close you drew both your hands down his chest, around his waist, down his legs, and up his thighs to reach his very erect cock, still tortuously hidden beneath layers of clothing. “Fuck” you mutter, cupping at his balls and stroking his member through his pants, then smile as he once more loses concentration while kissing you.


Finally the elevator dings and seconds later the doors open with a thud. “This way,” he commands, taking you by the hand and leading you down the short hall to a large door labled “PH1”


“Penthouse?” you thought to yourself. “Not bad.” you smirked. You had never chased money, power, or men with either, but it was a bit of a thrill knowing that this man of means found you irresistible. He swiped his card through the keyless entry and the door clicked in response. Turning you he smiled and swung the door open to show you his not so humble abode.


It was a stunning looking apartment. This man either had style, or knew who to pay to acquire the appropriate style. It was sparsely furnished which made the large expansive room seem even bigger. On the far side of the apartment was an entire line of windows starting in one corner and then continuing seamlessly around the other. Out the window you saw the brilliance of downtown below you. The lights of the city reflecting the stars, traffic was minimal and had the look of shooting stars reflected in a large pool of water. “Not bad.” you said with a smile looking back at the proprietor of the property, “But I’m more interested in what’s behind door number two.” you continue, reaching for and then running your hand up over his still bulging crotch.


“I was hoping you’d say that.” he chuckled closing the door behind himself as he followed you into the living room of his apartment.


Once you had brought him up to the edge of the room you stared out over the city while you held him. The light from the front hall illuminated your silhouette and both of you were lightly reflected in the floor to ceiling windows. No longer able to contain yourself you lower to your knees in front of him and gently unzip the fly of his dress pants. With the zipper out of the way his cock pushes further out to meet you, no longer having to strain against two layers of fabric. Swiftly you wrench his pants to the ground and he calmly steps out of them. You lick your lips as you look over the outline of his cock under this final barrier of cloth. Lightly you draw your finger over the outline, feeling every ridge, every bump, every vein. You could feel the heat of his engorged member through his underwear and smiled to yourself as you could see him twitching trying to hold back but still enjoying your teasing touch. Looking up at him you ran your hands over the outside of his thighs till you reached his waist, then hooked your thumbs inside the waistband of his underwear before slowly pulling them down to his knees.


As expected the head of his cock was trapped by the waist band and bent against the fabric as you pulled the underwear further down. At a certain point the waistband loosened it’s hold and you were greeted by the delightful upswing up his cock, hearing it slap against his hard flat stomach before returning to it’s aggressive horizontal position. It was like it was it’s own animal. Red, angry, mean looking, but still beautiful in your eyes. You bit your lip and brought your face closer to his musky sex enjoying the heat pulsating from its surface. His cock twitched and the head expanded briefly and then returned to normal. You looked up at him and extended your tongue to a point. Edging ever closer you could see the anxious look in his eyes. He clearly wanted this as much as you did, but you knew you wanted it more.


You ran your tongue up the tip of his cock and were treated to a long extended moan emanating from the gaped mouth above you. You smirked to yourself and then ran your tongue up the tip again, but this time over to the right, then once more, but over to the left. Again he moaned and out of the corner of your eye you could see him clench and then relax his fingers as he attempted to maintain civility in the face of greater temptation. You ran one of your hands from his waist over to his balls. You cupped them as you continued to tease him with your tongue, feeling them gently in your hand resisting the urge to grip them and squeeze them. He moaned in appreciation of your attentiveness, continuing to ball his hands into fists.


Out of the corner of your eye you caught your reflection in the large window. The darken sparsely starred sky has made it almost as a mirror. Seeing yourself in such a manner shoots a jolt of excitement through your body. Seeing yourself on your knees, tongue extended to tease a beautifully shaped cock. You continue to administer careful licks, and tender kisses to his delicious phallus, but instead of watching his eyes you watch yourself in the reflection. It’s delightfully deviant. You think that this is what he must see, this is what this hunk of man flesh finds exciting, and while you watch yourself slowly draw his cock into your mouth, you can’t help but agree. If this was some movie you had secretly ordered at a hotel, you would enjoy it. If you had been asked by your friends if you watched it, you wouldn’t deny it. It was sexy. It was succulent. You smiled and winked at your reflection before closing your eyes and taking his thickness as deep as you could into your warm inviting mouth.


As you took him inch by inch, you felt his hands finally drop to your head, his fingers in your hair and checking the reflection in the window you could see his gaze watching your determinedly. “Fuck!” he manages to moan as you slide his cock back out, licking it once, and drawing it back into your mouth as your tongue continues to swirl around the head. His hips twitch as he tries to hold back from bucking and thrusting. Every instinct in his body aches to grab you, throw you to the ground and madly fuck you with wild abandon, but he holds fast. “That just won’t do.” you think to yourself, and increase the tempo and veracity of your ministrations. “God damn it!” he shouts and you smile, despite the large erection sliding between your lips.


With your hand gently tugging on his balls you slide back and forth on his cock, feeling it pulse and strain in your mouth. With your free hand you reach up and feel his smooth hard chest. Smiling once more as you tweak his nipple through his shirt causing his body to shake. Once more you look at yourself in the reflection. You look sensational. Like a fabulous debutante turned sultry seductress. Your lips glisten with a mix of your own spit and his leaking sweet and salty juices. Gripping his shaft tightly in your hand you pull your head back and lick the tip of his cock. A light strand of pre-cum ropes between your tongue and the tip of his head. “Fuck that’s hot.” you think to yourself looking at the reflection. It was like an odd out of body experience, combined with exhibition. You felt like you were showing off, for your own benefit. Your mind racing with excitement and your pussy tingling with anticipation. You wanted this dick inside of you. This hard angry, mean looking cock. You wanted to feel it. Every inch. Every single nuance. You wanted to feel it stretch your pussy. You wanted to feel the twinge of pain mixed with the waves of pleasure. God damn if he didn’t pick you up and toss you down to fuck you, you were going to do it to him. If he wasn’t going to be the aggressive man of the moment, then you were going to show him how it’s done.


You take one of his balls into your mouth and suckle it gently while stroking his shaft and once more you see his head flop back as he moans. “Oh you like that do you?” you think to yourself, continuing to lick and suck on his tender scrotum. Why had you never thought to do this before? Your tongue continued to explore as you alternated between gripping his shaft tightly, and stroking the head lightly. His legs shook and trembled and you felt his hands starting to grip your hair roughly, then relax once more. “He’s trying to be nice.” you thought to yourself. “I’m going to have to take charge then.” Pulling his shaft up and exposing his balls you dive in and aggressively lick and suck on them feeling him twitch and shudder with a combination of fear and excitement. You look once more over at your reflection and give yourself a wink. “Time to take charge.”


Standing in front of him now you still grip his erection in your soft hand before planting a wet sloppy kiss, amusing yourself with the thought of him tasting his own juices on your lips. Of course he’s too turned on to give a care and kisses you as deeply as you kiss him. Using his cock as a lead you turn and drag him over to the couch that is nearby. With one hand on his member, and the other on his chest you push him back onto the couch. “Strip!” you order and he immediately does as you demand, unbuttoning his shirt, loosening his tie, and removing both, tossing them to the floor. “God he looks good enough to eat” you think to yourself, biting your lip as you drink in his nakedness in front of you. The head of his erection pulsing and twitching as he looks you over as well.


You, of course, are still dressed and that just won’t do. You take one step towards him and push his legs open so that you may stand between them. The feeling of being exposed and vulnerable does not appear to worry him in the least, instead he becomes even more excited. The look on his eyes even more intense as he stares at you. While standing between his bent legs you turn around, and slink your body from side to side, as if dancing to slow music that only you can hear. With one hand you reach back and unzip your dress, looking over your shoulder at him as you push the fabric off one shoulder, then looking over the other shoulder as you push the dress of it as well. You see yourself once more in the window and smirk. “That’s hot” you think to yourself, and then slither side to side allowing the dress to slide down your body and drop to the floor. Slowly you step out of the dress as you continue to slither side to side. Then, with your back still to him you bend over with straight legs and pick the dress up, tossing it over to the side. You run your hands up your legs as you slowly straighten up, emulating as best as you can, a sensuous strip tease worthy of center stage. Reaching behind your back you unclasp your bra, and with your free hand you clutch the lacy support tight to your body. Then with all the subtlety of a hungry cat on the prowl you turn to face him, smiling at his obvious anxiousness, slowly lift your hand away, and drop the bra on his raging hardon.


He continues to smile as he picks the bra up and moves it the side. As he does you turn once more, hooking your thumbs into your panties you bend over again and slowly inch them down over your ass till they also drop to the floor. Once more you stand up slowly and look over your shoulder at him. His gaze is fixed on your naked ass and he’s biting his lip hard. Clearly he’s desperate to maintain control of himself which is the one thing you wish he wouldn’t do. Still, the amusement of torturing this poor man into submission is exquisitely satisfying. You bend over one last time to remove your pumps when you feel his warm hand slap across your ass. “No.” he finally commands, “Leave the shoes on.” You look at him around your legs, smiling as you do, then stand once more turning to face him.


His eyes are drinking you in, every inch a tasty morsel. You reach down again and grip his hard cock and pull on it a couple of times. He twitches and grimaces with a mixture of pleasure and pain. You bend over and engulf his thickness with your mouth allowing your spit to dribble out and trail down the length of his shaft to his scrumptious looking balls. With no further thought you quickly straddle him, setting one knee down beside his thigh and placing the other one down once you have his cock lined up. With everything in it’s place you slowly lower your body on to him and feel the agonizingly wonderful feeling of his member stretching you out as his phallus slowly slides all the way in. You moan in approval and he echos you in turn. Rising up you feel your body clinging to his as if it’s saying it’s not quite done with his cock. You couldn’t agree more and lower yourself back again. This time he slides easier, quicker, slicker. His cock teasing the sensitive insides of your pussy as your clit enjoys the pressure of his pubic bone pushing into yours. He moans and you gasp a little, then rise up and plunge down. Harder this time, faster. Then again..harder still, faster still. Your bodies collide with a stiff slap and you feel the distinct pleasure of his balls swinging up to meet you as he thrusts.


“Fuck!” he shouts, much louder than you were expecting. The sound reverberates around the sparsely decorated room and only excites you further. Up you slide again, down once more. He thrusts up to meet you and again you feel his balls, his body, everything. You can start to feel your skin flush, your fingers tingling. You seem to be getting even wetter if that was even possible. Once more you catch your reflection in the mirror. You smile and watch yourself rise up, and plunged down, then again up and down. Faster each time. Quicker and quicker.


Without warning you feel it rushing through your body. Like diving into a warm pool of pure pleasure you nerves and muscles twitch and pulse. You gasp and take in a quick breath of air as your body spasms. “Oh fuck.” you moan quietly as your eyes flutter and roll back. You’re losing control, but this beautiful stranger is well aware. With his strong hands he grasps your wrists and begins to thrust up into you with steady precision. The constant, unending attack is making you writhe, your legs jolt you from side to side and you can hear yourself panting, unable to get a steady breath. Then as you think you’re about to regain control he moves one of his hands from your wrist and into your hair, gripping you and pulling you towards him. The tension on your scalp intensifies every feeling bursting through your body. Your hips bug, you open your mouth and for the first time you yell, “F-f-f-f-fuc-k! I’m cumming god ….fucking……damn…!” as your body rocks and shudders. The spasms cascade through you as the tension you’ve being building up for so many restless days is finally relentlessly released. Mercifully he slows his pace to allow you to recover.


His slickened member still sliding in and out of your poor quivering pussy, you keep muttering, “Oh fuck…oh fuck…oh fuck that felt good…fuck..fuck” You still in the throes of your orgasm and you can feel your face, fingers, and even your toes tingling, but this man is not slowing or stopping his motions. You smile and bite your lip. You’ve never been with anyone that could take you to the summit twice in one go. His hand slides down from your hair to your neck, as his other slides up from your wrist to join it. Within his strong grasp you feel your heart flutter with both fear and excitement. Holding you there for a moment he gyrates his hips up into you then rotates and thrusts again. You feel yourself getting wet once more, and yet another moan escapes your lips.


Without warning he picks you up and stands in front of the couch with your legs wrapped around him. After one last thrust he drops you to the couch in a heap. You look at him in confusion but you’re still anxious for more. Grabbing one of your arms he pulls you up towards him then faces you away from him on the couch. Now you’re kneeling, your ass sticking out and presenting itself to him as a prize to take. You look in the window at his reflection, and catch him looking as well. You smile, and he laughs giving you a hearty spank on your exposed and wiggling ass. Leaving his hand on your ass you feel him squeeze then release your ass cheek before spanking you once more. You’re aching for it now. All you can think about is how much you want his cock back in you. As you squirm beneath him he lines up the head of his stiff member and slowly slides it forward. It’s agonizingly slow. He moves barely at all, and you twitch and squirm as you get antsy for more of his thick hard cock. Rocking your hips from side to side you try as best you can to get him a little deeper. You gasp suddenly as you feel the head of his cock pulse and flex, stretching you for a moment and giving you the delectable full feeling you’re aching for. “God damn it fuck me!” you hear yourself squeal, much to your own surprise.


But he didn’t, much to your shagrin. Instead he just spanked your quickly reddening ass instead. You squirm and wiggle once more as he slowly pushes the head of his member into you, only to pull it out again. “F-f-f-f-f-f-f-fuck” you moan loudly, “Damn it!”. All you can hear is him chuckling evilly behind you. His hand comes down and grips your ass once more, then the other slides down your back to your other cheek squeezing them both roughly. You desperately want him to fuck you but now you’re frightened to ask lest he torture you even further. You feel his dick twitch within you and his head pulses once more. Again he slides into you slowly and you close your eyes and bite your lip, hoping, wishing, desperately wanting for him to push it all the way in. You want to feel every inch, every morsel. But again, just as you think he’s going to, he slides his way back out again. You can’t help but whimper.


“What do you want?” he asks, coldly.


“Huh?” you respond, trying as best you can to stop from gyrating and rotating your hips. You can’t take any more teasing.


“I asked you a simple question.” he retorts with a taste of venom in the words, “What do you want?”


“I want….I want you to fuck me.” you reply softly, afraid of the repercussions of your admission.


“Are you sure?”




“You don’t sound sure. Are you sure you want me to fuck you?” he’s torturing you on two fronts now. As he’s asking you the question he’s continuing to tease your poor pussy with agonizingly slow, shallow movements of his cock. Your pussy has become so sensitive to any movement you can almost feel every ridge and vein on his member.


“I want you to fuck me.” you state again, slightly louder than the first time.


“Louder.” he demands, thrusting a little further into you.


You leap at the chance at deeper penetration and repeat back louder still, “I want you to fuck me.”


“Louder!” he yells, “I don’t believe you!” he thrusts a little harder, a little deeper and you feel chills and shivers running down your spine at the increased tempo.


“I want you to fuck me!” you yell.


“Louder!” he yells back at you, “I want the whole building to know what you want.” He grips your hips roughly and propels himself into you. The loud smack of your ass meeting he hips delights your ears as your pussy pulsates around his cock.


“I WANT….YOU….to….FUCK MEEEEE!” you scream at the top of your lungs, stunned at the feeling it gives you. The shout alone is causing your fingers to buzz again and your lips start to hurt from biting them.


With one hand he grips your hip and thrusts hard into you, as deep as is possible. The pang of pleasure and pain shoots through your body and you can feel your pussy gush from your excitement. Slowly he pulls out and you whimper, fearing further torture. You then feel the foreign but salacious feeling of his thumb drawing little gentle circles on your tight as yet untouched asshole. With a quick buck of his hips he thrusts back into you and you moan in approval. Again he pulls back slowly and simultaneously continues to tease your asshole. The sensation of having your ass tickled by his gentle thumb and finally having the full length of his cock inside of you starts to send you into a tailspin of pleasure. “Fuck me!” you moan loudly and he thrusts again. “Fuck me!” you demand and again he thrusts. The sensations are pulsing through your body again and you can feel you’re losing control.


“You think you’re going to cum again?” he growls, gripping you by the shoulder with one hand while the other continues to tease your poor asshole. “Not until I say so.”


“But….” you moan in response, suddenly fearing any reprisal.


“No, you’re not allowed. You can’t cum until I tell you.” he commands, increasing then decreasing the veracity of his thrusts and staring at you in the reflection in the window.


“Oh fuck..” you mutter trying to concentrate now on relaxing. You gasp and shudder involutarily.


“No you don’t.” he grunts again, slowing the thrusts of his cock to a crawl. You whimper once more, feeling yourself aching for release more than you’ve ever done in your life. “Not yet.”


“I need to…..cum.” you moan. Squirming back and forth, trying desperately now to reduce the friction you’re feeling from his stiff member sliding in and out of your soaking pussy. “I…I….I can’t hold on.”


“No.” he grunts again, easing his cock all the way into you once more. “Not until I say you can.”


“Please” you hear yourself beg, “Please I need tooooooo.”


“Not until I say so.” he growls again, but this time his growl is punctuated by his own stifled moan. You feel your pussy twitch and squeeze down on his cock making each slow deliberate thrust even sweeter. You whimper again and start blubbering. No words make it past your lips, instead just a stream of incoherent babbling. You moan and squirm and desperately try not to beg for more. You feel your arms start to shake, your toes curl and relax, then curl again. You feel yourself bunching your hands up into fists then slapping them down on the couch. You’re in agony, desperate, horrible, beautiful agony. You can’t think of anything else but cumming. All you want is to feel that release. You want to unkink the hose and let the torrent flow through you. You feel your entire body buzz, your head becomes light and your eyes start to roll back as you mouth opens wide and you gulp in air. “Now.” he says softly, his lips on your ear. “Cum for me.” he says, louder this time. Stopping to nibble on your ear. He thrusts more deliberately, keeping a steady pace of long deep thrusts. You gasp and moan as the waves start to crash across your body, but before you realize it he’s slide his thumb into your ass. The foreign feeling is tremendous and you feel your ass clamp down then release on his thumb. He wiggles it from side to side and in and out ever so lightly as he increases the pace of his thrusts. You’re now lost in the cascade of pleasure washing across your body. You feel your ass twitch, your pussy pulses and your legs begin to shake as you cum for the second time tonight. The time even harder, longer, and louder than before. You squeal in delight and yell obscenities for all to hear.


Behind you the distinct gasping of your beautiful stranger comes to the forefront of your mind. His thrusts become erratic and shallow. His gasps equally so. Then a loud growl bordering on howl bellows out of the man as he shouts “Ohhh fuckkkkkk….yessssss” pulling out of your soaking cunt to eject his hot white seed onto your backside. You feel the first thick rope of cum splat across the small of your back. It’s followed by a second slash which glances of your ass cheek. The final spasm causes him to buck wildly and he jettisons another sample of his seed which lands between your shoulder blades. Looking at him in the reflection you can think of no other hotter scene than the one you just witnessed. Seeing this man in full control was delicious, but seeing him lose control and become the animal you desired was even more scintillating.


The gasps slow and the low gutteral moans give way to a subtle chuckle. You look over your shoulder at him and see what he’s laughing at. Out of the corner of your eye you see that your back now looks to be claimed as his as thick white ropes of cum crisscross your skin causing you to smile at your accomplishment. This wonderful stranger that has so thoroughly fucked you now stands proud in recognition of his handiwork. He smiles at you then gives you a quick spank, “Get in the shower, you’re filthy.” he chuckles. You follow the man’s instructions and head off to the shower smirking at the feeling of his cum dribbling down your back and onto the floor.


:7 Hours Ago:


After both of you had showered you joined him in his bed. Naked again you slithered up next to him as he quickly dozed off to sleep. On the nightstand a phone vibrated and you picked it up to see what was the cause. On the screen was the message, “Hope you had a good time. I still love you. Let’s talk about it in the morning.” Your fiance. The man you were almost wed to just last night. The man you feared to get hitched to because he seemed so average and boring. He knew what you did? He knew where you were? And he didn’t mind? Perhaps you had sold him short. Maybe he was more adventurous than you assumed. Maybe……just maybe… should invite him over to the stranger’s penthouse for brunch tomorrow, and the three of you could work it all out over the next few days. That sounded like a great idea.


Picking up the phone you quickly texted back. “Had a great time. Lots of fun. Wish you were here. Would have been even better.” You paused for a moment, your finger hovering over the send button, then over cancel, then back over send. With a last fleeting thought you hit send and the message went through the ether of the telecommunications network and onto your fiance’s phone.


Once more your phone vibrated and you took a big breath before you glanced down to see the reply. “Should I bring your toys?”


You gasp in slight shock, but then bite your lip as the naughtiness returns. Rapidly you type “Y-e-s” and hit send, staring at the screen as the message gets sent away, and continuing to stare as you await a response.


“Sweet. Love you babe. See you in the morning, with fresh batteries. lol”


You shook your head at the phone, stunned at the turn of events. You went from fiancee, to runaway bride, to cheating girlfriend, to soon to be married swinger, all in a matter of a day and a half. “Love you too. xoxo” you type back, hitting send, and placing the phone back on the night stand. You curl back into the bed and look at the man next to you. Your life, suddenly became a lot more interesting.


Hello my Lovers….

I’m Running Behind


My apologies to everyone that’s anxiously awaiting another titillating story from the  maniacal mind of yours truly. It’s been a very busy last few weeks and I’ve had trouble keeping pace with both my real life regular job, the side jobs I’ve taken on, and my writing. Since currently two out of those three allow me to pay my bills, the third, my writing, has been delayed.


That isn’t to say I haven’t done any writing, it’s just that I haven’t completed any story in time for posting this morning.


Somehow I managed to start three separate short stories that ran with different characters, concepts, and situations. Setting up the scene in each of these stories took some time, and for some odd reason I did it not once, but thrice, failing to complete a single one.

Do not fret though, I have picked which one I will be posting and it will be coming later today….just…not….right now.

Fans waiting for the next Julian Lisette short story.
Fans waiting for the next Julian Lisette short story.


So what am I supposed to do now?

(you ask with frustration)

Well, in the meantime I’d recommend you read through some of my earlier postings. Perhaps the first few chapters in my “From A to Z” novel in progress.

Or perhaps you can draw your own inspiration from my Tumblr blog posts.

Tumblr - goes well with anything
Tumblr – goes well with anything


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Alright, that’s it for now. I’ll see you in a few hours with a new deliciously dirty story filled with sinfully succulent and utterly scintillating passion filled sex.





Chapter 18 – Who am I to argue?

Chapter 18 – Who am I to argue?

“Alcina…” I whisper but as the last syllable of your name slips past my anxious lips I feel your tender softness pressing against me in a gentle exploratory kiss. I can feel my stomach rise in excitement as the intensity increases. No longer were you the trepidatious young woman uncertain of your desires. Your thoughts were clear. Your needs were clear. You wanted this night to be memorable and you knew I would be easy to convince.

Even though a year had passed since my divorce, the demise of that relationship had held me down like a cartoon anvil. As the months dripped by with slow plodding progression of chilled molasses, I had anticipated that it would get easier. I had assumed that I would feel better. But instead it was fraught with frustration and anxiety. Each old acquaintance I ran into required me to explain where the “old ball and chain” was. Every co-worker knew of my failure and teased me relentlessly. The secretaries and assistants were far more supportive. Some going as far as to suggest themselves as a emergency rebound. Restaurants we used to eat at were off limits, lest some overly cheery waitress ask me where my lovely wife was this evening. Couples we used to hang out with felt the need to choose sides. She seemed to acquire the majority of them. It was the most solitary, angst filled, depressing time of my life and made my awkward teenage years look like a walk in the park.

Of course I had attempted to date during that time but had clearly forgotten how. It seemed that while all my friends believed their single female friend was “the perfect match” for me, I found each setup to be nuttier than the last. It was then that I stopped looking. Resigned to the fact that it may be sometime before I came across a woman that was truly capable of being my partner in life.

“Alcina….” I repeated, finally able to catch my breath as you pulled back from our kiss. “….I’m not sure about this.”

Immediately you sit up and look at me with a curious expression, “Why? What is it that you need to be sure about.”

“It’s just…..” I stop mid sentence trying to maintain my train of thought and not be distracted by the desperate pressure pulsing in my body aching to devour you, “It’s just I have to leave tomorrow.”

“I know.”

“…and…I don’t know when I’ll be back.”

“I know” you’re listening to me, but with each reply you undo a button on my shirt.

“It’s just….” I close my eyes and let my head fall back on the couch. Your thin delicate fingers separating my shirt and easing themselves under the fabric. Your touch tingles every point of contact and I can feel the animal inside of me raging to be free. “It’s just I don’t know if I’m the right guy for you..” I manage to blurt, desperately trying to concentrate, but notably haven’t done a thing to slow you down.

“How do you know?” you retort.

“Huh?” I hadn’t even considered it. To be honest I had just made the assumption that I was bad for you.

“How do you know you’re not the right guy.” you whisper now, tenderly licking at my earlobe before nipping it. I take a quick breath at the sensation. “How can you be so sure.”

“I……” I gasp again unwittingly as you move from my ear to my neck, gently biting and licking as you move. “Fuck.” I moan and I can see you grin at my consternation. “I guess I can’t.” I admit the beast within me roaring in victory and anxiously waiting for the gate to finally be released.

“Let it go.” you whisper, cupping the back of my head and running your fingers through my tousled hair. “Just……..let…….go.” you continue, kissing me on the cheek, then the forehead, then the lips with each singular word.

Immediately I feel my body collapse. The tension of holding back finally gone. The muscles in my back loosen, my shoulders no longer feel taut and achy. I take a breath and slowly let it out while you continue to pepper my face and neck with sweet loving kisses. Eventually you stop and pull back to look me in the eyes. You see it now. You can see the animal in me rising to the surface. My eyes are more piercing than ever. Fierce and aggressive. I feel my posture change as I morph from the passive conservative man I pretend to be into the assured passionate brute I truly am.

You shift your gaze from eye to eye a mischievous grin crossing your face as you do, “There he is,” you whisper, “I thought I saw him deep inside you.” You raise your eyebrows gleefully as if to say, “Time to play.”

It is all the encouragement I need as I grasp you in my arms and kiss you deeply. Your body so tender and fragile in my embrace. I feel you wilt into me and allow me to have my way with you. I continue my kiss as I dance my tongue across yours before pulling back and gently biting your lower lip. My hands move to your hips, then up across your back finally to rest at the base of your neck. Cupping your head there as I kiss you, allowing you to feel my strength pour through my hands. As I hold you I can feel your deft fingertips searching for the remaining fastened buttons on my shirt then slowly pull and release each one. You then ease your hands into my shirt, feeling the taut muscles of my torso you glimpsed the night I collapsed on your doorstep.

Looking at you with animalistic fervor I grin masochistically before spinning you around to face the opposite direction. You roll your shoulders back at me in approval as I run my hand up your back with surprising tenderness. My light touch causes you to shiver and let out a small giggle but before you can relax I continue to run my hand across your shoulder to your exposed neck. Once more I play with your instincts to be fearful. I am still but a stranger to you and now I’m standing behind you with my hand caressing your throat. At any moment this delightfully delicious scene could turn nasty. You feel your heart race and your fingers twitch slightly as you resist the urge to squirm. As I hold your throat with my hand I push your long hair over with my lips exposing the back of your neck. You feel my lips on your neck and shiver once more. The feeling is electric and every erogenous zone on your body pulses and begins to ache with anticipation. With my other hand I run it down your back and over your well shaped ass, cupping it gently before squeezing it releasing, and squeezing once more. I smile to myself as I hear you take a quick breath trying not to be so obvious.

You’re losing control of this situation and you know it. No longer the lioness on the prowl the hunter has become the hunted. Your pulse now racing you feel alert and buzzing with excitement. As I squeeze your ass one last time I feel you wiggle it briefly. It’s all the encouragement I need and I bring my hand back to spank your jean covered ass. You turn to look at me biting your lip as you stand still with your back to me but you make no motion to leave and no indication of disapproval. I spank you one more time before running my hand around your hip gently allowing my fingers to dance over you still clothed crotch. ‘Well this just won’t do.” I whisper into your ear before biting it, hearing another gasp of approval.

“Hmmm?” is all you manage to reply as you try to concentrate on not squirming. This is of course the game afoot. You are aroused. You are interested. You want me badly and you know I want you. But the devil is in the details in this seductive process and beyond all else the chase is what makes it all worthwhile.

“You’re wearing far too much Alcina.” I whisper, running my hand up from your jeans to your blouse. As I unbutton each button I kiss your cheek and whisper once more, “Last time, it was you undressing me.” I smile to myself thinking of the night I arrived and your fortuitously adventurous side that was willing to take me in. “I think I need to repay you for that.” I continue, kissing you on the neck as I unbutton the last two buttons allowing your shirt to open freely. Standing taller than you I can see over your shoulder the outline of your bra encapsulating your perfectly proportioned bosom.

You turn to me, looking over your shoulder in order to make eye contact. “How do you plan on doing that then Zale?” you ask so softly the words melt as they reach my ears. Turning within my embrace you look me in the eyes, “After all, I did save your life.” you smile and wink at me.

This is such a strange feeling for me. To feel so incredibly comfortable with someone I’ve only known for a few days. I feel like I could trust you with the inner workings of my soul. I could hand my life over to you and would be comfortable that you would look after it. What was this strange connection we had? Was it just lust? Some sort of bizarre attraction that went beyond the purely physical? How could I feel so assured in your presence. More surprisingly perhaps, how could you be so confident in mine? You were standing proud in front of me. Unconcerned of how I may judge your appearance. Unwavered by the possibility of rejection. You were borderline cocky in your steadfast strength. It was utterly intoxicating. “You did indeed,” I finally reply, delayed by the distraction that is your open shirt. With those delicate hands you run your fingers over my chest, under my shirt and up to my shoulders. With a small flick my shirt rolls off my shoulders and slowly slides down my arms to end up on the floor in a heap.

I mimic your movements and run my hands up from your hips to the underside of your bra, then draw my hands in, up, and over your breasts to rest on your shoulders. With my on flick your shirt rolls off your shoulders and equally as slow, slides down your thinner but taut arms to land behind you in a heap as well. The look in your eyes is one of mischievous intention and piqued anticipation. I see you looking me over as I can’t help but do the same. You’re drinking in my body with your eyes. Each surface, every inch, you look over as an explorer planning a route of passage. I do the same, but not unexpectedly, I am first to make landfall on this new glorious body.

My hands still on your hips slide down, and then around to reach the front of your jeans. After quickly undoing the top button I slowly inch your front zipper while staring deep into your eyes. You smile and wink at me as I continue my ministrations. My hand gently grazes the front of your now exposed panties and I’m rewarded with the distinct indication that you are getting damper by the minute. Slipping my thumbs into the waistline of your jeans I make the slow deliberate motion to inch your jeans down. I relish these moments of discovery. The excitement and thrill of exploring a new and incredibly beautiful body. As the waistline of your jeans reaches the fullest part of your ass I pause for a moment. Leaning over, my thumbs still hooked inside the taut fabric, I kiss you again soft and deliberate. Then I kiss your chin, your neck, and trail my way down your body. As I pass your still imprisoned breasts I am sure to run my lips softly across your silk skin, feeling the subtle change in topology as I move gently from side to side. Trailing my tongue down the rest of the way I encircle your naval only to lightly flick at it with my serpentine appendage causing your stomach to tense up as you stifle a quick giggle. Your twitching only becomes more difficult to restrain as I have finally reached my intended destination. My thumbs push down for the final release and with an expected flop, your jeans drop to the floor to immediately be reacquainted with your blouse.

I lower myself to my knees in front of you, coming face to face with the soft cotton panties that, while purely utilitarian, have a quaint girl next door air to them. I smile at the darker coloration where your damp sex has subtly slickened them with your wetness. Looking up at your face I smile and gently kiss the thin elastic waistline that holds the soft fabric in place. You don’t look down at me though. Instead I see your hand slowly draw across your forehead pushing your hair from your brow. You drag your fingers through your hair and enjoy the savory tingles it induces softly biting your lip and taking in a slow deliberate breath. This is, of course, what you’ve been aching for. Perhaps not from me. Perhaps from no one in particular. But the feeling of having another touch you intimately. Taking care to send tingles and shivers throughout your body. No amount of self exploration can ever replace the subtly of another’s lips touching your most tender of spots on your body. You squint and scowl but you’re not disproving of any sensation you’re feeling. You’re enjoying every nuance every motion as each nerve lights up with my attentive touch.

“Zale…” you manage to moan, and I feel your hands lower onto my head, your fingers tangling themselves in my hair. You bite your lip again, harder, inducing a little pain to keep you in the present as you begin to lose yourself to me. I have, of course, gently lowered your panties to meet the rest of the clothes now on the floor. Your sweetly scented sex is intoxicating. I am suddenly overwhelmed with the urge to taste you.

I miss it. I miss the feeling of someone’s hands in my hair. Hearing the quick breathes and subtle gasps. The moans. The pleading for a little more. I miss the writhing and wriggling that I induce with my tongue; my lips; my fingers. Beyond all else I miss the utter capitulation to a sensational crescendo cajoled from a willing partner by the administration of just my touch.

With that at the forefront of my mind I snake my tongue from my mouth and draw it across your hot deliciously scented sex. I’m rewarded with your hands tensing on my hair and a small wiggle of your hips. I gently kiss the outer lips of your pussy and tortuously graze my tongue ever so softly across your pulsing clit. I can sense it’s heat, and I once more feel your hands tighten on my hair. Gently at first you can’t help but pull me closer to you. Hoping and wishing that I’ll get the idea and give you what you’re anxious for. But I’m completely comfortable with being the jerk at this moment. The tugging on my hair does not bother me at all, and I continue to kiss and lick your swiftly slickening pussy. As I flick my tongue at your tender clit I can hear you moan. Your grasp becomes tighter, your hips gyrate further and in a matter of moments your legs are shaking slightly as you attempt to maintain some semblance of control.

Control is an illusion though. You have no control in this moment. Your pleasure is a foregone conclusion. Your gasping and moaning as predictable as the sunrise. So while you still attempt to hold back in a vain attempt to convince yourself that you’re in charge, you are sliding into my grasp. I run my hands up the back of your legs stopping to cup the gentle curve of your now naked ass. Then without warning I swiftly snake out my tongue and run it the length of your quivering sex stopping at your buzzing clit. Flicking it lightly I feel your hands once more tighten and release on my hair as another gasp escapes your lips. “Oh shit” you mutter, “Zale.” you trail off as I continue to tease you. I can feel your legs begin to shake, subtly at first but they start to shudder with every fervent touch of my tongue. “Z-a-a….Z-a-a….Z-a-ale” whisper, gripping my head roughly. “Oh…..oh my…..Zale!” you squeal and your legs buckle under you as I gently suck your clit into my mouth. The pressure change shoots jolts of electricity through your core and you feel your body melting in place. Your hands, now completely entwined in my hair begin to feel disembodied. Your limbs feel like they’re floating, your mouth agape, your eye roll back, in the distance you hear someone scream and shout complete nonsense only to slowly realize that it is yourself.

Now laying on the couch you blink rapidly as you try to regain an awareness of where you are. You look down between your legs to see my smiling and slightly damp face. I wink at you and gently blow on your engorged clit. The sudden cool sensation makes you gasp and you smack my head in defense laughing as you do. “Holy fuck Zale!” you squeal in delight. “That…..well…that is an unexpected treat.” you laugh, still looking at me awkwardly lying face first between your legs.

I’m pleased as punch of course. I’ve always had confidence in my oral abilities, but hearing the squeals and wales of a woman in the throes of a body rocking orgasm is completely life affirming. It was the cherry on top of an already tremendously sweet treat. “Oh is that so?” I reply chuckling, “You didn’t think I was capable?”

“No.” you answer honestly, “I am very impressed.” you laugh, and then pat me on the head as if to say “Good boy”. The look on your face subtly changes though from blissful happiness to maniacal mischievousness.

I stand up and look down on you as you’re splayed out on the couch. Looking up at me you continue to grin and your look is both off putting and enticing simultaneously. “What?” I ask automatically, unsure of what your intentions are.

Then you reach your hand out and run it up the inside of my leg all the way up to my crotch then back down the other side, smirking as you go and raising your eyebrows in approval as you grazed your hand over my stiffening member. Then with a wink you reach back up to my fly and slowly pull the zipper down, “My turn” you whisper.

Who am I to argue?

Thank you all =)

Thanks to you, my fervent fans, I’ve made my first ever sales for my first published short story.


I have to say that honestly, it puts a bright smile on my face to see that. Despite the fact that the sales numbers right now are less than what it costs for a McDonald’s Happy Meal, I’m pleased as punch. For quite a while I’ve been told that I should publish what I write. That what I spew out from the recesses of my brain is on par or even better than what you, my fans, have read from more established authors. Granted some of this praise could be just sweet nothings whispered into my ear I have taken the chance and taken the next step into selling my work to the public.

I don’t have grandiose expectations of JK Rowling type fame and fortune. I don’t think my craft is anywhere close to that level at this point. BUT…it’s a START….and you can’t get up any mountain or finish any marathon without first….starting.


So thanks….truly…from the bottom of my heart. I appreciate your continued support and I will to my very best to continue to keep bringing you these sultry and sleazy stories to tease and titillate you to your core. =)