On Vacation


Tomorrow I’ll be stepping onto a plane and jetting off to Belize for a week. I’ll be spending time in the sun, and in the surf far removed from the vestiges of all encompassing technology. As such I’m not going to be posting anything new until I get back.

I do realize I’m behind a week on my main story but I’ve been under far more pressure than usual at work. My time has become quite limited and no amount of fanciful multitasking has allowed me to write as I usually would.  Additionally I’m in the process of major renovations at home so my home computer has been sealed away into storage for the last 6 months. So suffice to say, I haven’t had a lot of time to write.

If I’m going to be perfectly honest though, I have found myself lagging behind in my writing. I’m still so extrinsically motivated that if I don’t receive regular and generous feedback it can be tiresome to get to work on the novel or my shorts. 

This was bugging me. I was finding that even though I knew I should put in the time to write I just couldn’t motivate myself to do so. That is, until just this morning I received a text from a good friend on the other side of the country.

She’s a wonderful beautiful woman that I’ve grown close to over the last few years, this despite of the vast distance between us. She’s a beacon of smiles to me. Often whenever either of us is feeling down we have some sort of bizarre sixth sense about it. We’ll randomly contact each other without provocation and innately know the right things to say to make their day. If you’re reading this bubs….love ya!

Anyways, she had asked me if the last posting “Addicted to You” was a real person. She told me that she thought it was really good writing, and that she was looking for a new book to read but has found that she enjoys my writing far better.

The simple compliment put a smile on my face for the rest of the day. 

I find now that as I’m writing this post, that I have a sense of renewed vigor in my veins. The wall that I was clawing at has developed a slight crack, and when I come back from my vacation I will enjoy the feeling of breaking through it.

I must. I simply must break through. I just enjoy the creativity of painting a picture with words far too much. I enjoy rousing people’s emotions and sensual energy. To be able to manipulate the mood of others by combining words into sentences designed to convey my own thoughts into their mind…..well now…it’s a bit of a power trip.

Alas, in the meantime, you that are my faithful few loyal readers, you will have to wait for me to get back before there’s anything new to read.

Till then….





…..ps…I’ve recently discovered a genre of music I was unaware of until now; Electro Swing. My god…….it’s full of stars!!!…Uh..I mean my goodness I love it. I’ve always been a fan of swing music, big band, jazz, blues etc…Electro Swing is takes it and twists it into something new and exciting. Here’s an example. Booty Swing by Parov Stelar  I challenge you to listen to this song without bobbing your head or tapping your toes!


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