There is an excitement brooding within me. A long awaited moment is soon to arrive. My muse, the often unknowing inspiration of my carnal aspirations, is going to meet with me so we can catch up on time passed.

It has been awhile since I’ve seen her. Far too long for my liking; but we are busy people. We lead busy lives. We hold down busy jobs. We have complicated home lives.

I miss her.


She is without a doubt my counterpart in this existence. My mirror. Ying to my yang. To converse with her is as simple as breathing. I can be myself around her; she does not fear me nor the beast within me. She feels at ease in my presence; assured and confident. We can exchange the deeper truths of ourselves without concern for impropriety, or prudish judgement.

I find her deeply attractive. The physicality of her beauty is unquestionably stunning as is the personality, humor, and eccentricities that makes her unique. Stranger still is her vocal appreciation of my own traits both physical and otherwise.

In a different time, a different reality, a different universe perhaps we are more than just this heady combination of friends and flirts. Perhaps in the grand tapestry of our lives these threads that bind us would have woven us together.
Instead we are to vast ships on parallel trajectories. Always within view. Always within earshot. But never to be on the same heading. Never to take the same course. Our paths never to cross.

Still, despite the heavy emotional toll of loving each other without the safety of a relationship, I’m still happy to see her. I still look forward to seeing her once more. Seeing her laugh at my jokes. Feel her arms around me in a friendly hug that lasts just long enough to change the rhythms of my heart. She is and always will be my muse. The everlasting flower in the meadow of my mind.

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