Midnight Man


I am your midnight man.


The kids are down to sleep

Your husband is snoring

The windows are rattling.

02 21 2013 005

You want what I have.

Crave what I provide

I am your midnight man,

Your secret rendezvous

If only in your mind

02 21 2013 012

You think of me and you feel aglow

Blush and imagine my hands on your body

My tongue on your skin

My lips on your ear

Whispering all the desperately dirty things,

You wish you could do.

02 21 2013 010

If only it was real, if only I was real

Midnight approaches, and you run your hands down your own body

You wish they were someone else’s

You wish they were mine.

02 21 2013 002

But in the end, you fall to sleep alone

In this bed of two.

Wishing, and hoping

For one more midnight rendezvous.




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