For the past week and a bit I’ve been dealing with some sort of nastiness that has been getting progressively worse. I’m irritated beyond comprehension.

As some of you already know I actually do my writing at work. Having missed work for a few days now I’ve fallen behind on both my regular work as well as my writing. Though I already have this weeks chapter I have not put it into a formal post. This is because I don’t have a home computer so creating lengthy posts on my phone is problematic.

I’m at the clinic right now. Tired. Sore. Irritated. I truly hope they can give me some sort of magic elixir that makes everything go away.

6 thoughts on “#sick

  1. To “Like” is misleading. As though I am secretly enjoying your illness (I’m not.) But at this point, clicking the “Like” button is Pavlovian.

    May the magic elixir taste like your favorite flavor and take away the ills. Hope your on the mend soon. 😉


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