Truth #9

Do you like experimenting with new things in life?

At first I thought that the answer to this question was self evident by the maner in which I write, but then I realized that there are far more people writing about things they’ll never do or have never done than those that have actually done what they write about.

Do I like experimenting with new things in life? Good god do I ever!

Of course I’m not restricting this question to simply sex because I don’t think the question was asked with just sex in mind.

For me, life is a game of experience. Not a game of things. While numerous people will sprint through their existance attempting to collect as many tokens as possible I prefer to look around and take in the full breadth and depth of what is to be here.

I enjoy trying new foods, even if it leads to unfortunate disruptive digestive endings. I enjoy meeting new people. Trying new things. Trying to learn new things. Traveling to foreign lands and immersing myself in foreign cultures. It is all about filling up your existance with the most experiences that you could possibly imagine. Till your cup runeth over. Then…when you’re taking your last breath, and your eyes close for the last time you can be at peace knowing you did all you could with what you were given.

So yes, I live to experiment with new things in my life.



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