I need a muse…

Without someone to write for, without someone to pine over, without someone to desire, I’m left in this creative void.

I find that I need that tease. That anxious desire to please. That ache and craving that pushes my creativity. The absence of such a catalyst causes my mind to stagnate.

I need a muse….

From the Unknown

….and I’m taking applications.


6 thoughts on “I need a muse…

    1. To be a muse, or at least to be my muse you have to be intriguing. You have to be interesting on a sensual and seductive level. You have to be flirtatious and amusing, inspirational and exciting, provocative and desirable.


      1. Those are all highly subjective. If you were to ask me if I believe I meet your criterion, I would say yes. But that is something you must judge for yourself. In order for you to ascertain if I possess these qualities, you will have to take a little time and get to know me. May I suggest email?


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