Truth #7

What part of the female body is your favorite?


I have several favorite parts of the female body. I definitely love looking into a woman’s eyes and seeing what’s stirring underneath. I love a sexy smile and the softness of a woman’s lips. I love the fragrance of a woman and the natural intoxicating musk that’s exuded when she’s excited. But if I was to pick a favorite of all favorites it has to be…..the ass.


I love the way it’s curved. The way it feels in my hand. To grip and grope a healthy sized female ass is such a delight. When I hug a woman I have to fight the urge to let my hands wander past her waist and onto those beautiful cheeks. I love the sound an ass makes when it’s playfully spanked. I love the way it moves and bounces slightly when a woman walks in front of me.

06 06 2012 010

The recent trend of women wearing yoga pants everywhere has been a boon for me. Seeing so many delicious booties and sexy legs is intoxicating. I want to admire each one and thank the owner for sharing their gorgeous behind.

06 11 2012 002



3 thoughts on “Truth #7

  1. I totally agree. After reading some posts on a fitness board by men complaining about women wearing panties underneath their workout pants, I started wearing mine without panties…just as a favor. đŸ˜‰


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