Wife Swapping ? Why?

An interesting thought came to me while sitting at my desk.

It’s always called “wife swapping”, never “husband swapping”. Even though in almost all swinger communities it’s accepted that the women are the ones with the power. They say who they’re willing to “swap” with and when. etc. If the wife says “No” it’s final. So why is it that the terminology doesn’t indicate the truth of the situation? Why is it that it makes the appearance that husbands are swapping wives as cowboys may swap cattle?

Just a thought.

count the hands ;)
count the hands đŸ˜‰




3 thoughts on “Wife Swapping ? Why?

    1. I don’t think so. The usage doesn’t make sense. If I said “gun swap” or “child swap” or “muffin swap” you would never think it was the gun or the child or the muffin doing the swapping.


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