#2013 Goals Review – January

Alright so one of the mistakes that I make is that I make a New Years Resolution and then I fail to follow through. So, for this year I’m going to take a hard look at my resolutions each month and see what I’ve done to reach them. Granted this is a digression from the usual items that I post here I understand if no one reads or cares to read these posts. They are, in face, for my on introspection. If you gain insight, inspiration, or amusement from them I don’t mind one bit.


So to review:

My resolutions are as follows:

#1: Complete 2 or more marathons

#2: Complete 1 or more triathlons

#3: Finish writing current novel

#4: *censored for privacy reasons*


1) I’ve started the couch to 5k program and should complete it by the end of February. After that it’s on to the 10k, and then beyond. The first 10k race is mid April and the first 1/2 Marathon is mid-may. I need to be ready for both which means a daily regiment of running far beyond what I’m able to accomplish right now.

2) Swimming and biking are not a problem for me. The running portion of a triathlon is my Achilles heal. So if I’m able to accomplish #1 then #2 should fall into place. That being said, I need to take to the pool in my off running days while doing this couch to 5k(10k) program(s). I’m not sure when the registration is for the triathlons in my area but I will be sure to find out in February.

3) Finishing writing this novel requires a certain understanding of where I want to take the story and where it should end. At the moment it’s an exploration of sorts and I have a general idea of where I want / need to take the characters. I have some big decisions to make in the way of constructing challenges for the characters to overcome. I have the thematic points already ingrained in my head, and the main characters are someone clear as well.

To date I’ve kept to my schedule of releasing at least 4000 words per week. At this pace I should have no problem meeting my final total of 200,000+ words. If I have 200,000 words of decent rough draft I imagine I could whittle that down to a good sized novel free of fluff and drivel. (I hope)

4) This resolution is for my eyes alone. No updates will be ever made public.


What to improve on for February:

1) More consistent running at the gym. Damn the cold and damn the lack of sleep. Get to bed earlier then you baby and make it to the gym! Grrrr

2) Don’t be lazy. If you’re not running, bike. If not biking, swim. If not swimming, core and strength exercises. Hockey is fun but don’t let it keep you from your goals.

3) Keep writing. Don’t focus on what other people want to hear. You know what you want to write and you just have to do it. The story is already in your mind, just let it out onto the page. Keep up your creativity with your shorts, but don’t put so much concerned focus into them. They are tasty morsels, you’re working on the big main course and it’s far more important.

4) Not telling

3 thoughts on “#2013 Goals Review – January

  1. I’m not much of a swimmer. In fact, I hate it. Goes back to a horrible swim instructor. I know, I should get over it, but I don’t seem to. I would love to do a triathlon but the swimming–not sure how to get around that. I wish you luck with all of your goals, especially number 4 đŸ˜‰


    1. The best swim instructors are speed swimmers. They’ll make you fast, efficient and the strokes become much easier. I was lucky enough to be taught by several fantastic swimmers which made it much easier to enjoy time in the water.

      If you hate swimming the best stroke to learn is the breaststroke. It’ll keep your head above water and it can be done at a slower pace. Additionally the majority of the power comes from the frog kick portion of the stroke, so if your upper body isn’t as strong you’ll still be ok. =)


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