Alright so, I’ve noticed that the poll on the side bar hasn’t been voted on….at all. This could either mean that it’s not working, or that people aren’t fond of the questions, or perhaps just aren’t voting. If you could vote, that’d be great, otherwise I’m going to skip this fact and continue to remain a mystery. 😉



I’ve started to take my longer story, “From A to Z” in a direction that has lead to a burst of creative fun. I know that a lot of you have hopped on board because of the first few episodes and how intense they were, but I’m sticking by my process. I think if people aren’t emotionally invested in these characters then the sexual escapades they have are next to meaningless. Granted they’re still pretty fun, but it would be better if there is emotional content behind it. Don’t you want to know how this couple got to the point where they could share each other so willingly? How do they do it? Why do they do it? How far can it go? What pitfalls have they had? Struggles? Is it all just perfect and clear or do they ever have the same jealousy that affects everyone else.

I want to investigate those sort of things through this story, and I think that it could be a worthwhile investment of time if you take the journey with me. Perhaps we’ll discover new things about ourselves that we didn’t realize before.


Valentine’s Day is coming up in a few weeks. I had mulled over whether or not I’d write something with Valentine’s Day in mind and have decided I would. The thing is, I got so wrapped up in this story that it started to become a “long” instead of a “short”. As a result, the special “Valentine’s Day” story will take place in two parts. Keep an eye out for them.

That’s all for now.

Thanks for reading, thanks for subscribing, thanks for commenting. Thanks for the positivity.






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