I’m concerned right now.

I’ve taken my writing, my story into a direction that is what I think would be more professional. I’m trying to build up the relationship between the characters and tell the story of how they got to the point they were at in Episode 1 (link). The problem or concern that I have, is that I’m not doing a good job. That the story has become uninteresting, slow, and possibly boring.

When I write the shorts, they are to be quick and easily digestible. Shortened fantasies and dreams wished to be reality. They are read more often, liked more often, and commented on far more often than the chapters of this novel that I’m attempting to write.

Why is that?

Is it that my writing, when I attempt to be legitimate, is just not at the caliber to maintain an interest level? or is it that this medium plays to short stories with more punch rather than a drawn out serial novel.

I have no method of measuring the effectiveness of my writing other than comments and likes on this blog. I am adrift. Unable to discern the quality of my work because I have no measuring stick to compare to.

It’s frustrating.

If you are one of the people that are actually reading the serial novel that I’ve been writing, your feedback isn’t just appreciated, it’s damn well a necessity for me to keep going. I feel motivation for this story starting to drain out of me and I need that extra jolt of subscriber love that I hope will be there.


Please tell me if you like it….and if you don’t…..tell me why…..I want to get better and I need that feedback to get better.




6 thoughts on “#Concerned

  1. I’ve written longer pieces on my blog before and they don’t always generate as much feedback. I do receive comments and I’ve learned to value the ones I do get. Honestly, it’s not that people don’t read, but just don’t have time to leave valuable commentary. I’ve had people who only follow via email tell me later that they really liked a story. I know in their cases, they just don’t have time to respond because of life. Maybe that’s it?


    1. So do you think I’d be better off posting smaller sections? Since I’m just starting out, feedback is critical to me. I know how to write an intense erotic scene…that’s easy as pie..but trying to show character development without being so overt or trite is a difficult line to walk.


      1. I’m not sure what to tell you. People are fickle when it comes to what they want to read. I’ve been blogging stories for a year and a half and feedback comes and goes. If you’re planning on publishing in any capacity, keep posting and people will read even if they don’t respond. Or develop an email relationship with some of your regular followers and let them critique what you plan to post so you get feedback anyway. This medium is hard because reading long pieces on a screen taxes the eyes so its harder to get readers. But I’d tell you to keep posting regardless.


  2. I’ve found that my chapters get a lot of traffic, but hardly ever any feedback. But the short stories get lots of feedback. I believe it is because its short and sweet and straight to the point. Depending on how many blogs some people follow sometimes its hard to leave a detailed comment on everyone. I will tell you though there are people I work with and have shown your blog and they look coward to the next section every week.


    1. I guess that makes perfect sense. Ill try to keep at it then. Thanks! And thanks to your coworkers. That gives me a little jolt of happiness to know they look forward to it. 🙂


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